Exporting to a PDF from Indesign

I exported 1st edit of my book into a PDF was 120
MB...then fixed a few typos..exported a
2nd edit of almost the exact same book...same page #...but now is 522MB.
why is ther such a difference?

Are there images?
Did you use the same export settings?
Did you do a "save as" before exporting?

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  • How to export an interactive pdf from InDesign at a smaller file size.

    I have a single page InDesign doc with a side navigation panel to the right of each page. This panel has interactive buttons created in InDesign.
    When I export as an interactive pdf, the file size is over 27MB and I need it to be much lower.
    I should mention that this doc was made from an original PRINT InDesign doc of facing pages, which was about 55MB.
    When making it single pages for the interactive doc, the InDesign file size increased to 105MB.
    Can anyone explain this and have any useful tips for saving the pdf down WITH interactivity working?
    Many thanks.

    Okay - With the 15MB pdf, when I go into the PDF Optimizer dialog box, it's telling me that the Fonts are using 40% and the Acrobat Forms are using 29%.
    Anyone know of a way I can reduce either of these???
    Many thanks in advance!

  • How can I keep the quality of an MP4 video high when I export an interactive PDF from InDesign?

    I am making an Interactive PDF with embedded MP4 video using InDesign.  When I view the video in the PDF it has degraded the quality and the colour contrast is poorly affected.  I can have the video as a floating window but this gives a harsh black line around the video when it plays which is not acceptable.
    Can anyone advise how to maintain the quality of the original video when it is embedded?

    You can control the quality of the video (aspect ratio, pixel dimensions, frames/minute, etc.) by using the Adobe Media Encoder which comes with InDesign CS5 or later installations, including InDesign CC. InDesign only includes what you have placed and passes it on to the PDF file. There are no video quality controls in InDesign.
    You cannot change the way Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader displays the MP4. If you don't like the way Acrobat/Reader handles display of a floating window, then you'll have to display it within the page. For more info, inquire in the Rich Media Acrobat forum.

  • PDF/A-1b compliant PDF from InDesign exported PDF

    Hi folks.  I need to produce a pdf/a-1b compliant pdf from an InDesign document and it is giving me fits.  Because InDesign offers no native option to export pdf/a-1b compliant files, I have been exporting my document with the available presets (I've tried all of them), then running the pdf/a-1b conversion in Acrobat.  However, this conversion fails every time, usually on font subset and colour issues depending on how I set up the initial export from InDesign.  The only way I have managed to get a file to pass the conversion is to export from InDesign, save that pdf as images, rebuild the original pdf from the image files, then run the pdf/a-1b preflight from Acrobat.  Trouble is that this results in a serious loss of resolution that I can't have for my purposes.  Anyone have any ideas on how I can produce a pdf from InDesign that will pass the pdf/a-1b preflight in Acrobat?

    You have to do it in Acrobat Pro after PDF export.

  • Too long export to PDF from Indesign CS6

    When I exporting PDF from InDesign CS6 takes too long. For example, a few minutes (5minutes). In InDesign CS3, which I used earlier, the file is exported immediately (few seconds). It is a problem in setting or higher hardware requirements?
    I use laptop 2GB dual processor, 8GB RAM, Windows Vista 32 bit. You have a similar experience?

    It is strange that CS6 supports Windows XP and Windows7 and Vista does not support. I use 8GB RAM because I bought a laptop so. There for me any solution, how to enable CS6 InDesign with the 32 bit system Windows Vista?

  • Having trouble exporting to pdf from InDesign CS6

    When I attempt to export to pdf from InDesign CS6, the application crashes. Apparently there is some phantom plug-in issue.
    I need to get this resolved asap.
    Thank you,

    Have a look at this generic document to help you troubleshoot: http://helpx.adobe.com/indesign/kb/troubleshoot-printing-pdf-export-indesign.html
    Could you also provide details about what you've tried, and what errors you encountered? Is this problem limited to a particular document, or all documents?

  • Export the pdf from indesign some error Pop Up window (Failed to Export the PDF file). How slove the

    Export the pdf from indesign some error Pop Up window (Failed to Export the PDF file). How slove the problem
    Please some one help on this

    You need to try exporting the first half of the book.
    If that exports ok then export the other half of the book.
    Whatever half it fails on - keep dividing the book in half to find the culprit page or pages.
    For example if your book is 128 pages long:
    1. Export pages 1 - 63
    2. If these Fail to Export then
    3. try exporting1-32
    4. If these Fail to Export
    5. then try exporting1-16
    If it doesn't fail (step 2)
    Then export pages 64-128
    and 64-90 etc.
    until you find the pages causing the issues.

