Deleting an empty folder

I have an empty folder in the trash which I have been trying to delete using all the various methods that I have been able to find so far. Just using the standard "empty Trash" function under Finder gives the following message, "This operation cannot be completed because the item (and then) "-NNNN over 000FS+ Private Data" is locked. I have checked the permissions - all OK. It does NOT show as being locked. The operating system is OS 10.3.9
Mike Hewitt

Look at these links.
You can't empty the Trash or move a file to the Trash in Mac OS X
Solving Trash Problems
How To Fix Stubborn Trash and Why it Won't Delete
Download Trash It! v3.6.1 from:
Download DropNuke from:
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  • [svn:fx-trunk] 12929: Deleting an empty folder for Deepa.

    Revision: 12929
    Revision: 12929
    Author:   [email protected]
    Date:     2009-12-14 15:49:16 -0800 (Mon, 14 Dec 2009)
    Log Message:
    Deleting an empty folder for Deepa.
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    Revision: 12929
    Revision: 12929
    Author:   [email protected]
    Date:     2009-12-14 15:49:16 -0800 (Mon, 14 Dec 2009)
    Log Message:
    Deleting an empty folder for Deepa.
    QE notes: None
    Doc notes: None
    Bugs: None
    Reviewer: None
    Tests run: None
    Is noteworthy for integration: No
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  • TS1702 I need to delete an empty folder. I tried all of the possible things to delete it, but still whitout any luck. Restarted the phone, updated software, etc... Please help ! Thank you.

    I need to delete an empty folder. I tried all of the possible things to delete it, but still whitout any luck. Restarted the phone, updated software, etc... Please help ! Thank you.

    Try to drag an app into folder and then drag it out.
    Or reset you iPhone. Hold down Power and Home buttons until Apple logo appears. Release and wait to reboot.

  • Trying to delete an empty folder from desktop

    there are a couple of empty folders on the desktop of my kid's mac mini. i am unable to get rid of them. when i try to move them to trash i get a finder window asking for my admin password which i enter. i get no error msg to say the password is incorrect (i know it's correct) and no msg indicating that it can't be deleted or anything but it remains on the desktop.
    it's driving me crazy.....i have tried on and off over the last few months but it just won't budge.
    any ideas?

    g'day !
    try if anything [here|] helps.

  • Can't Delete Empty Folder in Deleted Items

    Running Outlook 2013 on a Windows 8.1 machine. Exchange 2010 on SBS 2011 platform.
    I have an empty folder within the deleted items folder. I can manually delete all messages within the deleted items but I cannot get that empty sub folder deleted. My permissions are set to "owner". I'm getting a message that says, "outlook
    is synchronizing local changes made to items in this folder. You cannot remove this folder until the synchronization with the server is complete". I've done shift+F9 in both the deleted items and the sub folder and that hasn't helped.
    Please advise.

    I recommend you check if owa has the issue. If the issue doesn't occur on owa, the issue may be related to outlook.
    I find a thread that has similar error for your reference.
    Please try to install the lastest update of Outlook to check the result.
    If you have any feedback on our support, please click
    Cara Chen
    TechNet Community Support

  • Deploy a war file contains an empty folder

    how can we export a project as WAR, and this project contains an empty folder, without losing this empty folder when we deploy the WAR.

    Thanks Ispy for your reply
    I used this previously and its work, but I�m sorry I don't explain in my question what I need precisely.
    Look i�m using IBM Web Sphere tool and there is an export a war tool inside it and when am using export it delete my empty folder automatically, so that I could not find what is the reason. Please anybody faced this problem.

  • I have an untitled empty folder on the desktopthat will not be trashed.

    I have an untitled empty folder on the desksktop. When I drag it to the trash the wastebasket icon turns to an arrow as if the empty folder is a disk. I am then asked if I want to force empty the trash- I do, but the empty folder is not deleted. Get info on the folder says the empty folder takes up 8 gig of space. Any ideas? Thanks!

    I checked disk utility and it appears there are several items below the horizontal line on the left side. They are:
    uninstall_flash player
    Flash Player
    flash player11_7r700
    flash player
    None of these items appear on the desktop.
    Does that mean anything? I did have a problem when I updtaed my Flash Player- I got a warning when in Firefox saying that Flash has crashed. It took me awhile to repair it by reverting to an older archived version of Flash. Could I have caused a problem while doing that? Is there any way to resolve the problem and delete the empty folder?

