Strange issues in WebI report on standard Universe on top of BW Query

We have a BW query with a standard Universe on top of it (generated automatically via the connection in universe designer).
However, very strange things happen when playing with the data in WebI.
There are some characteristics and just one key figure (which is just 'number of records').
- key figures just disappear when adding characteristics
- the wrong assignment is made from the infoobject to a dimension in webi when combining several characteristics in the WebI report (for example the 'customer' field holds the 'date' and the 'date' field is empty.
I think it has something to do with BO that starts from the text of an infoobject instead of from the key.
Also I constantly have to refresh the data when adding fields to the report.
Did anybody have similar issues? How did you solve them?
I also tried 'restructuring' the universe by deleting everything that's less relevant for the report, and taking the longest available text as dimension with key of the info object as detail and this seemed to work a lot better. However we shouldn't have to restructure a universe that's generated from a query?

We had a the same thing.  Assuming it is the same cause, it is a known issue.  SAP had us install two Notes on BW and the problem disappeared..  Evidently it has to do with an MDX generation problem.  See response below and do some investigation.
This is a known issue.
Here are the notes that fix this issue. The second note has two composite notes in it that will need to be applied as well if they still have problems after they install the first two.
There are some items that are broken in SP6. You'll notice that SAP note 1404328 is already in SP6. You'll still need to install it again along with the second SAP note 1420169
Please install both of these and try your work flow again. If it's still not working, then you'll need to go through the composite notes in the second SAP note 1420169.

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    I have a Webi Report created on SAP BW Hierarchy Query -- BW 7.01 SP05 and this report is working fine.
    Then i have imported this report to another BO system having the same version BOE XI 3.1 SP1. But after import the Webi report
    is not working when we refresh in new system and getting the following error:
    "A database error occurred. The database error test is: An error has occurred. No further information AVAILABLE basis. (Wis 10901)"
    I have recreated the same report in new BO system but the error is same. I have implemented the Notes 1441767,1432162, and 1438091 in BW system to solve the issue but no use.
    Can any one help me how to solve this issue?
    Best Regards

    Hi Ingo,
    Thanks for the reply. For both the reports the underlying BW system is same.
    I found out a Note "1420169" which helped me to solve this issue. The values in the collumns are behaving differently each time.
    one time it will give wrong values some times it will not fill with values etc..
    Finaly after aplying the above note issue got solved.
    Best Regards
    Edited by: Raju Kota on Apr 27, 2010 4:42 AM

  • Issue with webi report on BEx query

    I have created a universe on top of Bex query.  There is no issue in creating and exporting the universe.  But when I try to create a webi report out that BEx query, I am not able to see the values.  Say if I have a column called "Company"  I am getting the value as "All Company" and so on.  What will be the issue?
    But when a report is generated out of BEx analyser they are able to see the values properly.
    Same user credentials are used in both the places (Importing the query into universe, Connecting to BEx Analyser) .
    Thanks & Regards,
    Subbu S

    Hi Subbu,
    the universe will generate a L00 item and a L01 item. The L00 item shows the All member of the characteristic in the case of a flat list and the Top level nodes from a hierarchy. the L01 item should give you what you looking for.

  • Can create Webi report using multiple universe (multiple datasource)

    Hi All,
    Can we create a Webi report from multiple universe (can say multiple dataprovider & datasource)?
    Please suggest.

    You can bring as many sources together into one report as you like.
    However, to use them together you must have some common dimension, such as a particular Sold To Party, Business Partner, etc. You can then use merge dimensions to develop your report but you will need to be aware that dimensions that are NOT Common to both data providers cannot be used in a table combining two data providers.
    So, if data provider one has dimensions Resort, Product and Year and a  measure object Sales Value
    while  data provider one has dimensions Resort and Year and a  measure object Cost Value, you cannot use Product in a report but you can display Resort, Year, Sales Value and Cost Value together to show you how much revenue each resort is generating each year and how much it is costing you to do so. To have product in the report table, you would need to add it to data provider two.
    Hope that clears it up for you.

  • Strange issue with WEBI schedule Report

    Hi All,
    I have a strange issue with schedule WEBI reports, a schedule report runs for Hours , i reschedule it again by deleting the instance and the schedule report never got succeed even after running for hours.
    Any idea???

