Dragging Audio wthout video?

I was wondering how to add video or audio to the timeline alone? Say I just need the audio for a clip, I can't figure out how to dragg just the audio without the video inserting itself over a clipp already there.
Also, How do you determine what line you want to paste to - it seems my default track to insert any paste is the first or second line for video. Say I have to paste to the 4 video track how can i make it insert there instead of on the 2nd track where it just seems to be inserting itself....

Use the Patch Panel to the left of your Timeline to control the tracks that new material will be added to. There are little source-destination buttons that say v1-V1, a2-A2 etc. Click a Source button (lower case) to separate it from the Destination button (upper case) that it is attached to. Then drag the Source button to the track you want to add video (or audio) to. Then click it again to attach it to the new Destination track.
If you only want to add audio, separate the Source & Destination video buttons on the Patch Panel. Then move the audio source buttons to the appropriate tracks & attach them to their corresponding Destination buttons. Then add your new clip. Only the audio will be added.

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  • Can't drag audio and video together?

    I have numerous assets in this dvd project. I'm setting up a button to play 10 commercials in a row, a "play all" button.
    I'm editing the 10 commercials in what looks like a mini-video editor, with the video track and audio tracks shown.
    When I grab the video to change the order of my "play all", the audio doesn't move with it. For instance, I'm shifting commercial #3 to become commercial #1. In order for Audio from Commercial #3 to become audio for commercial #1, I have to shift audio #2-10 over to the right to create space for Audio Commercial #3 to insert there. VERY FRUSTRATING and painstaking. And if you accidentally clip a bit off the end or front of an audio portion (easy to do in these tiny little tracks), the sync' is off for the rest of the spots!
    I called Apple "tech support", and the rep' told me you can't drag audio and video together, and made up some excuse about 'this should already be done in Final Cut'. What? I'm just bringing in QuickTime files as assets. Why can't I lock audio and video together?
    Incidentally, Apple's Tech Support is useless you spend $199, or "$799 for a year". This cost was NOT made clear in the original purchase of the product. I'd prefer spending $1000 for a "PROFESSIONAL APPLICATION" and have good tech support included!
    G4 dual 1.25 gig - 1 gig ram   Mac OS X (10.3.8)   DVD Studio "Pro" 4

    Once in the track, A and V don't get moved together.
    I usually just rebuild the track order from scratch anyway because you can easily lose sync easilly when you are shuffling clip order.

  • Insert audio and video icons is split

    why are these 2 buttons divided and that there is a single button that makes it possible to insert video and audio at once into the timeline

    As Jim says...use the Insert / Overlay Icons to do what you want.
    Those other two are handy for separately dragging audio or video.
    As Harm says...you can drag both by click and hold in the centre of the Source Monitor.  You can drag to the timeline or the Program Monitor (and also use the CTRL mofifier key)
    I always wished that when one clicked the Audio Icon..it would show the audio waveform in the Source Monitor.  Unfortunately ...it doesnt!

  • How can I get netflix streaming audio, the video is fine but the audio coming through is from the TV(dish)

    how can I get netflix streaming audio, the video is fine but the audio coming through is from the TV(dish)

    It's exactly as I stated. Whenever I try to drag these kinds of loops (ESX24 / software instrument loops? the ones marked in green with the white music note next to them) from the loop browser into the timeline a message comes up saying Audio Not Found for that loop.  And a new track is created automatically when loops are dragged into the timeline, so I'm not creating some other random / synth instrument track so I'm not sure  what the deal is... But perhaps I'll try creating a software instrument track first and then drag the loop into that track and see what happens - maybe there's something with the default settings that automatically creates audio tracks whenever loops are imported?

  • No audio with video Premiere 11, distorted work area

    I downloaded Premiere 11 onto my Macbook Pro.  I have 2 issues, I have no audio on videos or with narration.  Mp3's play fine.  When I bring media into the work space, every thing is distorted and I can't see where I am dropping it or what I am doing with it.  We have Premiere 11 on my husbands Mac and it works fine.  Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks for the details. Moving forward...assuming that all new projects behave the same with regard to your problem media in your Premiere Elements 11 Mac.
    1. Narration. Please create a .wav narration clip in the free audio editor named Audacity and import them into Premiere Elements 11 Mac with the project's Add Media/Files and Folder/Project Assets from where you drag it to the Timeline Narration Track.
    2. MOV File. What is the brand/model/settings for the camera that recorded that video?
    Double check to assure that you have the latest version of QuickTime installed on your computer with Premiere Elements 11 Mac.
    How does the editing workspace distorts weirdly when the .mov file is dragged from Project Assets to Video Track 1 of the Timeline?
    Do MaxBook Pro have themes as does Windows (Aero, Basic, and High Contrast)?
    3. Miscellaenous. Delete the Adobe Premiere Elements Prefs file in the 12.0 Folder
    Users\Libraries\............\Adobe\Premiere Elements\12.0
    For Mac, I am not sure if the ......is Preferences or Application Support
    I am wondering about your Intel Iris video card/graphics card. Need to find out if there is any history on that with Premiere Elements.
    If none of the above presents as contributing to the core issue, then let us try downloading a new source of installation files. Please do so from
    the following web site. We will be using installation files for Premiere Elements 11 tryout into which you can insert your purchased serial number.
    Photoshop Elements 11 Direct Download Links: Free Trials, Premiere | ProDesignTools
    You can also look at the Premiere Elements 12 tryout to determine if there is any difference in behavior between 11 and 12.
    Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 Direct Download Links, Premiere too | ProDesignTools
    Let us see if any of the above has any impact on your situation.