  • Yosemite 10.10 How to remove an empty folder in Launchpad

    Under Yosemite 10.10 in Launchpad appears an empty folder called "productivity" I have deleted this folder bay removing the applications inside. However, when rebooting the computer, the above-mentioned empty folder reappears again. Any suggestions to delete this empty folder from launchpad?
    Best regards,
    Madrid, Spain

    Just wonder who creates that folder in Applications folder...

  • 2 Photo Stream Folders on iPhone - Why do I have 2 photo stream folders on my iPhone? One is accurate and the other is empty. How do I delete the empty one? The empty folder doesn't allow my photos to be synced with my ipad2.

    I tried disabling the iCloud on my iPhone and ipad2 and re-enabling in hopes elimnating the extra empty folder on my iphone.  Despite disabling the iCloud on my iPhone, the empty Photo Stream folder remained on my iPhone and the other Photo Stream folder with my pictures was removed.  I think because of this empty folder, my iPad isn't being prayed with my photos. Any ideas? Has this happened to anyone else?

    You can uncheck multiple songs by selecting all the songs you want to uncheck, then right-click and choose "uncheck selection".  Also, make sure that you have checked "Sync only checked songs and videos" on the Summary tab of your iTunes sync settings or the sync process will ignore your selections.
    You can remove all the photos from your camera roll using Preview on your Mac.  Connect your phone to your Mac, open Preview, go to File>Import from iPhone.  When your photos appear in Preview, select the photos you want to delete, then click on the icon at the bottom showing the red circle with the diagonal line through it (see image below), then click Delete.
    To remove photos from the Photo Stream album on your phone you'll have to either reset Photo Stream (deleting all the photos from iCloud) or turn off Photo Stream on your phone.

  • Mac OS 10.5 /  I deleted the " Private" folder ... and emptied the trash. So the folder and its contents no longer exists on my computer at all !!!  I do have the OS dvd that i purchased years ago...  But my computer will not start from it on its own. My

    Mac OS 10.5 /
    I deleted the " Private" folder ... and emptied the trash. So the folder and its contents no longer exists on my computer at all !!!
    I do have the OS 10.5 dvd that i purchased years ago...
    But my computer will not start from it on its own.
    My question is what is the open source or terminal language code used to tell my mac to look in the DVD rom drive for startup info?  I know that im not the only person in this world who has deleted the "PRIVATE" folder and emptied the trash so it no longer exists on their machine...
    That said theres gotta be a common fix for a Power PC G4 that has the OS X dvd in the rom drive but wont look to it to reinstall the vital contents of the PRIVATE folder.
    Once again there is not a copy of this file or its contents in the recycle bin...
    Also rebooting the machine , pressing and holding the letter C does not prompt the machine to look to the dvd rom drive.
    I was reinstalling pro tools and figured I would make some room by cleaning my computers HD...
    Lol It was a bad choice to delete this file ...
    Thanks guys

