[CS3][CS4][VB] XML, Markup - bug or next "cool" feature ?

could anybody please check how it works in JS or AS - what do you get in XML structure - what is tagged - when you try to MarkUp character containing InLine graphic ? or Text object containing only one "character" - InLine graphics
something like this:
Set myPageItem = myText.PageItems.Item(a)
Set myChar = myPageItem.Parent
With myChart.AssociatedXMLElements.Item(1).Parent.XMLElements.Add("qqq")
     Call .Markup(myChar)
End With

        Ok, I figured out the problem.  I had read that snippet before and tried it and it didn't work.  I then Dim'd artitem as a compoundpathitem instead of pathitem and it worked on the first iteration of the for each loop.   One the second trip through there was an invalid cast exception..but it had upsized the art!   So I just added try/catch to handle the error and it works!
For future reference, anyone that reads this will need to add a reference to the CS4(or whichever version) type library COM object, change the hard coded file paths and it should convert from AI to SVG and Scale it up or down by replacing the 125,125 in the scale matrix by whatever percentage you'd like.   The Userinteractionlevel disables any warnings so that it runs automatic.
Thanks again Carlos...while you didn't give me the exact code I needed, you pointed me at what I had previously dismissed due to a different error.
        Dim illusapp As New Illustrator.Application
        Dim illusdoc As Illustrator.Document
        Dim scalematrix As Illustrator.Matrix
        Dim artitem As Illustrator.CompoundPathItem
        Dim svgOpt = new illustrator.ExportOptionsSVG
        svgOpt.DTD = Illustrator.AiSVGDTDVersion.aiSVG1_0    
        illusapp.UserInteractionLevel = Illustrator.AiUserInteractionLevel.aiDontDisplayAlerts
            illusdoc = illusapp.Open("c:\test\test.ai")
            scalematrix = illusapp.GetScaleMatrix(125,125)
                For Each artItem In illusapp.ActiveDocument.PageItems
            End Try

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    ___ * The 2012 Mac Mini should arrive today, but I won't try CS3/CS4 on it (to see if it will install, and will run OK on 10.9.5) until later.  After doing the experiments, I'll report back about the results.

  • From When Adobe CS3, CS4, Cs5, CS5.5 and CS6 will loose activation support like cs and cs2

    From When Adobe CS3, CS4, Cs5, CS5.5 and CS6 will loose activation support like cs and cs2

    Nobody can tell you that. CS2 activation was turned off because of bugs in the software that made it too difficult to maintain. so far no such thing has been the case with the otehr versions. Either way, if and when that time comes surely Adobe will let you know and provide a solution...

  • CS3 - CS4 Migration, ReferenceError: Error #1065:

    Hi! I have been trying to migrate a CS3 based Flash project
    to the new CS4 IDE for some days, but it has been impossible. All
    the conponents of the library throw the same error at building
    ReferenceError: Error #1065: Variable <Class> is not
    I have changed the name of all clases with the same name as
    the package,
    I have also changed the name of the main class,
    I have created a new empty .fla to copy and paste all the
    elements of the library,
    I have tried all solutions I have found on the Internet, but
    the error is still there. Could you please tell me what I am doing
    wrong? I would be very grateful if you could help me!

    Thanks for your reply kglad, but is not entirely correct. The
    code of the .as files is AS3, but some library elements were
    programmed in AS2. I did some tests yesterday and I can discard
    problems like missed "var". I think the problem is in the library
    elements. I don't understand what I'm doing wrong. In many forums,
    the people report a lot of problems with CS3 -> CS4 migrations,
    it can be a bug in CS4?(the project works fine in CS3) Any idea?
    Thank you very much!
    (Downgrade to CS3 is not an option, I need the new graphic
    acceleration features of the CS4 (FP10) in my project).

  • I am steaming - Thru CS3 - CS4 and now CS5 Fireworks is crap

    All through CS3, CS4 and now CS5 Fireworks on 3 different machines Windows XP, Windows Vista and now Windows 7... simply is a crappily written app. And I have been using Fireworks since Macromedia and these problems have only appeared from Adobe.
    Is it to drive folks to Photoshop? After working on it for about 30 min you get 'low on memory' 'internal error'... it is unconscionable that an application that is so expensive can be written so appallingly. And when you run through the forums you just get tons of complaints about the shoddy code at Adobe.
    All of the computers are stacked with 4GB, this one has 16GB on a blazingly fast Phenom Black but that's not the killer... no other app crashes. Not the little $5 dollar apps, not anything. It is so frustrating. Can't someone buy this place and straighten it out!!! Macromedia was known for ridiculously great code and features.
    Had anyone solved this problem... I here if you login in as Donald Duck it might go away. What kind of nonsense is that?

