Content disappears off iPod mini

I have an original iPod mini and it's always worked great. It has the latest software, and I have the latest version of iTunes. In the past week or so, I've had a lot of problems with syncing and getting iTunes to even recognize my iPod. I've had to repeatedly restore it, then load all the songs, audiobooks and podcasts onto it. Several times now, after laboriously copying everything over, I've synced a podcast or music, only to find nothing on the iPod when I hop into my car and turn on the iPod. This happened again today, right after I verified that I'd loaded two new podcasts on it and ejected it properly.
This time I decided, after restoring, to cut my losses and only put on the podcasts I want to listen to, and one audiobook. No music. So I loaded on one audiobook and one podcast. When I tried to drag another podcast on, it just refused to do anything. No error message or anything. This has happened once before.
Is it possible that my iPod hard drive is just giving out? Does this seem like a hard drive issue? I can't think of anything else, but I'm crossing my fingers that this is not it. Help!

That much "other" is usually corrupt data, to fix it you need to restore and resynch.
Good luck,

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  • Content Disappearing off ipod

    Like every night before work i delete some episodes of my iPod and put different ones on it, along with podcast and audio books.
    I'v done this for as long as i can remember. But Tonight after ejecting my iPod, my iPod is empty. only my photos and apps are still on there.
    i plugged it back in and iTunes on the PC can see all the stuff that should be on it, but, it can see most of my free memory is empty instead of mostly full.
    so i deleted the ghost  files it claims were still there and try transferring them back on. This worked, but when it was done i tried to transfer a single item over.
    The video wouldn't transfer and everything on my iPod disappeared again same as before. (Yes there was enough space for the single video. From what i can work out when a small amount of files try to move they can't, and everything else disappears).
    Please help me.

    That much "other" is usually corrupt data, to fix it you need to restore and resynch.
    Good luck,

  • Turning off ipod mini

    think I'm going mad; I fully charge my ipod mini, play it short while, e.g. in car on way to work, turn it off then come to go home and the **** thing has turned itself on and been playing away and run the battery down. I've tried all I can to make sure its turned off but over a period of time its driving me nuts. Makes it useless as the battery is always run down or I get less than 1hr use before having to recharge! HWLP!

    You most likely have the alarm set. Check calendar events also.

  • Shutting Off iPod Mini / Terrible Bass EQ

    I just got a refurb iPOD mini 4GB from the apple refurb listing. This thing is like new. The batt shoud last 18 hours but I haven't gotten that even with very light use. I think this thing wakes up alone but I just turned off the alarms. OK
    What other ways can completley shut the iPod instead of sleeping it by the menu & holding the play buttun. ( Off / instead of sleeping).
    I also noticed that when I set an EQ with more bass, it sounds terrible with the earbuds and even with an expensive pair of wrap-around headsets from Phillips. Even my 1GB shuffle sounds more punchy. What gives????????
    Mac Mini 1.25   Mac OS X (10.4.6)   Superdrive, 1GB

    yes i have the same problem!
    but i've had my ipod for only 5 days!!
    and it's a new one because the previous one had the same problem, so i got a new one instead.
    which ***** because it's broken !!
    aaargh !!

  • IPod touchm  notes disappearing off iPod - found on email account.  How do I get them back on the iPod touch?

    My Notes (yellow notes app) disappeared  from my iPod touch running iOS 6.1.3  and found out here they'd been "synced" to my email account.  Sure enough there they were.  As suggested, I went into settings for the email account on my iPod and removed "notes" as one of the things to track.  I checked the settings for Notes and there is no option to make the iPod the place to keep things (apparently, this is an option on the iPhone version of Notes). Now my test note has stayed on the iPod.  But how do I get the old notes that are sitting in an email account back to my iPod?  
    Also, I'm not sure who decided "sync" should mean "remove from one device and put it on the other device".  This is not most people's definition of "sync".  It isn't done with email syncing.  When I send mail (yahoo or gmail), from either the iPod or some other device, the sent mail shows up on both devices, not on one or the other. 

