Does Adobe Access DRM work on Roku?

Does Adobe Access DRM work on Roku? If not, is there support planned for it in the near future ?
The Adobe Primetime press release states Roku as a supported platform. Does this mean Adobe Access DRM will be supported on Roku ?
- Abey

Hi Abey,
Currently, we don't support Access on Roku, but we are actively working on expanding our device coverage.
- Stephen

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    I cannot get Adobe Digital Editions to recognise my Kobo Arc 7.
    Does Adobe Digital Editions work with the Kobo Arc 7 e-reader ?
    It is recognised partly by Calibre but then produces an communication error message.
    Are there any other utilities I could use to organise DRM files downloaded to be stored on the Kobo Arc?

    No. For information about the future plans for this see

  • [11/21/2014] Adobe Access DRM Customer Advisory - SEVERE - Chrome 39 Corruption of Adobe Access DRM License Store

    [ Problem ]
    The Chrome browser version 39 upgrade on Mac OS will cause a corruption to the Adobe Access DRM (Primetime DRM) license stores.  Users of Chrome 39 on Mac OS will not be able to watch Adobe Access DRM protected content if they have previously played protected content, unless they manually reset their DRM license store.  If the end-user does not manually reset their DRM license store, they will see a client-side DRM Error Code 3321 on every playback attempt.
    This problem affects Mac users because Chrome will automatically update to a 64bit version of the browser.  Windows users will  not see this problem unless they opt-in for an upgrade to 64bit.
    [ Workaround ]
    Reset the Adobe Access DRM license store as per
    [ Permanent Fix ]
    Adobe will update the next version of Flash Player (December 2014) to accommodate this Chrome 39 upgrade scenario.  Google and Microsoft will also integrate this new Flash Player into Chrome and Internet Explorer at their earliest convenience.
    [ Background ]
    Prior to Chrome 39, Chrome on Mac OS was using 32bit architecture.  Chrome 39 enabled 64bit functionality, and MacOS will automatically upgrade Chrome 32bit to the 64bit version, which causes corruption to the Adobe Access DRM license store.  As a result of this breaking change from Google. To mitigate this type of failure in the future, Adobe will do pre-emptive testing of Google’s upcoming dev-channel builds to ensure backwards-compatibility with Adobe Access DRM.

    On Friday, November 21, Adobe distributed a Customer Advisory about a Chrome browser auto-update to version39 that caused playback of Adobe Access DRM streams to fail (with a DRM Error #3321 – 'Indiv Failed').  Only the Mac OS platform was affected.  More details of the announcement can be found at:
    As of Tuesday, November 25th, an update to the Chrome browser has begun rolling out to resolve this issue.  The updated version of Chrome browser (64bit) is 39.0.2171.71.
    // Adobe Primetime DRM

  • Why does adobe flash not work in my firefox. i have down loaded it several times. it will work in explorer and chrome.

    why does adobe flash not work in my firefox. i have down loaded it several times. it will work in explorer and chrome.

    IE uses a different version of Flash than other browsers use. You need to install the Plugin version of Flash for Firefox.
    1.Download the Flash setup file from here: <br />
    [ Adobe Flash - Plugin version]. <br />
    Save it to your Desktop.<br />
    2. Close Firefox using File > Exit <br />
    then check the Task Manager > Processes tab to make sure '''firefox.exe''' is closed, <br />
    {XP: Ctrl+Alt+Del, Vista: Shift+Ctrl+ESC = Processes tab}
    3. Then run the Flash setup file from your Desktop.

  • Does Adobe Photoshop Elements work with MacBook Pro with Retina display?

    Does Adobe Photoshop Elements work with MacBook Pro with Retina display, please?
    Have searched Adobe website for answer - most recent is 2013 answer, saying no.
    Contradicted by a staff ember who only referred to Photoshop, not Elements.
    Reason I need it is that iPhoto does not support very high resolution photos - which I have now scanned onto my MacBook and do not want to re-scan!! After 90 minutes at my local Genius bar (lovely folk, very conscientiously searching for an answer...), re-scanning was their final piece of advice.
    Help, please...

