Checking box to see my saved passwords un-checks itself. Help pls?

All of a sudden I am unable to view any of my saved passwords within Safari (ver. 7.1) > Preferences > Passwords !
Whenever I check the box to “Show passwords for selected websites”, it instantly reverts the the box back to being “unchecked”, thus, making it impossible for me to see any and all of my saved passwords.
This has been an ongoing problem for quite some time now on this machine - first issue I think was roughly around April or May of this year. I somehow fixed it before but I can’t remember what it was that I did to rectify the problem.
Can somebody please help me out? 
I have a MBP (mid-2012) running Mavericks ver. 10.9.5 (I’m not yet ready to update to Yosemite, JSYK) and the browser in question is Safari 7.1.
Thanks so much!

Reset Safari.
Click Safari in the menu bar.
From the drop down select "Reset Safari".
Click "Reset".
Empty Caches
Safari > Preference > Advanced
Checkmark the box for "Show Develop menu in menu bar".
Develop menu will appear in the Safari menu bar.
Click Develop and select "Empty Caches" from the dropdown.
Turn off Extensions if any, and launch Safari.
Safari > Preferences > Extensions

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    PLease help me how can I see the saved password in iPad 3 safari.

    You can't, for obvious reasons (think of spying for another person's sensitive data). All you can do is deleting them.

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    Unchecked items will not play unless specifically clicked on.  They will not be included on shuffle and will not be synced to ipods.

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    I want to check my saved passwords on firefox mobile and modify them.

    hello abounaya, there is no built-in way to do that yet. you'd have to use an addon like

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    Hi Apex folks,
    I came across a different requirement where as i need to place the check box text in break line at the bottom of the check box. Say I have a check box item X . which having following items
    A - I am good;1
    B - I am ok ;2
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    I have to display the text in the bottom of the check box and the text like "A" at the first line and " I am good" at the second line . Is there any possibility to achieve that.

    Karthik C wrote:
    I came across a different requirement where as i need to place the check box text in break line at the bottom of the check box. Say I have a check box item X . which having following items
    A - I am good;1
    B - I am ok ;2
    C- I am bad;3
    D- I am confused;4
    I have to display the text in the bottom of the check box and the text like "A" at the first line and " I am good" at the second line . Is there any possibility to achieve that.I have to pick option D...
    Do you mean like this?
    [ ]        [ ]       [ ]        [X]
    A          B         C          D
    I am good  I am OK   I am bad   I am confusedIf so, why? If not, show us the required layout.
    Help us to help you. When you have a problem you should provide as much relevant information as possible upfront. This should include:
    <li>Full APEX version
    <li>Full DB/version/edition/host OS
    <li>Web server architecture (EPG, OHS or APEX listener/host OS)
    <li>Browser(s) and version(s) used
    <li>Region/item type(s) (making particular distinction as to whether a "report" is a standard report, an interactive report, or in fact an "updateable report" (i.e. a tabular form)
    With APEX we're also fortunate to have a great resource in where we can reproduce and share problems. Reproducing things there is the best way to troubleshoot most issues, especially those relating to layout and visual formatting. If you expect a detailed answer then it's appropriate for you to take on a significant part of the effort by getting as far as possible with an example of the problem on before asking for assistance with specific issues, which we can then see at first hand.

  • ALV check box in a cell uneditable for already checked entry

    Hi all,
    I have written program to display ALV with a column having check boxes.
    I have requirement to make ALV-chech box in a cell uneditable for some other login for already checked entry.
    Please guide me for the same..

    If it is list, try using events and then call it in reuse_alv_grid_display.
    Sample code from SDN
          IT_FIELDCAT        = IT_FIELDCAT
          IT_EVENTS          = IT_EVENTS
          T_OUTTAB           = ITAB
          PROGRAM_ERROR      = 1
          OTHERS             = 2.
      IF SY-SUBRC <> 0.
                WITH SY-MSGV1 SY-MSGV2 SY-MSGV3 SY-MSGV4.
    data: l_lines type i.
    describe table itab lines l_lines.
      L_LINES  = L_LINES + 3.
      "because we have 3 lines extra occupied by lables.
      "if we have header,i mean top of page add the no.of lines
      "how many ever top of page have + 3 for labels.
        read table it_chg with key INDEX = sy-index.
        if sy-subrc = 0.
    **This code is for reading the out put line
    **and modify accordinlg to our requiremnet.
    **don't chnage this.
          IF SY-SUBRC = 0.
                       FIELD FORMAT ITAB-NAME INPUT.
    ENDFORM.                    "MODIFY_LIST

  • Can I see my saved passwords on my iphone

    I have all my user names and passwords saved on my Mac. I want to know if they can be synced to my iPhone using firefox home

    Hey, i think i got something for you,
    Opend Safari>Edit>Preferences>AutoFill
    you should see a box, with 3 check and uncheckable options, just click "edit" beside the "user name and passwords" box.
    Hope it helped. if it doesnt, reply back and i'll look into it a bit more.
    hope it all works for you.

