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I have installed Creative Suite 2 Premium on Power Mac G5, 2ghz motorola chip all programs except Photoshop open and work properly except the one needed Photoshop CS2. It quits on the splash screen while "building Twain menu items"  This may or may not be important but the previous owner had Photoshop CS3 on this computer but removed it. Spotlight showed some remaining CS3 folders remaining which I removed when I was unable to launch CS2. Help.

put a tilde (~) in front of the name TWAIN.plugin so it reads (~TWAIN.plugin)

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  • CS2 question - SVGs+default font

    I need to know if there is a way to change the default font for SVGs. I have done the thing with editting the "Adobe Illustrator Startup_CMYK" and "RGB" but that seems to only change the default font for new .AI files. Whenever I open a SVG (even though the only font in the SVG is arial) the font box always goes back to myriad. So when ever I need to add text to the page I always have to change the font - which is annoying as all get out because I update several hundred of these buggers a year.
    Any ideas?

    Bear with me guys. I'm trying not to panic. I have a ton of files causing me font problems.
    Two issues:
    1) I tried Find Font and it didn't work. When I go to Type, then Font, I find that Blair is listed TWICE - one of them has a blue TT next to it and looks like the font. The other Blair listing does not have a symbol to it's left, does not look like the font, and is listed like this:
    < BlairMdITCTT Medium - diamond symbol - then closed bracket >
    Now what? Do I need to close one of those and if so HOW, and which one do I close? I do not have font management.
    2) Whether I hit "update or just "ok" to open these old illus 6 files into CS2, the same thing almost always occurs. I'll get the default font message and then I'll open a file for instance, that uses Trajan Bold and Univers. The file doesn't look right, as if it's substituting the fonts. Then when I then go to Type, then Font, these fonts are on the list just ONCE each, and they are listed like this:
    < Trajan Bold (then a diamond symbol) >
    < Univers (diamond symbol) >
    If I highlight the Trajan Bold word in my document, for instance, a checkmark appears to the left of < Trajan Bold (then a diamond symbol) > but of course it isn't showing up correctly.
    THEN, if I open another file that doesn't use these fonts, they do not show up on the font menu list at all.
    Are these global problems easily fixable? Explain it to me like I'm six.
    P.S. Do these particular font problems have anything to do with the "this legacy text must be updated before you can edit it" issue? Here is another question (link below) I asked a few months earlier which contains extensive answers to the updating questions. I thought I'd cite it below so I don't cause anyone to go off topic.
    This board is amazing and I'm so grateful to everyone on it. Thanks.

  • Adobe After Effects (CS2) Question. Please Help!!!

    Hi All,
    I use Adobe After Effects CS2 and I am currently trying to make a still 2D Photoshop CS2 Image, into a 3D Short Movie (7 Seconds or so) on After Effects. However, when I import my Photoshop Image into After Effects, it only has a time duration of 2 Frames (0.2 Seconds I think?). I need this duration of time for the picture increased (as it is a still picture movie) but I'm not sure how to do it after fiddling around with my After Effects for about 2 - 3 Hours. I need to be able to put the time duration of my picture so it is able to be showing up on screen for about 15 Seconds. Also, how to you add 3D Text onto an After Effects picture? (In the movie). I really need help with this as I want this After Effects Film to be completed ASAP!!!
    Any help would be highly appreciated!

    > Is CS6 now free?
    No, though there is a free 30-day trial.
    > And is it downloadable?

  • Photoshop CS2 Question

    It is my understanding that Adobe's Photoshop CS2 does NOT run on iMac Intel Core 2 Duo...yet I was able to install Adobe Creative Suite 2 which includes Photoshop CS2 on a friends new iMac Intel???? Can someone shed some light on this for me? Is there a different version on Creavtive Suite 2?
    I was able to open the Photoshop Application adn ti seemed to be working fine. Does this mean it is running on Rosetta? If it is...it seemed to be running jsut fine.
    iMac 24" 2.16GHz Intel Core 2 Duo   Mac OS X (10.4.7)   iPod 4G, Airport Express

    It certainly does run. It just requires Rosetta to do the translation. With enough RAM, it works very nicely indeed.

  • CS2 question  Filter- Distort- Lens Correction

    When using the lens correction pane (Filter-> Distort-> Lens Correction) in CS2 I have never been able to use the hand tool to move a scaled (or not) image within the preview window. It just doesn't function.
    eg., when correcting for vertical perspective the upper portion of the image is "cropped" by the top of the preview window and additional transparent canvass appears at the bottom. I'd like to pull the image down to center it but alas... no functioning hand tool.
    Is this tool just broken or am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance for your advice.
    (Intel and older G4 mac- same problem)

    What I think you're looking for is a Move Tool not a Hand Tool.
    The Hand tool is for navigating in an image. It doesn't move the pixels around.
    The Move Tool is for actually moving the pixels around on the canvas.
    There appears to be no such tool in lens correction.

