BOM Material as a text item.

Hi All,
Here the below is the requirement.
Warranty will be created as a line item and defaulted in the Contract document.
A Bill of Material (BOM) should be created for every License material with a Warranty material. A Bill of Material would be used to combine two or more materials. When the License material is entered the system would automatically populate the Warranty material as a text item in the contract line item. So that user can maintain the start date and end date of the warranty for that particular item.
Please help me to achieve  this requirement and let me know if you need more further information.

check the packing material type settings in SPRO --> Logistics.
Check for the delivery type / Delivery item category..... you can see the packing with item generation setting.

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    In release 4.6C the text items belonging to stock items are listed after the stock item. In ECC 6.0 the sort sequence is different - the text item is listed prior to the stock item. I would like to change it in ECC 6.0, so that the text items again are displayed after the stock items in ECC 6.0. Does anybody know how to do this?
    Thanks in advance!
    Kind regards,

    Dear Simone,
    when you are in CS01 or CS02, at extrem right side you can find button Configuration
    just Drag the coloums as required & click that button
    Now give the variant name & save
    Next time when you open same changed settings will appear

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    When i trying to maintain the multiples schedule lines for the Sales BoM Material(Both Header and Item), system is not allowing to maintain it.Please guide me how to achieve this?

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    In Sales order, we generaly use item catagory - TAN (standard item) or TANN (free of charge).
    - When should we use the item catagory - TATX (text item)?
    - Should we maintin the material master for text items?
    - Also please provide exaple of Text items?
    Thank you very much.
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    Hi Desai
    suppose if we are selling a TV then the TV manual also has to go the customer that is text item TATX
    In the item category determination in VOV4 for the sales doc type OR+item category group maintained as blank usage is TEXT item category of the highel level item nil For this combination the default item category would be TATX
    That means thro usage program TEXT(ABAP program) system determines it is a text item and gives item category as tatx
    The example of text item is TV manual
    Generally  for TEXT items we dont maintain MMR's but again this is business requirement only
    If some business cases if it is reqd we can maintain MMR's for text items with a special material type and without any qty or value updation

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    We want to create PO with a component list that should be appears under the main item.
    The component list is a mterial BOM.
    Ex:- bom MATERIAL - CATALOG1 (Non Stock Materials)
    Automatically botom line should be appear component 1 , 2 as a Sub Item.
    how to configur this issue..?? Its a standard Ponot Subcontract

    If you have correctly maintained the BOM in CS01, make sure that in ME21N you enter "L" as the item category, and then, in the field "material", enter the finished product (the header material in your BOM). Then, enter all other required fields.
    When all mandatory data has been completed in ME21N, go to the "Material Data" tab. Here you will see an icon named "Components". If you click this icon, the materials in your BOM will be listed here.
    So, please, do not expect the BOM to be displayed with mother and daugther segments in the item overview of ME21N. Instead, consider that you will only be able to see the components if you click the "Components" icon under the "Material Data" tab at item detail level.
    I hope this helps!

  • How to Populate long text(item text)  from BOM CS01 to CJ20N transaction

    I have requiremnt  in which i need to Populate long text/item text  of  BOM  from CS01 to CJ20N transaction(PS network)

    Hi Naveen,
    for anylong text related work use the functions READ_TEXT and SAVE_TEXT.
    read the long text of the BOM item using the proper header and then populate the same text lines to the PS network using the new header specific to the PS network.

  • Problem with MATNR in greying out sub-items of a BOM material in VA01

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    I'm trying to grey out the fields material number, quantity and UoM in VA01 for a sub-items of BOM material using the user exit USEREXIT_FIELD_MODIFICATION in the include MV45AFZZ.
    CHECK vbap-pstyv EQ 'TAE'.
    IF screen-name = 'RV45A-KWMENG' OR
    screen-name = 'VBAP-MATNR' OR
    screen-name = 'VBAP-VRKME'.
    ENDIF. " IF screen-name = 'RV45A-...
    Now, the problem is that the fields Quantity and UoM are greyed out but not the Material number field. I've also tried using the enhancement "V45A0003" the same problem still persists

    i think the field name is MABNR not MATNR for material number
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            Naresh Reddy

  • Giving BOM material as free good in Sales Order

    I have a business requirement.
    I want to give a free good in Sales Oreder which is a BOM material.This should be possible by manually changing Item category for the line item in the Sales Order just like how we can change TAN to TANN in normal circumsatnces when we add free good material for any NON BOM material.
    In standard functionality,the item category determined for this BOM material is TAQ but this item category field in Sales Order is non editable because of which I can not include the BOM material as free good in my sales order.
    I have already defined one z Item category for free goods for this BOM material & want to use it in Sales Order.
    Can you please suggest how this can be handled ?
    Or is there any other work around by which will allow me to include BOM material as free good in my Sales Order ?
    Thanks in advance

    Thanks everyone for the feedback.I agree with Samir Danish.It is a standard functionality of SAP which does not allow free goods for BOM material.
    However, can someone suggest work around to deal with this issue.I mean if any one has been doing any work around for this issue then please let me know.It s becoming critical for me.

