After almost a year - duh - I see that v3.6.4 got stuck mid-download; now I can't proceed or get rid of the Software Update 'Paused downloading Firefox 3.6.4' -so how to update now?

I have Firefox 3.6.3 on a mac os x 10.5.8 laptop. Often when I open Firefox there are updates available for plugins & addons and I install them. Now Firefox often crashes while in use and/or I must force quit. I finally went to the Help menu on the Firefox menu bar and saw this message: 'Resume Downloading Firefox 3.6.4...' When I click on the message I get a new 'Software Update' window with this info: 'Paused downloading Firefox 3.6.4' (stuck); a 'Details' link (dead); and 'Connecting to the update server...' (never connects). Sorry, I couldn't figure out what the 'Firefox location bar' was and so can't get report IDs, though a while ago I stopped reporting the problems. I want to update Firefox without losing any of my stored settings/info. PS I just saw my 'installed plugins' list. 'Displays PDF documents in the browser' is listed but doesn't work; 'iPhoto6' listed, but I run iPhoto '08 (7.1.5). I'm not sophisticated enough to recognize the other plug-ins. Thanks!

I don't know if there are better solutions, and I don't know if what I'm going to write is real also in mac OS: in windows and linux you personal settings (bookmarks, history, plugins, etc...) are stored in your home directory and not in firefox installation directory. So what about to uninstall your current version, download the new one from firefox web site and install it? In my opinion all your data remain untouched.
A better solution may be download the new version and install it without removing the previous one, the installer should overwrite outdated files ;)

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    etresoft  a long time contributer to Apple Support Communities wrote a very useful app he called etrecheck which helps in diagnosing many problems caused by third party installs etc.. Go to his website, read his information and from there download and run the program according to his instructions
    Post the results back here

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    Might be a corrupted printer preference file ...
    Open the Finder. From the Finder menu bar click Go > Go to Folder
    Type this exactly as you see it here:
    Click Go
    Move the file from the Preferences folder to the Trash.
    Restart your Mac, restart the printer...

  • How do you get rid of the pending update from app store updates screen?

    I own an 64GB iPad 2+3G. The App Store icon has a red circle with a number 3 in it. That means I have 3 updates pending.
    I tried to download the updates to Pandora and Kindle using 3G at first. It did not work. I assumed it was because it was over 20 MB.
    (I did not try the Vegas Towers one.) I went to the library and it still would not download via their wifi.
    The description of the updates mention the retina display of the new iPad (3). Is that the cause of the download problem? I have already downloaded the iOS 5.1 at the library. Well, it is not that big a deal for me if I don't get the updates. But how do I get rid of the pending updates? How do I get rid of that little red circle? Also, I have not been able to use the Pandora or Kindle apps. They just keep saying waiting. I got boxes that said download failed and offering choice of done or retry. Since nothing happens, I chose done. So, I cannot update my apps, and in the meantime I cannot use the apps because the downloads stalled. I would like to abort the downloads and get rid of the updates from the update screen. I want to be able to use the apps again. Can anyone provide a solution? Thanks!

    Hi Panamark,
    The problem has been resolved for me. I am a little fuzzy on how it got fixed.
    I only have 3G, so I think I went to the library to use wi-fi.
    I think I just deleted the stuck apps, and the downloaded them again. You do not have to pay again when you download a previously purchased app.
    It is now August, and fortunately I have not had any stuck apps lately.
    As you may already know, you cannot download an app over 20 MB via 3G.
    I have the Kindle app also. No new updates lately. I only bought one thing using Kindle. It was a guide to iPad that was only $1.99 or so, but it did not really have anything that cannot be found in normal free Apple guide.
    I have borrowed an ebook from the library using Overdrive app. You can choose the ebook version from Kindle.
    I don't have any weather apps.
    Let me know what happened when you get the chance.

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    That would appear to be a Mac program, so posting here in the iTunes Store forum isn't likely to get you any useful advice. If this support article from Sibelius doesn't help:
    I'd suggest asking in the Sibelius forums or contacting Avid/Sibelius support.

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    Does this apply?
    If you're asked for the password to your previous Apple ID when signing out of iCloud - Apple Support

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    Hi there,
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    Your headline says iPhone 3GS, but your text says 3G.
    iPhone 3G is not compatible with iOS5. 3GS is.

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    Most likely, you have a web plugin that depends on the Java runtime distributed by Apple, such as the Facebook video calling plugin or the "NexDef" plugin for watching baseball streams. If you no longer need the plugin, remove it. Otherwise, install Java.

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    Hi, and welcome to Apple Support Communities.
    Click on "Skip This Version."
    If that doesn't get rid of it, hold the power button down until the MacBook shuts down. Then start up again.

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    i get this when i try to download
    This Connection is Untrusted
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              Normally, when you try to connect securely,
    sites will present trusted identification to prove that you are
    going to the right place. However, this site's identity can't be verified.
              What Should I Do?
                If you usually connect to
    this site without problems, this error could mean that someone is
    trying to impersonate the site, and you shouldn't continue.
              Technical Details
              I Understand the Risks

  • How do I go about getting rid of a software update?

