Cosmetic issue in WEBI report while creating on top of BEX query

While Creating WEBI report on tob of BEX Query, it is displaying both Technical names and descriptions at webi design level.
The infoobjects we had used in BEx Query is Navigation Attributes.
In case if we are using normal Infoobjects, we can able to restrict as per my requirement like uniqe name, description or both.
In this webi report user(Power user) having flexibility to drag and drop available characteristics.
Due to this issue column heading is displaying both technical name and description. For example Customer(ZCUSTOMER)

How come , if  it is display for data means it also need to be display for header (Dimension also).
you can try alternatively in webi by creating variable  for that Iobj .
Refer below blog provide details:
BOBJ Tricks: Toggle the Display of Text and Key in Webi

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    We are using BO XI 3.1 (FP 3.4) with SAP integration Kit (same Patch Level) with SAP Authentication. We have a Universe based on a bex query and its connection is set to use SSO.
    We have say two SAP users U1 & U2. Now "U1" is able to create webi reports but when we Logged in as "U2" and try to create Webi reports or try to refresh reports created by U1 it through an error ...
    The database error text is: (CS) "Error on NumResultCols" . (WIS 10901).....
    As per the "Authorization" section in BusinessObjects XI Integration for SAP Solution Installation Guide we have provided this users with all the mention autherizations.
    Any words over this will be highly appreciated.

    It is highly probable that this is due to missing authorizations on the SAP BW side (not talking about the authroizations which are directly related to the BO/BW integration). I would recommend to ask your SAP Basis team to do a security trace while you are accessing the reports with the user, who gets the error. THey should look for failing authorization checks.

  • How to remove Decimals in Quantity Objects in SAP BO Explorer View created on top SAP Bex Query?

    I created SAP BO Explorer report on top of SAP BEx Query.
    In SAP BEx Query, Decimals were hided but when i created OLAP Universe on top that SAP BEx Query and Created Index on top of Information Space in SAP BO Explorer and then created Exploration Views. But i'm getting Decimals in my Exploration Views where as SAP BEx Query in RSRT, no decimals were appearing.
    Can anyone suggest me how to remove decimals in SAP BO Exploration Views.

    Hi Ramana,
    I am not use how you connect to SAP BEx query (Via universe or BWA or HANA)
    What I could say is BWA and HANA, you cannot adjust this
    For universe, you could try in universe layer, there is note about this
    For BWA and HANA, this function might be enhanced but you 'd better raise OSS to SAP to check with them
    Best regards
    Alex yang

  • How to create dummy variable in Webi report in BO 4.0 with Bex query.

    Dear All,
    We have a requirement where we need to overlap multiple tables and based on user selection any one of the table should display in report.
    We are on BO 4.0 and source is BW Bex report, we dont have any Universe.
    To achieve this we plan to have dummy variable with some fix value and use it as report filter & based on selected value in filter the related table should be display.
    We have not found any way to have dummy variable directly in Webi.
    Is their any way we can create dummy variable directly in Webi?
    Thanks v much in advance,

    lets say u want to display following picture:
    so in Query designer go to Default values section.
    Bring in Calendar month
    right click calendar month
    and hit Restrict
    now select variable
    use standard sap variable Current Month.
    hit okey
    now select Variable and hit Red button
    Result u restricted current month.
    in columns bring in keyfigure $
    right click and hit edit
    bring in time field calendar month
    right click and hit restrict
    bring in Current month
    right click and select - SET OFFSET FOR VARIABLE
    select -1
    hit okey
    repeat the above process
    and this time select offset = -2
    this way u restricted current month
    but displayed last 2 months for keyfigure values.