  • Firefox not saving passwords, what maybe blocking this pls

    I am using firefox 3.6.18 (because it is compatible with my A/V) and it no longer saves passwords. I suspect something may be blocking this; but have no idea.

    Do you mean names and passwords in the Password Manager or do you mean that you are no longer logged on to (remembered by) websites after closing and restarting Firefox?
    If the latter happens then you have a problem with cookies that are not kept or the file that stores the cookies is corrupted.
    * (Other Solutions)
    You Firefox doesn't offer to store password in the Password Manager then check that you aren't running Firefox in [[Private Browsing]] mode.
    * You enter Private Browsing mode if you select: Tools > Options > Privacy > History: Firefox will: "Never Remember History"
    * To see all History and Cookie settings, choose: Tools > Options > Privacy, choose the setting <b>Firefox will: Use custom settings for history</b>
    * Uncheck: [ ] "Automatically start Firefox in a private browsing session"
    Some sites like PayPal, Yahoo, Windows Live and bank sites use autocomplete="off" to prevent Firefox from saving and filling the name and the password.
    If a site uses autocomplete="off" then look at this article for a bookmarklet to remove that autocomplete attribute and Firefox will offer to store the name and password.
    * (bookmarklet)

  • Unable to see other writer's checked check boxes in comments of shared review

    I'm using Acrobat 3D Version 8 in a Windows XP environment.  We are using SharePoint for shared reviews.
    We are able to see developer's comments, and we can respond back to the comments with a reply.  However, when we use the checkbox to indicate that a comment has been addressed, each writer can only see the checkmarks that she makes.  We cannot see checkmarks made by other writers.
    We have tried selecting the check box, and we have also used the check box icon to select the check box.  We then publish and the the action is accepted as a comment and is published.  But we are unable to see each other's check boxes.

    Solved on my own.
    Simply close BEx Analyzer and restart it again. If still it doesn't work then restart your computer and then run BEx Analyzer again, it will definitely work.

  • Saving passwords

    what is the point of saving passwords if you go and try to use it the information is never there ???? What is the problem. I hope I hear back from you but I won't hold my breath.....

    Do you mean names and passwords in the Password Manager or do you mean that you are no longer logged on to (remembered by) websites after closing and restarting Firefox?
    There is a difference between remembering the name and password in the Password Manager and a "remember me" check box on a web page to log you in automatically.
    The latter usually involves the creation of a special "remember me" cookie that is stored on your computer and that is send to the server.
    If that "remember me" cookie is removed or gets corrupted or is not send to the server then the server won't remember you anymore and you need to sign in once again.
    Websites may be using autocomplete=off to prevent Firefox from saving and filling the name and password.<br />
    You can remove autocomplete=off with a bookmarklet to make Firefox save the name and password.
    See also:
    *Saved Password Editor:

  • How to select One Check Box at a time

    Dear All
    I have 10 records in details blok and also I have 10 check boxes .
    I want user can only check one check box at a time .
    For example If first record I have checked and i am trying to check the last record then the first record UNCHECKED and the last record will checked .
    Like how redio buttons work ..
    How can i do that ..?
    I have done like this :-
    1st I have declare a global variable in PRE_FORM :GLOBAL.CNT := 'N';
        IF :GLOBAL.CNT != N THEN
            :EMP.CHK := Null
       HERE what to write ???
            :GLOBAL.CNT := Y;
        END IF;
        :GLOBAL.CNT := N;
    END IF;Edited by: LuKKa on Aug 29, 2012 1:12 PM
    Edited by: LuKKa on Aug 29, 2012 1:13 PM

