Can I install Snow Leopard on the latest Macbook Pros? (the ones pre-loaded with Lion)

The problem and solution is pretty simple, I just want to know if anyone has tried this before. I have a brand new Macbook Pro that I bought more or less for the sole purpose of having a more powerful machine to run AVID Media Composer on. AVID is only compatible up to OS version 10.6.7 at the moment, and the machine I got was pre-loaded with Lion, 10.7....So I look at the support documentation Apple provides, and notice that in the nifty little chart they have, the latest line of Macbook Pros out there (early 2011) originally had version 10.6.6, so I'm assuming that's the previous version I can't downgrade past.
To revert back to Snow Leopard, however, I need to install it from the DVD which has version 10.6.3 on it, and then upgrade to any version between Snow Leopard 10.6.6 and Lion 10.7. In theory this could work, the only problem being that for a brief time between installing Snow Leopard and updating to the version of it that I need, the computer will have version 10.6.3 on it.
Now I'm pretty sure if the only thing I do on the computer is immediately update to a safe-to-use version, there will be no problems. However, if the machine's hardware is so terribly non-backwards compatible with the Snow Leopard OS, I may do all this backing up and reverting and not even be able to start the computer once I get the old install on it. Before I just go ahead and try this for myself, I was wondering if anyone else has, and more importantly, have you had any success?

Hi r,
EDIT: disregard my post. Waiting for that disc is a far better option.
I hope w won't mind if I add a thought here:
rmo348 wrote:
Now I don't mind if some drivers are messed up and resolution is all funky when I install 10.6.3 on it, I just need to know if it'll be functional to the point where I can run the 10.6.6 update dmg. Once I update to 10.6.6 everything should work fine.
Or could I install 10.6.3, have the 10.6.6 update burned to a disc, and boot straight from that? This is my first Mac so I'm not sure what little tricks work or not.
Your first idea may work; the only way to know for sure is to try it. If you do, make sure you download and run the Combo update for 10.6.7 or 10.6.8. There can be different versions of a point update, those which are available for download, and those which ship on Macs, so you want to install one beyond that which shipped with some of the new MBPs.
If the MBP won't boot to 10.6.3, something else to try is installing it to an external HD, then installing the 10.6.7 update on it, clone it to the MPB's internal HD, and run the 10.6.7 or 10.6.8 Combo update on it.

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    I'm assuming your dvd drive is broken? if you have a thumb drive large enough (8GB or better), you can use another computer to make a bootable image from the install dvd to the thumb drive. then you can install from the the thumb drive.
    that's a step by step walkthrough.

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    You can try for a unit off the refurbished list ( > Store, bottom of the left hand margin is the link).  Units from pre-July and last year can be found, and come with warranties just like brand new.

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    Don't install a version of Mac OS X earlier than what came with your Mac

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    I am having a similar issue. I have upgraded my Mac Pro without any issues. However, my MB Pro has told me that the install was successful and was to restart. Upon restart the machine passes the initial boot (Apple Logo and Spinner) then it presents a black screen and will not complete the boot to the login screen. The fan is running, if I close the lid it tries to sleep, but does not appear to sleep. It is on and the light is solid (no pulsing for sleep).
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    Your MacBookPro comes with Snow Leopard pre installed. It's not a program, it's an operating system. Mac OS X - Snow Leopard.
    You might benefit from viewing these videos.

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    Sure, as long as it meets the hardware specs.

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    Firmware restrictions prevent directly loading any OSX earlier than what came with the system.
    The *only* way around is to load SnowLeopard *Server* (not Client) into a virtual machine (Parallels, VMWare Fusion, VirtualBox).  But that costs $20+shipping/tax for the disk and is a learning curve into SL Server.  And you *still* need your host OSX to run it, and the VM will not most efficiently use the hardware resources.

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    Sorry, but that is correct. You need Snow Leopard to sync your phone and the latest version of iTunes and you old G5 cannot run that.

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    Are you certain your Mac meets Snow Leopard system requirements?
    Apple - Mac OS X Snow Leopard - Technical specifications
    Boot from your Mac install disc, run Disk Utility. The startup disk may need repairing.
    Using Disk Utility to verify or repair disks

  • Can't install snow leopard on partition after upgrading to lion

    I rushed out too early to install Lion via Apple Apps store.  Now, I realize that Rosetta is gone and so are my options to use older apps.  As I was reading on the web and Apple Support, I have tried various things and get a window saying that I can't install snow leopard.
    I have never partition my hard drive, but using disk utility I created a partition called "Snow Leopard."  It divided my HD in half which is okay.  I closed the disk utility window, rebooted holding down the "C" key, and saw the OS X Install DVD.  When I select it a window pops up saying, "You can't use this version of the appl inst Mac OS X with this version of Mac OS X.  You have installed Mac OS X 23.1.1."
    Before downloading lion, I made a backup of my existing HD using Time Machine to an external HD.  When I open up a saved version dated a month ago, I see that the applications that were working in snow leopard now have the icon circle saying that it is not supported by lion.  This is strange since I used Time Machine to back up my HD, then turned off the app before downloading lion.  Even older versions saved on the external HD show the circle.
    I read about lion and the "Recovery HD," but when I hold down the Command-R key nothing happens when I restart my computer.  It also talks about using the option key but that does not work.  It talks about reinstalling lion using this system, but I don't see it working.
    How can I install snow leopard on my new partition, then I would go to "Software Updates," to get the latest version, or use one of the versions on my external HD to have both operating system.