  • WebI report based on Universe upon SAP BEx Queries:Prompt issue

      I am creating Web Intelligence report using Universe based on SAP Bex Queries. In WebI report I created a filter condition as I need to run report based on two specidc dates. I need to schedule report to run 2nd of every month to show data for last month. At present I have the following filter : date between 'Start Date' and 'End Date'. 'Start Date' should always be 'first date of previous month' and End Date be always must be 'Last date of previous Month'. How to do this. The solution I thought would be to create  variables at report/universe level ('first date of previous month' and 'Last date of previous Month') and use in the filter using 'Object from this Query' option.But this 'Object from this Query' option is missing in the prompt.Is there any work around to achieve this.? Could you please help me.
    Nanda Kishore

    Hi all,
    I have a related question too.
    I have 2 queries and need a Combined BEx query written on this for reporting. (WebI)
    In the 2 queries, there is a Field which needs to be restricted.
    But this field should not be restricted in the Combined BEx query.
    So I thought of restricting the Field at the report level. But in this case, the user gets a prompt to enter a value for the field.
    And this is not desirable as per the requirement.
    COuld you please tell me if there is another way of handling this without the user being prompted to enter a value while the report is being run, but still I need selection at the Field level.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Srilakshmi B

  • Issue with webi report on BEx query

    I have created a universe on top of Bex query.  There is no issue in creating and exporting the universe.  But when I try to create a webi report out that BEx query, I am not able to see the values.  Say if I have a column called "Company"  I am getting the value as "All Company" and so on.  What will be the issue?
    But when a report is generated out of BEx analyser they are able to see the values properly.
    Same user credentials are used in both the places (Importing the query into universe, Connecting to BEx Analyser) .
    Thanks & Regards,
    Subbu S

    Hi Subbu,
    the universe will generate a L00 item and a L01 item. The L00 item shows the All member of the characteristic in the case of a flat list and the Top level nodes from a hierarchy. the L01 item should give you what you looking for.

  • Save Query - An error occurred while creating connection strings for the query

    A workbook trying to edit and reload I get the following error "Save Query - An error occurred while creating connection strings for the query" No Power Pivot data model or anything.

    I am getting the same error when editing a Power Query in an Excel spreadsheet. It happens when I change a Group By step to do a Sum instead of Count Rows.

  • WebIntelligence report on top of bex Query in BI4.0 (SP2)

    Dear experts,
    I'm working on webi report on top of bex Query in BI4.0 (SP2). I would like to know your opinions about some points I have noticed.
    A - I need to drill throught a hierarchy which contains several millions of members.
    Is there a possibility in my report drilling down to one member without selecting all members of the hierarchy in the query panel ?
    B - I cannot put a dimension with hierarchy both in the result pane and in the filter pane, although it is possible for any other dimension without hierarchy.
    Is there any special trick to achieve this or is a bug??
    C - I cannot sort variables defined in my bex query, but they don't appear in the window to sort prompts.
    Do you know how to solve this issue ?
    D - I noticed all keys and description of dimensions appear with the same label "key" and "text". SO it is very confusing for the user to understand what key or text means (if a key if the customer key or the company code key).
    Any idea to have a more explicit label for BW characteristics?

    I do not have access to a BW system to test this, but i have something on three of your questions...
    A) drilling without getting all the lower members. I would look to query drill, this means a drill action in the report will go to the database to fetch the level (and only for the selected member, a drill down).
    The only thing I'm not sure about is if the BEx hierarchy is seen as drill hierarchy by that option too.
    If you'd ask me it really should.
    C) this is an old problem, but I know it is bugging more people, because the same is true for universe based prompts. They also cannot be 'arranged'. Since the Bex query is the 'universe', ordering that has been set in the 'universe' is the only chance you have.
    Like with the universe you could use prefixes to separate them from the query defined prompts (based on an alphabetic sort of the prompt message). I'd say this is a good one for the idea place...
    D) also an old (very old actually) problem. Some will want to keep the text short and simple. The prefixing will tell which key it is. Some will prefer unique names, so no prefix is needed. The same was true for universe designers. Now since there is no universe, if you do not agree with the 'designer' you're out of luck  no way to change it.
    Hope this helps,

  • Webi on top of Bex query, maximum of fields 50 limit

    Hi there,
    I'm creating the Webi Report on top the Bex Query that has 50 characteristics in the row area and around 10 characteristics in Free Characteristics area. (Bex query can't have more than 50 in the Row Area)
    When I create the WEbi report, it limits the output to the same 50 characteristics, it means that even though I have 10 more characteristics available from the Free Characteristics Area and I can't add them to the Webi Report.
    I'm new to Webi and I didn't know about this limitation of number of fields can be added. Is there a workaround for this case?
    Is 50 fields really a limit for Webi Report or am I doing something wrong here?

