Batch renaming and relinking in InDesign CS4

Is there a plug-in available for InDesign that will batch rename and relink placed images?
In Quark, I used Badia Link Renamer which worked perfectly but it's not available for InDesign. (Was told they hope to have it incorporated into BigPicture for CS5.)
Is there something similar currently available for InDesign?
Essentially I need it to rename and relink files with random names to structured names such as:
(I love that Bridge does batch renaming but then I have to manually update links in InDesign which is extremely time-consuming. I've also manually renamed/relinked files individually with Adobe Dialogue but it doesn't seem to be part of CS4.)
Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Been looking for something for months.

Here is my last version of the script, it deals with multiple instances of the same file.
var myDoc = app.activeDocument;
var myAllLinks = myDoc.allGraphics;
var myMultipleLinks = new Array();
var myLinksCounter = 1;
var myPrepend = prompt("Example: thebook_08765", "Job description", "Please enter job description");
if (!myPrepend) exit();
var response = confirm("Warning: You are about to rename all images linked to the foremost Indesign Document - proceed? Keep in mind - it is not reversible!", false, "Rename Links Script");
if ( response == true )
     WriteToFile("\r--------------------- Script started -- " + GetDate() + " ---------------------\n\n");
     for ( k = 0; k < myAllLinks.length; k++ )
          var myLinkName = myAllLinks[k];
     var myPages = myDoc.pages;
     // Pages
     for ( p = 0; p < myPages.length; p++ )
          var myPageNumber = pad000(myPages[p].name);
          var myLinks = myPages[p].allGraphics;
          var myASCII = 97;
          for ( k = myLinks.length - 1; k >= 0; k-- )
               var myLink = myLinks[k].itemLink;
               if (myLink.extractLabel("relinked") != "yes") {
                    var myOldLinkName =;
                    var myLinkUsage = LinkUsage( myLink );
                    var myExtension = myOldLinkName.substr(myOldLinkName.lastIndexOf( "." ));
                    if (LinkUsage(myLink) == 1)
                         var myNewLinkName = myPrepend + myPageNumber + String.fromCharCode( myASCII ) + myExtension;
                         var myOldImageHDfile = new File( myLink.filePath );
                         var myRenameResult = myOldImageHDfile.rename( myNewLinkName );
                         if (myRenameResult)     {
                              myLink.insertLabel("relinked", "yes");
                              myLink.relink( myOldImageHDfile );
                              try {
                                   myLink = myLink.update();
                              catch(err) {}
                              WriteToFile(((myLinksCounter < 10) ? (" " + myLinksCounter) : myLinksCounter) + " - " + + " --> " + myNewLinkName + "\n");
                         else {
                              if (new File(myOldImageHDfile.parent + "/" + myNewLinkName + myExtension).exists) {
                                   WriteToFile("CAN'T RENAME LINK -- " + + " to " + myNewLinkName + " because the file already exists\n");
                              else {
                                   WriteToFile("CAN'T RENAME LINK -- " + + "\n");
                    else {
                         if (!IsObjInArray(myLink, myMultipleLinks)) {
     var myMasterSpreads = myDoc.masterSpreads;
     // Master spreads
     for ( m = 0; m < myMasterSpreads.length; m++ )
          var myMastSpr = myMasterSpreads[m];
          var myPageNumber =;
          var myPrefix = myMastSpr.namePrefix;
          var myLinks = myMastSpr.allGraphics;
          var myASCII = 97;
          for ( n = myLinks.length - 1; n >= 0; n-- )
               var myLink = myLinks[n].itemLink;
               if (myLink.extractLabel("relinked") != "yes") {
                    var myOldLinkName =;
                    var myExtension = myOldLinkName.substr(myOldLinkName.lastIndexOf( "." ));
                    if (LinkUsage(myLink) == 1)
                         var myLinkLetter = (myLinks.length == 1) ? "" : String.fromCharCode( myASCII );
                         var myNewLinkName = myPrepend + '_master_' + myPrefix + myLinkLetter + myExtension;
                         var myOldImageHDfile = new File( myLink.filePath );
                         var myRenameResult = myOldImageHDfile.rename( myNewLinkName );
                         if (myRenameResult) {
                              myLink.insertLabel("relinked", "yes");
                              myLink.relink( myOldImageHDfile );
                              try {
                              catch(err) {}
                              WriteToFile(((myLinksCounter < 10) ? (" " + myLinksCounter) : myLinksCounter) + " - " + + " --> " + myNewLinkName + "\n");
                         else     {
                              if (new File(myOldImageHDfile.parent + "/" + myNewLinkName + myExtension).exists) {