  • Audio and video not in sync when exporting to Quicktime file

    I use a digital camera to shoot video, which is in .avi format. I then import the clips into IMovie HD (selecting all the clips and dragging all at the same time into IMovie). If I play the video from beginning to end in IMovie, the audio and video line up fine. But, when I 'share' to Quicktime file, the longer the video is, the more out-of-sync the audio and video become.
    I didn't have this problem when I used a mini-DV cam and imported using a firewire cable (in real time).
    Any ideas as to how to get the audio to sync up with the video once it's shared as a Quicktime file? I've tried .mp4 and .mov, and I have the same problem.

    Anything here help?
    iMovie: Improving audio and video synchronization

  • K900 audio and video are not in sync.

    Hi All,
    New entry in this forum. I have this K900 phone and i think its an amazing piece or art. But not without its problems though. A perennial issue is when I am playing a video file, initially it plays smoothly but eventually the audio and video are not in sync. Dragging the slider left and right or pausing and playing agian only worstens the issue.
    Have any body ever faced such issues? If yes kinldy share a solution if any.
    Admin edit; subject

    Hello Nosborn1990,
    We've an article which provides some useful information and steps that can help stabilize video playback in iTunes.
    Troubleshooting iTunes for Windows Vista or Windows 7 video playback performance issues

  • Audio and video are not synched

    I'm just beginning with FXP X (8), and just added a file to my event library, and created a new project.  Dragged my first clip into the story line, and discovered that the audio and video are not syched.  This is original footage from a video camera, no modifications or added tracks.  But clearly the words of the speaker on camera are not synched with the video, both in the event library and in the story line clip.  Is this operator error (lol)?  TIA for any help, I'm stuck on square one.

    You can right click on your clip in the storyline and Detach Audio.
    After that, you can slide the audio until it's in sync or if it changes sync over the length of the clip, there is a way to correct that as well.
    First, in the video, skim the playhead until you can see something that will "mark" a specific start of a sound and set a Marker (type M).  Then select the audio portion (already detached) and find the start of the matching sound and type M (adds marker to the audio.) Turn on snapping and slide the audio until the two markers snap.
    If you need to correct sync drift, use the same technique for markers near the end of the clip, but instead of sliding the complete audio clip, Retime the audio clip (type command-R) (set the playhead over the video marker - snapping won't work when retiming) and adjust the end of the audio until the two markers match up. Preserve Pitch (from the Retime menu) should already be selected.

  • Split audio from video doesn't split video at the same point ?

    When I split the audio from a video in GarageBand I would like the video to be split at the same point (so that I can insert audio in between without everything getting out of sync).
    Is this possible?
    (I don't want to use iMovie since that turns my 150 MB mov file into a 8 GB file..take ages to import)
    The reason I want to insert audio in between video fragments is that I am creating an audio description of a tv series for a blind friend. I watch the video, pause that, and describe. Then continue.
    If I can split both the video and "audio from video" at the same point and drag those to the right, so there's room to record something in between (then in the end I'll just drag it all so that the parts join up, delete the video and merge the audio. I hope.)
    Thanks in advance!!

    I figured out how to reset the Youtube video upon hiding thanks to Heathrowe's answer and FigFrance's contribution to the thread found here:
    The secret was adding .empty() to my video container.  Here is my functioning button code:
    Show Video:
    //code to embed youtube into symbol
    var youtube = $("<iframe/>");
    youtube.attr('type', 'text/html');
    youtube.attr('width', '640');
    youtube.attr('height', '360');
    youtube.attr('src', 'https://www.youtube.com/embed/MyFv6UKsW70?rel=0');
    youtube.attr('frameborder', '1');
    youtube.attr('allowfullscreen', '0');
    // Show an element
    Hide Video:
    // Hide an element

  • Can't drag audio files onto timeline

    I can usually drag audio files (.mp3, .mov, .aiff) right into a project and it loads into either an existing track or automatically creates a new one.
    I can't do that anymore as it loads up into an already existing track that has audio already on it and edited.
    Simply cannot import new audio, on new tracks.
    Any suggestions?
    Running Mavericks and GarageBand 10.0.2

    Probably a matter of source patching:
    From the Help: Adobe Premiere Pro Help | Source patching and track targeting
    FAQ page: FAQ: Why does audio or video not go to the track where I drop it?