    Much like BEx, with WebI it is recommended to not have more than 50 dimensions selected into a single OLAP query, otherwise performance will degrade.
    I have customer who try to put 80-200 objects into webi query panel and get angry when they can't...
    However, this is a silly thing to do.  For example, how many people can read tables with 80 columns?
    It usually mean that the business requirements aren't being focused enough, and that reports are trying to answer too many flexible u2018ad hocu2019 purposes.
    To conclude, it's an u201Cirrelevant testu201D because WebI isnu2019t a u2018data dumpu2019 tool. you should perhaps use a genuine ETL to extract records for hundreds of objects

  • Line graph issue in web report

    I have a 3 queries/reports on one page in my web report. I have 3 line graph buttons, one for each query.
    My issue is, in the report result or table, I have characteristic "Product" in rows and Key figures in Columns.
    Product                          Month 1     Month2      
    XYZ          Demand
                 On hand stock
                 Ending Inventory
    But when I hit the line graph button, it shows Product in the X (horizontal) axis and number ranges like 15000, 20000, 25000 in the Y axis.
    I need to swap the axes. I tried the "swap display axis" in the web items tab, but it didn't work.
    I read other threads on the same topic here and someone had suggested creating a query view, switching the columns and rows there and running the report to display the line graph as required.
    If I do that, won't the report result in the table also swap the rows and columns? I want the table to show Product in the Rows and KFs in the column as it is now, but I want the line graph to show Product in the Y axis and the Key figures in the Y axis.
    Any ideas on how to do that? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    This is what I did:
    1) In BEX Analyzer, I opened the local view of the Query and swapped the Key figures and Characteristics. I put the key figures in the columns and Characteristics in the Rows
    2) I ran my report and save it as a View
    3) In WAD, I assigned the Chart to the View.
    When i ran the report from WAD, it still shows the key figures or number ranges in the Y axis and Characteristics on the X axis again.
    I checked the "swap display axes" option in Web Item tab, but the line graph still remains the same.
    Is there another way to do this? Or am I missing something?

  • Strange issue in Webi Reports

    I have a Webi Report created on SAP BW Hierarchy Query -- BW 7.01 SP05 and this report is working fine.
    Then i have imported this report to another BO system having the same version BOE XI 3.1 SP1. But after import the Webi report
    is not working when we refresh in new system and getting the following error:
    "A database error occurred. The database error test is: An error has occurred. No further information AVAILABLE basis. (Wis 10901)"
    I have recreated the same report in new BO system but the error is same. I have implemented the Notes 1441767,1432162, and 1438091 in BW system to solve the issue but no use.
    Can any one help me how to solve this issue?
    Best Regards

    Hi Ingo,
    Thanks for the reply. For both the reports the underlying BW system is same.
    I found out a Note "1420169" which helped me to solve this issue. The values in the collumns are behaving differently each time.
    one time it will give wrong values some times it will not fill with values etc..
    Finaly after aplying the above note issue got solved.
    Best Regards
    Edited by: Raju Kota on Apr 27, 2010 4:42 AM

  • Performance Issue with Webi report uses SAP BI Query as the data source

    I have created a Webi ad-hoc report which connects to a SAP BI query through BO OLAP universe.
    The layout of Webi is the exactly the same as the BI query.  There are filters in the Webi to restrict the number of data extraction, but even with data result of 5000 rows, it took about 30 seconds.
    If I execute the BI query with the same filter restriction, it tooks less than 10 seconds.
    It seems that large percentage of time is consumed at the MDX part.
    Is there any tuning method that could speed up the process time of MDX?
    Thank you.
    Edited by: Justine Liu on Mar 18, 2009 6:59 AM

    please take a look here:
    [] (Look under related notes)
    It includes references to various performance improvements of the MDX interface. From what I saw there it is advisable to upgrade your SAP BI (7.0)  up to at least Support Package 21 (you are currently on SP 15).
    This may also be interesting for you: There is a new Fix Pack 1.4 coming out for BOBJ XI 3.1. Combined with the related SAP Enh.Pack (not sure about the version of this one) should also improve WebI performance. This fix pack is not yet officially released though but it should not take look.
    I recommend that you try the upgrade to Support Package 21 first.
    BTW it is also advisable to take a look in the results of your MDX query (e.g using the MDXTEST transaction). You should make sure that your query is indeed restricted as expected. Sometimes the results you see in SAP native reporting tools (e.g. BEx Analyzer) differ from those returned from the MDX component, depending on the way variables/restrictions where defined in the query designer. It is all about making sure that there is no apples/oranges comparison here.

