AR Invoice / Credit Memo

Hi Guys
I would like to make the creation of a AR Credit Note always based on a AR Invoice, but also having a approval procedure that will allow the Credit Note to be approved by the Accounts Manager if there is no Invoice. How can this be done?

Create Approval Procedure, selecting the document 'AR Credit Memo' From SAles -AR and under Terms tab Choose 'When Following Applies',
Set the query tht follows,
This will prompt for approval when a credit memo is to be posted with out any base doc. there by u can restrict the credit memo as ur way.
Hope This May help u,

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  • Invoice & credit memo

    hi all,
    i understand from forum that :
    Invoice / credit memo - GR/IR clearing account and vendor account
    qty and value will give impact to GRC
    Subsequent credit/debit - Stock account and vendor account
    example of credit memo :
    Credit memo is posted when there is u want to correct the invoice posted already for both qty and value.
    For eg if vendor gives u invoice of 12 qty and value 120. but actualy he delivered only 10 qty of 100 rs. so in this case u post the credit memo with 2 qty and 20 rs so the total invoice u post becomes 10 qty and 100 rs.
    above i clearly understand.
    but when i check my system on miro posting and po history in me23n, is different case.
    GR  - qty 20080 value  3950
    IR - qty 20080 value 3950
    after vendor invoice is posted, there is a credit memo and invoice, both with reference to PO.
    credit memo qty 20080 (same qty) value 1000
    credit memo, the entry is dr vendor cr prd
    invoice qty 20080 (same qty) value 1000
    invoice, the entry is cr vendor dr prd.
    1) may i know why the offsetting account is prd? when i see in miro, no GL tab but only has po reference tab.
    2) where does the setting to ask system to use prd?

    i can understand your reply.
    but why the treatment is different from the general understanding below:
    Invoice / credit memo - GR/IR clearing account and vendor account
    Subsequent credit/debit - Stock account and vendor account
    GR - qty 20080 value 3950
    IR - qty 20080 value 3950
    Kindly verify if below 4 points are correct.
    after invoice posted, if i do credit memo reference to the same PO,
    1) qty remained the same 20080 and value is less, say 1000, this 1000 is posted to credit prd?
    2) if qty say, 1000 and value 1000 also, double entry will be hitting GRC?
    after invoice posted, if i do invoice reference to the same PO,
    3) qty remained the same 20080 and value is less, say 1000, this 1000 is posted to debit prd?
    4) if qty say, 1000 and value 1000 also, double entry will be hitting GRC?

  • AP Invoices/Credit Memo Workflow process using Optura

    We have a VIM tool Optura that we have implemented for our Workflow approval process where in the invoices/credit memos get parked, then go through a workflow approval process and finally get posted. These invoices/credit memos at the time when they are parked have attachments in them. The issue is that the when the credit memos get posted we loose the attachments that were present in them but it works just fine when we post invoices. Any idea as to what could be happening?
    Any help will be approeciated.

    Can you please explain where the attachment is getting disappeared?
    Is it in the attachment link of the Tcode of Credit memo or inside Workitem.
    If it is workitem then attachment is not properly binded from Workflow container to Task container.
    If it a Tcode you have to write ABAP Code to populate in the GOS of the Tcode.

  • Report to view SO-Invoice-Credit Memo-Debit Memo-with/ without reference

    Hello Gurus,
    Can any one help me for viewing the report where i can see Sales Order Invoice ,Credit Memo & Debit Memo with/without reference .
    We are creating Credit Memo & Debit Memo without reference but uses the same Purchase Order Nos .
    Please guide me on this...
    Sameer S Barde

    u can use the standard t-code vf05n to see the list with reference to the document type...
    do revert if question is not answered..

