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Flash CS5 has the ability to integrate with Flash Builder for editing AS files but I can't find a way to make it work with existing Flash projects. The docs tell how to do it when creating new FLA/AS files but they don't say anything about existing projects. I've changed my ActionScript preferences to always use Flash Builder as my Class Editor but that makes no difference. Whenever I open a .AS file either with File | Open or by double-clicking in the Project panel the file opens within Flash. How can I get it to open AS files in Flash Builder (for a project that was created with an older version of Flash)?
David Salahi
P.S. I've even tried exporting as XFL to see if there's a way to change the settings but there doesn't seem to be anything related in the XML.

I found a workaround: create a new .FLA file in CS5 and use that one instead of the old one. After doing that, when I double-click files in the Project panel they open in Flash Builder.
This workaround is OK for simple FLA files but it's not going to be practical for an FLA of any complexity. So, I'm still wondering if there's a better way?
David Salahi

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  • Testing the water on possible Flash Professional and Flash Builder integration

    I just wanted to throw this out here instead of the bug area to see if I'm off my rocker or I'm on to something.
    Basically one of my major pains is that any application design I do, I do it in Flash Pro and I code in FB. Switching back and forth between apps just to press CTRL + ENTER seems like a) a waste of time and b) a waste of system resources.
    So what I'm proposing is having FB integrate with FLA files.
    When you create your product you have the option to specify a target FLA (or multiple with a build order) so that when you test your project it will actually build your FLAs in order (in the situation that the final SWF requires others) and you're off to the races.
    You could also have the currently associated FLA files have a checkbox next to them which could temporally disable them for a build.
    If you still need to make design tweaks later on, it's a mater of opening Flash and doing them, but it would be so slick to be able to have FB render the FLA for you in the same app (no more random CTRL+ENTER in FB anymore!)
    As far as where it could go. I think it would work the best if it was just a new tab that could be added to the perspective. Would allow drag+drop of FLA files to it, drag+drop ordering and also have the checkboxes to disable any FLAs from the build.
    So there we go, does that sound like a decent workflow?

    Hi guys,
    Have you considered Testing the water on doing your design work in the new Flash Catalyst software http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/flashcatalyst/ for your skins instead of Flash CS4.
    You would be able to export directly in the new FXG format and integrate it directly in your FB4 coding.
    There is a tremendous productivity potential gain there.
    I am planning to abandon eventually completely Flash CS4 for both design  and coding and substitute it eventually by simultaneously working in FB4(coding) and Flash Catalyst(design) with input symbols directly linked to photoshop and illustrator related files.
    For those of you who would like to wet their toes  and initiate  a quick dive, Lynda.com has already released, on june 11,  an 1h40 min course on this subject. Here are the details.
    Length: 1 hour
    Online Training Library® exclusive!
    Flash Catalyst Beta Preview
    with: Mordy Golding
    Flash Catalyst is a new Adobe application that is currently in beta and available for downloading atlabs.adobe.com, that allows designers to quickly create interactive Flash content and rich internet applications without having to write a single line of code. In Flash Catalyst Beta Preview, Mordy Golding demonstrates a workflow that emphasizes the intuitive nature of the tool, and shows how to achieve results in a short time. Meant to bridge the gap between designers and developers, Flash Catalyst allows the designer to work with familiar applications, such as Photoshop and Illustrator, while automatically generating the necessary code in the background for the developer. Exercise files accompany the course.
    Topics include:
    Creating interactive content from Photoshop and Illustrator design compositions
    Turning ordinary graphics into functional components like buttons and sliders
    Using smooth transitions and animation techniques
    Moving content between Flash Catalyst and Flash Builder
    Declarative Graphics
    Flex 4 will make good use of FXG, the new graphics interchange format used with the CS4 graphics applications. Flex 4 and Flash Player 10 can together render FXG graphical elements. These include:
    graphics and text primitives
    fills, strokes, gradients, and bitmaps
    support for filters, masks, alphas, and blend modes.
    FXG graphical elements can be used in Flex 4 in a number of ways. FXG elements can be used within an MXML file or component and can also be saved as an .fxg file format. The CS4 tools will typically export an FXG using the FXG 2008 namespace. Because these files are designed to be shared between graphical applications, you’ll find that they have a stricter format to what’s used in Flex; the Flex compiler will only use the FXG-specific tags. Adobe’s new application, Flash Catalyst, will make it easy to create FXG graphics compatible with Flex 4, which you can then use to complete your application’s user interface and appearance.
    New effects have been added to Flex 4 that can also be applied to FXG graphical elements. These new effects will work on both new and old components alike. Standalone effects must now be declared within fx:Declarationstags instead of the body of the application. Once again, Flash Catalyst has additional tools to help make using these effects easier.
    Ref:http://www.sitepoint.com/article/whats-new-flex-4/ by Andrew Muller

