After upgrading to iOS 7.0.2 earphones remote doesn't start playback if Music app is not running.

After upgrading to iOS 7.0.2 music doesn't start playing if Music app is not running. Before the update it was common thing to plug earphones, click remote button and listen to your music without even unlocking your iPhone. Control Center controls doesn't work at all.

iPhone required a proper restart. After restart both issues were gone.

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  • TS2755 After upgrading to IOS 7.0.2 sending messages doesn't work right.  It gets stuck on "sending", until I click the message and select the option "send as text".  What's wrong?

    When using Message after upgrading to IOS 7, it get stuck on "sending" and stays there forever until I click the message and hit "send as text" and then the message changes from blue to green and goes through.

    I turned the phone off and then back on and now it works.

  • After upgrade to IOS 8.3 sync with iTunes doesn't work

    After upgrade iPhone 6, iPad Air to IOS 8.3, the sync (over wifi, as well) to iTunes doesn't work anymore.
    On iMAC iTunes, the last sync's hour and day appear different from what is recorded on mobile devices (iPhone and iPad); with IOS 8.2 and the previous iTunes' version the sync worked correctly: the dates are the same only for few seconds after syncronization, then the IOS devices show the syncronization's dates related to two weeks ago.

    you'll need to contact your carrier.

  • After "upgrading" to ios 7.02, why did I lose most cover art for music albums?

    (ios 7.02 on iphone 4s, Windows 7 itunes) Happened on first synch after upgrade. Found no real solution searching through forum. What happened? How do I restore these - the artwork is still in itunes? The answer that I should delete more than 70 albums from itunes and reimport them is not a solution.

    Hi garobinson51,
    I finally managed to solve this annoying issue on my iPad 3 with iOS 7 (7.0.2)
    I tried editing the info of a song from within iTunes 11 with no luck. I also tried playing a song from an album or an entire album with no luck as well.
    Finally, while I was "playing" with my iTunes library I added a new album to the iPad and it actually kept the right cover art. This led me to think that the root cause of the issue is with some metadata that the iPad keeps between iOS versions and is not even reset during a Settings->General->Reset->Reset all settings (I had to reset all settings to solve another annoying problem with the Music app where songs were not actually sorted).
    At that point, from within iTunes, I tried removing a single artist from my iPad (I'm not synching the whole iTunes library, but only selected albums and artists), synching, adding it back and synching again. It actually worked.
    Please note that you may have to close and reopen the Music app to see the cover art.
    It may eventually help trying to remove all music from the iPad through Settings->General->Usage->Storage:Music (just swipe left on "All music" and select "Delete") and then synching the music back from your computer, but I've not tried it since the problem was solved with the other method.
    I really think that this version of iOS 7 tried to preserve to many information and settings between installations and this led to an overall instability for the device/app. Moreover it also added confusion to the end user changing the way many things used to work (e.g. Music app layout, library sorting, artist pictures download from iTunes Match, etc) and letting many new features go undocumented (i.e. you'll learn them only through usage and practice. The manual doesn't cover them).
    I really hope this helps you to fix your cover art issue. It didn't have to reimport all the albums, but simply cleaned their info from the iPad and added them back.

  • Plzzzzz help with  NO SOUND ON IPHONE 4 after upgrade to iOS 5.1.1

    Previously I have ios 5.0.1 on iPhone 4, recently I upgrades to iOS 5.1.1 . After some hours I noticed that my phone is just vibrating, not ringing. I checked the orange button, tried all cleaning procedures. No music, no lock sounds, nothing from the internal speakers. But, when I connected to earphones I can hear music normally. Without earphones just no sounds. I restore lot of times, but no sound again. I think the problem with iOS 5.1.1. Guys plzzzzzz solve this......... I searched all the day in google, but I didn't find any proper solution .

    Have you checked your apps so that there is no apps overriding the output audio like lock sound etc.
    Om my 4S, if I forget quiting spotify and it is running without sound in the background it will disable lock sound etc.
    This is just an example and spotify do not disable important sounds like ringing and alarms etc.
    But maybe a app is malfunctioning after upgrading to ios 5.1.1
    Also you could try restoring the phone like sugested by others in iTunes.

  • Voice memo missing on iphone 4s after upgrade to ios 7

    voice memo app is missing on my iphone 4s after upgrading to ios 7. any ideas?

    The iOS 7.1 update solved the WIFI issues on my iphone.
    I'll try to upgrade my ipad later on and then
    I think I can sell my hairdryer and my freezer.
    Thanks to the people @ infinite loop ;-)

  • Cannot backup iPhone 3GS to my computer after upgrading to IOS 5.0 due to "corrupt backup file"

    How do I sync my 3GS to my computer after upgrading to IOS 5.0.1 and getting message "corrupt backup file, delete and retry"?