  • CS5 and CS2 Question

    My company is looking to get all new Macs and CS suites for our office (YAY!) but before we make the upgrade I wanted to see if we would be able to open all of our old CS2 files in CS5? Any help is appreciated!!

    Shouldn't be a problem but you might want to check the individual application forums for any issues.

  • Another CS2 question...

    How can I change the default program that Lightroom points to? It's wanting to open my LR image in CS3, but I only have the trial version of CS3 (which of course is expired). I can not find in the preferences where I can point Lightroom to open my images in CS2.
    Any suggestions?!
    Thanks so much!

    Remove CS3

  • Can someone please help a friend of mine get a permanent registration key (not a trial key that expires in 30 days) to replace his lost registration key for Adobe Photoshop CS2? His previous hard drive crashed and he no longer has his registration key. Th

    Can someone please help a friend of mine get a permanent registration key (not a trial key that expires in 30 days) to replace his lost registration key for Adobe Photoshop CS2? His previous hard drive crashed and he no longer has his registration key. This is vital for his wedding business.

    Thanks to everyone for the tips on my CS2 question. It turns out in the end it was some plug-in filter software that was causing the glitch, not a lack of an Adobe registration key. As for why he still uses CS2, it does the job for him, so that's all he needs.

  • CS2 and CS5 on the same PC

    I am waiting for the student version of CS5 to arrive via UPS, in the mean time the target PC has CS2 on it. Can I leave CS2 on and still install CS5?

    Yes, the two will coexist peacefully together, and it's actually a good idea to leave it installed.  The only thing is you can't actually run both at the same time.
    But with CS2 still on your computer you have the option to go back and check things in the app you're used to, which can be handing when setting up the new one to work the way you want.  And it can be a fallback for you if you just can't get something to work right in CS5.
    If you have the disk space there's really no reason to ever remove CS2.  If you leave it in there you can, for example, in the future help people on this forum who have CS2 questions. 

  • How do I get out of cs3 Illustrator's upgrade check? I already have a purchase serial number and there is no known, upgrade for CS3 for Illustrator. It has CS2.

    How do I get out of cs3 Illustrator's upgrade check? I already have a purchase serial number and there is no known, upgrade for CS3 for Illustrator. It has CS2.

    Is the app store looking to my hard drive for traces of aperture to determine whether it has been purchased or is it looking at some kind of purchase history within the app store?
    Is there anyway to wipe my hard drive clean of aperture files or wipe clean my app store purchase history so that i can start over?
    If none of this is possible, does anyone have a possible solution?
    If i were to redownload aperture (currently for free since it won't let me pay) when a subsequent update comes out (say it goes from version 3.2.2 to 3.2.3) can i then elect to buy aperture, pay the fee and will it appear as a purchased app and allow me to get upgrades going forward?  Would any data be compromised with this?
    1. Do you have a backup connected to your Mac that contains the app? If so, yes the MAS can detect that and believes that the app is installed.
    2. If the app no longer appears in the purchase history on the Purchased pane in the MAS, then it would seem that Apple has taken care of that.
    4. Updates, such as you describe are free. Upgrades are not. An upgrade is a new paid version of the app, such as v 3.0 to v 4.0.

  • Partitions for OSX and Win-XP, Photo Library and Scratchdisk

    Hello everybody,
    I have just received my 160GB hard disk for my MacBook, before installing it I have a question:
    I want to run OSX, and windows XPPro
    Within OSX I will be using Aperture
    Within the XPPro environment I will be using CS2
    Question 1.
    for the CS2 envrinment I want to partition a schratchdisk of appr. 20GB. Will I be able to use this schratchdisk from both OSX and XP depending on when I use them (I am also able to run CS2 from OSX)
    Question 2.
    I want to access a single photo library from both OSX and XPPro, do I make an extra partition for this as well ?
    I would be most pleased for any comments or alternative setups on partitioning.
    I will be using Bootcamp.
    Thanks in advance

    I would only partition for scratch disk and running XP. For iPhoto it is best if the pictures are on the same partition as the operating system as it makes it easier to backup your data as my FAQ explains
    Before partitioning, be sure to backup your data at least twice, as partitioning may cause the drive to fail if there is anything wrong with it at the low level. Apple´s Boot Camp utility theoretically can partition without wiping the drive, and other methods of running XP on your MacBook may make their own virtual partition to run XP on which you can copy over to a formatted partition with the installer´s Disk Utility if you so desire, or you can keep on your main partition. This FAQ of mine explains what those methods of running XP on Intel Macs are
    You may find though you don´t have to run XP at all. There are many more compatible Mac compatible titles than you might think which you can find in the above FAQ.