    Hi Manoj,
    1. Try to put some filters in the report and then run the report. if it takes less time, then probably your query is fetching very    large data.
    2. MDX query error may be the reason , this error come when a query runs endless, please try running the query 2-3 times, or when load on server is less.
    Hope this will help,

  • WebI report based on Universe upon SAP BEx Queries:Prompt issue

      I am creating Web Intelligence report using Universe based on SAP Bex Queries. In WebI report I created a filter condition as I need to run report based on two specidc dates. I need to schedule report to run 2nd of every month to show data for last month. At present I have the following filter : date between 'Start Date' and 'End Date'. 'Start Date' should always be 'first date of previous month' and End Date be always must be 'Last date of previous Month'. How to do this. The solution I thought would be to create  variables at report/universe level ('first date of previous month' and 'Last date of previous Month') and use in the filter using 'Object from this Query' option.But this 'Object from this Query' option is missing in the prompt.Is there any work around to achieve this.? Could you please help me.
    Nanda Kishore

    Hi all,
    I have a related question too.
    I have 2 queries and need a Combined BEx query written on this for reporting. (WebI)
    In the 2 queries, there is a Field which needs to be restricted.
    But this field should not be restricted in the Combined BEx query.
    So I thought of restricting the Field at the report level. But in this case, the user gets a prompt to enter a value for the field.
    And this is not desirable as per the requirement.
    COuld you please tell me if there is another way of handling this without the user being prompted to enter a value while the report is being run, but still I need selection at the Field level.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Srilakshmi B

  • #Unavailable in WEBI Report - Using OLAP Universe

    I am using BEX query (OALP Universe) to create a WEBI report, when I run the report, it shows #UNAVAILABLE in Key Figures values.
    I am not using the database delegation in Key figures properties in Universe, it is default to SUM
    and if i create a new report based on this universe it is displaying correct, only if i open the existing report it shows the #unavailable.
    and i tested this report in webi rich client, i.e. i imported this report in WEBI rich client and ran it , it was working fine, then again i exported this report into infoview and it is working fine in Infoview, the Key figures are showing values.
    I am strange of this issue...
    Please let me know if you guys have any idea on this issue
    Thanks in Advance.

    I am not sure if it is the same problem, but I had similar issues with measure objects coming out of the universe that were defined as "database delegated" in the universe object's properties. Basically it then forces you to always refresh when you have changed anything on the report, so that it can recalculate the measure. I am not aware of differences regarding this in Rich Client vs. InfoView, but there could be. I have seen other similar issues between the two before.
    Check to see if the measures are database delegated, and change them if you can to sum or count or whatever they should be.
    Hope that helps.

  • Strange characters in WEBI report

    When I run a WEBI report, i see strange characters in the cells. Pls refer to attached screen shot. The output is sometimes displaying correctly and sometimes not.
    I run the query generated by WEBI at the backend, I get the correct results.
    I tried to create a separate report with some of the columns. Even then I get these strange characters.
    Please let me know if you have anything solution on this.
    I use
    BOXI R3.1 SP5

    Hi Shreyas,
    I was interested to see the database output so that I can see what values are coming to report.
    Does the report contain some accentuated characters like Ö,É,ć etc. or some other characters.
    As the issue is not coming with Deski and WRC then it could be an issue with the application server.
    Which application do you use? IIS or Tomcat or some other server?
    Sometimes, the application servers do not support UTF-8 encoding. In case of Tomcat, you can check the server.xml file. You can check knowledge base article on SAP portal.
    Also check if the desired font is added in fontalias.xml.

  • Date issue in webi report after migration to XI 3.1

    Hello All,
    We had designed a webi report in BOXIR2 with run date present in report header section. This report was working fine in XIR2 environment.
    However after migrating this report to XI 3.1 with sp2 and fp2.2, we have observed that date part is getting eliminated from the report header. If date is 13/01/2010, then only 13 is visible and rest of the date is getting out of report. This happens when we export report to PDF (We need final output in PDF).
    The same thing was working fine in XIR2. From 'properties' section of report,  we have verified that report format has not changed. Also we are using latest version of Adobe (9.2).
    Can you suggest us the steps to resolve this issue?

    When you view the Report in WebI Format is the Date shown correct ?
    When you export the Report in xls. is the Date shown correct ?
    Could you please re- validate your formular in XI 3.1 for the date
    Compare the Format of the Object in the Universe between Rel.2 and XI 3.1 (if the Date informations in an object in your Universe)
    Only Adobe Reader 8.1.2 and 9.0 are supported. Can you please install one of these versions and retry ?

  • Performance Issue with Webi report uses SAP BI Query as the data source

    I have created a Webi ad-hoc report which connects to a SAP BI query through BO OLAP universe.
    The layout of Webi is the exactly the same as the BI query.  There are filters in the Webi to restrict the number of data extraction, but even with data result of 5000 rows, it took about 30 seconds.
    If I execute the BI query with the same filter restriction, it tooks less than 10 seconds.
    It seems that large percentage of time is consumed at the MDX part.
    Is there any tuning method that could speed up the process time of MDX?
    Thank you.
    Edited by: Justine Liu on Mar 18, 2009 6:59 AM

    please take a look here:
    [] (Look under related notes)
    It includes references to various performance improvements of the MDX interface. From what I saw there it is advisable to upgrade your SAP BI (7.0)  up to at least Support Package 21 (you are currently on SP 15).
    This may also be interesting for you: There is a new Fix Pack 1.4 coming out for BOBJ XI 3.1. Combined with the related SAP Enh.Pack (not sure about the version of this one) should also improve WebI performance. This fix pack is not yet officially released though but it should not take look.
    I recommend that you try the upgrade to Support Package 21 first.
    BTW it is also advisable to take a look in the results of your MDX query (e.g using the MDXTEST transaction). You should make sure that your query is indeed restricted as expected. Sometimes the results you see in SAP native reporting tools (e.g. BEx Analyzer) differ from those returned from the MDX component, depending on the way variables/restrictions where defined in the query designer. It is all about making sure that there is no apples/oranges comparison here.