                                   WriteToFile("CAN'T RENAME LINK -- " + + " to " + myNewLinkName + " because the file already exists\n");
                              else {
                                   WriteToFile("CAN'T RENAME LINK -- " + + "\n");
                         if (!IsObjInArray(myLink, myMultipleLinks)) {
     // Multiple images
     if (myMultipleLinks.length > 0) {
          for ( a = myMultipleLinks.length - 1; a >= 0; a-- )
     WriteToFile("\r--------------------- Script finished -- " + GetDate() + " ---------------------\r\r");
     if (myLinksCounter == 0) {
          alert("No links have been renamed", "Rename Links Script");
     if (myLinksCounter == 1) {
          alert("One link has been renamed", "Rename Links Script");
     else if (myLinksCounter > 1) {
          alert(myLinksCounter  + " links have been renamed", "Rename Links Script");
//--------------------------------------------- Functions ------------------------------------------------
// Check how many times the link was placed
function LinkUsage(myLink) {
     var myLinksNumber = 0;
          for (var c =  0; c < myDoc.links.length; c++) {
          if (myLink.filePath == myDoc.links[c].filePath) {
               myLinksNumber += 1;
     return myLinksNumber;
// Relink the links placed more than once
function processMultiUsedLinks(myLink) {
     var myExtension = "." ));
     var myMultiUsedLink = new Array();
     var myAllLinks = myDoc.links;
     for (var d = 0; d < myAllLinks.length; d++)  {
          if (myAllLinks[d].filePath == myLink.filePath) {
     try {
     catch(err) {}
     var myNewLinkName = prompt ("Enter a name for this image", GetFileNameOnly(, "This image is placed " + myMultiUsedLink .length + " times");
     if (myNewLinkName) {
          if ( myNewLinkName + myExtension != ) {
               var myOldImageHDfile = new File( myLink.filePath );
               var myRenameResult = myOldImageHDfile.rename( myNewLinkName + myExtension );
               if (myRenameResult) {
                    myLink.insertLabel("relinked", "yes");
                    myLink.relink( myOldImageHDfile );
                    try {
                         myLink = myLink.update();
                    catch(err) {}
                    WriteToFile(((myLinksCounter < 10) ? (" " + myLinksCounter) : myLinksCounter) + " - " + + " --> " + myNewLinkName + "\n");
                    for (f = myMultiUsedLink.length-1; f >= 0 ; f--)
                         var myCurrLink = myMultiUsedLink[f];
                         if ( myNewLinkName + myExtension != ) {
                              myCurrLink.insertLabel("relinked", "yes");
                              myCurrLink.relink( myOldImageHDfile );
                              try {
                                   myCurrLink = myLink.update();
                              catch(err) {}
               else     {
                    if (new File(myOldImageHDfile.parent + "/" + myNewLinkName + myExtension).exists) {
                         WriteToFile("CAN'T RENAME LINK -- " + + " to " + myNewLinkName + myExtension + " because the file already exists\n");
                    else {
                         WriteToFile("CAN'T RENAME LINK -- " + + "\n");
// Clear labels in case this script has been already run on the current document
function crearLabels() {
     for (var f =  0; f < myDoc.links.length; f++) {
          if (myDoc.links[f].extractLabel("relinked") != "") {
               myDoc.links[f].insertLabel("relinked", "");
function UpdateAllOutdatedLinks() {
     for(var myCounter = myDoc.links.length-1; myCounter >= 0; myCounter--){
          var myLink = myDoc.links[myCounter];
          if (myLink.status == LinkStatus.linkOutOfDate){
function pad000(myNumber) {
     if (myNumber >= 1 && myNumber <= 9) {
          x =  "0" + "0" + myNumber;
     } else if (myNumber >= 10 && myNumber <= 99) {
          x = "0" + myNumber;
     } else if (myNumber >= 100 && myNumber <= 999) {
          x = myNumber;
     return x;
function GetFileNameOnly(myFileName) {
     var myString = "";
     var myResult = myFileName.lastIndexOf(".");
     if (myResult == -1) {
          myString = myFileName;
     else {
          myString = myFileName.substr(0, myResult);
     return myString;
function IsObjInArray(myObj, myArray) {
     for (x in myArray) {
          if (myObj.filePath == myArray[x].filePath) {
               return true;
     return false;
function WriteToFile(myText) {
     myFile = new File("~/Desktop/Rename Links Script.txt");
     if ( myFile.exists ) {
, 2);
     else {
function GetDate() {
     var myDate = new Date();
     if ((myDate.getYear() - 100) < 10) {
          var myYear = "0" + new String((myDate.getYear() - 100));
     } else {
          var myYear = new String ((myDate.getYear() - 100));
     var myDateString = (myDate.getMonth() + 1) + "/" + myDate.getDate() + "/" + myYear + " " + myDate.getHours() + ":" + myDate.getMinutes() + ":" + myDate.getSeconds();
     return myDateString;