  • Best practices for Flash CS5 and Flash Builder 4 integration?

    With Flash CS5's new XFL file structure/format, what's the best way to structure project files for Flash CS5 integration with Flash Builder 4? Flash CS5 autocreates a folder named after the xfl file as the outer container, and then all the assets/xfl within it. Should this folder be used as the project folder for Flash Builder 4, or better to nest the xfl container folder in a "real" project folder? I would presume the latter, since you might have multiple XFL files in one project. I was hoping to see some automatic linkages between document class of the Flash CS5 XFL file and any default ActionScript class created by Flash Builder, but so far I seem to need to specify a document class directly in Flash CS5's environment and making sure that the path to a default class created by Flash Builder is correct.
    Thanks in advance for any suggestions...

    Most likely, you know that, but just in case, you can integrate new Flash project into existing Flex 4 project  from within the Flash Builder by choosing either Flash Component or Flash Container from the FB Design view. In such workflow Flash Builder opens the Flash CS 4 (I assume that should be the same for CS5) and takes care of the integrating the newly created Flash project into original Flex 4 project.

  • Integrating Licensing without Flash Builder

    I posted a question about InMarket SDK for JavaScript developers before:
    So I checked the answered documentation and tried to integrate licensing into my AIR application I made with only JavaScript.
    BUT, according to the document, it seems that Flash Builder is required for the licensing integration.
    Do I have to buy Flash Builder just for the licensing? It's very expensive for me. Is there any way to integrate without Flash Builder?

    You don't have to buy Flash Builder. You can user Flex and AIR SDK that is available for free. If you use Flash Builder the process is simpler, but its possible for you to use the free tools and achieve the same results.
    Here are the steps you can follow:
    1) Install the AIR SDK – See http://help.adobe.com/en_US/air/build/WS2d8d13466044a73328ed2239124110d12b3-8000.html
    2) Install the Flex SDK - http://help.adobe.com/en_US/air/build/WS2d8d13466044a733190f0432124114d9a19-8000.html
    3) Follow this tutorial to learn how to compile and package Flex application - http://help.adobe.com/en_US/air/build/WS144092a96ffef7cc4c0afd1212601c9a36f-8000.html
    4) Follow out tutorial on building AJAX apps for InMarket, but use the AIR command line compiler and packager tools as opposed to using Flash Builder.

  • Flash Builder 4.5.0 / 4.5.1 - Blackberry OS SDK Integration Fails

    Hi All ,
    I was keen in the Blackberry simulator which supports Gestures & Swipe events in the Laptop.
    I have installed Flash Builder 4.5.1
    I downloaded the latest BlackberryOS SDK  dmg for Air.
    When I run the BlackBerry SDK set up , It starts fine and It ask for Integration with Flash Builder , I select Yes and In my Laptop the Flash Builder installation folder is in default location , The same Location also pointed by Blackberry Installer , When I contine , It says Invalid Directory please select Adobe Flash Builder Installation Folder.
    I tried a lot and Got tired , Also many of them also facing the same issue .
    Any help would be appreciated.

