Document Journal s_alr_87012287 -   System date

A company was late to deliver the Document Journal.
Is it possible to leave out the system date on the Document Journal?
Thank you for your feedback.
Kind regards,

In S_ALR_87012287 selection parameters give the document number or the periods.
Click on Line Item pages only radio button. This will give the line item details.
You can press Ctrl+P (Printing Short Cut)
Give your local printer name.
Go to FB12
Give the company code.
Give the correspondence type (preferably SAP09)
Give the document number
and Year.
Then go to F.61
Give correspondence type
Company code.
In case if it is asking, give the device name (your local printer). It triggers a spool request.
Now go to SP02. You can see your own spool requests.
Double click on page icon.
Click on print button.
Hope this solves your problem.

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    In the document journal for Italy, the description Partita IVA should be replaced by CF/PIVA.
    old:Partita IVA: 00274730167
    new: CF/PIVA: 00274730167
    Can you please advise how this can be done?
    Thank you.
    Kind regards,

    I have updated the description in table TTDTG.
    I replaced Partita IVA by IC/PIVA.
    When I try to run report S_ALR_87012287 again, nothing has changed.
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  • Document journal - Carryforward amounts

    Hi everyone,
    When executing the document journal, the following message appears: "you should select documents as of 04.06.2008, otherwise carryforward amounts incorrect".
    I would like to know how it would be possible to print again the document journal from a date previous to 04.06.2008 with the correct carryforward amounts.
    Let's say, for instance, I would like to reprint the document journal from 03.04.2008 to 28.04.2008, cauz' I lost it?
    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Does anyone have any idea on the above subject?
    And also, would someone know how to reprint a document journal when it has been printed, knowing that there is no spool creation when executing the transaction?
    Where is my little guru that will answer me those so sexy question?
    Thanks in advance,

  • Document Journal for Italy (S_ALR_87012287)?

    How can I find the form which is used in program RFBELJ10_NACC?
    It concerns transaction S_ALR_87012287(the document journal for Italy).
    Thank you.
    Kind regards,

    Hi Linda,
    Use SE38 to display RFBELJ10_NACC program. Click Find push button in the application tool bar.
    Give Form in the Find Field and press enter.
    You can find all the forms used in the program.
    Double click on special_document which is on line 987, system takes you to that particular peform.
    If you again double click on special_document, you can view the code in the form.
    Hope this helps...

  • How can I set document date automatically as system date?

    I use FBV1, FBV2, F-02, FB02. Posting date is automatically set as system date. I want to set document date automatically as system date.
    How can I set document date automaticall as system date?
    İlker Çokkeçeci
    Computer Engineer
    Ankara, Turkey

    Hi Expert,
    Please refer the below link..
    Document date to be defaulted as system date for all FI transactions
    as there mentioned, please go to T-Code: SHD0.

  • Defaulting the Document date to system date while GR cancelation via MIGO

    Hi All,
    While canceling a GR via MIGO transaction, i manually change the Document date to system date, but after posting still the document date is showing the original document date when is was posted.
    Is this is the standard behavior?
    I have a requirement to make this date default to system date. But it is not considering the date which we centered in the screen.
    Kindly help me to resolve this issue.
    Srinu Kaduri

    while doing GR cancellation,system will take only system date for example today will be in the document date.
    With Regards,

  • Alternative report to the Document Journal report(S_ALR_87012287)

    Dear friends,
    Please let me know if there is any other alternative report which can be used in place of S_ALR_87012287(Document Journal) report.
    Tks & Rgds,
    Kunal Vichare

    The requirement is to check the list of document journals which are posted during the month.
    We should be able to view the username field as well.
    Hope this clarifies your question.
    Tks & Rgds,
    Kunal Vichare

  • Document journal (accessible)

    Hi gurus!
    I am trying to run the report of  document journal (accessible) for a certain period of time (tx S_ALR_87012287 ). But the system says that this is not  possible because the balance account carry forward has not been done yet. I have already done it but the system keeps saying that is only possible to run the report for the whole fiscal year instead of  the period of time that i inform in the first screen.
    Does anybody knows how to fix it?
    kind regards

    I have updated the description in table TTDTG.
    I replaced Partita IVA by IC/PIVA.
    When I try to run report S_ALR_87012287 again, nothing has changed.
    Do you know how I can activate that change?
    Thank you.
    Kind regards,

  • Posting date and System date

    Hi SAP experts ,
    I am troubleshooting one system  and I am kind of getting lost ...
    Let me explain the scenario:
    Posting period set up
    Posting date : 01-14-09
    Sytem Date :01 -01-09
    After checking all the information , I ran my period end closing .. I ran a comparison report between 12/31/2008 and 01/01/2009 .
    My balance sheet matches with when I ran by posting date and my balance sheet is way off (especially retained earning )if ran by system date .
    I can get the differnce in amount but was unable to track the exact transaction .Some of the adjustment have been done in this system using system date .
    Any queries that will help me to track  ?  I have used this
    T0.TransId, T1.Account, T1.Taxdate, sum(T1.Debit-T1.Credit) Balance FROM OJDT T0  INNER JOIN JDT1 T1 ON T0.TransId = T1.TransId WHERE T0.TransType = 30 GROUP BY T0.TransId, T1.Account,T1.Taxdate
    But not much of help to target easily ...
    Any advise on this ...Should I consider if balance sheet is correct by posting date , it is fine ..
    Thank you
    Edited by: BIshal Adhikari on Jul 28, 2009 3:52 PM

    Hi Bishal,
    I believe balance sheet by posting date is correct.  System date is only kept for system to show the audit trail when you actually added the document.