  • Bex Hierarchy issue on Webi report

    Hello Experts,
    We are facing issues on use of Bex hierarchy in webi report,
    Issue statement: We have webi report on bex query which have table and chart with input control on year and month to filter the report, table and chart uses hierarchy object to disply data. When we refresh report table and chart shows data with hierarchy on first level but once we check or uncheck any value from input control hierarchy in table and chart gets expanded and shows as flat structure. to get correct behaviour we have to collaps hierarchy.
    Above behaviour happens for all report level filter like, block filter, drill filter, input control.
    Please help me to know this is a bug or something wrong happened with development.
    Priyank Bhayani

    Hello Everyone,
    I have got SAP note which states this is expected behaviour hence closing the discussion.
    1702356 - Hierarchy Nodes expanded automatically to all levels after selecting value in the input control in a webi report.
    Priyank Bhayani

  • Prompt issue in webi Report

    Hi All,
    My webi report have two date prompt i.e start date & end date.During report refresh if I give the dates which doesn't have any data/wrong data then I'm getting standard error as "NO data to Fetch".
    1.Here My concern is how and where do it.
    i.e Changing  "NO data to Fetch". to custom one. e.g Dates (start date & end date) doesn't have any data like that... 
    2. In the same report if it is in tabular format with given prompts have no data then empty table structure  is displayed. When I change this table to any chart(pie or bar or line..) nothing is displayed for the same prompts. i.e. How can we display empty structure of chart similar to that of table if given prompts are wrong/ not having any data.
    Any help is highly appreciated..
    Suresh Aluri.

    Hi Suresh,
    Here is the complete explaination:
    Consider the scenario that you have 1 data provider in the report lets name it DP, which is not returning any row for the selected date range.
    1. Union the main query with the dummy Select 'A','B','C',0,0,0 from dual - (Eg given for oracle)
        When the main query returns no row, this dummy query will return 1 row, which will suppress the default pop-up
        of - "no data to retreive"
    2. Place a cell in the report, with the desired error message written. Background white and no borders and font white.
    3. Place the block above this cell i.e. one above the other. Check the property to hide block when empty.
    4. Create alterer to make the font black or to any other color and apply it tto he cell created in step 2.
        Enable the alerter when DP returns only 1 row.
    I hope the steps are clear.. and solution helps you.
    Edited by: rohit12 on Apr 28, 2010 11:36 AM

  • Strange issues in WebI report on standard Universe on top of BW Query

    We have a BW query with a standard Universe on top of it (generated automatically via the connection in universe designer).
    However, very strange things happen when playing with the data in WebI.
    There are some characteristics and just one key figure (which is just 'number of records').
    - key figures just disappear when adding characteristics
    - the wrong assignment is made from the infoobject to a dimension in webi when combining several characteristics in the WebI report (for example the 'customer' field holds the 'date' and the 'date' field is empty.
    I think it has something to do with BO that starts from the text of an infoobject instead of from the key.
    Also I constantly have to refresh the data when adding fields to the report.
    Did anybody have similar issues? How did you solve them?
    I also tried 'restructuring' the universe by deleting everything that's less relevant for the report, and taking the longest available text as dimension with key of the info object as detail and this seemed to work a lot better. However we shouldn't have to restructure a universe that's generated from a query?

    We had a the same thing.  Assuming it is the same cause, it is a known issue.  SAP had us install two Notes on BW and the problem disappeared..  Evidently it has to do with an MDX generation problem.  See response below and do some investigation.
    This is a known issue.
    Here are the notes that fix this issue. The second note has two composite notes in it that will need to be applied as well if they still have problems after they install the first two.
    There are some items that are broken in SP6. You'll notice that SAP note 1404328 is already in SP6. You'll still need to install it again along with the second SAP note 1420169
    Please install both of these and try your work flow again. If it's still not working, then you'll need to go through the composite notes in the second SAP note 1420169.

Maybe you are looking for

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