    don't get so steamy. I am on your side and I actually met Adobe marketing VP in Australia and told him that his CS ****, mmm I mean suite is worthless on a Mac at least. He couldn't care less. They don't fix things they market "upgrades" so idiots like you and me will keep on spending. I for instance use Adobe and Macromedia products since mid 90s' and I must say that nothing has changed for me since FW3 or 4 and Photosop 5.5. Illustrator should always stayed simple but they managed to make it so fat it barely moves. Flash also became something it wasn't intended for and it's days are numbered by HTML5. Adobe Acrobat? you must be kidding. I still don't know what the F this is all about. and so on and so on....
    You will grow out of it eventually like I did. It doesn't worth it. Believe me. Just "upgrade" if you must have some feature. I think DW and Flash are the only products that need to be upgraded because of the industry it's linked to (web). the rest are just tools that still do what they did 10 years ago. they are only "integrated" now.
    There are other tools you can use, not many but there are or simply don't upgrade!!! this is the best way for you and I to tell Adobe what we think.

  • CS3 CS4 CS5 backwards compatible or just backwards?

    Have just spent over a month talking with Adobe "Customer Service" - an offshore call centre whose entire capability seems to be to read from a script which says "Sir I understand your problem" - really? - "But all I can suggest is that you purchase CS5" - I had already! - "Or visit our online community".
    Over a month - I may include the thread here - including a dozen telephone calls where I was occasionally hung up on and where I NEVER ONCE spoke with a technician who actually understood my problem.
    I have client video projects stretching all the way back to Premiere CS2.
    When I upgraded from CS3 to CS4 (on PC) I was told to "start all my video projects from scratch" - that was the helpful answer from the Adobe "Customer Service" team! It appears as though the way CS4 handles native media formats is entirely non-compatible with CS3 or earlier.
    Two months ago I purchased a Mac and CS5 suite. Again, my CS3 projects are not compatible it seems. One month ago my PC died.
    I began a dialog with Adobe "Customer Service" looking for help.
    I own Production Suite or Master Suite in CS2, CS3, CS4 and CS5 - so I'm not a software pirate - and have a reasonable expectation that I should attract a certain level of support: specifically, I would like to exchange my CS3 PC software for CS3 Mac - seems like the best way to run those older projects - BUT I would gladly take any advice you can provide!!
    After over a month talking with a range of "Customer Service" people ranging from well-meaning but un-trained to straight-ahead rude people, I've been told to go buy the software somewhere else!
    Adobe CS3 for Mac ships new from $800 to $1500 from eBay.
    Boot Camp is an option since I own CS3 for PC but then I need to buy Windows and a Parallel software solution - also around $1200.
    I no longer feel like such an evangelist for IP - when this is the service you get as a Genuine Adobe Customer.
    I love using Adobe products but am disgusted at the total lack of service.
    Can anybody help?

    Going from Windows to MAC with AVI, WMV, and converted VOB's (if done) may cause some funny things to happen.
    I think I would check up what CODEC's those AVI and converted VOB's are using, and check if your MAC supports them, and also check if your MAC supports WMV.
    "basically every kind of media you can import to PP" is probably different on Windows than it is on MAC.

  • File size comparisons, InDesign CS3, CS4 and CS5?

    Hi, all.
    It seems there was a trend for several major releases where each time Adobe released a new version of InDesign and InCopy, average file sizes grew by 20% or so from the old release to the new release, at least back in the older CS days. Has this trend continued, such that file sizes in CS4 are substantially larger than file sizes from CS3, and CS5 files are substantially larger than those from CS4?
    Adobe, of course, wants to keep writing functionality that will keep the user community coming back to buy in to upgrades. The added functionality sometimes comes at a cost beyond the price tag. If file sizes are larger in a newer version, then page saves over a network or to a database are likely to be slower, and user productivity takes a hit while users are waiting for files to be saved.
    Has anyone done any testing to build the "same" page in multiple versions of InDesign to understand what the effect is on the file sizes? I'm specifically interested in the file sizes between InDesign CS3, CS4 and CS5. To be meaningful, the test page would have to be at least moderately complex, with a couple of photos, multiple text elements and so forth. By "same," the page wouldn't take advantage of new functionality in newer versions but would be saved as a native page of the current version, though the file sizes may be bloated by the new functionality like it or not.
    If you've done any testing along these lines, I'd like to hear more about it.

