Can't open Service Credit Union Web Site

When I go to www.service, I get the following message: Please upgrade your browser
Your browser is unable to perform strong encryption. For your protection, we require 128 bit encryption in order to secure your banking session.
Please upgrade your browser to Internet Explorer 5.5+ or Netscape Navigator 4.73+
With Safari 2.0 I had no ploblems. Also when I try to watch the NBC Nightly News podcast it doesn't play I get a message that the browser is not compatible. But when I hit the back button the video plays. This all happens since I upgraded to Safari 3.0. Help

I'm having the same problem with service credit union. Is there something I can set up in Safari to get the website to work?

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    Since I upgraded adobe, I haven't been able to open pdf's directly from websites--I just get a black screen (in Safari, or a white screen in Firefox).  I can sometimes right click on the link and either download the pdf or save it as a document as a work-around to enable me to open it.

    I have the same problem.  Or similar.  A few weeks ago, i installed Adobe reader (because i had a pdf attachment that was unreadable in Preview, so i wanted to try Adobe to see if that would work; it didn't work).  Since then, i can't open PDF files on the web. I get a black screen or sometimes a white one. and i can sometimes open them indirectly, if there is the option on the link. I thought this problem started after i deleted Adobe however. I'm not sure because i wasn't expecting this problem and am not exactly sure the sequence of when things happened, but i wanted to delete Adobe reader because i had no use for it. Unfortunately, they didn't provide an uninstaller. I put the application in the trash and whatever else was in the folder, and emptied the trash, but got a lot of messages about various files not being able to be deleted because they were in use.  I think it was since then that i can't open PDF files.  Never had a problem before getting involved with Adobe Reader. Anyway,  as far as your answer goes, i have already deleted as much of it as i can. 
    Any other suggestions?  i downloaded the Adobe installer to reinstall it if that's what it takes. i need to be able to open PDF files.

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    You start by asking in the Muse forum
    This forum is actually about the Cloud, not about using individual programs
    Once your program downloads and installs with no errors, you need the program forum
    If you start at the Forums Index
    You will be able to select a forum for the specific Adobe product(s) you use
    Click the "down arrow" symbol on the right (where it says ALL FORUMS) to open the drop down list and scroll

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    == This happened ==
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    == Earlier this week.

    Reset the page zoom on pages that cause problems: '''View > Zoom > Reset''' (Ctrl+0 (zero); Cmd+0 on Mac)
    See [[Text Zoom]] and [[Page Zoom]] and

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    Actually, read this.

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    BlockSite extension.

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    Can I launch more than 5 web-sites using Muse? how?

    You can use Muse to design and build as many websites as you wish; just purchase the URL's and hosting as appropriate. Your subscription to Muse allows for unlimited authoring.
    Now, if you're referring to support via Business Catalyst, that's a different story...

  • How can I do to change the web site when I open a new tab.

    Dear Friends...
    I cant find information, how to changes the web site when I open a second tab. Example: when I open Firefox my home page is google and that is perfect but when I open a second tab, why appears yahoo as home page? I want to changes that and I cant find how to do it . Thanks

    The normal behavior is to open a blank tab, an add-on will be causing it to display Yahoo. One add-on that does this is the freeze net assistant, if you have that one you can uninstall it and it should revert to opening a blank tab.
    There are add-ons that let you specify what should open in a new tab, such as:
    * NewTabURL -
    * New Tab Homepage -
    Another way of opening the home page in a new tab is to middle click on the home button in the navigation toolbar.

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    Does your spreadsheet software show the URLs as live links? In that case, if Firefox is your default browser, you could click the links individually to load each site.
    You also could try saving the spreadsheet as HTML and opening it in Firefox to ease that process a bit.
    (Automating the process probably will take longer than doing it manually...)

  • When I try to open safari on my laptop, it says safari can't open page. A web proxy issue. What do I do?, When I try to open safari on my laptop, it says safari can't open page. A web proxy issue. What do I do?