    Okay sorry it took forever to respond... But for a while there I gave up on this computer!!!!
    Money's been tight lately , so taking it in to a professional was not yet an option... though I did consider it eventhough.
    Anyway long story short im glad I didnt spend any money because I already had all the tools necessary to fix this issue but was going about it in the wrong way. Okay so here is my scenario and the breakdown... Though this may not fix the issue for everyone :( which *****... But I know we all will have different circumstances.
    Anyway here we go...
    Okay so first things first....  Years ago I purchased the OS 10.5.1 disk ... So that has always been in my possession!!!!
    I realize that some may not have a disk to reflash your OS to your hard drive... but if you do your in luck.
    2ndly ... I had an external harddrive with all of my itunes downloaded music so it was more than okay with me to delete my primary HD because all the important stuff could either be copied over or repathed to be located.
    -------If you dont want to read through the whole story the fix is summed up in the bottom section-------
    Okay so now the SOLUTION!!!!
    By trial and error , and pure boredom I opened up my computer to clean the inside...
    "Disconnected the primary HD"
    and just because ....... REBOOTED my computer. Just to see what it would do.
    Upon restart and though it looked like it would repeat its usual cycle...
    About 1 minute in to that process my computer froze for about 2 seconds and flashed to the OS installation screen.
    Mind you I havent seen this screen yet... Probably hasnt been since I installed the OS years ago.
    After a bit of trial and error...
    I decided to tell my computer to startup from the OS 10.5 disk located in my dvd rom drive and restarted once again...
    this setting is under
    Utilities / startup disk
    After a little more trial and error ... I realized that I could reconnect the primary HD , restart the machine and return to the OS installation menu.
    So upon this discovery
    I went to the Disk Utility located under Utilities
    Highlighted my primary HD located in the left hand column
    Once highlighted ...
    In the heading section on the right I selected the option
    in which I erased My current OS on my primary HD ...
    I used the first option in the list under security... Because it seemed like the least invasive and would take the least amount of time to see if this process would actually work.
    I FORGOT to add something... 
    Another reason why I deleted my primary HD!!!!!
    I forgot to say that it WOULD NOT!!!!! Show up in the STARTUP list as an option...Even After multiple reboots....
    But like clockwork... Once I deleted its name IT SHOWED UP as an option!!!!
    So back to the next step...
    I returned to the STARTUP option under utilities ... And was then able to see MY primary HD now as a startup option...
    But ofcourse it had no name because it we previously erased it.
    So when Clicking my newly erased HD ... I was almost immediately prompted to REINSTALL the OS ...
    Which said it would take about 57 minutes ... But I believe was alot less...
    My issue was resolved ... My computer then stated the install was SUCCESSFUL!!!!!!! :))))))))))) lol ;)
    It was like I was setting up for the first time ;) asking for my registration info...
    The dilemma of deleting the private folder and emptying the trash is finally over resolved. Done ... and no extra money spent!!!!!!!!! 
    Its really crazy that the information for such a simple thing is not readily available. Especially being such a simple fix.
    I know im not the only person who's had this issue , because i've seen numerous posts with similar wording.
    I also know I wont be the last person to have this issue... So I hope this synopsis makes sense.
    -------One more time the fix------
    *Insert your OS dvd into your dvd rom drive.
    *Unplug your primary HD or corrupted startup disk
    *Reboot your machine...
    Upon restart your primary HD will not be recognized...
    * you will then be prompted to select your language.
    Once selected
    *Click Utilities/startup... Highlight the the selection that refers to the OS dvd located in the dvd rom drive.
    * Click restart...
    !!!!!!!!!!Be sure to reconnect your Primary HD Before your computer restarts and you hear the chime!!!!!!!!
    If you do not replug your HD before the chime it will not be recognized.
    In that case restart again.
    Upon restart once again
    *Choose your language...
    *Click Utilities / disk utility
    In the left column select and
    *Highlight your HD ...
    Then towards the top portion / center of the page
    *Click the heading Erase
    Then on the page toward the bottom
    *Click security options
    This will then provide erase options.
    "Dont erase data"...
    *click OK
    * click erase...
    Once erased which should take a few seconds
    *Cancel the disk utility...
    * Click Utilities / startup
    And your newly erased HD should now appear in the list.
    * Select your drive from the list by highlighting
    It should no longer have a name.
    *Once selected, you will then be prompted to restart and install the OS to your newly erased HD...
    Thats it!!!!
    Once everything reinstalls re-add your personal info or registration info and you are up and running.
    Goodluck ;)

  • HT3275 EMERGENCY!!!!!!!!  NEED TO RETREIVE AN ACCIDENTALLY DELETED BACKUP! BACK UP FROM MY TIME MACHINE DRIVE????  In other words, I emptied out a folder on my main MAC to make space and the next subsequent backup backed up the EMPTY FOLDER and then delet

    In other words, I emptied out a folder on my main MAC to make space and the next subsequent backup backed up the EMPTY FOLDER and then deleted the "old backup" that actually contained the contents of the very important folder.
    Now only the emptied folder exists on my MAC and in the two backups on my Time machine backup drive.
    This was clearly a big mistake on my part not realizing that the "old backup" being deleted by Time Machine would include backed up files that I had no intention of getting rid of....
    What can I do now?
    Is DATA RETREIVAL even an option?
    I am sure that the Folder of files that I need are on the most recently deleted "OLD BACKUP" but how do I get to this, if even possible?????
    Super desperate situation here...

    inna-help-me wrote:
    Is DATA RETREIVAL even an option?
    It may be possible to recover some of the data, if it hasn't been overwritten, but it won't be cheap or easy. 
    You've posted in the Time Capsule forum, but you mention a "backup drive."  If your backups are on a Time Capsule's internal HD, instead of an external HD, it's even worse.
    See Data Recovery.
    Good luck.

