Conceptual questions with document management and Apex:

Hello Everyone,
I have reviewed or participated in thread discussions focusing primarily on subject matters concerning text editors, spellcheckers and document printing. The reason for this is due to our client requesting the creation of a basic centralized document management system that will enable users to create, edit and print technical documents in a database centric web-based environment. The caveat is that the client would like the same basic functionality that users get from MS Word. I know about FCKeditor or TinyMCE and their associated spellcheckers. What concerns me is that I have not found a possible plug-in to handle tracking changes, no one wants to re-read a large multiple page document again when all they would rather do is just view the changes. I know there are possible database schemas that might facilitate this type of functionality; I am just hoping it is more of a plug-in function.
So with all that being said my dilemma is how to approach the design of such an application using Apex, if that is possible. Some questions I have are:
1. Do design the application where you have a text field that contains the entire document, which could be as many as 25 or more pages?
2. Or do you break down the document in to multiple text fields and then assimilate them in to a single multi page document when printing?
3. Would you store the document data using XML under condition 1, 2, both or not at all?
4. What types of data tables might exist, such as tables for document templates, work-in-process and final documents or something else?
I know there are a lot of other concepts/questions to consider and a large part of the design approach would be based on client requirements. My goal here is to gather different basic conceptual approaches, from forum members, in order to help facilitate a starting point for the project.
By the way I have seen on the Apex Latest Forum Poll, for quite sometime, where Document Management is an application that people would like to see developed. Can anyone from the Apex-team tell me if it is in the works and if so, when?
Thanks, in advance, for any suggestions.

Hey Chet,
Thanks for the response; actually I had visited the sample package apps. site awhile back and did not realize more had been added. My problem is that I use Apex 2.1 and not 2.2, so unless there is a way to load the package apps. to the Oracle hosted site, I won't be able to review there design. It would be nice if Oracle tied these package apps. to their demonstration applications sample downloads function in Apex.
As for storing each line of the document in a single record, this was thought of as an initial approach. A concern by the team was how to program the logic to identify specific changed text in say a 5 sentence paragraph and how large the table would become if recording it line by line.
It is still a good approach to consider and we appreciate the input.

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  • Workspace Manager and APEX

    I was experimenting with using workspace manager (via DBMS_WM) to version a set of tables. Does everything I want, easily and quickly.
    However, when I update versioned objects in APEX, and then look at the HIST table, the user name is APEXPUBLIC_USER.
    I understand why this is, but does anyone know of any means of overriding the user saved in the _HIST table, using the APEX user instead.
    I had a look at the IOT on the BASE object, but didnt see where it inserts into HIST.
    Any help greatly appreciated.
    Thanks, Rob

    Hi Robert,
    some time ago I created a german how to document on Workspace Manager and APEX - you'll find it here.
    Be careful - in the following text a "workspace" is not an APEX workspace but a DBMS_WM workspace.
    The "_HIST table" is not a table but a view. When version-enabling a table Workspace Manager renames the table, adds columns
    for the versioning information and creates some views. The most important view is the view which "replaces" the original table. The
    "_HIST" view is another view.
    Workspace manager also creates an INSTEAD OF trigger which "catches" the DML done on the view (which now has the name
    of the original object). That DML is being enriched with User and timestamp information and then placed into the original table
    (which now has another name).
    The user information is there because Workspace manager allows to grant privileges on "workspaces" to other users. So you ...
    * first version-enable a table
    * create a new workspace (CHANGES_1)
    * do some DML
    * grant access on your workspace to the other user say: HUGO
    Now you and HUGO can access the workspace CHANGES_1 and review your DML. All other users can only see the
    table status before your changes. So as long as you don't access the version enabled object from different database
    schemas (i.e. different parsing schemas) and you don't use the DBMS_WM.GRANT.... procedures you don't have to care
    about the APEX_PUBLIC_USER information in the HIST view.  You can live with the APEXPUBLIC_USER information.
    Does that help ...?
    Best regards

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  • ECC integration with Document Management System

    Can anybody provide step by step approach for connecting ECC with Document management system(product of EMC).
    Also would appreciate if somebody clarifies the folllowing queries
    1) Do we really need Archivelink if we just want to store documents and access documents from DMS.
    2)  What are the configurations required at DMS side and what are the configurations required at SAP ECC.
    Any solution to my problem will be much appreciated.
    Thanks & Regards

    If you Google 'Flash SCORM' you should find a good deal of
    Dave -
    Head Developer
    Adobe Community Expert

  • First Java Project - Document Management and Workflow

    We are about to embark on our first java project around document management and workflow.
    I would be interested to know how others have approached similar projects – Open Source applications or other tools/APIs.
    It would also be good to know of any issues encountered along the way.