    Solstas Lab Partners​WI-HEM-052​
    Title: Urinalysis Quality Control  
    1.0 Purpose:
    The purpose of this work instruction is to define the procedure for performing Urinalysis Quality Control.
    2.0 Scope:
    This work instruction covers the Laboratory personnel in the Hematology Department.
    3.0 Definitions:
    3.1 ml = Milliliter
    3.2 RPM = Revolutions per Minute
    3.3 C = Centigrade
    3.4 UA = Urinalysis
    4.0 Procedures:
    4.1 Principle
    MAS Liquid Urinalysis Control is intended for use in the clinical laboratory as a urine control for qualitative urinalysis procedures and microscopic sediment analysis.
    4.2 Reagents and Equipment
    4.2.1 MAS Liquid Urinalysis Control Level 1
    4.2.2 MAS Liquid Urinalysis Control Level 3
    4.2.3 Centrifuge
    4.2.4 Urine centrifuge tubes
    4.2.5 Urinalysis Reagent Strips
    4.2.6 Icto test tablets and mats
    4.2.7 Clinitest tablets
    4.2.8 16x100 test tubes
    4.2.9 pipettes or Kova petters 
    4.2.10 glass slide and coverslip or Kova slide
    4.2.11 Microscope
    4.3 Frequency
    The controls for instrument urinalysis and microscopic analysis should be run once each day of testing in the morning, and again every 8 hours.  
    4.4 Procedural Steps
    4.4.1 Compare the lot number printed on the MAS Liquid UA Control insert in the package with the lot number of the appropriate bottle of MAS control; they should match.  
    4.4.2 Thoroughly mix the contents of the vial before each use by gently inverting the vial several times.
    4.4.3 After labeling a clean centrifuge tube for the control to be tested, open the vial and pour 12ml of the appropriate MAS control into it.   Allow the control in the tube to equilibrate to room temperature and test in the same manner as an unknown specimen; follow the directions for using the Urisys 2400 (see Urinalysis procedure), refractometer, clinitest tablets (when applicable), and ictotest tablets (when applicable) (see Back up Urinalysis procedure).
    4.4.4 Return the unused portion of control to storage between 2-8°C. immediately after removing the above amount.  It will remain stable for 30 days if stored between 2-8°C. and kept tightly capped.
    4.4.5 Centrifuge the MAS control for 5 minutes at 1500 rpms and examine microscopically in the same manner as an unknown.
    4.5 Reagent Lot Change
    4.5.1 If urine reagent lots change, a new calibration must be performed and (dipsticks, alternate test reagent lots, etc…) QC must be run on UA controls and compared to the new lot readings. This is to verify the performance of the new reagent lot. Log the lot number of the new reagent on the logsheet and the results.
    4.6 Expected Results
    The lot number specific MAS control expected results are printed on the corresponding value sheet insert found in each box of MAS control bottles.
    Form number F-WI-HEM-052-A is used to record all Urinalysis control results.  Use the following procedure to complete form F-WI-HEM-052-A.
    4.6.1 At the beginning of each month, fill in the following information across the top of form F-WI-HEM-052-A for each level of control to be used. Month and Year Level of control being tested Lot number and expiration date of the control Transpose the Reagent Strip/Method specific
                         expected range for each parameter being used in
                         Urinalysis testing from the corresponding lot
                         number/control level value sheet.
    4.6.2 On the line corresponding to the current date and time (am or pm) of use, record the results of each parameter tested into the appropriate column.  Review ranges for each parameter to ensure that the control is achieving the expected value.
    4.6.3 Record the result of all refractometer testing, Icto test (when applicable), and clinitest (when applicable) into the appropriate column across from the day of testing.  Review ranges to ensure that the control is achieving the expected value.
    4.6.4 Record the microscopic test results for WBC and RBC into the appropriate column across from the day (am only) of testing.
    4.6.5 The person who performs the test is to place their initials in the Tech column for the current day and time (am or pm) of use to signify that the control ran as expected and patient testing can be performed.  If the control fails to perform as expected, rerun the testing on a fresh aliquot of control.  If it again fails to perform as expected, obtain a new bottle of control and retest on an aliquot from the new bottle.  If after rerunning the test on the fresh bottle the results are still out of expected range, notify supervisor and discontinue patient testing.
    4.7 Reference
    MAS Liquid Urinalysis Control Insert; Medical Analysis Systems, Inc; Camarillo, California; Part No. UA1-INS Rev. October 2000; ISO 9001 Certified Company.
    Review by Performing Lab’s Medical Director or Designee
    See previous hard copies with Department Mgr and  PDF files in WI Directory for reviews prior to 2011
    Electronic signatures:
    Reviewing Authority
    Christopher DeMoro, MLS (ASCP)  
    Document Change History: 9/23/11: Name Change
    Page of 3                            WI-HEM-052            

    I now use the TenFourFox browser on our remaining PowerPC Macs including a G4 PowerBook. Web sites see it as a newer version of FireFox tha and G4 can support and you get much better compatibility. Wikipedia info/history here:
    The TenFourFox official site and download is here:
    Downside: the last version of TFF that supports plug-ins was V17 so current versions won't play Flash animations. Even when TFF played Flash, the old G-series Mac processors were struggling with modern web video content, so you are not losing much.
    If you must have smooth-playing web video, you'll need a new computer, as very little web video content is optimized for our PowerPC processors on old Macs.