  • MIGO values when invoices/credit memos have already been posted

    Hi everyone,
    We are facing an issue with the values the system is calculating when doing the GR (and/or GR reversals) once invoices/credit memos have already been posted regarding the PO (Non Stock POs = non valuated).
    When a goods receipt is posted through MIGO (mov. type 101) it seems that the system is considering only the invoices values but we do not really understand how it is calculated and why it is not considering the total amount of invoices and credit memos.
    In fact when a GR reversal is done (mov. type 102) the system seems to be considering the total amount of invoices and credit memos posted against the purchase order.
    Please find below an example with the invoices and GR values (all invoices were posted before the GRs)
    GR     5000077059     1     18.12.2008     EA     -1     -3300,00GBP
    GR     5000076426     1     17.12.2008     EA     1     930,50GBP
    Tr./ev. Goods receipt                                    EA     1     -2369,50GBP
    IR-L     5105052971     1     17.11.2008     EA     -1     -835,00GBP
    IR-L     5105052970     1     17.11.2008     EA     -1     -50,00GBP
    IR-L     5105052959     1     17.11.2008     EA     -1     -885,00GBP
    IR-L     5105052958     1     17.11.2008     EA     1     885,00GBP
    IR-L     5105052957     1     17.11.2008     EA     1     885,00GBP
    IR-L     5105052428     1     13.11.2008     EA     -1     -105,00GBP
    IR-L     5105052427     r4tf cv     13.11.2008     EA     -1     -640,00GBP
    IR-L     5105052426     1     13.11.2008     EA     -1     -835,00GBP
    IR-L     5105052425     1     13.11.2008     EA     1     640,00GBP
    IR-L     5105052424     1     13.11.2008     EA     1     835,00GBP
    IR-L     5105051741     1     11.11.2008     EA     1     60,00GBP
    IR-L     5105051740     1     11.11.2008     EA     1     3240,00GBP
    IR-L     5105045571     1     16.10.2008     EA     1     105,00GBP
    Tr./ev. Invoice receipt                                    EA     1     3300,00GBP
    According to my assumption, in order to calculate the GR value it looks like the system is considering the average for the 5 first invoices and then the average for the 2 next invoices, and making the average of both of them. But if I post another invoice it does not seem to follow this rule.
    I would appreciate any explanation on how the system calculates the GR values and how we would be able to correct the GR value.
    Thanks a lot. Best regards

    I hope there is no GR based IV tick in PO, only GR is ticked (PO based IV)
    In that case
    IR-L 5105045571 1 16.10.2008 EA 1 105,00GBP
    IR-L 5105051740 1 11.11.2008 EA 1 3240,00GBP
    IR-L 5105051741 1 11.11.2008 EA 1 60,00GBP
    IR-L 5105052424 1 13.11.2008 EA 1 835,00GBP
    IR-L 5105052425 1 13.11.2008 EA 1 640,00GBP
    Net invoiced value is 4880 GBP (taking out 00) for 5 quantity
    in case of PO based IV, if IV is done first and then GR, GR assumes the value of invoice but not the PO - in that case for above IV,  1 quantity of IV referes to 976GBP debit
    this value will be base GR/IR value for credit memos
    IR-L 5105052426 1 13.11.2008 EA -1 -835,00GBP
    IR-L 5105052427 r4tf cv 13.11.2008 EA -1 -640,00GBP
    IR-L 5105052428 1 13.11.2008 EA -1 -105,00GBP
    there are 3 credit memos - for which GR/IR credit will be equal to that of original GR/IR debit value - that is 976
    *so net credit on GR/IR because of credit memos will be (976976976) = 2928GBP for 3 quantity *
    IR-L 5105052958 1 17.11.2008 EA 1 885,00GBP
    IR-L 5105052957 1 17.11.2008 EA 1 885,00GBP
    Then there are two invoices of values 885 GBP each - so total debit will be 1770 GBP
    so total GR/IR debit will be ( (4880/5) -(2928/3) + (1770/2) ) = 930.5 (debit)*
    This value is the base GR/IR for credit memos
    net GR/IR debit will be 930.5 - this is the base for GR - because in GR - entry on GR/IR will be credit
    *So if you make GR - then GRed value will be 930.5*
    IR-L 5105052971 1 17.11.2008 EA -1 -835,00GBP
    IR-L 5105052970 1 17.11.2008 EA -1 -50,00GBP
    IR-L 5105052959 1 17.11.2008 EA -1 -885,00GBP
    *Now ordered will be XXX
    Delivered will be 930.5
    Invoiced will be 3300*
    IF you reverse GR now it will assume the value of invoice: then reversal will show 3300 debit on GR/IR
    That is what in your PO history now
    These will happen because of PO based IV - for which there will be GR indicator will be ticked.
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  • BAPI for  Invoice Credit Memo

    Hi Guys,
    Can you plz help me which BAPI is used  for Invoice credit memo.
    Thanks and regards

    data: con_cr_memo_bus_obj like BAPIUSW01-OBJTYPE value 'BUS2094'.
    ORDER_HEADER_IN = bapi_hdr
    business_object = con_cr_memo_bus_obj
    convert = 'X'
    SALESDOCUMENT = bapi_salesdoc
    return = bapi_ret_tbl
    ORDER_ITEMS_IN = bapi_itm
    ORDER_PARTNERS = bapi_prtnr
    ORDER_ITEMS_inx = bapi_itm_out
    order_schedules_in = bapi_schd_lin
    order_text = bapi_text.
    AND in the cloned ZBAPI above in SE37/80, add this Importing parameter: BUSINESS_OBJECT LIKE BAPIUSW01-OBJTYPE
    Please have a look in older topics:
    MWST taxcondition missing bapi_salesorder_createfromdat2
    sales order with reference to quotation
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  • BTE for posting Customer Invoices & Credit Memos in FI

    Iam in process of activating BTE for customer invoices & credit memo's for Portugal's requirement for  digital signature .Anyone have an idea for BTE and procedure for digital signature's to be printed on FI - Customer invoices,credit memo and debit memo.