    Are you sure they are not there?  Check your later pages.  Syncing often reloads the apps out of sequence.  Also check in iTunes under Apps that Sync Apps is checked.

  • Content deleted off ipod

    i plugged my ipod into the computer, and it deleted all my content ( i didnt know that at the time - i wasnt paying attention). now when i plug it in again, i only have my photos, and 3 gigs of what it calls "other". i have no idea what this "other" could be. now i cant redownload my music.

    That much "other" is usually corrupt data, to fix it you need to restore and resynch.
    Good luck,

  • Album art disappeared off iPod! Won't go back on! Please help-

    This is frustrating beyond belief! Anyway, this is how it went down:
    I was updating & synching my iPod (the new iPod video version, 80GB) as usual. Bored, I was looking around in the different tabs while I waited. On the music tab, I saw a check box that said "Display album artwork on you iPod" and it was unchecked. Confused by this, as my album art had always shown up before, I figured I might as well check it just in case to keep my album art ON my iPod. :O Seemed like an okay idea at the time, but the second I clicked "Apply" my iPod started synching with the message "Deleting Album Artwork from iPod" (or something basically like that". I was like HOLY CRAP that's not what I wanted (more like exactly the opposite...), so I clicked "Cancel" but the darn thing continued and finished anyway. Turning on my iPod, I found that indeed all my album art was gone and all my text was center justified, as if it had never existed. (While it's all still there in my Library, displaying just fine~)
    So I figured I better uncheck that box (even though it was called "Display album artwork" in the first place) and try to undo what had just happened. I did and on the next synch, it said something like "Optimizing Album Artwork for iPod" and I thought YAY. Maybe it's going back on. But the synch lasted only a few minutes (not seeming long enough for 4,000+ songs worth of artwork to get on there) and, again, when I turned my iPod back on the album artwork was STILL not back on, this time my text being completely left justified (like there SHOULD be artwork) but there was nothing else there...
    I've always been a stickler for my library, making sure all my albums are organized and have artwork (often making my own when I can't find it) and I will be VERY upset if I can't figure out a way to get it to display on my iPod again!!! TT__TT I'm so sad. Now both checking or unchecking that box that started this in the "Music" tab do absolutely nothing, and nothing seems to put my artwork back on. Please, if anybody can suggest anything, I would be SO grateful... (Restoring the iPod is the only other thing I can think of [it's software is completely up to date[ and I really don't have the time for that right now.)

    Sounds very weird and talk about unintended results ...
    By the by restoring the ipod is not a bid deal (although takes some time).
    How about this (have not tried it) and assuming you still have artwork on your music library in itunes. Turn on manual synch mode once the ipod is connected. You should see the list of songs you actually have on the ipod. Delete every song and synch (I know, it will take time since you have 4000 + songs). and then turn back automatic synch and re-synch. May be once in manual mode, you could try re-synchinig only a portion of your library to see if it works That's the best I can think of.

  • The iPod "TAMI DUGARD's iPod" cannot be synced because there is not enough free space to hold all of the selected items (additional 146.5 MB required). this was from my ipod mini trying to sync and it wont let me sync so... could u help me i really needit

    I really need help because my ipod mini isnt working correctly my mom just gave it to me and The iPod “TAMI DUGARD’s iPod” cannot be synced because there is not enough free space to hold all of the selected items (additional 146.5 MB required). it says this. Over and over when i try to sync it too my itunes what does this mean and its a 4gb

    It means you try to sync an amount of content to your iPod Mini that exceeds for 4 GB, or the amount of space that is available on the iPod.  See this article for more details.
    How to sync music to your iPod when your library is bigger than your iPod storage space

  • HT201269 ipod mini to iphone 5 music transfer?

    I have an ipod mini from 2005 with all of my music on it. The computer that held my itunes library has crashed. I recently purchased the iphone 5. Is there any way to get my content from my ipod mini to my iphone 5? Any insight will be most appreciated.

    See if this helps you.
    After you recover the music, then sync the phone to iTunes.

  • Converting iPod Mini music to 5G iPod, losing artist information!