    This forum is specific to the Flex SDK.  You might find more help from posting in the Flash Builder forum: http://forums.adobe.com/community/flash_builder

  • Flash Builder/Catalyst Integration

    I have been tasked with integrating a Flash Catalyst routine with the shopping cart on our website.  Being totally new to Flash Builder, I need a little help getting started with this.  Here's the dilema:  The catalyst file has 15 states and two text entry boxes, as well as a submit button.  What I am looking for is when you press the submit button, it sends the name of the current state, as well as the contents of the text fields to another page.  Probably a simple thing for most people, but I am VERY new to the programming language.  Any advice will be helpful.

    iMacs are great machines. The Adobe CS suite will work on any new or older iMac.  iMacs have great video cards as well. I would suggest that once you buy the iMac, add more memory. Buying it directly from Apple is quite expensive but places like Other World Computing sell excellent memory at great prices. I don't work for them, but I am a long time customer. I love my iMac. The screen is just fabulous.

  • Integration between Flex 3 SDK and Flash Builder 4.6

    I buy a book for Flex 3 SDK and I want to create this book exmaple in Flash Builder 4.6 ...
    infact I want to build a CMS with Flash Builder and this book discuss for it but in Flex 3 SDK.
    please show link to me for completely explanation.
    tanks a lot

    dont import it, do it from scratch in fb4

  • Using Flex Component Kit for FlashCS3 in Flash Builder

    Hi at all,
    i apologize for my english.
    I'm using Flash Builder 4 and i've created a movie clip symbol in Flash CS4.
    I convert the flash symbol in Flex Component but Flash Builder sends a "Verify Error" because the mx.flash.UIMovieClip class in the Flex Component Kit package is not updated at mx.flash.UIMovieClip in Flex4 library,
    Is there a updated version of Flex component kit? At this moment i'ive a 1.1.2 version.

    You should be able to get version 2.0.0 of the MXP in the open source repository:

  • When Flash Builder 4.6 for PHP is released will it support AIR 3.2 ???

    We've all been waiting a long time since last November's Private Beta of Flash Builder 4.6 which was released shortly thereafter, for the Flash Builder 4.6 for PHP version.
    However, Flash Builder 4.6 for PHP (The one with Zend Studio included in it) is scheduled for 2012 - Q1 release, meaning?
    I guess, at the latest March 31st.
    This is significant, because AIR 3.2 is Great, but it will Live or Die based on what happens, I believe, in the next year, the new demo with the 2 geniuses at Adobe, Lee Brimelow and Thibault Imbert, which essentially ARE the driving intellectual force behind AIR, make me feel more comfortable than the management at Adobe,
    http://tv.adobe.com/watch/adc-presents/hardware-accelerated-graphics-for-mobile-games-with -adobe-air-32/
    So, when FB 4.6 for PHP is released, will it support AIR 3.2?
    There's another thing, there are a ton of job offerings for iOS 5 or Android Java, but no AIR (very few and the damage control fromthe eff'ed up press release is still meandering).
    Adobe needs to compliment its consumer base and developer base, with a Developer Network for Corporate integration so there are contracts out there for us who live between our dream ideas and meals, by doing contracting work, and it'd be nice to do it in Flash Builder 4.6 instead of taking on an iOS 5 or Android Java or PhoneGap project.  At least for Gamers.
    REPORTS: Social Gaming will be a $5B industry by 2015. The total mobile market will be a $15B industry by 2015.
    I'm shooting for the Social Gaming, and I like what I see in the above video.
    But again, people have to pay bills, why doesn't Adobe reach our to Corporations for certified developers like Mickysoft and Apple?