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    This biterscripting script may possibly help. It takes two input arguments.
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    Thank you for your great help. It is very useful  in future.
    It is doing 90% work of the package. It keeps link folder with one link, which is coming suppose in more than two documents.
    Same name images used between documents, with may be some changes,
    I need a script to rename and relink  duplicate files with random names to add suffix "_1, _2, _n number"  images are in .eps, .pdf, .psd, .jpg, etc., and package.

  • A script to batch rename and relink images?

    Hello, everyone!
    First of all, I did search for this before asking and found many similar scripts for this, but as I don't know how to make or edit scripts, I couldn't use them...
    I work at a company that makes school books. Each InDesign file we make can have hundreds of images, of varied extensions (.ai, .eps, .tif, .psd).
    We now need to rename those images to a default naming system we defined. This is taking hours, even days to do manually.
    Those images currently have varied names, so we'd need to ignore what's there, we just need a configurable prefix (like "EF6_ESP_C1_"), then a 4-digit number starting at 0001 and numbering the rest (if there's say a .tif and then a .ai, it'd have to be 0001.tif and, then the extension it already had.
    Preferably, but not required, if it could read that the image already had an "EQ" in the file name, it could rename them to another prefix and count those separately from 0001, as we work Equation images separately, but if this can't be done or is too difficult to do, then just have them named and numbered with the others.
    Could anyone be so kind as to help me with this? Thank you very much!

    Try this,
    var doc = app.activeDocument,
        links = doc.allGraphics, count = 1, eqcount = 1, a = "0000";
    for(var i=links.length-1;i>=0;i--)
                    var ext = links[i][i]".")),
                        old = File(links[i].itemLink.filePath),
                        eqnum = (eqcount++).toString(),
                        newname = "EQ_EF6_ESP_C1_" + a.substring(0, a.length - eqnum.length) + eqnum + ext;
                    var ext = links[i][i]".")),
                        old = File(links[i].itemLink.filePath),
                        num = (count++).toString(),
                        newname = "EF6_ESP_C1_" + a.substring(0, a.length - num.length) + num + ext
    Please note:It is not reversible.

  • Batch renaming suffix and relinking in InDesign

    It is possible to documents links can be renamed with updated link as suffix "_1 or _2 or _3..........: only do with the new simple script.
    There are many scripts I have found that rename and relink with prefix. I do not find any script that renames and relink with suffix.
    Suppose a file name is "" if we use prefix scripts it changes like "" in this case both are not in sequence in list preview of 100 links.
    I desperately needed something automatic.

