Check Payment Method not showing in PA30

When we are going to select payment method in PA30 then we are getting 2 payment method for cash and bank transfer but getting for check .In FI we amde 3 method
C- Check
T- Bank Transfer
E-Cash Payment
In all method , check already there in "Allowed for persoannel department'
But we are getting obly E and T .and showing C for check and one more thing cash line coming twice -one with E and other with blank code.

Hi Dharmveer,
Goto SPRO:
Personnel management - Personnel Administration - Personnel Data - Bank details - Define payment method.
Configure both payment methods in country and in company code.

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  • Payment method not found

    I am trying to post a payment to a Vendor and payee is set up different then the supplier.  I checked the data  - seems to be allright but am not able to post the payment  with error 'Payment method not found'.  Payment method has been defined for both the Vendors.
    Please help.

    Hi ,
    Can you please provide the detailed steps for reconstruction , as to what are the T code that you are using and getting the error - as in case of payment to vendor you need to specifiy the payment method if using F-58 .
    Kindly elaborate in detail as to where are you getting the error and what are the inputs that you are providing to the system for the same .
    Cheers ,

  • Automatic Payment program: Payment method not defined for vendor abroad

    Hi All,
    I have a situation wherein the client has a company code in Poland . The Company code is trying to make a payment via f110 to a vendor based in sweden. The vendor wants payment to the invoice to be made in Polish Currency i.e. it wants clearing to be done in Company codes local currency.
    But F110 is throwing the error Payment method not defined for vendor abroad. Can you suggest what could be the possible Error.

    Have you followed the above advice, i.e. used the same medium format just allowing foreign payments for it?
    AFAIK, the Poland banks require a separate format for foreign payments, if only because international bank nbr SWIFT has to also be given and not just the IBAN.
    At my company, the Deutsche Bank Poland requested IDocs to be set up instead, I'm working on it now..

  • F110 Auto. payment program ..Problem payment method not found

    I done the configuration for automatic payment program.with payment method c.
    when i am running the program the proposal is created but it is with a error saying no valid payment method found.
    Please guide me.

    I had given the payment method C in vendor master,Payment methods in country and payment methods in company code,Bank determination in FBZP.
    I am getting the same problem.Payment method not found.Please find the error list
    Information re. vendor 1900107 / customer  / paying company code 100 ...
    Payment with currency USD, payment method C: No valid payment procedure
    Information re. vendor 1900107 / paying company code 100 ...
    ... payment not possible because of reported error
    End of log
    Job finished
    Thanks and best regads

  • What I've to do if the App Store told me my payment method not valid

    What I've to do if the App Store told me my payment method not valid

    Then contact your bank and find out why the authorization is being refused. 
    Note that debit cards are not accepted in all markets. You need a valid credit card with a billing address in the country of the store in which you're trying to set up an account. You must also be physically present in that country.
    You can not, for example, set up an account in the US or UK store if you are in Russia.

  • Why apple forces me to choose a payment method to download a free aplication when I already check "payment method ...... NO" in the settings of my apple account

    why apple forces me to choose a payment method to download a free aplication when I already check "payment method ...... NO" in the settings of my apple account

    Asking for card details is a way of confirming that you are able to buy from that country's store, it doesn't necessarily mean that the card will be charged for the purchase (unless you are trying to gift content or an amount, that can only be done via a credit card) - have you tried entering the card, you should then get the 'none' option so that you can remove it

  • Payment method not check in payments

    If I set some payment method (P) in vendor master data and leave blank payment method in dodument item then F110
    create proposal (P) for payment for this document.
    Is it possible to turn on checking document items for payment methods when is blank?

    Dear Kosmo,
    You should delete the payment method into the vendor master data.
    Then during the proposal the documents without the payment method will go into exceptions.
    I hope this help.
    byTransaction FIBF via
    the menu path: Environment   > Information system (P/S) or information
    system (processes), You can reach some BTE that can be useful:
        o  For the item selection call-up point from the tables BSID or BSIK
           the 1820 process interface is available (only as of Release
        o  For the bank selection call-up point, you can use the 1810
                                                                     Page 2
           process interface.
        o  For the automatic maintenance of the proposal run, you can use
           the 1830 process interface (only as of Release 4.70).
        o  In addition to the standard function the 1120 process interface
           is available for the substitution of selected fields.
        o  For the document creation call-up point, you can use the two
           publish and subscribe interfaces 1025 and 1030.
        o  Within the maintenance of a proposal run (SAPF110O) the 1860
           process interface is available for a further authorization check.
        o  In addition, you can execute an individual balance check in the
           program RFF110SSP the option exists within the payment process
           through the 1840 process interface. With this interface, you can
           also implement a user-defined check and thus change the payment
           proposal correspondingly.
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  • HELP! Payment Method Not Appearing!