    An easier method would be to use a Calculated Field to summarize the value of your CHECKBOX Item. For example, add a non-table item (call it SUM_CHECKED) to your detail block and do not assign it to canvas - so it will not be displayed. Then set the following properties of the SIM_CHECKED item:
    Database Item = No
    Calculation Mode = Summary
    Summary Function = Sum
    Summarized Block = <YOUR DETAIL BLOCK>
    Summarized Item = <YOUR CHECKBOX ITEM>
    Next, you will need to change your Detail Block property Query All Records to YES (this is required for the Calulated Item).
    Now, make sure your checkbox is data type NUMBER and has the following minimum properties set:
    Data Type = Number
    Maximum Length = 1
    Initial Value = 0
    Value when Checked = 1
    Value when Unchecked = 0
    Check Box Mapping of Other Values = Not Allowed or Unchecked
    Now, in your Checkbox Item's When-Checkbox-Changed trigger add code similar to this:
       --Reset the checkbox
       MESSAGE('You can only check one item.');
       Message(' ');
       RAISE Form_Trigger_Failure;
       END IF;
    END IF;I have confirmed this method works and it is more efficient than looping through your records to see if other checkboxes are checked.
    Hope this helps,
    Craig B-)
    If someone's response is helpful or correct, please mark it accordingly.

  • Is there a way to use a Master Password only to view Saved Passwords, without having to type it in every session?

    If anyone ever uses my computer, they can easily see my Saved Passwords. I want to be able to secure them. The only way to do that is by setting a Master Password, which is great, but I don't really want to have to type it in every time I open up my web browser.
    I couldn't seem to find this anywhere in any searches. Is there an Add-on or tweak that can set a Master Password only to protect my Saved Passwords?

    Thanks, Matt. In my case, the monitor definitely shuts off when I unplug the power from my laptop in clamshell mode. If the lid is open, however, the monitor continues to function even without the power adapter plugged into my laptop. Ideally, I'd like to have the lid closed on my laptop and be able to use the external monitor without having the power plugged into my laptop. That's what doesn't seem to work - if your does, please let me know if you have any pointers.
    Thanks again!

  • How to Select each check box values in a group of records

    I have a requirement in forms 10g. In that form there are 10 records are displaying each record has one check box is there if i click the check box on record number one and record number three and do some changes in the text field(adjustment field is number data type) then finally I want to see the total on one field called total amount.
    In this my question is how to select particular records in a group of records? and finally these selected records are inserted into one table.
    Because I am not able to fetch these records at a time.
    Is there any Array to define a record group to fetch each of them individually for example Rec[1],Rec[2] that if yes please suggest me the steps how to do this.
    Thanks in advance
    Edited by: user10315107 on Dec 17, 2008 11:44 PM

    I'm sorry, but i didn't get your requirement in detail.
    Do you want to do the summing of the selected records in forms ? Or do you just want to know which records are selected and then process them?
    If you want to process the selected records in sql you could use an object-type to store the list of id's (of whatever primary key you use), loop over the block to fill it, and then afterwards process them.
    For this approach, first create an object-type in the database:
    /Then, in forms you could do something like this to fill a list of id's:
      lIds ID_LIST:=ID_LIST();
        END IF;
      END LOOP;
      -- Now you can use the object-list in SQL like :
      SELECT (cols..)
    END;Edited by: Andreas Weiden on 18.12.2008 18:17

  • What are the possible values for a check box?

    I'm trying to fill a pdf with a web form. I'm getting the text boxes filled ok, but I'm having trouble setting the check boxes. I am testing to see if a web form check box is checked. if it is, I tried to set the pdf checkbox value to "on". But this doesn't seem to be right.
    My code is like:
    If CheckBox1.Checked Then
             af.SetField("pdfbox1", "On")
    End If
    Any suggestions?

    The value is the value entered into the "Export Value" option when the form is created. You can use the Acrobat JavaScript "exportValues" property to get the array of values for the same named check boxes. And if you know the 'widget' of the check box, you can use 'isBoxChecked' method to check if a given 'widget' is checked. More information is contained in the Acrobat JavaScript doucmentation.

  • Re- Single click in the check box ensure to select all check boxes

    Hi All,
    I have an issue to notify the urgency of the cart to the buyer while creating the cart.For that scenario we have a check box in the Basic data of shopping cart.I added the check box in the basic data. Now the  quote check box is available for all the line items.
    The requestor can select any check box in any line items,so whenever he selects the check box- automatically all the check box should get selected , if any of the check box get deselected then imediatelely all the check box in different line items also should get deselected.

    Hi Batchu,
    Thanks for your reply, See if you add any custom field it will come one by one in the basic data section. Adding one more check box doesnot work for this case.
    Moreover the problem is change to any particular line item can be captured in DOC_CHANGE_BADI but i cannot bring the same change to all line items (ie) If 3 rd line item check box is marked then immediately rest of the line item also should get marked.
    In the case of DOC_CHECK_BADI to identify the line on which the change happens is tough.
    SO thats is the problem for me to bring the logic in the code.
    Please if any one come across similar kind of issue please give your suggestion.

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