    Thanks, Rob Day.
    There are many scripts available for prefix.
    I need to add suffix
    Example There are 2 or 3 folders with link.
    When package using book or manually second folders all the link moving in first folder message coming for replace,
    I skip those file, it may be 1, 30, 40 images.
    Again open 2nd document indd and want to rename the linked images with base name + suffix (_1) and relinked,
    Than move all these renamed files in the first folder and repeat in third folder with base name + suffix (_2) and relinked.
    When all the links are in the same folder first repeating images are looking together with there basename + suffix.
    As shown in the screen grab in the post.

  • I recently bought and installed Adobe InDesign CS4. It does not have some fonts I want, e.g., Papyru

         I recently bought and installed Adobe InDesign CS4. It does not have some fonts I want, e.g., Papyrus Bold. I copied it from the Windows XP Fonts folder into the InDesign Font folder, which, for starters, was empty (even though when I open the InDesign application its inherent fonts are available). I have gone to online Help and tried different things, but I still cannot get Papyrus Bold when I open my file.
         Where are the InDesign fonts stored, if not in the InDesign Fonts folder?
         How can I make the fonts that are in my Windows XP to be available in InDesign?
         Thank you.

         Thanks for your quick reply.
         I don’t see why there should be a problem with the Papyrus font I copied from Windows, since it works just fine in Word.
    It is listed in the Windows XP/Fonts folder as Open Type, although in brackets beneath it has “True Type.”
         Note: the Adobe InDesign Fonts folder was empty when I first viewed it (except for my attempted copies of Papyrus and a couple of Lucidas). Where are the inherent InDesign fonts stored, if not there?
         Thanks again for your attention.
         Andy (ColorsAce)

  • Adobe Bridge CC Batch Rename and File Extensions

    I use Adobe Bridge CC on my macbook pro that is running OS X 10.8.5  When I batch rename files within Bridge it automatically drops the file extension. I am able to add the extension within the naming process but would prefer if it simply defaulted to the existing extension of the files being renamed. On occasion it does do this and then the next time it is gone. What am I doing wrong?

    I don't think there is any way in which you can add to the built-in functions…
    Unless this is actually provided by one of the Adobe start-up scripts… ( I've not see it when digging about )
    You would probably need a scripted solution that can give you drop down menu of the extra options you want.

  • Batch Rename and Restructure Folders and Pictures within

    Hello, I have been messing around with Automator trying to get Automator to batch rename my pictures. It seems that Automator is a little limited in renaming the way I would like to.
    I would like to rename all of my pictures to have a folder structure (I don't believe Automator can do this part for me) of:
    "Pictures/Nikon Transfer 2/Date Taken yyyy - dd- mm/DSC_xxxx"
    Currently, after trying one of the programs out, I have altered the filename over several of them to a mess of something like "2012-01-24-DSC_0295.JPG.JPG" where the folder structure  I was trying to achieve was put into the filename and the extension was added into the filename.
    I have tried several programs (freeware and open source) to achieve this to no avail. I would like to stay away from trail software and paid software.  If anyone knows of any Automator tricks or other free, non-trial programs that can do such a thing please let me know! It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much for any feedback! PSkilton

    There are several renamers on the appstore. I use one that is called "A Better Finder Rename", which for me is very good: you find the download button here:
    It is not free but still cheap.

  • Batch Rename and now files will not open

    i hope someone can help me. i moved some .dng files from an external drive to my mapbook pro using batch rename in bridge CS5. The files moved to my desktop ine, but now they will not open. When I try to open them  the digital convertor opens up. When I try to open them in photoshop it says it is a unrecognized format. They were fine ten minutes ago in bridge. does anyone have anything they can have me try? I am depserate to get these images printed up tonight and I don't have time to edit them again.