  • Unable to enter multiple Schedule lines for BOM material in Sales Order

    Hi All,
    We have a Sales Order where in which we cannot add additional schedule lines for BOM material.
    The schedule lines are greyed out, user was able to add schedule lines earlier.
    I have checked all assignments in VOV6, VOV7 and everything seems to be fine and no changes have been made to item category being used.
    Please provide a solution for this.
    PFB link in which similar situation posted in this community but the final resolution method is not discussed.

    Hi Samiksh,
    Pls check for that particular customer, only complete delivery allowed(c) is set in the CMR or CMIR. If so, you can't enter multiple schedule lines for that customer.. it would be grayed out in the sales order schedule lines except confirmed line.
    or check the problematic sales order at item level shipping tab if the par del/item is set to 'C'
    With regards

  • Automatic GL account determination while creating a PO as text item

    Hello Experts,
    If we create Purchase order as a text item, means we didnt give any material details we will give the Material group only.
    Then the system will ask for the GL account details also.
    Is there any way to default a particular GL account to a particular Material group while creating a Purchase Order as text item.
    Please sugeest the possible solutions.
    Many Thanks in advance,

    Go to OBYC
    BSX - select valuation modifier, valuation class-----Give GL acc no. - Inventory Raw -m aterial A/C No
    WRX - select valuation modifier, valuation class - Give GL acc no.---GRIR clearing A/C No
    GBB - select general modification, valuation modifier, valuation class - Give GL acc no. - -Salaries etc. A/C No
    FS00 - select the check box - Post automatically.
    FS00 - select post with tax
    Fs00 - sort key - 014
    FS00- Field status group G0045.---GRIR
    FS00- Field status group - G003 - material consumption
    FS00- field status group - G006

  • Delivery in Make to Order situation for BOM Material

    I have the BOM material which is exploreing in the sales order 11005 as
    follows -
    LineItem Railing 10 (Top Material)
    01 A01 10
    02 A02 10 (Sub items)
    03 A03 10
    04 A04 10
    05 A05 10
    At the time of sales order level, we are sending the requirements to
    PPC for the top material Railing, at the time produciton stage PP run
    the MRP and do the production for Sub items A01 to A05. When doing the
    production confirmation for A01 to A05 materials, system is confirming
    the stock against the sales order number 11005 with item no 01.
    In our business purpose we are maintaining the stock for top material
    and also sub itmes because of Excise purpose. For Top material we are
    uploading stock manually with MB1C with Special Stock E and in PPC
    doing the produciton of sub items.
    At the time of crating the delivery system is not checking stock of sub
    items and its showing the stock as 0 because the proudction is
    confirmed at line item 10 for sub items a01 to a05.
    Reply ASAP

    Hi Friends,
    Can you please provide the solution for my problem and its slight urgent.

  • Pricing For Text Item in Sales Order

    Hi ,
    How to give price for text item in sales order.
    With regards.

    Hi Afzal,
    consider to create a single service material as a generic one, type DIEN, with basic data and sales org views, with  item category group LEIS (it will determine item category TAX in sales order). Material description could be "Don't forget to change me!" so in sales order user remembers to changes the description according to the especific sales order requirements.

  • BOM creation with variable size item

    Dear Experts,
    I want to create BOM with 'R'-Variable size item, Can U tell me exact procedure step by step to How to create BOM with R- Variable size item?
    Shivkumar Dachawar

    1. Enter the material for which you want to create BOM, Plan and BOM usage.
    2. Select the item category "R", enter the component. Now you will be taken to the "Variable item data" screen.
    3. Enter the datas of Size 1, 2 & 3 (as required) and the unit of the size & number. System will calculate the "Qty of var- size item" in the unit assigned to the basic data of the material master of the component.
    4. Save
    Note: You can change the unit of the variable size item as per your requirement in OS28
    Hope this helps.
    -Thaila Shree

  • Intercompany Exchange of NLAG materials or free text items

    in my company we have set up the intercompany procurement process according to the SAP standard. Means when one company places a PO with another group company (different comp code) a delivery is created against this PO. Now the companies want to start procuring either NLAG materials or free text items which leads to an error message ME124 "Material not subj. to inventory mgmt. in plant" for NLAG or error 06806 "Procurement w/o material from vendor with plant assignment not defined".
    Any ideas how to overcome this?

    Hello Stefan Teckenbr,
    Please do the above necessary customization
    Go into IMG > Logistics general > material master > Basic Settings > material type > Define Attributes of Material Types
    Select your material type and click Quantity/Value update.
    Hope this helps.
    Swamy H P

  • Purchase order text(item text)

    where does the purchase order text (item text) is stored for standard transaction ME21N.
    thanks & regards

    Purchase order item text is stored as long text in STXH.
    use read_text FM to see the text.
    Text Name      "Concatenate PO number + item number " Key of EKPO.               
    Language        ES                               
    Text ID         F03  Material PO text            
    Text Object     EKPO       Purchasing doc. item te

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