    Hello Smis,
    Welcome to the HP Forums, I hope you enjoy your experience! To help you get the most out of the HP Forums I would like to direct your attention to the HP Forums Guide First Time Here? Learn How to Post and More.
    I understand you are having issues with your HP Monitor on your MAC. I am providing you with an HP Support document: Updating a Monitor Driver, where it states under the sub-heading Using HP monitors on a Mac "HP monitors are not supported in a Mac environment. However, newer Macs use graphics with VESA modes and can display to most HP LCD monitors. To do this, connect the monitor to the Mac while the Mac is off, and then turn on the MAC. The monitor should operate at 60Hz. The INF and software for the HP monitor are for Microsoft Windows and cannot be run in a standard MAC OS environment."
    This being said all I can advise is that you check to see that the monitor is set to operat at 60Hz and contact Apple for assistance if that does not get your monitor displaying correctly.
    I hope I have answered your question to your satisfaction. Thank you for posting on the HP Forums. Have a great day!
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    I work on behalf of HP
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  • Does Adobe Premiere 7 work ok and is it supported under Vista 64 bits operating system

    Does Adobe Premiere 7 work ok and is it supported under Vista 64 bits operating system?

    No, it's not supported under any 64-bit operating system.
    But it seems to work in compatibility mode, which turns on automatically in Vista. It may occasionally suffer a hiccup, but it seems to work for many people.
    Just make sure all of your firmware, RealTek drivers and Quicktime are up to date.

  • What is the Adobe Access DRM (version 5.2) "External CEK" feature?

    [ Prior to Access 5.2 ]
    The randomly-generated (or user-provided) Content Encryption Key is encrypted using an asymmetric "license server key" and then stored in the content's metadata.  The CEK is never required to be persisted anywhere else (like a Key Management system or secure database).  When a client device makes a license request, the content metadata is sent to the Access DRM License Server, which has the private asymmetric key needed to decrypt the CEK out of the metadata.  The license server can then issue a license to the client containing this CEK.  For more details on the entire workflow, please see this post: DRM Packaging and License Issuance Lifecycle/Workflow
    [ New Feature introduced in Access DRM 5.2 - External CEK ]
    Due to popular demand, version 5.2 of Access DRM introduced a new Key Retrieval scheme called "External CEK".  The reason this name was chosen is because the CEK is now external from the metadata (where it traditionally resided).  Instead of the encrypted CEK being stored in the content metadata, a CEK-ID is stored there instead.  When the license server is processing a license request, if it detects that the KeyRetrievalType of the request is of type "ExternalKeyRetrieval", then the license server must implement logic to do a retrieval of the CEK, which is specific to the company using Access DRM.  The key retrieval may be via a KeyManagementService, a SecureDatabase, or even something as simple as a locally-stored flat file (hopefully only for testing purposes).
    Using internal-CEK or external-CEK is transparent to the client device; no code has to change (or has to change if you're upgrading from an earlier version of Access).  The only changes needed to incorporate External-CEK into your Access DRM workflow is to make a change on the content packaging side (to enable E-CEK and specify the CEK-ID), and on the license server side (to recognize the KeyRetrieval type as E-CEK and then do a CEK fetch).
    Details on how to integrate the External-CEK workflow into your Adobe Access DRM infrastructure is included in your Adobe Access v5.2 documentation and DVD.

      Thanks! Will automatic update select ‘Adobe Reader X’ after support ends for ‘Adobe Reader 9.5.5’ on June 23, 2013?

  • Does Adobe flash layer work on anyones tablets

    the flash player 10.3 does not work on my android tablet, hope they come up with a solution soon

    Hi the smiler 01,
    Flash Player for Android is no longer available. For more information, see here: date.html
    Android users can still download and install Flash Player from the Archived Flash Player Versions page on the Adobe website.
    Please refer :
    Please see this page for a list of all certified devices:Flash Player Certified Devices
    You can refer this link for archived Flash player versions : html

  • Does Adobe CS6 now work after Mavericks upgrade? I know people were having problems.

    I have been told that CS6 does not work with the new Mavericks upgrade. Apple Support Chat were very helpful. Advised to contact Adobe. Wondered what other people have discovered so far. Thanks in advance people!

    We have CS6 on multiple iMacs in our department at work with Mavericks. No problems running any CS6 applications at all.
    We have only run into one problem with Acrobat Pro X after installing Creative Cloud, that every time we start that app, it asks for the CS6 license number. Thus we have stopped using it for Acrobat Pro XI.

  • Javafx Production Suite - does Adobe Photoshop plugin work for CS4 Extended

    Has any got the Javafx plugin working for Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended?
    I added a new plugin directory to CS4 (Edit -> Prefderences -> PLugin ) , restarted - but i dont see javafx option when I try to save the file.
    If not, does anyone have a link to download CS3? so I can try on installing javafx plugin CS3

    do you use 32b or 64b version of CS4

  • Does Adobe Pixel Bender work with AE CS6/Premiere Pro CS6

    Hello All,
    I want to create a GPU accelerated video processing plugin for After Effects/Premiere.
    I just came across Adobe "Pixel Bender" here:
    It seems to Pixel Bender allows you to code for the GPU in a GLSL-like programming language.
    Can I use Pixel Bender in an After Effects/Premiere Pro CS6 plugin?
    If not, how do I go about using the GPU in an AE/Premiere plugin?
    Thank you very much for any Help,
                                                                    Sumo B.

