Changing SIgn for Amount field

We have a requirement where we need to change +/- sign on amount field in Infocube during the data loading. How this can be done?

Hi Sunil,
In the update rules, in the key figure you want, instead of assigning a source key figure from communication structure (first option), select the formula  and press create. Name your formula, and then, in the formula editor, double click your key figure so it appears in the upper part. Then press the * button. and finally press constant button and enter -1 in the text box it appears. This should do it.
Hope it helps.
Diego Lombardini

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  • How to get change log for z-fields in VBAk(Sales order)

    Hi All,
    Please help me in this.
    My requirement is get the change log for z-fields in sales order.
    In the sales order header level we have one tab Additioanl data.
    In this we have z-fields, if we change any of the field value, it is accepting the same and updating in data base as well.
    But it is not appearing in change log<. I.e. Environment->changes.
    How to get the change log for the z-fields.
    In data element level enable the check box of change document.
    Please help me in this.
    Thanks in advance

    Hi Jaya,
    For this you need to do some coding. Here is a link which tells you, step by step procedure how to activate Change log for the Z tables.
    THe Object that you need to use for Sales Document   is VERKBELEG
    Hope this helps..
    This is Primarily a Technical Consultant Job. Take his help before you make any changes.

  • Insert asterisk(*) for amount field (Very Urgent)

    Hi all,
    I want to insert asterisk() for amount field REGUD-SWNET(15C) in SAP script. ie suppose amount is 1000.00 rest of the length should be filled by asterisk() infrount of amount. ie ********1000.00 it has display like this.
    Your help ll be rewarded.

         We can replace leading spaces in a value with a FILL CHARACTER.
    SYNTAX:    <b> &symbol(Ff)&</b>    here f is fill character.
    example:    &REGUD-SWNET&  value is 700.00
                     &REGUD-SWNET(F*)& value printed as ******700.00.

  • Change Log for Custom fields

    Hi All,
    I need the change log for custom fields added in BP transaction codes.
    Basically, for tracking the changes of master data in CDHDR and CDPOS tables we will enable the checkbox of dataelement related to custom field.
    As for SAP fields in BP transaction code the change history is reflecting in CDHDR/CDPOS tables. i have enabled that for custom fields added to BP transaction code but i could not see the change history for such fields.
    Please let us know if iam missing any other thing?

    Hi Amit Singh,
    Apart from clicking the checkbox in dataelement...
    There are some settings need to be done by BASIS
    and some settings and entries should be made in SCOD t-code
    create entriy for change document here..
    also hv a look on below links...
    Custom Table values in CDPOS and CDHDR
    wat do these fields in scdo stand for?
    Hope it will solve your problem..
    Thanks & Regards
    ilesh 24x7

  • Change Pointers for the fields PERNR, GBDAT and PERID

         I want to know, how we can delete/de-activate and then add/activate Change Pointers for these fields. Is my Question a valid one? Please guide me if I'm wrong and help me in this issue.
    Thanks in advance,
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    Hi Suresh,
                   I didn't get your point exactly. With this report, we can only Log the Changes that has been performed on a Particular Pernr or an Infotype. Actually, if see go through my Previous Post, you will get Clear Idea. Actually, I'm looking for the Concept below:
    Actually, I'm using the Standard ALE Process for Masking Master Data fields (PERID and GBDAT) with default values from one system to another using the Message Type, HRMD_A (which will be used as a Standard Message Type for HR Personnel Administration and Organizational Management). For this, I' have used two Conversion Rules in the above Message Type. To make this ALE trigger, I have to Run the Report, RBDMIDOC. But, before trigerring the ALE for all the Employees in the System, I want to test the ALE for few Employees, whether it is working properly or not. For this, I think, I need to delete the Change Pointers for all the Employees except for the few Employees whom I want to Test. But, I don't have any idea, how to delete those Change Pointers. Please guide me some solution or provide me some document where I can find exact procedure for doing this. Guide me, If I'm going in wrong procedure.
    Thanks in advance,