    Some Users have reported that a Restore has Resolved Issues after the Upgrade...
    Backup and Set Up as New Device

  • IPad app no long works after upgrading to iOS 7.1.1

    iPad app no long works after upgrading to iOS 7.1.1

    Did you try deleting then reinstalling the app?  Sometimes developers will need to update their apps for compatibility.  If it still doesn't work after reinstalling, wait a few days to see if an app update becomes available.

  • Hdmi adapter not working after upgrade to iOS 8

    My Hdmi adapter (orig. Apple) is not working anymore after upgrade to iOS 8, is there any solution.

    The IOS 8 update has nothing to do with the failure of the device. I have a HDMI adapter and it has worked fine through IOS 6, IOS 7 and IOS 8.
    You may want to restart your device by holding the home and power button until the Apple logo appears. If the adapter still fails to work you need to determine if the adapter has failed or the port on your device has failed. Best solution is to go to the Apple store with the device and the adapter. If your adapter has failed it may be under warranty if you still have the sales receipt. If the port on your device is bad then the Apple store will be able to provide you with options.

  • IPhone Bluetooth not working after upgrading to iOS 6.1.2

    I used to pair my iPhone with my Blue&Me system in my Fiat Car and it was working perfectly hitherto. Recently I have been experiencing problems with Pairing my phone with my car Bluetooth system (Which I sometimes use for receiving calls).. The phone though identifies the car system in the discovery mode but is not able to pair  and establish connection. My car Bluetooth system is working just fine with other phones. Request apple / or anyone who can help to help me overcome this issue. My car system is as important to me as iPhone and if this problem persists, i may be forced to change my phone.

    In the 4+ years of using iPhone and several other apple products, this is the first time that I am feeling frustrated with my iPhone 4S and Apple. I am surprised that so many people around the world are facing the problem with their blue tooth devices after upgrading the iOS and still there is no hope of having this situation resolved. The cause of breakage of communication between iPhone (my investment, my ownership) and other devices is of apple origin and apple can't walk away by suggesting that the other party should upgrade the Bluetooth Firmware.
    In my case, My iPhone 4S stopped paring with My Fiat car blue&me system after updating to iOS 6.1.2. The problem has not been solved in iOS 6.1.3.
    If this problem is not solved in next update the ovious solution is to move to android as I can change my phone but I can't change my car that eaisly.

  • HT204266 Why is it that after upgrading to IOS 6, I could not retreive my full list of my purchased applications & ganes list in the app store now !!!!

    Why is it that after upgrading to IOS 6, I could not retreive my full list of my purchased applications & ganes list in the app store now !!!!
    Whenever I try to tab my purchased in the update feature of app store; not only does the long list of my previous purchases do not showed up like in IOS 5 do but after a while it just prompt out to the main home page. I tried this for both my 3GS and 4GS too and both have the same problem. APPLE INC please rectify this serious problem as soon as possible.

    Did you read your other posted question, that has been answered.

  • After upgrading to iOS 5, my iPhone 4 takes a very long time to open digitally signed emails. I've tried with the SMIME settings enabled, but that doesn't help either. Any ideas on how to resolve this?  Thanks in advance.

    After upgrading to iOS 5, my iPhone 4 takes a very long time to open digitally signed emails. I've tried with the SMIME settings enabled, but that doesn't help either. Any ideas on how to resolve this?  Thanks in advance.

    I suspect you may have a corrupt photo or image that is causing the sync to fail or quit. You might want to try removing all of your photos by deselecting them in iTunes then sync - and try adding them by each sub-folders until you are able to nail down which sub-folder of photos, that causes the sync to stop or gives you errors.

  • Silent email and sms notifications after upgrade to iOs 5.1

    After upgrade to iOs 5.1 my iPhone 4S makes no sound when arrives an email or a sms. Is it a bug??

    Basic troubleshooting from the User's Guide is reset, restart, restore (first from backup then as new).  Has any of this been tried?

  • Facetime cannot call my contacts after upgrading to iOS 8

    My Son
    Is getting frustrated that he cannot call any of his friends on Facetime after upgrading to iOS 8.
    We have reset all his settings, gone through the 11 troubleshooting steps here: g-3527872/
    Also we have restarted the device several times and updated to 8.0.2.
    Any suggestions on how we can fix this?

    Can you receive FT calls?
    What exactly happens when you try to call someone with FT? Error message?
    Have you tried when connected to another network?

  • "Cannot Determine Location" after upgrading to iOS 6.1

    After upgrading to iOS 6.1 all the applications that rely on location can no longer update the location, they show the old location before the update. I tested the apple map, google map and earth applications and all behave same.  I flipped and flopped settings->privacy->location services but no change.
    Anyone else having the same problem?

    Solved it! A full power down and up cycle solves the problem.

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