    I can't speak for Premiere Pro, but After Effects CS6 does not support Pixel Bender directly. However there is a plugin available from, which allows you to compile and run Pixel Bender kernels from within AE CS6:
    Incidentally, even in CS4 - CS5.5, where PB plugins are supported, they don't use the GPU when run inside After Effects.
    Otherwise you'll need to delve into the SDK using C++, which is much more complicated but a thousand times more flexible and powerful, and which allows you to code OpenGL for accessing the GPU.

  • Does Adobe Reader plugin work in Firefox 11 if launched from Gnome?

    Sorry to cross post, but I couldn't figure out how to move my post from the "Adobe Reader" forum to the "Adobe Reader for Unix" forum.
    If I launch Firefox (version 11) from the command line (Linux shell), then I can open a PDF with the Adobe Reader plugin.  But if I launch Firefox from the desktop or panel in Gnome, I get the message "Could not launch Adobe Reader 9.1.0. Please make sure it exists in PATH variable in the environment.  If the problem persists, please reinstall the application."
    acroread is in the PATH variable - I checked ("which acroread" and "echo $PATH")
    We are using acroread 9.3.2.  We tried updating to the latest acroread 9.4.something ...? but the SendMail option was missing from Edit->Preferences, so we reverted to 9.3.2.
    We are using Debian Linux 5.0.8.
    It is very convenient and user-friendly in our library for visitors to be able to view a PDF in the browser (with the plugin) and to be able to just click on the envelope icon from there to send a PDF.
    This was working fine until we upgraded to Adobe Reader 9.4.  We reverted to 9.3.2, and everything was working fine again.  Then our systems people did some things, including updating Mozilla Firefox from version 3.6.13 to version 11.  Then the plugin stopped working from the Gnome launch panel.  I tried running the old Firefox 3.6.13 from the Gnome launch panel, but the plugin no longer works in it, either.
    Has anyone had this problem?
    Sometimes running Firefox from the command line gives some errors.  I tried various versions of and tried toggling the about:config variable "" but nothing changed.

    I have the same or a very similar issue on WIn7 64bit

  • Why does Adobe Reader Not work in either Firefox or IE?

    Running Windows 7 Professional 32-bit.  Adobe Reader X (latest version just downloaded March 2012) works fine with files saved locally.  But whenever a website tries to open up a pdf file I keep getting the error message:
    "There is a problem with Adobe Acrobat/Reader.
    If it is running, please exit and try again.
    I have tried numerous things posted on the web but I still keep getting the same error.

    I have the same or a very similar issue on WIn7 64bit

  • Why does adobe flash not work correctly in firefox when playing face book games?

    when playing the facebook games the game is not loading correctly when I use Firefox but it does when I use IE. the game screen seems to not fit in the windows correctly.

    Run the Flash Player Uninstaller as applicable for your machine(i.e.Windows or MAC) and remove flash player.
    For MAC :
    For Windows :
    Restart the machine.
    Download and Re-install Flash Player.
    Restart the browser and check.
    You might also wanna check the below articles ::
    Enabling Flash Player in Internet Explorer 9 :
    ActiveX Filtering in Internet Explorer 9 :
    [Moved the discussion to Flash Player Forum]

  • Does Adobe Reader XI work with Windows Starter 7?

    I've been having trouble downloading Adobe Reader XI. It kept hanging at 96% during the installation. I tried to restart and download again and checked for viruses, but the installation never worked. I also tried the adobe cleaner to clean the product, restart and try the installation again. That didn't work. I also tried the direct download link and that didn't work either. In fact the direct download ended by saying there was a 150210 error ( no idea what that means :/ ).
    So now I'm looking at the specs and wondering if the problem this whole time is that it's not compatible with WIndows Starter 7. Some tech specs don't specifically list Starter 7 (it's just assumed with Windows 7). Should this be working on my system or not? And if it is supposed to be working, how can I get the installation to work?
    Thanks in advance.

    I think the Reader installer should work on any Windows 7 edition.  I don't know what the 150210 error means.
    Try if you can succeed with the MSI installer: (English version 11.0.0).

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