  • Photoshop CS version 8.0 Activation ?

    I have installed my copy of Photoshop CS into my new computer.
    When I open the program I am asked to activate it.
    I am given 30 days to complete it.
    I follow all the instructions and every one comes to a dead end.
    The last time I reinstalled the program was about 5 years ago and the activation process was completed.
    Photoshop has worked normally for the last 5 years. My old computer crashed.
    How do I activate Photoshop CS?

    There does seem to be a bit of confusion, or at least questions, regarding Ps CS and the CS2 "special version."
    Hope that we can get an "official Adobe response," to clarify the CS vs CS2 question.
    I've already shared my personal feelings, and the little that I *know* on this matter, plus what I hope that Adobe's stance is - but that might be 100% wrong, and unfulfilled.
    We shall see, or at least I *hope* that we'll see.
    More later - I hope...
    PS - Do I win the Mega-Millions Jackpot, for having used the word "hope" so many times in one post????

  • PhotoShop CS2 and PDF Presets question.

    I have installed the recent free release of Adobe Photoshop CS2 on my Win 8.1 PC.
    I am creating the artwork for a CD Cover, by using a CYMK template from CD-Baby.
    They require that the finished artwork be submitted to them in PDF format, using the [PDF/X-4:2008] preset.
    I found that Photoshop CS2 didn't come with this preset, but after searching the web, I came across this forum whereby a user posted a link to a "JobOptions" archive file at...
    ... I downloaded this RAR file and found that there was a file inside called "x4;2008.joboptions"
    I installed this preset by the 'EDIT/Adobe PDF Presets/' route, and it seemed to successfully install the preset.
    (No errors at least).
    Now when I go to save my finished project as PDF, I am given the choice of...
    * [PDF/X-1a:2001]
    * [PDF/X-3:2002]
    * x4;2008
    (this is the exact description of each preset).
    My only question is, do you think the desired [PDF/X-4:2008] was correctly installed?,
    I'm not sure since the naming format is not exactly the same as the first 2 presets descriptions.
    Thank you.

    thanks for your reply  Mylenium.
    is it possible that this user preset might not exactly conform to the desired preset I'm after?
    is there any way I can get a genuine copy of the factory preset [PDF/X-4:2008]?

  • Upgrade from CS2 to CS5 multi-questions

    A few questions actually..
    I very recently just bought an upgrade from Photoshop CS2 to CS5. Everything went well but I don't understand a few, possibly trivial, things.
    During the installation process, I in no way had to supply information about my CS2 licence to prove that I even have it. How do you guys make sure that someone who doesn't own a previous version of Photoshop isn't saying that they want an upgrade, thus avoiding the full price of the product?
    Also, when you upgrade, does your old previous version license become deactivated? Are you suppossed to remove it from your computer or some other process?
    Lastly, when I downloaded the upgrade, I downloaded both CS5 for 32 and 64 bit by default as they were both there. Do I need both on my computer and what's the difference between using/having the two?
    I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit to clarify.
    Thanks in advance!

    If you purchased and upgrade then it should ask for a qualifying serial number.  It is also possible you purchased an upsell which means you were basically given a copy of the full version at a discounted price.  The qualification process is done when you purchase the software.
    You can continue to use your CS2 license.  You can not however sell it as it is qualifying you to utilize CS5.
    For questions about 64-bit I would recommend reviewing http://blogs.adobe.com/scottbyer/2006/12/64_bitswhen.html

  • CS2, CS3 & CS4 upgrade questions

    Is it possible to have both CS2 and CS3 installed and functional on the same Windows machine at the same time? Same question with CS3 and CS4 and, if it can be done, are there any known issues that result?
    I need to migrate our graphics station to the newer CS3 (and eventually CS4 ... probably around the time CS10 is released), but I can't afford to lose access to projects during the much slower than normal process of getting the newer version fully ready to go (i.e., all plugins and the many custom files they use within my projects accessible by the newer version). Sorry for the 101 question ... I work in corporate video now and our facilities are way behind the curve so I have now become that way too.

    As Navarro said: Should be no problem. Be aware, though, that several of the "Edit original" and "Open in Bridge" type functions will always resort to the most modern version and these functions thus will not work fully in older versions. If e.g. you chose to "Browse Presets" in AE CS3 with CS4 already on your system, it would open Bridge CS4 and you would be able to view the presets, but could not apply them with a double-click as you would otherwise. Also expect some confusion when working with MPEG stuff. You may get warnings about missing CoDecs in Encore and Premiere or weird licensing warnings ("not included in trial version" and such...)

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