    Can you please go through the below link:-
    I have implemented for Maxico and for maxico I have used below link of SAP OSS notes:-

  • Receivables question: AR invoices/credit memos between Supplier Sites

    I'm trying to solution a client requirement of having the ability to transfer AR invoices/credit memos between supplier sites of the same supplier. Is this possible or is there a comparable workaround available in Receivables R12?

    are you sure ... AR Invoices/Credit Memos to Suppliers ???  Looks like a typo error some where ... However, we might not be able to transfer transactions from one site to another (be it supplier or customer), what we can do is merge which case all transactions that are appearing against a particular site would be pushed to the new site ......this could be taken as a workaround ...
    Merge functionality comes with very less flexbility, you cannot choose the transactions that you wanted to merge ....

  • Funds management invoice credit memo

    I've been implementing FM module. The problem I get is that when I try to post credit memo invoice, this does not update my assigned funds, while it should (at least that's logical for me). The system should reduce assigned and commitments/actual and increase my available funds for a specified funds center and commitment item.
    Is it correct what the system does?

    i can understand your reply.
    but why the treatment is different from the general understanding below:
    Invoice / credit memo - GR/IR clearing account and vendor account
    Subsequent credit/debit - Stock account and vendor account
    GR - qty 20080 value 3950
    IR - qty 20080 value 3950
    Kindly verify if below 4 points are correct.
    after invoice posted, if i do credit memo reference to the same PO,
    1) qty remained the same 20080 and value is less, say 1000, this 1000 is posted to credit prd?
    2) if qty say, 1000 and value 1000 also, double entry will be hitting GRC?
    after invoice posted, if i do invoice reference to the same PO,
    3) qty remained the same 20080 and value is less, say 1000, this 1000 is posted to debit prd?
    4) if qty say, 1000 and value 1000 also, double entry will be hitting GRC?

  • Dme payment File for invoice & Credit Memo

    Dear Sapients,
    I have created a DME Tree structure for PAYM. This structure contains header & line items. Header will contain the vendor bank master data inputs  & Total payment payable by the bank per vendor for each payment run. The line items contain both invoices & credit memos details & their corresponding amounts.
    Issue is getting the total value of all the invoice credit memo's in the header Field payment.
    Currently, it sum-up the values without any sign in the payment file.
    Below are the structure screen shots. Really appreciate quick response.
    Header Field payment
    Using Aggregation of Ref AMOUNT from line item
    Line item reference field Amount
    Structure field value of line item payment.
    Kindly help to achieve this summation field value for the header.

    Dear Friends,
    Can anyone shed some light on this topic ?
    Many thanks

  • In transaction Fv60 can we change transaction type(invoice/ credit memo)

    Hi Experts,
    Can you help?
    In transaction Fv60 , while editing a park documentcan can we change transaction type(invoice/ credit memo) . I mean can we change the status of document from credit memo to invoice?

    Hi Sumit,
                  Certainly, we can change the transaction type in fv60. Yes we can change the status of the document.
    Srinivas Muthyala

  • Invoice / Credit Memo / Sub Credit/Subs debit

    Dear experts ,
    I want to differentiate the following :
    1. Invoice document
    2. Credit Memo document
    3. Subsequent credit document
    4. Subsequent debit document
    Is it possible to have a different document type for each of the above
    while enetering an invoice /credit memo etc , in payment tab i have an option of selecting the document type.
    I want this to be defaulted by the system based on the activity .