    Hi Husein,
    I appreciate your interest in procuring a Document Management/Workflow solution for your AP department...its a very smart move toward streamling that process!
    I sent an email today to Richard Braddock about our solutions. I would be happy to discuss them with you.
    My office phone number is 215-646-8000

  • Issue with Cash Management and liquidity forecast report

    Hello folks,
    I am working with cash management and liquidity forecast reports. While running the report for Cash management, as I drill down to planning levels and induvidual GL accounts for the bank accounts, the figures for GL acounts in report does not tally with actual GL balances. As I drill down to last level, it shows the GL balance display which is different from the values in the report. Can anyone tell me why it does not pick up certain values. I find that certain document type "DZ" values are not picked up by the report. Any suggestions?
    Also, I would like to know is there any way to cross check the values in Liquidity forecast report for sales orders, purchase orders and requisitons through any other report in MM and SD. Would appreciate if someone can respond to mu query.
    Thanks in advance,

    In se38, look for programs starting with RFFD*; there are a few for reconciliation of cash management with SD/MM/GL etc.

  • Full Export/Import Errors with Queue tables and ApEx

    I'm trying to take a full export of an existing database in order to build an identical copy in another database instance, but the import is failing each time and causing problems with queue tables and Apex tables.
    I have used both the export utility and Data Pump (both with partial and full exports) and the same problems are occurring.
    After import, queue tables in my schema are unstable. They cannot be dropped using the queue admin packages as they throw ORA-24002: QUEUE_TABLE <table> does not exist exceptions. Trying to drop the tables causes the ORA-24005: must use DBMS_AQADM.DROP_QUEUE_TABLE to drop queue tables error
    As a result, the schema cannot be dropped at all unless manual data dictionary clean up steps (as per metalink) are done.
    The Apex import fails when creating foreign keys to WWV_FLOW_FILE_OBJECTS$PART. It creates the table ok, but for some reason the characters after the $ are missing so the referencing tables try to refer to WWV_FLOW_FILE_OBJECTS$ only.
    I am exporting from Enterprise Edition and importing into Standard edition, but we are not using any of the features not available in standard, and I doubt this would cause the issues I'm getting.
    Can anyone offer any advice on how I can resolve these problems so a full import will work reliably?

    Thanks for the lead!
    After digging around MetaLink some more, it sounds like I'm running into Bug 5875568 (MetaLink Note:5875568.8) which is in fact related to the multibyte character set. The bug is fixed in the server patch set or release

  • SABRIX/JBOSS monitoring with Solution Manager and Wily Introscope

    Reading SCN discussions it is not quite clear to me if an extra (Wily) license is needed for monitoring SABRIX/JBOSS with Solution Manager and Wily Introscope. Does someone have experience in this area what exact to do?

    Hi GSAP,
    Please check this pdf file:
    Wily Introscope a CA Product- Utility that Comes with Solution Manager Specifically for Java Monitoring…

  • Split valuation with batch management and project stock

    Dear Gurus,
    I need to combine two following requirements:
    1. split valuation with batch management (valuation type = batch number)
    2. project stock
    These two functionalities work fine separately but not together.
    I receipt PO for material with spiit valuation on a batch level into a project stock. Posting is OK and material document (MSEG table) seems to be OK (batch number, valuation type and project stock are in this table). The problem appears when I want to display material in this valuation type (MM03) or batch (MSC3n). They don't exist!!!  Short investigation showed that during goods receipt table MBEW (valuated stock) was not updated with this valuation type.
    But If PO is receipt into normal stock first and then posted into project stock everything is OK.
    Have you had or heart about such issue? I would appreciate any sugestion. 
    Thsnks in advance.
    Marcin Bernat

    As you already know ,u are using project stock and doing goods receipt against project, stock table QBEW will be updated and not MBEW. MBEW only updates in case of plant stock valuation. If u receive any goods against project stock it does not contribute to plant stock. Irrespective whether your material is managed in split valuation or not, If it is received against project stock it only updates QBEW. There is no need to update MBEW, if u r using split valuation in project. QBEW also have valuation type as another level like MBEW. If u want to see material price for project stock, it can be  seen in QBEW -valuation type and not in mm03.
    As u r receiving goods against project stock this is d only reason QBEW is updated and not MBEW.
    QBEW will store all information like MBEW for batch number, valuation type and project stock assignment.
    Hope it answers your question.