    Hello All,
    I am running Vendor report S_ALR_87012103 and for some reason the payment methods are not showing up. I have them entered in the Vendor master records. Could some one let me know how I can get them to appear?
    Points will be awarded generously!

    Hi Jaya,
    The thing is when the report is run without dynamic selection, payment methods for all the line items displayed does not appear. Therefore, if I specify a payment method using dynamic selection, the system simply tells me that none of the line items have payment methods assigned to them.
    - Deki

  • Payment Method Not Appearing

    Hello All,
    I am running Vendor report S_ALR_87012103 and for some reason the payment methods are not showing up. I have them entered in the Vendor master records. Could some one let me know how I can get them to appear?
    Points will be awarded generously!

    Hi Peter,
    In our training environments, the report seems to be retrieving the Payment Method from the Vendor master records. We have not entered any Payment Method during invoice entry and yet it shows up on the report. However, this isn't the case in Production and so I am wondering if there is a way to fix this.

  • Payment Methods not appearing on screen.

    Hi FI Gurus
    The Payment Method is not appearing on document entry screen (for vendors) in test environment. It appears correctly in PROD/QA environment. Can someone tell me what to change in field status groups along with path in configuration?

    Dear Rajesh,
    Check the posting key field status in OB41. If you are posting a vendor invoice - posting key is 31.

  • Payment method not getting copied automatically during posting invoice

    Dear Gurus,
    The payment method maintained in the vendor master " T" / "C" is not getting copied while posting the invoice document in MIRO or FB60 .
    The terms of payment is being defaulted from the master data, but not the payment method.
    Please help in this regard.

    Hi Raghu,
    You should check that the invoicing party on the details tab is the
    same vendor that has the payment method supplement filled in the
    vendor master record under the payment transactions accounting screen.
    Best regards,

  • Payment method not permitted

    while performing automatic payment transaction, there's a message in the payment run log "payment method "S" not permitted for the vendor". I have double checked these points :
    the payment methods in the payment transaction accounting tab of the
            vendor, "S" is there in the list
    the allowed payment methods for the comany code, it is there.
    any other work arounds please.

    hi sheetal,
    Pl check in Tcode OBVCU that u have assigned the s type Method for ur check....
    and also check in the Bank determination in FBZP that S is assigned to all .
    Also check whether u have assigned the paymetn method S is assigned to Vendor/ Customer Master data in XK02.
    If it is useful.. assign me the points...

  • F-58 - Check Payment    -  Lot not found

    In F-58 when doing a check payment (payment method C) I got the message the "Lot # not found"
    I checked in FCHI with the company code and house bank for the check lot and it was there.
    What can be happening?

    I already checked FCHI and the lot/number ranges are there (I created the lot)
    IMG->Financial Accounting> Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable>Business Transactions>Outgoing Payments>Automatic Outgoing Payments>Payment Media>Check Management--> Define Number Ranges for Checks  = FCHI
    I think the problem is that the house bank have many account IDs and the lot must be created for the first account number in numerical order.
    I've created a lot for the account ID with the lower account number associated and now the system finds the lot.
    Anyway, thanks for the help.

  • Idoc for check payment method

    When I use payment program RFFOEDI_1 for Payment Method CHECK, program is generating an idoc but not the check number. I have maintained the check lot but I could see check register is not getting updated.
    What could be the possible reason for check number not generating when using an Idoc option?

    If you are on a release higher than 46C then the coding corrections of note
    437942 must be available in your system. Hence please follow the
    guidelines mentioned in this note.
    Note contents of 437942 for your reference:
      Adjustments in Customizing as of Release 4.6C:
        o  Exactly one check lot (with its next lots) has to be allowed for
           the respective IDoc payment method. To do this, enter the paymen
           method into the check lot in Transaction FCHI. In this case, the
           system determines the check lot automatically using the payment
           method to generate the check numbers from it.
        o  Use IDoc type PEXR2002. The check number is placed into field
           BELNR in segment E1EDK12 with qualifier 026.
    I hope I could be of assistance.
    Kind Regards,
    Fernando Evangelista

  • Payment method not defaulting from Vendor master data

    Hi All
    I am running F110 payment run. In the Payment proposal SAP  is not pulling payment method from vendor master data for some invoice. we have like two payment methods , Sap is defaulting payment method for one type of payment method and not defaulting for the other...What could be the possible reasons?( for both the invoices We are not maintaining any payment method)

    In F110 if payment methods are different from vendor master data and payment methods mentioned in parameters tab it will take payment methods from parameters tab, so that you have to give both payment methods in parameters tab so that it will consider both.

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