    I worked it out in the end - I had to uninstall FB4.5 and reboot. Why couldn't the installation say so instead of just crashing? I found this out, by the way, by trying to run the installer created under c:\program files(x86)\adobe\adobe flash builder 4.6. That one told me at least that I had to uninstall a previous version, though even then it was coy about which one

  • Flash builder external launching URL

    Hi. Flash Builder launch configuration has the option to specify an external URL, but it hardcodes local file URIs, making launch configurations not portable across developers. This is easy to fix (please, forgive me for bending the rules of the terms of license -- it's in good faith).
    1. FlexLaunchConfiguration#getCustomLaunchURL needs to be modified to make use of Eclipse's built-in substitution variables.
                    url = VariablesPlugin.getDefault().getStringVariableManager().performStringSubstitution(
                            fConfiguration.getAttribute(attributeKey, ""));
    2. Add imports:
    import org.eclipse.core.variables.IStringVariableManager;
    import org.eclipse.core.variables.VariablesPlugin;
    3. Make "Adobe Flash Builder Launching" bundle depend on org.eclipse.core.variables.
    Voila. You can now have any launch URL you wish, including project-relative (but not hardcoded) resources, as in:
    It would be great if this could be integrated with the codebase, of course.

    The delay is in launching the adobe community help (ACH) or the browser. That takes 15-20 seconds. Once the ACH or browser is launched it loads the content pretty fast. There's no network activity during the delay.
    It looks like it launches the help with the following command (shown in the status bar).
    command://com.adobe.flexide.communityhelp.launchHelp(productHelpConfig=Flex_4.0,pageID=mx. collections_ArrayList
    It works fine on OS X, but it's super slow on XP.

  • [svn:fx-trunk] 12087: Dev only. Checking in Flash Builder 4 " Library Projects" for building Flex SDK SWCs in trunk.

    Revision: 12087
    Revision: 12087
    Author:   [email protected]
    Date:     2009-11-21 20:56:09 -0800 (Sat, 21 Nov 2009)
    Log Message:
    Dev only. Checking in Flash Builder 4 "Library Projects" for building Flex SDK SWCs in trunk. These projects are easier to import and do not require linked resource variables to be specified.
    Note: although the trunk does not build textLayout.swc, there appears to be a legitimate compiler error in FlowGroupElement.as as a cast is missing. I'll follow up with TLF.
    QE notes: N/A
    Doc notes: N/A
    Bugs: N/A
    Reviewer: N/A
    Tests run: N/A
    Is noteworthy for integration: No
    Modified Paths:
    Added Paths:
        flex/sdk/trunk/frameworks/projects/airframework/.settings/org.eclipse.core.resources.pref s

    Status Update - don't know if this is a bug, design flaw, install problem or my misunderstanding.
    I got it to work by first changing my Flex library to 4.5.0 - still didn't work with current
    app and update mxml files using "2.6" for their namespace versions. But I did at least
    get the popup error number 16815 - indicating an error in the update version namespace.
    By leaving my application namespace version at "2.6" and changing the update version to "2.5" ... bingo!
    I got my new update installed autiomatically.
    Is this how it's supposed to work - or are my runtimes mixed up?
    Will this work the same using the Flex 4.5.1 SDK? I'll find out shortly
    Hope this helps others.

  • Flash Builder 4 LDAP issue on IIS 7 with Coldfusion 8

    I have a cfc that returns empty strings back into my project when I attempt an auto login through LDAP. The same files perform correctly on a different server with IIS 6. I set up a simple cfm  on the IIS 7 server and received the appropriate data. I set up a cfm on the IIS 7 server  to invoke the very same cfc that fails in the flash builder and received the appropriate data. Both servers are inside the company firewall.
    The web folder is set up as an application with windows authentication enabled, disabling and enabling the anonymous authentication seems to have no impact on any of the scenarios. I am assuming I am missing some configuration in the ColdFusion Flex integration but I am not sure what it is. Anyone have a shot in the dark on this one?
    Enable Flash Remoting support  &
    Enable Remote Adobe LiveCycle Data Management access  are both checked
    SSL connections are not being used.