  • Webi Report on BW Universe works in DEV but not properly in TEST

    We have created a Webi-Report on a BW Universe on our DEV server. Everything works like a charm and we are prompted as the first thing for keydate and the report is refreshed successfully. We then export the Universe (no connection overwrite) and Report to our TEST server with the Export Wizard and the problems start.
    When we refresh the report on the TEST server we are prompted for keydate. If we select a value for the date we receive an error:
    A database error occured  The database error text is: The MDX (and then some MDX) failed to execute with the error Specify a value for variable Financial Statement Version. (WIS 10901)
    If we select Use default value the report refreshes but no currency conversion is done. We can then refresh the report again and this time if we select a value for the keydate the report refreshes without the above error.
    We have tried to overwrite the connection during export from DEV to TEST so the connection points to our DEV BW Server with the same result. If we create the universe on the TEST server from scratch everything works as intended.
    If we transport the Universe and report from DEV to PROD directly the report works as intended.
    The BO user (SSO WinAd) testing this have admin rights on BO. The connection in the univers to BW is done using a fixed username and password (no SSO to BW)
    I am now out of options and would appreciate any input you might have to solve this problem.
    Best Regards,

    Hi Wavery,
    Thanks for your reply. I have checked the connections and they are named exactly the same on DEV/TEST/PROD. I have also tried deleting the universe, connection and report on TEST and then do a new transport of all of them from DEV to TEST. Same result.
    What I don't understand is why the refresh works if I do it in two steps:
    I set keydate to "use default value" when prompted and the report will refresh without the keydate dependent calculations. None keydate dependent measures are showing correct values from BW.
    Then I refresh again and set the keydate to a date and the report refreshes with the dependent calculations.
    This tells me the connection is working and the problem is somewhere else. At the moment I'm clueless
    Any input is highly appreciated.

  • Cosmetic issue in WEBI report while creating on top of BEX query

    While Creating WEBI report on tob of BEX Query, it is displaying both Technical names and descriptions at webi design level.
    The infoobjects we had used in BEx Query is Navigation Attributes.
    In case if we are using normal Infoobjects, we can able to restrict as per my requirement like uniqe name, description or both.
    In this webi report user(Power user) having flexibility to drag and drop available characteristics.
    Due to this issue column heading is displaying both technical name and description. For example Customer(ZCUSTOMER)

    How come , if  it is display for data means it also need to be display for header (Dimension also).
    you can try alternatively in webi by creating variable  for that Iobj .
    Refer below blog provide details:
    BOBJ Tricks: Toggle the Display of Text and Key in Webi

  • Prompt issue with WebI Report on top of Bex

    Hello Experts,
    I have WebI report on top of Bex. I have Material Parameter on WebI which has materal key and text. When I select Material, It gets only Mateial Name not the key. We have some users they want to see both text and key.
    Any help would be highly appereicated.

    in the universe you have a dimension objects (blue objects) showing the description and a detail objects (green objects) showing the key.
    see here:

  • Bex Hierarchy issue on Webi report

    Hello Experts,
    We are facing issues on use of Bex hierarchy in webi report,
    Issue statement: We have webi report on bex query which have table and chart with input control on year and month to filter the report, table and chart uses hierarchy object to disply data. When we refresh report table and chart shows data with hierarchy on first level but once we check or uncheck any value from input control hierarchy in table and chart gets expanded and shows as flat structure. to get correct behaviour we have to collaps hierarchy.
    Above behaviour happens for all report level filter like, block filter, drill filter, input control.
    Please help me to know this is a bug or something wrong happened with development.
    Priyank Bhayani

    Hello Everyone,
    I have got SAP note which states this is expected behaviour hence closing the discussion.
    1702356 - Hierarchy Nodes expanded automatically to all levels after selecting value in the input control in a webi report.
    Priyank Bhayani

  • Access table directly from database in BO 4.0 WebI Report without using Universe

    Can i use the table avilable in database directly to make BO 4.0 WebI Report without create any universe. 
    I realy appeiciate your help.
    Thank you in advance.

    You need to create a universe for Relational SQL databases. Universe is a must. The reason you create universe is for the end users. WebI is designed for end users to create their own reports. It is a self service reporting tool. In order to do that, you need universe which allows users to query database using SQL without knowing SQL language.
    If you don't want to create a universe for reporting then you can use Crystal Reports instead of WebI

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