    I had cleared out my iTunes on my hard drive, and then dumped the contents of my iPod Mini's hard drive onto my PC to re-consolidate it within iTunes so I could dump that music into the new 30GB 5G iPod (Video) afterwards.
    When it got transferred, much of the artist, album, and title of the music was lost, replaced only with random 4 letter alpha titles...
    For example, a DJ Baby Anne set I had on the old iPod Mini that was completely filled out within iTunes now only reads "CWWT" for a title.
    Does anyone have any information regarding rescuing this artist/title/album information so I won't have to go back and manually listen to almost 2,000 songs that are in this same "ABCD" format?

    when it got transferred, much of the artist, album, and title of the music was lost, replaced only with random 4 letter alpha titles...
    This is only the filename. The song name/artist/album etc., should have remained untouched, since this information is actually embedded into the audio file and stored in the ID3 tags.
    You can ignore the fact that the filename has been renamed to XXXX.MP3. iTunes doesn't care about that. It will look inside the file for the track info.
    When you import all of those XXXX.MP3 files back into your iTunes library, the song name/artist/album/etc. should populate into your iTunes library.

  • IPod mini always turns on and off when plug in iCarPlay Wireless 200

    My iPod mini always turns on and off when plug in iCarPlay Wireless 200. Does someone has the same Problem?

    I just bought my ICARPLAY Wireless 200-ZML. I have an iPod with clickwheel (20Gb).
    When I conncect the ipod to the wireless transmitter the checkmark sign appears, as described in the manual. After that, instead of returning to the ipod menu, the checkmark disappears and turns up again. This keeps on repeating itself. No menu, no sound. Pressing 'S' on the transmitter has no effect.
    Is this what you mean? Anyone also seen this? Any solutions would be greatly appreciated.
    regards, Rob

  • Turning the iPod Mini OFF

    Using the click wheel, I can pause easily but turning the iPod off is really difficult. I don't know whether I'm holding the Pause button down too long, not long enough or if there's an easier way.
    It seems when I turn my iPod off the battery lasts longer than when I pause it and it falls into a deep sleep.
    What can I do to make it easier to turn my iPod off?

    Hi Sparklefufu;
    I was having problems shutting down my iPod Mini. Then it got itself into a state where it needed to be reset it. I wasn't able to get reset to work. I brought to the Apple store and they reset it. They then asked me to reset it. It appears I was applying too much pressure. When I applied only enough pressure to make the switch click it worked. Now the shut down is working for me every time.

  • Ipod mini keeps turning on  and off all the time. Help

    I got this ipod mini in may, it worked great, but then all of a sudden it started to turn on and off once in a while mostly now it happens once a day..i checked if maybe the timer was set but it wasnt at all, can i fix it by myself or do i have to send it back to the factory for the warranty repair.

    the same thing is happening to my ipod mini, I received a brand new mini in July, and every time I use it it shuts on and off whenever I touch it, even with a fully charged battery, and it also shows the battery sign, do i need to get it serviced?

  • Purchased music from itunes disappears from my ipod mini

    some of my purchased music disappeared from my mini ipod. I resynced my ipod and reloaded the tunes. they disappeared again. any ideas what the problem could be? thanks for the help.

    I have had a very similar problem to the original post. Every four or five days I go to use my iPod (color display) and find nothing there except photos. All songs are gone. When I synch with my iTunes(iMac G5), everything gets dumped back on and it is OK for several days, then the same thing happens. It has happened three or four times now. Any suggestions on what might be going on here?

  • Ipod mini keeps turning itself back on whenever I turn it off.

    My ipod mini turns itself on whenever I turn it off. It's still under guarantee but if I get new one will I be able to download the music from itunes or will I need to start again?

    Are you putting the iPod on Hold using the slider whenever you turn it off? The clickwheel is quite sensitive and a touch will bring it back on. If you were to get another one, as long as all your songs are in iTunes you would just have to connect it to your computer and it would pretty much walk you through the installatation and automatically update.

Maybe you are looking for

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