  • Populate negative sign to amount fields

    Dear SDNers,
                          i need to populate a amout in local currency and amount in document currency fields with negative sign based upon debit./redit indicator. that is if debit/credit indicator gives s means we need to populate neagtive sign to for those fields, if it gives H nothing has to be populate.
    this is possible in update rules. plesae provide the code or else posible in bex.
    /BI0/OIOI_DMBTR-----amount in local currency
    /BIC/OIZWRBTR----amount in document currency
    /BI0/OIFI_DBCRIND----     Debit/Credit Indicator
    need the code for in update rules.
    help me on that

    Hi ,
         i am getting the following the error while checking the update routine
    E:Field "COMM_STRUCTURE-OIFI_DBCRIND" is unknown. It is neither in one of the specified tables nor defined by a "DATA" statement. "DATA"statement.
    $$ begin of global - insert your declaration only below this line  -
    TABLES: ...
    DATA:   ...
    $$ end of global - insert your declaration only before this line   -
    The follow definition is new in the BW3.x
         RECNO   LIKE sy-tabix,
    FORM startup
      TABLES   MONITOR STRUCTURE RSMONITOR "user defined monitoring
               MONITOR_RECNO STRUCTURE RSMONITORS " monitoring with record n
      CHANGING ABORT LIKE SY-SUBRC. "set ABORT <> 0 to cancel update
    $$ begin of routine - insert your code only below this line        -
    fill the internal tables "MONITOR" and/or "MONITOR_RECNO",
    to make monitor entries
    if abort is not equal zero, the update process will be canceled
      ABORT = 0.
    $$ end of routine - insert your code only before this line         -

  • Adding -ve sign to amount field.

    Hi all,
    I have an amount field . I want to add -ve sign to it and then perform addition or substraction using that field.
    I have added -ve sign to the field by declaring another variable as character type, but i am not able to use the field for adition or substraction since its a character field.
    please help.

    Hi Bharat,
    In order to put the '-' in front, you must have a character field. The reason for the * is because the field is not big enough to hold the value. So make the character field a length of 12, move the type p to the type c, and use the function module which i have mentioned.
    function module
    Reward If helpful.

  • Negative sign for Currency fields

    Hello experts,
    If a currency field containt -Ve sign (86.47-) then, i have to move it this sign to Left sinde. I have do this as follow by moving the currency field value to Charractor field
    DATA:  w_total1 (18).
                 MOVE w_total To w_total1.
                 IF w_total1 CA '-'.
                   SHIFT w_total1 RIGHT CIRCULAR.
                 CONDENSE w_total1 NO-GAPS.
    But don't want to move this to Chanddacter field for other pupepose. Now how can i **** the -Ve sign to left side for currency field, IF bsid-shkzg EQ 'H'.

    Hi sandhya ,
    Try this :
    DATA:  w_total type string ,
          w_total1 type string.
    w_total = '1,4567.7-'.
                 MOVE w_total To w_total1.
                 IF w_total1 CA '-'.
                   SHIFT w_total1 RIGHT CIRCULAR.
    *             CONDENSE w_total1 NO-GAPS.
                 write : / w_total1.
    Hope all your issues are fixed now .
    Regards ,
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  • Change log for Z field while doing a direct update

    Hi ,
    I have a Z field added to the EKKO table and the change log is activated . Any change to the Z field from the transaction ME52N is updated in the CDHDR , CDPOS tables .
    The issue I have is now i have a requirement to update this Z field through a program . I could update this field but the change doesnt get into the change log . But the change done from the program appears in the front end screen i.e ME53N.
    Please help me on this.