  • How can I get cross fade/dissolve of both audio and video?

    I want to centre the coss fade/dissolve transition on the clip boundary.  I can do this with the video cross dissolve but not the audio cross fade - for the audio, the Alignment facility in the Edit transition is greyed out and the transition can only be located to the left or right of the clip boundary.  It seems an obvious requirement and surprising that audio cross fade is not, optionally at least, an integral part of the video cross dissolve (as it is in Corel VideoStudio).

    Steve - thanks for the reply.
    Yes I am working in Timeline mode and have done what you suggest - i.e., drag in the video transition followed by the audio transition.  However, despite my original update to the question, I now cannot centre the audio transition on the clip boundary - it worked once as reported but not since.
    Basically when I drag the audio cross fade transition on to the timeline, it will only let me drop it to the left or right of the clip boundary.  I then hightlight the transition and click on the edit transition button.  The properties are displayed and I can alter the length of the transition but the wording in the alignment row of the properties is greyed out with the setting being "End at cut".  The down arrow head to give the drop down with the other settings is grey and inactive.
    I don't understand how I made it work once!
    Any ideas?

  • How can I combine the audio and video files from youtube downloads when they don't automatically combine?

    I'm using YouTube Video and Audio Downloader. Sometimes the audio and video files combine automatically, sometimes they don't - remaining as separate " DASH - .m4a and DASH - .mp4 ". It used to be that when this would happen I could open up a "ffmpeg" window which would allow me to "manually" convert them to a combined .mp4 file. It was a "drag and drop" type of interface. For some reason I can no longer access that ffmpeg combining function. I tried clicking on ffmpeg.exe. I tried re-downloading ffmpeg several times, both from the Downloader options tab and from the ffmpeg website.
    Thanks for your help.

    Sounds like a question for the developer of the video download add-ons that you have installed.

  • MP4 movie error: No audio and video tracks found.

    I recently move all my movies to a better performance hard drive. I imported the movies or playlists to iTunes. All movies were playing flawlessly until one day I get the dialog "Can't access file" ... I tried several things I encounter on this communities but the files still not played.
    I can see all the files with their size on the hard drive, but when I try to imported or drag to iTunes, they simply not appear or they don't import at all.
    In one of my test I found a dialog appear indicating "Error opening file: No audio or video tracks found" ...
    I need the way to fix this situation, since I have over 500 movies on that drive. Would somebody help me ???
    My email is [email protected], just in case you want to help me directly.
    I can even pay a nice reward to the person who help me fix this issue. Seriously.

    What is a better performance hard drive and what operating system? Kind of sounds like this should be posted to the morons over at Power Mac forum and the bozo that moderates it

  • Want to lock video to audio, NOT audio to video--I'm making a music video

    I'm making a music video--one long audio clip which I'm cutting video to.
    I've got Pogue's book and it explains how to pushpin audio to video, but the reverse doesn't seem to work.
    I've got one long audio clip and I want to lock video segments to it to preserve the synch between video clips and the audio track.
    Help doing this would be greatly appreciated. Also, is there a good breakdown somewhere of how to make a music video in iMovie?

    daveemac wrote:
    I know they gutted a bunch of stuff in iMovie08, but perhaps they added the functionality I'm referring to? Do you happen to know?
    Steve told us at the keynote, iM08 was done by an engineer who's a Scuba-diver ... so, audio+iM08? forget it ... the audio skills are in vers.0.1. almost zil.
    plus: in iMHD≤6, you are allowed in timeline to drag clips 'to the right' to create 'holes' in the video timeline.. (=black clips) .. iM08 doesn't support that. and: in iMHD≤6 you can 'crop' a clip from the clippane easiely BEFORE adding it to the project's timeline.. frame-precision selection is 'tricky' with iM08 .. (see my site, iM08Tricks)
    .. iM08 is extremely fast to 'glue' some clips together; for serious video-editing it keeps some most interesting concepts (skimming), I would like to see in any forth-coming vers. of FCE .. but: 'videos' with iM08? .. not for me ...

  • How to reset the feature that allows audio and video tracks to snap to other tracks on timeline

    I have somehow disabled the feature that allows you to drag and snap video and audio tracks on the timeline to other tracks or positions of import.  It is only one project that has been affected, and all I can think of is that while performing some other keyboard shortcut, I accidentally perfromed a shortcut that diabled this feature. 

    You mean, "Snap?" Press 'S' on the keyboard, or press the magnet button in the Timeline panel.

Maybe you are looking for