  • Posting Document not created (export data missing)

    We are working on ECC 6.0 and during creation of Cancellation Billing document type IVS for the Intercompany billing, the document did not create Accounting document giving the Posting status as G - Posting document not created (export data missing). However checked the Foreign trade data and the system states that Foreign trade is complete.
    Can any one suggest the solution for this?

    Hello Mohammad,
    About this issue, the incompletion of this cancellation document
    arises might because the reference delivery has been archived/deleted.
    This is likely due to your current copy control settings (VTFL).
    If you have set ' ', in the export determination field this means that
    there is a common 'exnum' key between the delivery and billing documents
    LIKP-EXNUM & VBRK-EXNUM are the same.
    The result of deleting the delivery is that you also delete the FT data
    for the delivery, Because the billing document and delivery share the
    same foreign trade table entries, you have in effect deleted the FT data
    of the billing document too. This would most likely go unnoticed but if
    you then cancel the invoice the system has no FT to copy into the new
    cancellation billing document, which leads to this issue.
    Firstly you should set the export determination flag in the copy control
    of the delivery & billing documents. This will avoid this issue in the
    future. Set it to to 'A' or 'B' depending on your requirements.
    For the incomplete cancellation billing document, you could use userexit to
    set it as complete:
    You can use transaction CMOD.
    Create a project for example FT project button create short text: ....
    drop button Enhancement assignment & save use for example local object.
    Use the F4-help for Enhancement and look for V50EPROP.
    Drop button Components:
    here you will find EXIT_SAPLV50E_005 and EXIT_SAPLV50E_006
    In the userexits doubleclick on the includes ZXV50U05 and ZXV50U06
    The coding in the userexits should be: C_COMPLETE = 'X'.
    Afterwards activate generate ... and save.
    The development class is VEI.
    Please also check note 118573 which explains the FT user exits.

  • Document journal in group currency

    Executing the standard report S_ALR_87012287 - Document Journal - we realized the output shows the amounts in Local Currency only, but we need to display the amounts in Group Currency as well.
    Is it possible ? can you help me.

    Not likely - Dcoument Journel is run at Company Code level, i.e. local currency.

  • Billing date issue - system date as default.

    Hi ,
    We have a requirement to consider billing date as the system date in creating the billing document.
    1. Sales Order is created and Blocked.
    2. Sales Order is released the next month.
    3. Billing document is created (manually or Batch) after release of the sales order next month.
    4. The system considers the requested delivery date as the billing date by default.
    5. However, the system should consider the system date as the billing date by default (without manually changing).
    Is there any way to achieve this requirement - System should consider the system date as default in creating billing document.
    Thanks and regards,

    goto VTFA
    Select your combination of target billing document n source document i.e. sales document
    Click on ITEMS
    Select your item category
    Data VBRK/VBRP = 11 (Bill. date= Today)
    hope this will work

  • Export and import change document for user master data

    Dear Gurus,
    I have two queries on change document for user master data:
    1. Are there any approaches to export and import change document for user master data?
    We often do system copy from PRD to QAS for UAT and troubleshooting. Before system copy we export the user master data from QAS and then import after the copy process. We would like to keep the change document for user master data on QAS from being refreshed from PRD for security reason.
    2. Change document for Role change in QAS
    When the role is created or modified in DEV and then transported to QAS, the role change document doen't include this change log. The role change document in QAS only records those role changes directly made in QAS.
    Could you advise this is by SAP design or are there any approaches to record this transported role change  in the role change document in QAS?

    1. Perhaps you want to consider a system copy to a "virtual system" for UAT?
    2. Changes in QAS (as with PROD as well) will give you the delta. They should ideally be clean... You need to check the source system.
    Another option is to generate the profiles in the target system. But for that your config has to be sqeaky clean and in sync, including very well maintained and sync'ed Su24 data.

  • How to find System date in the query

    I have requirement where in the query I need to select the Document delivery date = today's date or system date.
    Can any once please let me know how to write the query?

    Select * from ORDR where docduedate=convert(char(8), getdate(), 112)

  • MHKIM : 입력된 maturity date가 System Date보다 클 경우, Negotiable 로 안됨

    Note : 357272.1 를 참조 부탁드립니다.
    When you run "Update Matured Future Payment Status" you enter a Maturity Date
    => this date entered in parameter is a date used for selection (Not to generate accounting date).
    From AP user guide (P.6 110) :
    " Payables updates selected payments if the Maturity Date on the payment document is on or before
    the date you enter here and on or before the system date. The default for this parameter is the system date."
    즉, System Date보다 이전이거나 입력된 Maturity Date이전이어야 대상이 됩니다.
    또 다른 자료(Bug 1716593)에서는 "Update Matured Future Payment Status" 프로그램에 대해서 아래와 같이 설명하고 있는데,
    The program enforces this by preventing any future dated payment from
    being updated to "Negotiable" if its maturity date is greater than the system
    입력된 maturity date가 System Date보다 클 경우, Negotiable로 update하는 것을 막고 있다고 합니다.
    즉, 해당 maturity date 값에 어떤 날짜도 입력은 가능하지만,
    정상적으로 사용하시기 위해서는 오늘날짜와 같거나 이전으로 입력을 하셔야 합니다.

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