    You probably forgot to include the extension .dng or renamed with an extra dot (.) in the filename. Be surr to have only 1 dot with the three letter extension dng at the end (. dng)
    You can use Bridge for that again to rename and use the dng extension

  • Batch Renaming and renaming folders not working

    I have copied and pasted 500 RAW canon images from a 5D Mark III into a new folder on a Drobo 5d via firewire 800 card reader (from two 16Gb Extreme Pro Sandisk CF cards) - The drobo is connected via Thunderbolt. Both cards transferred well and I batch renamed the first 278 pictures. The first thing I noticed was that I could not chnage the folder name from Untitled folder to the new name that I wanted to call it. I tried to do this but nothing happened. I went into the folder on the drobo and batch renamed the first lot of images. There was no problem, everything worked fine. After I copied and pasted the second card ( I can not use photo downloader with file renaming with the firewire 800 card reader - something that I think is ridiculous), I tried to batch rename all the new images following on in file name from the first ones. I press Rename and then nothing happens..... I still can not change the folder either. I am running Mac OSx 10.7.4 and CS6.

    - The drobo is connected via Thunderbolt.
    Check this (long) thread and especially post 53 where Peter Britt Bailey had also found that changing Drobo Thunderbolt to USB connection solved his problems:
    ( I can not use photo downloader with file renaming with the firewire 800 card reader - something that I think is ridiculous),
    That is odd, I have owned a Lexar FW 800 card reader but this one died eventually and could not find a replacement until recently I found the DeLock FW 800 card reader.
    Never had nor have any trouble with those FW800 card readers when renaming my files using Photodownloader.
    Only the second option to back up the original to an other disk is not possible in Photodownloader.

  • Can you rename files in Bridge and relink in InDesign automatically?

    I have a 250+ page InDesign file with 800+ links to images.
    The problem I'm having is the images have French file names.  I want to remove the French text and rename the images to English.
    If I rename the images in Adobe Bridge will the Indesign links remain?
    I'm using CS5.5

    Unfortunately no.
    But fortunately there's a script!

  • Not able to do settings for Resource Files and Source Files (Indesign CS4 )

    I am new to Indesign Plugin Development .
    I want to build the sample sdk examples from Indesign SDK(CS4) for windows .
    Also I am not able to build project developed using Dollyxs. Its
    giving error as PRJ0003 : Error spawning 'cmd.exe' while I am building it.
    I have no idea abt settings for Project->Property for Resource and all
    other files.
    Can anybody tell what are the settings to be made at Project ->Property
    dialog for all files.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Ravi Sharma

    I have the same problem - any update on this?

  • Creating button with gotoPage(action) and tooltip in Indesign CS4

      I want to create the button with gotopage(action) and tool tip for specific text for pdf generation, using the javascript/AppleScript .If any of you know ,Please do reply for my question.

    Dave is correct. Go to Page isn't available in PDF.
    Instead, use the Hyperlink panel and select an object or text and choose Create New Destination and give it a name.
    Then set the action for the button to be Go to Destination. Select the destination you saved.

  • Copying and pasting Arabic text in InDesign CS4 ME

    We have an arabic document in pdf and word formats and we have InDesign CS4 ME and we are trying to copy and paste text from the pdf/word document but the font isn't transferring, there is nothing only boxes. We have turned on the arabic keyboard and that didnt help either. Working on a mac.
    Can anyone help us? What is the solution?

    function(){return A.apply(null,[this].concat($A(arguments)))}
    We have turned on the arabic keyboard and that didnt help either.
    Well, why should it. Unless you are typing Arabic, that won't do anything at all. Copy-and-paste is not typing.
    If copy-and-paste does not copy the font along so you get the pinky squares in InDesign, it only means that your default InDesign font does not support those characters. Select your text and then choose another font -- one you are sure of contains Arabic.
    If you still get pink squares, it's more likely the text in the PDF is not encoded properly, and in that case no-one can't help you -- but it ought to work directly from Word.

  • Batch Renaming loses Spotlight Comments, Os X to blame?