  • Seeking a document management and file sharing solution for an online client portal

    Late last year our developers created a Member’s Portal for a client’s website (built with WordPress) enabling Members to have a secure area for a discussion forum and crucially, secure
    document storage and access, and file-sharing. The WordPress plugin chosen for the Portal was WP-Client.
    We have a problem though and I wonder if you or anyone can help?
    Basically, the solution was supposed to be like Dropbox or Google Drive but within the Portal but with slight differences. The problem is that the current solution we have isn’t like either
    and has various flaws which make it unpopular with most members. It uses free software called kcfinder – see as the basis for the file management systems.
    So we are seeking to change the file management system. This system must do the following:
    It’s got to be intuitive e.g. the action open or download must be ‘typical’ (it is not so in kcfinder you have to right click to download for instance
    You must be able open an Office document (especially Word, Excel and Powerpoint) online in situ within the portal. Currently in kcfinder you have to download it. 
     You must be able to edit it online. Currently you have to download it, open it, edit it, re-upload it and overwrite it.
    The client uses Sharepoint (I think that’s part of MS Office 365) and wants to be able to I think drag docs from there straight into the Portal file management system (I think at the moment they have to download a file from Sharepoint to their hard drive
    and then upload to kcfinder.
    We are currently investigating using a WP plugin for Google Drive and Google Apps for work to create some sort of file management system that meets the requirements.
    However having loaded the plugin, the developer has found that two issues remain that so far defeat us:
    Firstly, and this seems to be applicable to using Google Drive outside the portal as well as in it - you can’t edit Word docs online in Google Drive without creating a Google Doc. This means we get duplicate docs which we don’t want – and they’re in
    the wrong format. We want Word and no duplication. The members/users don’t have time to delete and change the format back to Word. I guess the same applies to other Office docs.
    Second, apparently you can’t create a new folder in Google Drive in the portal.
    So my question for this forum is really what can you suggest, either as a fix to the Google Drive solution or is there a totally different plugin or set up we can use? Ideally it should
    be Office-based or friendly since most of our users use Microsoft Office.
    The other proviso is that it must be affordable. We/client cannot afford the $10 per user per month that some systems charge. The attractiveness of the Google option is not only the wide
    use of Google Docs (notwithstanding the fact that you can't open Word in GD instead it creates a duplicate in GD) but the fact that the plugin is cheap.
    Thanks in anticipation. 

    Why don't you take a look at Office Web App server which provides browser-based file viewing and editing services for Office files:
    It can be integrated with your customized website, and provide the ability to online view/editing Office documents..
    Hope it helps.
    Aravindhan Battepati

  • Working with version management and promotion management best practices BO 4.1

    Hi Experts
    I wondered if anybody knows if there is a document or something about best practices to work with the version management and promotion management in BO 4.1?
    Our Environment includes two servers. The first one is our development and test server. The second server is our prod system.
    Now on the dev server we have basically two folders called dev and test. We control access to them with a right system based on the folder structure.
    My question now is how you would work in this scenario (third server is not an option). Main target is to have as few reports as possible. Therefore we try to work with the version management system and only have one version of each report in the dev folder of the cms. But this is where problems start. Sometimes the newest version is not the version we want to publish to the test folder or even prod server.
    How would you publish the report to the other folder? Make a copy of the concerned report (transport to the same system via promotion management is not possible). Also how would you use the version management in regards to the folder structure? Only use version management in dev folder and export reports to test folder (out of vms control) or also use vms in test folder and how would that work?
    Further more I’d be interested in learning best practices with promotion management. I found out that the promotion of a report that doesn’t exist in prod doesn’t make any problems. But as soon as an older version already exists there is only partial success and the prod folder gets renamed to “test”.
    Any suggestions on how to handle these problems?
    Thank you and regards

    Thank you for your answer.
    So you are basically proposing to work with the vms in the dev folder and publish the desired version to the test folder. And the test folder is out of version control in this scenario if I understood you correctly (like simple data storage)?
    And how would you suggest promoting reports to the prod system? Simply by promoting the
    desired version from dev folder directly to prod? This would probably lead to inconsistence because we would need to promote from dev system to test and dev to prod instead of promoting a straight line from dev over test to prod. Furthermore it would not solve the problem of the promoting result itself (A new folder called dev will be generated in prod but the report gets promoted to the prod folder if there was no report before).
    Thank you for the link. I came across this page just a few days ago and found also lots
    of other tutorials and papers describing the basic promoting process. The promoting process in general is clear to me but I wondered if it is possible to change some parameters to  prevent folder renaming for example.