  • Exporting a pdf from InDesign-need to access Overprint

    I am exporting an InDesign CS5.5 Document with mixed ink and Illustrator eps with pantone overprints.
    When I export it into PDF the native mixed ink in InDesign represent accurately.
    However the Illustrator eps preview as solid gray @ 70%. This is the overprint layer onto of Pantone 293.
    When I turn on Print preview in pdf it is accurate.
    My question is:
    In the export to pdf palette under the output header, there is a check box 'simulate overprint'.
    I've tried several different variations, but cannot get that check box to turn on.
    Unlease I make an X-1a file the overprint for the Illustrator eps does not preview without turning on the output preview palette in Acrobat.
    And lets face it, to the client, that is rocket science.
    How can I access the 'Simulate Overrpint' option when I am exporting the document.

    Or, better than that, export the PDF from InDesign as PDF/X-4!
    By default, Acrobat and Reader use overprint preview when displaying PDF/X-4 files. Plus you have the benefit of full color management and not having transparency ruined by premature flattening.
    One other note. Other than for the fairly common practice of overprinting black text over colors to avoid halo effects due to registration, one should be exceptionally careful in using overprint. Trapping, the other good, justifiable use for overprint is really best performed by the RIP. Most modern RIPs provide for automatic trapping. Overprint should absolutely not be used as a “poor man's transparency,” especially in conjuction with spot colors. With the advent of real transparency in the Adobe imaging model and hence in Illustrator, InDesign, and PDF, there is no good reason to use overprint hacks anymore to simulate transparency.
              - Dov

  • Can't Choose Page Range when Exporting PDF from InDesign

    Hi!  Ever since I upgraded to CS6 via your subscription, I can't choose a page-range when exporting to PDF from InDesign (8.0.1).  Here's a video demonstration of the problem so you can see the bug in action:  http://screencast.com/t/kYR1ACtNi
    Are you aware of this bug?  If it's not a bug, how do I fix it?

    Alternate layouts are used for things like horizontal and vertical orientations of the same layout for use on tablets. I suspect there's some coverage in the Help files -- being a print guy I don't mess with them.
    It may be that you only have one layout and ID just shows you that one inthe dropdown. I can't recall that I ever used the dropdown to try to select the range -- I always just type what I need in the field.

  • Font issue in exported PDF from indesign

    Font issue in exported PDF from indesign:
    In Indesign file we have kept a sentence in “Univers LT Std” (San serif font) with all caps style that was orginally in lower case. Refer below
    When we selected the sentence in exported PDF some of the characters are not selected. Refer below.
    If we enable “create tagged PDF“ in export PDF setting, then the problem is solved. Refer below.
    Can you please check why this problem happened? In another project also we have faced this same problem but different font “Frutiger LT Std” with all caps style. Here also same San serif font. Please check and advise to solve this issue permanently.

    Without tags a PDF is a silly amount of letters, images and lines, with tags all itams a kept in their semantic context. So work with tags as it is the only way to get correct selections and export to other file types like Word DOCX.
    Without tags InDesign reads from left to right from top to bottom and the font geometry might influence the correct order of letters.
    Why should anyone work without tags today? If you open a tagged PDF in Acrobat DC it is much faster than without tags.

  • Anyone know how to export a PDF from InDesign so it is "click to go to next page" instead of "scroll to go to next page"?

    Anyone know how to export a PDF from InDesign so it is "click to go to next page" instead of "scroll to go to next page"?

    I don't use the latest InDesign, but in the past ID's options for exporting to PDF did not allow setting how a PDF should be viewed once exported.  However, these settings can be adjusted in Acrobat through Preferences: check out Page Layout and Zoom under Page Display.

  • Acrobat (10.1.3) crashes when exporting a pdf from InDesign (7.5.2)

    So every once and a while I export a file to pdf from InDesign and Acrobat crashes.  Sometimes it doesn't crash until I reduce file size.  It always happens when it is actually saving the file.  Usually I am overwriting a file with a newer version but not always and either way I get a crash.  I copied my crash report below.  Please help.  This reduces my productivity greatly.