  • Delete empty folder in bridge cc 6.0.1 on window 8.1 hang?

    I use window 8.1 pro when I delete empty folder in adobe bridge cc 6.0.1x64 , the result is that adobe bridge program hang and it closed itself.It is bug of adobe bridge cc 6.0.1. Yes or Not

    It is window 8.1's new folder name " this PC "
    If we create new folder with adobe bridge cc 6.0.1 x64 program   Path  :  this pc\picture\
    when we create new folder this path
    you will see message " adobe bridge is not working " and it will be closed
    and when we open adobe bridge and path at this pc\picture it will create new foder already
    and if we press delete button at new folder on this path .
    you will see message " adobe bridge is not working " and it will be closed
    Adobe help solve this problem too.
    from user

  • Would synchronizing with an empty folder delete what's on my zen xt

    I'm having problems transfering my songs from my zen xtra to my pc (long overdue backup). It stalls midway through the process saying there is not enough disk space (despite having 250GBs free!)
    The only thing I'm yet to try is synching my player with a folder. I've downloaded the zen synch manager and have wmp0 to synch also. However, I'm concerned that synching with an empty folder will delete all my songs.
    I'm running on the original 60GB Zen Xtra firmware and have mediasource organizer 5.
    Any help would be HUGELY appreciated.

    For this problem, you can try to use Process Monitor the trace when creating HomeGroup on XPS PC, then find the reason of this problem.
    You can access to the link below to download Process Monitor:
    How to capture a Process Monitor trace:
    Learning Example:
    Using Process Monitor to Troubleshoot and Find Registry Hacks:
    Note: Since the website is not hosted by Microsoft, the link may change without notice. Microsoft does not guarantee the accuracy of this information.
    Please remember to mark the replies as answers if they help, and unmark the answers if they provide no help. If you have feedback for TechNet Support, contact [email protected]

  • TS4153 few files and folder are not deleting from trash folder

    i am trying to delete all files and folders from the trash folder by clicking  empty securely, but its not deleteing the files anf folder. please suggest how to clean the trash folder by deleteing all the deleted files and folder.

    Securely deleting items in Trash writes Zeros over the data so that it is completely eradicated.
    This will take quit a long time depending on how much data you have in Trash.
    Unless there is data that needs to be rendered unrecoverable in the Trash, you could choose to just delete the files and folders with out the secure option.
    Once you have Emptied the Trash unsecurely you can always use disk utility to Securely Erase Free Space on the Drive.

  • How do I delete an event folder?

    How do I delete The event folder it self. I have deleted all the images in it from the event. But now I have like 25 empty event folder because it makes a new one every time I import images

    Copy a picture to the empty event folder and then delete the photo. The folder will delete with it. Of course you need a picture you are willing to delete.  Good luck, it worked for me.

Maybe you are looking for

  • How to declare value binding to array list element in a pojo?

    I have a POJO called P, that contains an ArrayList member called w. class P { private ArrayList w = new ArrayList(5); w is initied in the class constructor. The POJO is in the SessionBean and I would like to reference individual elements in the Array

  • Deskjet F2480 Software download for Mac 10.9

    Hi! I'm trying to install my F2480 printer onto my macbook running 10.9.2 Mavericks.  I've had no problem with the macbook recognising the printer, but I don't have the original disk to install the software.  I have tried downloading it from the webs

  • Migrating GW8 system to new servers

    Going to be moving a GW system, GW8.0.3, to from SuSE10 to SuSE11. System consists of 2 servers, I running primary and secondary domain with 2 post offices, 2 server runs secondary domain and gwia and webaccess. Their is a server in the dmz running w

  • StreamCorruptedException while using JWS

    Hello, I'm wanting to deploy the client of a client/server networked app in JWS, but for some reason I'm getting StreamCorruptedExceptions when I try to deserialize Objects contained in network messages. This doesn't happen when I run the app outside

  • Posting period of "Depreciation Posting Run" problem

    Hi all, I was configured my company code with 12 period of nomal fiscal year (defauld fiscal year variant K4). I think Posting period field of Depreciation Posting Run screen (T-code: AFAB) must have 12 posible entries, are 1,2,3,...,11,12. But when