  • My wife and I share our Mac OS 10.6.8 since downloading Skype on her account she can not stay connected to any web site she pulls up. I removed Skype from here account but it stll happens. What can I do to clear this up?

    My wife and I share the same Mac OS 10.6.8 and since downloading Skype on her accout she came not asty connected to any web site for more than a few seconds. I have remove Skype from her account but not mine. I don't have the problem on my accout and I still have Skype loaded. How can I fix this problem?

    O.k. Thanks for the clarification. I poked around in my TimeCapsule router's settings (TimeCapsule is an Apple Airport Extreme router with attached hard drive for wireless backup/storage). Unfortunately, it doesn't look like I can disable multicasting with the TimeCapsule. I can change the multicasting 'rate'. Settings are Low, Medium, High. It's currently set to Low.
    I did a few web searches, and found an article: <> which explained how to disable Bonjour Service Advertisements. I believe this is the same thing as 'Multicasting'. The process is a modification of "/System/Library/LaunchDaemons/", and a restart of the Mac is required afterwards.
    I'm a bit concerned that disabling multicasting will interfere with my AppleTVs and iTunes music sharing, but I may try it next time I'm up for a computer workout. This task will require editing of system preference files, could require multiple restarts, might interfere with my AppleTVs, could interfere with my iTunes file sharing, doesn't have a documented relationship to my problem.
    This is way to difficult for something that should just work. Did you say you had read something about a relationship between this bonjour multicasting and smb connectivity? If it was online could you post the link?
    I'm currently able to connect to the drive using NFS, but I have to manually configure that connection each time I reboot (can't get the 'Disk Utility' configured to do it automatically). While it's working with NFS, it's not my preferred connect method (for various reasons).

  • I am unable to open my iWeb-created web site, for which I have a backup.

    My web site is online and I want to access it to make changes. It does not appear when I open iweb, but I have a backup copy on my desktop. When I move backup onto icon for iweb, it doesn't open it. How can I open it again? Since my last opening of it, I've installed the new OS-X software - 10.9
    I'm not very computer literate, but I did download the file:
    I copied these links from my download folder and neither would open.
    Can anyone help me -- in simple terms
    Thank you

    iWeb has no import facility, so is unable to open any published website at all.
    All the data from your iWeb sites is stored in what is called your domain.sites files.  These can be located under your User Library/Application Support/iWeb/domain.sites.  Find this file and double click it and iWeb will open it.
    The User Library is hidden in Mavericks, so to display it you need to click on the Go menu at the top and then click the alt key and your User Library will then be displayed and then you need to go to Application Support and then iWeb and then you will find your domain.sites files from there.
    If you can't find these files, then you are looking at re-building your site from scratch and there is no way in which you can alter your site because unfortunately the backup of your site that you need is your domain.sites files and not a published version - this is not good in iWeb because iWeb has no import facility so cannot open it.

  • Can't open reader on the web & can't print!!!

    I made the mistake of trying to update my adobe reader to 9.3 and now I can't open .pdf files in a web browser or print any of my .pdf's. I've tried everything the support site said to and nothing's worked!!!
    PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

    I just tried that and its still not working.
    Thanks for the suggestion though :-)

  • Can not load calendar on icloud web site

    when i open icloud web site login with my ID and password i can open my contacts but when i try to open my calendar the message appears can not load calendar report to apple,close calendar or reload

    Try clearing your cache and cookies.
    # Open the '''Tools menu'''', then select'''Clear Recent History'''
    # In the '''Time Range to clear:''' drop-down, select '''Everything'''.
    # Click the arrow next to '''Details''' to display the list of items that can be cleared.
    # Select both '''Cookies''' and '''Cache'''
    # Click Clear Now

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