    I'm going to leave this open here in case anyone has some ideas, but since this is an Acrobat crash (it looks like it might have something to do with security), you should cross post in the Acrobat forum.

  • Problem with exporting PDF from Indesign CS6

    I recently registered & installed CS6 on my computer (Last week!), and I seem to have problems with Indesign, which is the main reason for my buying the product.
    The problem is that whenever I try to save & export a file as PDF from Indesign I get an error message (See attached file).
    The files are saved with 0KB size, and so the Acrobat reader can't open them for preview.
    This really interrupts my work, and backs up the entire comapny schedule.
    I already tried updating, and uninstalling&re-installing the suite - but no luck.
    Any help would be appreciated, and we need it ASAP.
    Thanks in advance,

    Without proper system info and details about what PDF settings you actually used and how and where you save your files, nobody can say anything. You could simply be doing something silly like using PDF/A, but trying to enforce high-res pictures or whatever. In any case, ask in the ID forum.

  • Failure to fully export pdf from InDesign CS2 (application unexpectedly quits)

    I found a TechNote detailing such an issue when you save or export a PDF after the Adobe application has been left idle for several days. However, when I tried both suggested solutions, I was unable to fix the problem. Some say it may be that I have a corrupt file, but the file saves normally and shows no signs of error.
    When I try to export a file as a PDF file from InDesign CS2, I don't get an error message when I save the file. I only receive an error message when I try to open the resulting PDF file which has not been fully processed.
    The error message I see is as follows:
    * Exporting a PDF file from InDesign CS2: The file appears to save without error, but when I open the file with Acrobat I see the error "Acrobat could not open '[file name]' because it is either not a supported file type or because the file has been damaged (for example, it was sent as an email attachment and wasn't correctly decoded). To create an Adobe PDF document, go to the source application. Then print the document to Adobe PDF."
    Thus, I tried solution 1: upgrading my Mac to Mac OS X v10.5. That didn't work.
    Then I tried solution 2: save the file, and then restart the application. That also did not work.
    The TechNote goes into further detail, explaining:
    "When you save or export PDF files from Photoshop CS2, Acrobat 7, Illustrator CS2, or InDesign CS2, the application must reference the TemporaryItems file located in /tmp/501. Prior to Mac OS X.v10.4, Mac OS X regularly deleted files in the /tmp folder that had not been used or modified within a certain period (approximately two or three days). If an Adobe application is running but unused for several days, Mac OS X prior to version v10.4, would delete the TemporaryItems file. When you save or export a file as PDF, the Adobe application attempts to reference the no-longer existing TemporaryItems file which results in errors or faulty PDF creation.
    When you restarting the Adobe application and then save or export a PDF, the application rebuilds the TemporaryItems file."
    Does anyone have any other suggestions for a solution to my query?

    Similar to you, I've just posted the following in the InDesign section:
    Problems writing pdf from InDesign CS2
    Hello everyone, I've just gone and bought myself a new 2.4ghz iMac and done all of the updates for Tiger so I'm now running 10.4.11. InDesign CS2 is version 4.0.5.
    I have a simple A4 document with 3 placed images which is an updated version of many done previously. I've never had any trouble writing pdf's from them before until tonight on my new Mac. It seems to get about half way through and InDesign quits.
    If I print to a pdf file then it's okay, but a bit long winded when you get used to exporting from InDesign.
    Any ideas?

  • Export PDF from InDesign Book

    Hi, I have a customer that has huge problems to export PDFs from InDesign Books. He has books with many documents with a total amount of 500-700 pages, when he try to export a PDF InDesign quit unexpectedly. I wrote a script for him that export the PDF from the book without the progress bar, and sometimes it solves the problem but sometimes not, and I have a "out of memory" message. He must export multiple PDF from the same book and then merge those PDF with Acrobat but he has also interactivity sometimes and it's a nightmare to merge PDFs with interactive objects and bookmarks.  Someone of you have experienced the same problem (and maybe has a solution)?  Thank you

    It seems that InDesign saturate the available RAM during the operation of gathering information before start to export, if I restart InDesign each time and export a selection of documents it works. I'm exporting now two separate PDF and it seems to work, but again only if I close and restart InDesign before exporting, I'm working on an iMac with an Intel 2.93 GHz i7 and a total of 8 GB RAM.

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