    Dear Anis,
    Subsequent Debits/Credits are used in cases where the quantity is in the original invoice is to remain the same.
    PO 10 - $10
    GR 10 - $10
    LIV 10 - $11 (Logistics Invoice Verification)
    The vendor invoice is more than that in the Purchase Order. In order to correct, the Vendor may send in another invoice for the Increased amount or a credit memo for the reduce amount.
    If you approve of the price increase, post the subsequent invoice received as a Subsequent Debit Invoice.
    If it is a credit memo that has been received for reducing $1 of invoice price, then post the credit memo as Subsequent Credit.
    This would retain the quantity but reduce the amount.
    Subsequent Debit/Credit is for the case when the credit is not for the full amount eg. if the Vendor decided to credit & only the $1 overcharged.
    Credit memo is for the credit of the full amount and value.
    ++ You can configure the default document type for MIRO using transaction OMR4

  • Vendor Ref. Number from A/P Invoice & Credit Memo in the Check PLD Form

    Hi Guys,
    We have standard PLD layout form for the Check Document. In our case the Check Document based on the outgoing payment and outgoing payment referenced on A/P Invoice and Credit Memo documents.
    Is there someone who knows how to get "Vendor Ref. Number" (NumAtCard) field from A/P Invoice and Credit Memo in the Cheque form?
    Any ideas will be appreciated.
    Thanks so much,

    Hi Nagarajan,
    Thanks a lot for your answer! Yes, you are absolutely right, the variable number for this field was #100.
    Unfortunately, this solution worked partially for us. In our case, we also needed to specify a "Document Date" (Tax Date) for the ref. document and there was a problem, because we could not find SAP variable number for this (I don't know if this exists?)
    In the final, I just related "OJDT" to "VPM2" table and after that I have got my "TaxDate" field.
    So we are good now.
    In addition, maybe you know where can I get a variable numbers catalogue or something like that?

  • Automatic change in MIRO Screen from Invoice/ Credit Memo/Sub-Credit/Sub-D

    Hi All,
    While we post the invoice through MIRO T-code, if we change the Transaction type from Invoice to Credit memo/Sub-Creditmemo/Sub-Debitmemo after completion of particular document SAP is not automatically changing the Transaction type as Invoice, its still remains same Transaction type which we changed last. 
    Can anyone advice is there a fix for this to get back to Invoice after doing anydiffernet transaction type..

    1) You have to enter the subsequent credit
    2) The account postings for a subsequent debit/credit depend on the quantity that the subsequent debit/credit applies to:
    If the quantity of the subsequent debit/credit is smaller than or the same as the quantity delivered, the system tries to post the subsequent debit/credit to the stock account. If the material is valuated with a standard price or if there is insufficient stock coverage for the quantity to be debited or credited, the amount is posted to a price difference account.
    If the quantity of the subsequent debit/credit is larger than the quantity delivered, the system distributes the relevant amount proportionally. The part of the subsequent debit/credit that does not have a goods receipt is posted to the GR/IR clearing account. The remaining amount is posted to the stock account u2013 or in the case of standard price control or insufficient stock coverage u2013 to a price difference account.

  • AP Invoice - Credit memo - negative payment amount

    Hello all,
    I am working in 11i oracle apps.
    In AP_invoices_all table there is an invoice_id that has a negative amount on it
    I understood that it is a credit memo. Can you please explain what a credit memo is and how does it affect a business
    Also, when I checked the corresponding invoice_id in the AP_invoice_payments_all table, this invoice has a negative payment amount. What does this mean? How is it going to effect in the journal entries.
    Thank you

    A Credit Memo can be considered the opposite of a Standard Invoice. It can be due to severeal reasons like, for example, when you claim to your supllier that the price for a certain good or service was higher than the agreed he can send you a Credit Memo in the amount of the price difference. You have recorded the Invoice (let's say $100) for the wrong price and now you will record the CM (let's say $10) for a negative amount being that the sum of the two documents correspond to the correct purchase you have done.
    This way, the table AP_INVOICE_PAYMENTS_ALL records the CM with a negative amount allowing you to pay the two documents (the positive invoice and the negative CM) for the net amount.
    About the journals entries:
    DR Cost $100
    CR Liabilty $100
    DR Liability $10
    CR Cost $10
    DR Liability $90
    CR Bank $90
    Hope this helps,

  • Sales analysis report- showing & totaling both Invoices & Credit memos on o

    I have written a Several sales analysis reports based on INV1 tables and RIN1 tables, (Invoice lines and Credit memo lines) for SAP B1 using crystal. I would like the data from both the invoices & the credit memo to list & total on the same report. But have had no luck doing this.
    Is it possible?
    How would I go about doing it?

    Solved my problem, I used the "Show SQL Query" window on my existing reports copied and pasted them to SQL Management Studio as a View, used keyword Union All to join the two queries (Invoices and Credit memos)  and used the view as the data link to create a new report in Crystal Report writer.
    This got me both of the data files into the report detail line and allow for summing.
    Problem solved.
    Thanks for the input.

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