    How hard is it to uninstall an itunes update without deleting it from my computer? Does anyone know if this is even possible?
    I downloaded a big update today while I was at work (the connection at work is much faster than my home connection!) The only problem is that when I tried to use itunes tonight, it said that I would need to have a 300 something GB OS X update to be able to use itunes again. I cannot download something that big on my slow home connection, and I don't want to have to do without itunes for the whole weekend. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    It's not very easy to rollback, it can be done, (sometimes successfully too), but your best bet is likely an About the Archive and Install feature...
    You shouldn't lose anything, just go back to your original OS, though you should use Disk Utility to Verify/Repair your GD first.

  • Is there any way to get rid of the red "Update" badges for the iTunes store

    app... without updating all your apps? I mean some apps get updates that are poorly reviewed or include advertisements, so I purposely don't update them. I know I'm not the only one who does this.
    So you're telling me that as long as I have that (un-updated) app on iTunes, it will continue to alert me about an update THAT I DO NOT WANT???

    That's correct...itune's app store will always prompt you to update. Hopefully Apple will change this policy!

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    So I've created a Software Update Group and I did NOT want anything in there dealing with Internet Explorer 11 since the organization is currently stuck at using 10 as the highest. So I made sure that Internet Explorer was NOT in the list and then I deployed
    the package. 
    After running my Overall Compliance report it shows that the systems are compliant, but when I view the "Compliance 5 - Specific Computer" I see that "Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems" is listed in the report. 
    This is just a testing phase right now and I have not created a WSUS like Domain level GPO. I understand that the SCCM client creates a local policy on the clients for the location of the Software Update Point (Specify
    Intranet Microsoft update service location), but the "Configure Automatic Updates" policy is set to Not Configured, which it looks like when this
    is set, the "Install updates automatically (recommended)" at 3AM is the default. 
    Is the reason why the "Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems" update is showing up in the list due to the fact that the "Configure
    Automatic Updates" policy is set to Not Configured
    and therefore it is still reaching out to check Windows Update online? 
    So, if I do create a Domain level GPO to Disable the "Configure
    Automatic Updates" policy, then the "Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems" update would not show up in the "Compliance 5 - Specific Computer" report?
    By the way, I have a Software Update Maintenance Window configured for the hours of 1AM-4AM so the 3AM default time falls within this time frame, therefore, I am assuming the SCCM 2012 client will not allow the Windows Update Agent to install the "Internet
    Explorer 11 for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems" update, even though it has detected it is "Required". 

    But, don't you need a Deployment Package in order to deploy the Software Update Group? The Software Update Group uses the downloaded updates contained in the Deployment Package located in, wherever the Package Source is, right?
    One more quick question that you will know right off hand, because, well, you just will I'm sure.
    No. The software update group really has nothing to do with any update packages. The update group assigns updates to clients and in turn clients use update packages to download assign and applicable updates from. There is no connection between the two though
    as the client can download an update from any available update package. Thus, it's more than possible to updates in an update package that are not in any update groups and it is also possible for an update to be in an update group without being in any update
    If the "Configure Automatic Updates" policy is set to "Not Configured" and since this keeps the 3AM Automatic Updates default, if I was to remove the Software Update Maintenance Window from being between 1AM-4AM, will the WUA agent install updates
    at 3AM, or no because the SCCM 2012 client still manages and oversees it and basically blocks that from occurring?
    No, ConfigMgr does not in any way block the WUA; however, the WUA can only autonomously install updates it downloads directly from WSUS. Thus, since there are no updates approved or downloaded in your WSUS instance, there's nothing for it to download and
    install. If you happen to actually be going into WSUS and approving updates (which you should not be doing as its unsupported), then yes, it actually would install updates -- this is outside of ConfigMgr's control though. Generally, disabling the WUA via a
    GPO is the recommended to prevent any accidental installations or reboots (as the WUA wil also check for initiate pending reboots outside of ConfigMgr).
    Lots more info in these two blog posts:
    Jason |

  • How do I update my iPad 2 to iOS 5, I tried going to settings,general ,software update but I can't seem to find the software update button pls help :)

    How do I update my iPad 2 to iOS 5, I tried going to settings,general ,software update but I can't seem to find the software update button pls help :)

    Go to Settings > General > About and see what iOS version you are running.  If it is lower than 5, you won't find the software update button.  It was added when iOS 5 came out.  The current iOS is 5.1.1.  To update to the current OS, you'll need to connect to the computer you sync with (this is important - do not connect to a computer you do not sync with as you will lose you apps) and update the software in iTunes.  Once you have updated to the 5.1.1, the software update button will be in Settings going forward.  Make sure you have a lot of time.  Updating from below 5 to 5 or higher is a somewhat lengthy process.
    This link will provide the guidance you need: html

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