    Hi Hari hara Kumar,
    As far as my thinking, there is only one solution for this, do a recording/BDC(I know that Enjoy transaction BDCs are not successfull but as you have only 1 field to update,you can have a try) to update the Customer fields  or Using the BAPI you can update the same to get change records, but it will be a long procedure to add Z field in the BAPI structures and then do that required coding, better is to have a try a with the BDC. I will never ever do a direct DB table update using a Z program for Standard tables.
    Thanks & Regards,

  • CSKS, KS02 change pointers for Z fields

    I have extended CSKS with new Z fields. Also ALE'ed this to other SAP system.
    But this is not creating any change pointers for this new z fields.
    The changes are tagged in CDHDR, but not into BDCP2 table. Is there any settings
    which needs to be done by which it will create CP automatically when we change Z fields
    in KS02.
    Appreciate your help.

    Found solution with BD52 tcode.

  • Article Change Documents for Custom Fields

    We have lot of custom fields defined in the article master. When the custom fields are changed through the online transaction, the changes are recorded in the change document tables (CDHDR / CDPOS). If the changes are made through the "BAPI_MATERIAL_MAINTAINDATA_RT" the changes are not getting recorded in the change document tables and hence they cannot be viewed under "Environment -> Display Changes". Lately, this is causing big issues as users are using the custom attributes more seriously now..and we're having issues tracing back the changes...Users do not use online transactions to make the changes..The changes are submitted through the portal which are then submitted through the ARTMAS IDOC which in turn calls the BAPI....
    We want to activate the change document functionality through IDOCs/BAPI....Is it configurable or has to be coded somewhere in the BAPI where it generates the custom segments for the custom fields....
    Any help would be greatly appreciated

            You can use txn BD51 in which you can specify "BAPI_MATERIAL_MAINTAINDATA_RT" and use "o" as Input without checking the Dialog allowed option.
    I assume that you have already done the relevant settings for the change pointers for message type ARTMAS( BD50) and activate change poiinter for relevant document changes (in Txn BD52 by maintaining the relevant Object - MAT_FULL,Table name - MARA and ZZ fields)
    Hope this helps,
    Best Regards,

  • Capture Change history for customized field- MM02.

    Hi Friends,
    I have created one sub screen with one field i.e., Warranty card No. This will be stored in MARC-ZZMAT1. Change history cannot be capturing for this field. If I made any changes (MM02), we required to capture the changes history. 
    Please advise where I need to be configured to achieve the above requirement.
    Best regards,

    Hi Raman,
    When you define the field (SE11), in the further characteristics tab there is a field Change Document. This needs to be checked
    Kindly do this and check

  • Changing Package for Authorization fields

    HI ,
    I assigned my Authorization fields to $temp while creating them , now i want to change the package and transport them can any one have an idea how to change the package for Authorization Fields.

    HI Arun,
    I think u r getting me wrong, Authorizatin object have Authorization fields associated with them , we create them in SU20 , when i created them i assigned them to $temp now i want to chage the package it is not allowing me to do that can any one help me on this..

  • Changed document for custom fields

    Hi All,
    For business transactions we can see <b>changed documents</b> under <b>Extras</b> menu.
    I have custom tabs & custom fields in business transaction. We need to see the custom field changes by value & user in the above menu. Is it possible? how?

    Hi Murlidhar,
    My question is related to SAP CRM. The notes you suggested are not for CRM.
    Others, do you have any idea how to add/show records in "Extras-> Change Documents" of business transactions like Sales order, activities for custom fields not using EEWB.

  • Displaying change documents for custom fields  in FPP2

    I have added a new subscreen to the Business partner via BUPT. The new fields are on a custom table. I have created change documents for the new fields and all that is working fine - details are being written to CDHDR/CDPOS as expected. In the standard FPP2 transaction the user can select Extras / Partner changes which will display a list of the change documents. This does not include my custom fields.
    Does anyone know if it is possible to include my custom field changes in this list? I have searched several forums but cannot find any reference to this.

    Fix a break-point in the following function modules and check whether you are passing custom fields
    SAP uses the above said function modules to update change documents. Its have two import paratmeters

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