    I posted this over at the Adobe forum for Bridge, however, I'm going to post it here too because part of me feels like this issue I'm experiencing is tied to a recent Os update: from Leopard to Snow Leopard.
    I'm a photo editor for a wedding photographer and have been implementing some of my own personal workflows into his pipeline. I tend NOT to rename camera-generated files, at all, unless there's an important reason to do so. Sorting an entire wedding by "Date" works perfectly for building the proper timeline for a shoot. So camera-generated file names are perfectly okay for our needs.
    When an edit is complete I'll generate JPEGs from Aperture. The resulting files will continue to carry the original RAW files names, unless there is a duplicate file name, then Aperture will add a number: "(1)" to the file, if necessary. Typically, after export, I run an Automator action that stores the file name in the Spotlight Comments. Because prior to shipping and archiving, I AM going to rename the final JPEGs sequentially: 0001_wedding, 0002_wedding, etc.
    The beauty was that with the original name stored in the Spotlight comments for the JPEG, I would easily look at 0148_wedding.jpg, see that it's spotlight comments said, "Original Name: IMG_3471" and obviously know exactly what RAW image this new JPEG started as. Worked perfectly.
    So process was: Export, Store Original Name in Spotlight Comments of JPEGs, Batch Rename (sequentially) based on date modified in Bridge CS4.
    Well now everthing's changed. We had a system drive go down. We were running 10.5.8. When the system came back from the shop, with a new drive installed, it was/is running Snow Leopard. 10.6.3? I think. Snow Leopard, no doubt.
    And now my prior workflow has been wrecked because the act of renaming, in Bridge CS4, erases all those handy Spotlight comments. However, part of me is wondering though if this issue is rooted more deeply, at the OS level? Because R-Name (Batch renaming utility) is now eradicating Spotlight comments as is an Automator action built for the same purposes. This all used to work perfectly. And the one major change that has occurred was this "upgrade" from Leopard to Snow Leopard.
    So, question is: is there something I can alter in Bridge Preferences to maintain my Spotlight Comments, when batch renaming? Is this all tied to the Snow Leopard? Is there ANY renaming utility that's not going to fall victim to whatever the hang up here is?? How can I batch rename and not destroy my lovely Spotlight Comments in the process?
    Thanks for your time!!

    Yes, this works. However, this was already part of my workflow.... and not where the trouble lies.
    After exporting jpeg images from Aperture, they carry the same name of the original RAW files, from which they came. (So, IMG_8342.jpg would have started it's life as IMG_8342.CR2.) But we dont' send them out like that. We sequentially name them 0001_image.jpg, 0002_image.jpg, etc... So after renaming, how do you find the original file again, right?
    BEFORE the renaming phase, I would run the "Store Original Names in Spotlight Comments" action. That way, I could look at the comments for a derivative .jpg—whose name has now changed—and determine the name of the ORIGINAL file.
    After renaming, the derivative file might end up being named 0361_image.jpg, but it's Spotlight comments would say, for example, Original Name:<<IMG_8485.jpg>>. Then I would know that this particular file started off as IMG_8485.CR2.
    As such, I could quickly/easily backtrack, knowing that the original RAW file was named IMG_8485.CR2
    The issue is that once you've gone thru the effort to ADD these spotlight comments, if you THEN go through a re-naming step, this erases all those Spotlight Comments. That was my problem... Getting the Spotlight Comments in place was never the issue. KEEPING them there was the problem.

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  • Zen touch problem - someone help pleas

    can someone please help me with this problem, no faq can help me. everytime i plug my zen touch into my pc, it is never detected by creative mediasource organiser. i don't think the wire is the problem as my zen turns on automatically when i plug it

  • Read from spreadshee​t and plot multiple XY graph

    I'm trying to read a text file using the "Read from Spreadsheet" function. Next I want to plot the data in it on a single XY Graph. The text file contains 4 coloums and the first coloumn is X axis and rest are for Y axis. I'm not able to get the mult

  • Deployment Tool Problem (J2EE -Composite primary Key Class)

    Hi !! e.g. I have an entiybean which has composite primary key class. So while deploying in J2EE tool u need to specify the Primary key class and the primary key field. well in case of a composite primary key class(if u have more than one field)...ho

  • 2 lines text for JButton

    Hi all, Easy there a way to set 2 lines of text to JButton? Thanks!

  • .java to .class - what do I need - URGENT

    I do not know java at all. I need something to compile .java files to .class files. A standalone program would be great (Windows XP)