    Hi Scottiemn,
    As I was trying different things to make a partition on my HD, I made notes as to what I did, and I finally got it to work.  I will try to explain what I did.
    Before installing “Lion,” I backed up Snow Leopard using Time Machine to my external Seagate HD.  I installed “Lion,” and found out that I could not use some of my old apps, so I did the following.
    Since I am running “Lion,” I opened up disk utility and selected my MacHD (1TB), then I selected partition, and it showed “Macintosh HD” under the partition information name.  I believe I selected the plus, + and it divided my HD space in half, and I named it Snow Leopard.
    I then installed the Snow Leopard DVD, and restarted my computer holding down the “C” key, I held it down for about 30 seconds or more and then took my finger off of the key.  As I waited I finally saw that I was on the install DVD, and on the top menu bar I saw “Utilities.”  I had my external Seagate HD mounted on my desk top before I restarted my computer, I selected the “Utilities,” on the menu bar and it gave me the option to back up from Time Machine, I selected my external Seagate HD to the newly created partition I named Snow Leopard and I said “Yes.”  I followed the instructions and after it was done, I went to the menu bar and selected System Preferences, System, Startup Disk, and selected to start up with Snow Leopard.  On my desktop, I can see two Hard Drives, one is Macintosh HD with “Lion,” and the other is Snow Leopard. 
    Then, I started up my computer and I was on the Snow Leopard partition and I saw all of my apps working.  I then went back to the menu bar and selected System Preferences, System, Startup Disk, and selected to start up with “Lion,” and restarted my computer and I was running “Lion.”
    I am not sure why I was not able to use the DVD of SL before, but somehow I got it to work, and I hope that I have explained what I did above.
    One thing, when I installed “Lion,” from the app store, I did not make a bootable DVD of the application.  I went back to the app store and downloaded “Lion” again and kept it in the dock until I got Snow Leopard to work.  I burned a DVD of “Lion,” and so I have a backup of it.
    Since my Seagate HD has only 250 GB of space and it is an EIDE HD 7,200 rpm using an OWC Mercury Elite FW400/USB2 with the Oxford chipset 911 enclosure which I bought in 2008, I decided that since I now have my 27 inch iMac quad core i5 with 1TB that I needed a larger hard drive.
    I researched the web and decided to go back to OWC and just bought a 2.0TB OWC Mercury Elite Pro “Quad Interface” 64MB with eSATA/FW800/FW400/USB2.0 with 7,200 rpm speed for $219.00.  I partitioned it for Time Machine, and Carbon Copy Cloner.
    I ran Time Machine, and both partitions “Lion, and Snow Leopard” are on the Time Machine partition and both HD’s are under the Carbon Copy Cloner.
    I am self taught on my many iMac’s over the years, and I go to the forums to ask questions and follow the helpful hints to resolve my problems.  I carefully try different things and write down what I did so I don’t repeat things.
    I hope that I have explained what I did, and hopefully it will work for you.
    When I want to run SL, I select in the System Preferences to start up from that disk, when I want to run Lion, I go back and select that and start up my computer running Lion.
    Since I have many old apps that Rosetta uses to open them up in SL I wanted to keep that operating system.  I will go back now that I have everything working and see if I really need them.  I won’t rush to remove my SL partition that I created, but in time if I don’t need the older apps then I may clean out my system and just run Lion.
    I run Lion now all of the time, but when I need to go back to SL, I now have the option.
    Good Luck,

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    I have the latest Macbook Pro with Mavericks installed.  I have partitioned the internal hard drive and wish to install snow leopard on the partition from Disk.  It will not let me run the .app and gives me the following error. "You can't use this version of the application Install Mac OS with this version of Mac OS X"

    VM Fusion
    Virtual Machine for 10.7/10.8
    Install OSX Restrictions

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    can't install Snow Leopard on Macbook Pro MC700 - 3 beeps after installer starts (10.6.3 retail). Lion installer starts normally. What's a problem?

    I have the same trouble, I try installing rEFI but when I try start my Pro from DVD doesn't recognize.
    Can I start from USB Memory? with files from SL DVD? or have some thing else?
    I have original DVD of SL 10.6.3, if I buy the latest stable version, can I install? or the EFI firmware with Lion change again?
    I try to use Lion, more than one week but I can't, and some app that I use for my profession, doesn't work, I really need downgrade to SL.
    Really Thanks for any help.

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