    The overall structure of ID's files have been exactly the same for -- as far as I can see back -- CS. No change at all, in there.
    There have been significant additions to the 'global' spaces; stuff like InCopy user data, table styles, object styles, and cross references. Each of these add a major chunk of data to each file, whether you use it or not, plus a few bytes per object (again, whether you use them or not -- ID also needs to know where you did not use them, that's why). I think these might be the main source of 'global' file size increase (a single object style in one of my files, for example, eats up a healthy chunk of 11,482 bytes).
    For the rest, all new stuff like 'span columns' is a handful of bytes per paragraph style. Tracking changes may very well double the size of text runs -- but 1 character takes up 1 byte of storage (plus perhaps some overhead of indicating its 'tracking' status). Any single measurement unit always uses 8 bytes at least (for example, the left inset for a column span -- even if it's not used, or set to 0pt).
    I think we're talking about a couple of K's here (oh -- perhaps a max of a hundred or so), in a file format that has been designed around the concept of "disk pages", each 4K big, meaning that sometimes adding one single character to a text box increases the file size by 4 K.
    Your idea of comparing the size of a file created in CS3 against the same saved as CS4 and as CS5 is certainly feasible -- I might try it some time, just to confirm it's purely the extra 'new objects' data that accounts for the size increase and to confirm my guesstimates of the number of Ks involved.

  • CS2/CS3/CS4: Cannot get file path in Unicode of the current document on Windows

    Hi All,
    In my automation plugin I need to have full absolute path of the opened document with any possible non-English letters. Using SDK examples Listener and Getter that come with Photoshop SDK the full absolute path which I obtain is in the default ANSI code page (CP_ACP) and I can convert it to Unicode using MultiByteToWideChar() API. However this works well when I have corresponding to document name language set in the "Control Panel -> Regional and Language Options -> Advanced -> Select a language to match the language version of the non-Unicode programs you want to use." For example if name of the document has Russian letters and chosen language in "Regional and Language Options" is also Russian the described conversion works well. If I change "Regional and Language Options" to English for example, full path returned by Photoshop SDK API (AliasToFullPath in PIUFile.cpp) for the document with Russian letters will contain "????????.psd" symbols.
    So I need to have an ability to get absolute file path in Unicode. Is it possible in Photoshop CS2/CS3/CS4 for Windows? I have searched forum and SDK but could not find info on it.
    Is it possible to have native HANDLE of the opened file to get file info using Windows API?
    Please advice.
    Below given slightly modified code from Photoshop CS3 which I use to get absolute file pat of the opened document.
    Thanks and regards,
    std::string outFilePath;
    int32 theID = 0;
    SPErr error = kSPNoError;
    error = PIUGetInfo(classDocument, keyDocumentID, &theID, NULL);
    if (error == kSPNoError)
    Handle theFileHandle = NULL;
    error = PIUGetInfoByID(theID, classDocument, keyFileReference, &theFileHandle, NULL);
    if (error == kSPNoError)
    int32 length = sPSHandle->GetSize(theFileHandle);
    Boolean oldLock = FALSE;
    Ptr pointer = NULL;
    sPSHandle->SetLock(theFileHandle, true, &pointer, &oldLock);
    if (pointer != NULL)
    outFilePath = (char*)pointer;
    sPSHandle->SetLock(theFileHandle, oldLock, &pointer, &oldLock);

    Hi All,
    Does anybody know, whether it is possible to get Unicode file path of the current document in Photoshop via Photoshop SDK API or without them?

  • Help! Can't play online videos in Adobe Flash CS3/ CS4.

    Hi everyone,
    I am not able to play online videos in Adobe Flash CS3/ CS4. Reinstalled, changed computer, the same. But I could play just a month ago. Any idea what could have happened to my Adobe Flash CS3/ computer  or any other source please?
    Many thanks

    Thanks for the help guys.
    Clearing the cache didn't work, but removing the Youtube cookie and restarting firefox did. I can now switch to Hi-def again
    Cheers :)

  • CS3/CS4 protecting against SQL Injection

    I was wondering if the newer versions of Dreamweaver like CS3/CS4 do a good enough job to protect against SQL Injection when using the built in Insert/Update/Delete behaviors or should I use Commands with Stored Procedures (MS SQL)?

    David , Günter - many thanks for your help !
    In my ignorance I appear to have been misled by my website host who, in response to a related problem, informed me as follows:
    "your website's scripting does appear to be highly vulnerable to SQL  injection attack, this can be easily seen via the following example:
    As  you can see, arbitrary data entered as the cat_id variable of the shopping cart  script is being passed unchecked to the SQL server, which is then returning a  notice relevant to the data passed (in the above example case this is an  "unknown column" error) - This effectively demonstrates that your shopping cart  script performs no validation on variables used within the script and passes  them directly to the SQL server, which means arbitrary commands can potentially  be added as variable data for the SQL server to execute.
    In order to  correct this all variables and any other posted data used by the shopping cart  script must be fully validated by the script itself before being passed to the  SQL server so that SQL commands cannot be executed by simply manually entering  these as a script variable".
    Thanks to David I understand the issue with the need for data validation but the response above appears to indicate that they believe there is more to it.
    David and Günter - I would welcome your response to the above and perhaps recommendations for SQL injection vulnerability testing.
    Kind regards

  • Flash CS3/CS4 (AS3) Components

    On the gskinner blog (
    there is a posting about an update to the new components for Flash
    CS3/CS4 which would allow the components to be skinned easier (I
    think). Can from Adobe comment on why this update has not bee
    rolled into the Flash IDE itself?