  • Comparision between SAP Easy Document Management and MOSS2007

    Could anyone please guide what are the differet features available in SAP EASY DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT solution which are not present in MOSS2007.
    I know both are very good and very robust solutions but i want to know which one is having better qualities.
    Please guide.
    Thanks and Regards

    Acually speeking yes all product have their own advantage and dis advantages also. but alsways but as consultant, we could refeiring Edms, coz,
    The types of documents range from "documents" in proprietary SAP format typically stored in the SAP database (such as financial documents, purchase orders, closed master records) to documents usually created, viewed and/or edited by applications other than SAP, though they may have some significance or bearing on business processes within the SAP system
    itself (for example, technical drawings referenced from bill of materials stored in the SAP database).
    Also, we could use external content server to store enormose data  with out affecting the performance. also her we could extend[scale up] Content server.
    this is like similar to Windows, user need not know full SAP. even though can work EDMS.
    By using EDMS, we can integrate to Logisic  [SAP] copmonents.
    Also by Interfacing with, third party applction software like Acad, UG, Lous note........etc
    Further details please refer this url........

  • Document Management and Workflow Packages

    Hello SAP Community,
    My company is considering a document management solution integrated with a work flow package in regards to automating and providing visibility into our entire account payable process. I was wondering if anyone out there has implemented such a solution, how long it took to implement and what the licensing costs were. I am aware of the many packages out there available from SAP certified partners, and I was just wondering if anyone could give me real world insight into their experience with implementing a document management / work flow solution.
    Best Regards,

    Hi Husein,
    I appreciate your interest in procuring a Document Management/Workflow solution for your AP department...its a very smart move toward streamling that process!
    I sent an email today to Richard Braddock about our solutions. I would be happy to discuss them with you.
    My office phone number is 215-646-8000

  • Document Management and Primavera

    What tool/s work well with Primavera to manage formal communications and related deliverables with the customer and suppliers. Something that can allos us to build custom forms for submittals, work with our email system, attach documents, is fully searchable?

    Primavera Web is the tool that can do for you the following
    *1 - Workflow*
    Administer Project Process Templates
    Administer Template Categories
    Initiate Project Process
    Initiate Document Approval Review Cycles
    Automatic distribution to decision makers
    Action Required portlet notifications
    Email notifications
    View Approval\Rejection User & Date Stamps
    *2 - Documentation Management*
    Manage Work Products & Documents
    Upload / Download documents
    Check in / check out documents
    Manage Versions of documents
    View History of document usage
    Manage personal documents
    Administer hierarchical document folder structure
    Perform full text searching of documents
    Initiate Document Approval Review Cycles
    Set document security policy
    *3 - Collaboration*
    Communication Center
    Discussion Threads
    Project Events
    Project Discussions
    Project News
    Alerts - Document and Workflow
    Email Integration for Notifications
    Best of Luck.
    Novo Rail, Sydney

  • Some questions about Skype Manager and Skype Conne...

    I found one of your post:
    That, if I have some questions I may contact with  Contact our solutions team
    Sadly that link wont work...
    I have few questions and also I contacted with Microsoft support, but sadly they wasn’t able to help me. Only what they suggests, that I may contact with Skype Team trough to Forum, or Facebook...
    So, I choose first one and maybe you can help me, or redirect my question !?
    About my questions:
    As I understand Skype for business is just name what contain two free software, like Skype manager and Skype connect. Also those are free, without charge ?
    Also I read that there are two different accounts, like Premium and regular one. Premium contains some benefit. So, If I use that Skype for business manager system to I may or can add some premium accounts for some my staff and leave others with regular account ? I don’t have that manager systems installed jet, but what I read, I understand that I maybe just split credit - or is there way how I may also share regular and premium conots ?
    Also, Right now my customers have 25 workers, but what - if soon my another customer also want to use Skype Service, and he have 50 - 100 workers ? Will be there special price for different amount of users on one firm ?
    And at last, firm who I represent right now are using Elion VoiP (Elion, is Estonian ISP) service, trough to xLite program. 
    Sadly that one wont work properly, it will hack, or you cant hear other people and so on. With, Skype everything works fine. So, if he will starting to use Skype manger and will make account for every workers (sips) can he bound those sips with same VoiP numbers what he will use right now with Elion ? Or if not, is there some way how to redirect those numbers (to lose those numbers, is sadly out of question) ?
    I hope, you can help me guy´s.
    Best regards

    Tere Rainer,
    indeed we don't have the solutions team offer any longer. Let me try to answer some of your questions here.
    Skype Manager and Skype Connect itself are free of charge. But obviously you can purchase and distribute paid products via Skype Manager.
    Yes, you can freely distribute Premium subscription to Manager group members and leave others without. You can do the same with all kind of Skype products, e.g. Skype numbers, calling subscriptions etc.
    There are no discounts with Skype Manager purchases. It's a tool to simplify administration.
    Unfortunately you cannot transfer numbers to Skype connect. For more details on which features are supported and how they work please have a look here:​kype-connect-and-how-does-it-work
    I hope my answers could help a bit already.
    Tervitustega Mustamäelt.
    Follow the latest Skype Community News
    ↓ Did my reply answer your question? Accept it as a solution to help others, Thanks. ↓

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