    Problem is not in your windows 7 OS, since i was working CS4 and now i m working with CS5 in windows 7 only. And i feel more comfort with this new OS. May be you hardware configuration might not be support to new technology like windows 7 and Flash CS5. Beca it is need high hardward configuration

  • CS3/CS4 Upgrade

    I installed CS3, I then bought a copy of CS4 upgrade and started to install it.
    Part way through, when it asked for CS3 serial number the only product option was CS3 Extended. I then realised that the upgrade copy I had bought was CS4 Extended upgrade.
    I then aborted the upgrade.
    The splash screen on CS3 about Photoshop now shows it as CS3 Extended even though it is just the normal version.
    I bought a normal version of CS4 upgrade but it will not recognise the serial, it wants a valid CS3 Extended serial.
    I uninstalled CS3 & CS4 Trial and then re-installed CS3, still the same problem with the solash screen showing it as CS3 Extended.
    If I uninstalled CS3 again and deleted all registry entries to Photoshop would this solve my problem?
    I have also tried the Adobe cleaner tool but this still left registry entries for Photoshop

    If I uninstalled CS3 again and deleted all registry entries to Photoshop would this solve my problem?
    Not at all. You need to delete the PCD database and any otehr asociated licensing and product identification files or simply manually deactivate everything, choosing to eradicate any stored serial numbers. Still, it wouldn't do anything for you, if you still had the wrong serials. Therefore do the only sensible thing - call phone support to sort this out. Nobody here can do that for you.

  • How to make an AIDrawArtAGMPort on Windows with CS3, CS4 and CS5

    I want to use the function DrawArt of AIDrawArtSuite.
    To use this function, I must have an AIDrawArtGWorld or an AIDrawArtAGMPort or an AIDrawArtAGMPoirtV6 object.
    With CS6 SDK, this suite provides a mean to instantiate an AIAGMPort.
    With CS3, CS4 and CS5 this function doesn't exist.
    On MacOS X, I can build AIDrawArtGWorld.
    On Windows, I don't know how to do it.
    On Windows how can I make an AIDrawArtAGMPort  object ?

    It is not recommended way to install SAP System without following Standard Installation Method. Please read concerned Official SAP Installation Guide and follow the standard procedure without inviting more complexities and headache.
    Bhavik G. Shroff

  • All copies illustrator crash, cs2 cs3 cs4 Leopard 10.5.8 powermac 1.8 dual

    I crashes every time i open it. it suddenly started happening. i could get just past  the opening pane at first allowing me to choose what kind of document to open print rgb etc, the it stopped doing that. i get the opening pane the it crashes, it aslo happens in past copies cs2 cs3 cs4 non of my illustrator copies will open

    It could be an issue with your font caches.  Go get fontnuke and try deleting all your system and application font caches.
    It doesn't sound like a preference issue if it's affecting all the other versions.  Do you have the suite installed?  Is Photoshop working properly?

  • CS3/CS4 Performance; recommendations for LAN/Server Env ?

    Id like to hear from the admins (or users for that matter) dealing with a significant amount of Adobe CS3/CS4 users, in a LAN/Server environment.
    What are the specs of the machines (PC's) that run it well ?
    Are you using font managers ?
    Are you the users editing files located on the server ?
    Im running all machines well above Adobe spec, Server 03 domain, Gbit Lan, Citrix ASA router.
    The guys here are of course whining about Macs, but they also state that font manager software would help resource usage on the workstations. When the apps launch in the AM, performance is great, as the day wears on, machine performance lags, and PS or Illustrator will eat itself. Event viewer has no other details except for App Hang.  Often times, while trying to save the work back out to the server; but other times just during general use.
    Just wondering of there is something I could be doing to better to help these guys.
    Anyone have thoughts on this ?

    How about some details on those machines? CS3 and CS4 are very resource hungry and I've found the best environment is Vista 64 with at 8 gigs of RAM (or more) a fast processor and fast harddrives.
    FWIW, it's not all that unusual to need to restart some of these applications after a lot of use.
    I know it's a pain but it certainly cures a world of ills when things start to slow down.
    BTW, that holds true on the Mac side as well.

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