    I absolutly did read the guidance notes and it was based in them that we installed.
    "Now that we have had an opportunity to undertake further testing with the final release of Mac OS X 10.7, we are pleased to report that there are only minor usability issues when using Flash Builder 4.5.1 on Mac OS X 10.7 and, as such, we will be updating our previous statement to confirm compatibility of these releases"
    What I am now experiencing on two different machines is what appears to be outside the scope of these notes and either a new issue that is reproducible, or a Java issue related to 10.7. Not being a Java guy I'm not sure were to begin short of trying Eclipse on its own.
    I am able to produce a crash of FB 4.5.1 by just trying to close an MXML file by clicking the close button of the tab, or by closing a project. This is on two seperate machines now.

  • Help setting up Flash Builder 4.5 for PHP

    I am looking for a concise set of steps for setting up ALL requirements for running Flash Builder 4.5 for PHP.  I have been fighting for three days to get the TestDrive example up and running, with no success.  At every step of the way I have encountered problems.  I fought for a day and a half with MySQL.  Then I fought for another day with PHP (Liip).  Then I fought for another day with Zend.  All along the way I have fought problems with Flash Builder and Flash Builder for PHP.  I've had to relearn all of my UNIX shell commands (it's been a few years).  I've tried using a remote server at 000webhost.com.  I've tried using an old laptop for a server.  I finally ended up trying to do it all on my main laptop.  I have completely given up and am ready to dump my project altogether.  Forget my students.  They'll just have to live without what would have been a fantastic new way of learning.

    Hi There,
    I do not have a 'concise' answer for you - in fact I am not using FB 4.5 for PHP.  I started using FB 4  around 8 months ago.  I installed a 'WAMP' thing, called 'EasyPHP'.  That actually went pretty smoothly.  I did the whole thing on my personal laptop running Windows 7.  I 'hooked up' FB to the PHP side using the built in data services wizards and such, as I imagine you are trying to do.  I too had to 'fight' a bit, but found most of the answers scattered around the Internet.  Had to tweak a few settings here and there in various files, and viola, it worked.
    I have resisted upgrading to 4.5, and especially the 4.5 "for" PHP, only becuase of the great expense.  It seems like a lot of money to pay for 'integrated, round-trip debugging'.  I already can debug the PHP side 'independently' of the FB side (from inside the Eclipse+PHP plugin free toolset), which, for most SQL situations is good enough. I simply set up a 'test page' in PHP and use that to 'call' the various functions I write.
    On the FB side, I gave up on using the 'built in data services wizard thingies' because they simply could not get the data-type mappings correct between the two sides.  Also, the "value objects" things (really just a fancy data-object class definition) seeme overly complex and inflexible, i.e., they would re-code themselves after every change I made to the PHP side.  I prefer a more 'lean' approach, and one that I control 100%.  So far I am able to do everything I need using my own 'value objects' (simple classes).
    So...as you can see, I may not be able to help much, but, if you can explain some of the details of what is failing, maybe I can provide a bit of assistance.  From what I understand, the big difference between 4.5 and 4.0, at least on the PHP side, is that the 'introspector' is a bit more accurate now and of couse there is the 'round-trip' debugging and 'awareness of each other's objects/definitions' while in PHP or FB.
    Finally, as best I can tell, after 8 months of 'experimenting' with Flex and PHP, there are simply not many people doing it, or, at least not that many doing it that participate on this forum and who have practical experience, especially with the more 'recent' releases, i.e., 4.0, 4.5.  I would encourage you to scan the rest of the Internet...there *is* knowledge out there...but it can difficult and slow to get.

  • Running a Flash Builder 4.5 Mobile BlazeDS Application on the Device

    I've been developing a Flex Mobile application in a Flash Builder 4.5 mobile project.  The project uses a java/blazeds server, which is a spring application using the spring blazeds integration. I created the project with the Root URL property in Flex Server settings set to localhost (http://localhost:8080/myServerApp), and all has worked well.  I'm now trying to run the application on a usb connected android device, and am getting a warning that the device can't access my localhost location.  I changed localhost in the Root URL property to the ip of my workstation on the local wifi network the device and workstation are connected to (say, and receive the following error stack:
    ArgumentError: Error #2004: One of the parameters is invalid.  url: 'http:'
              at flash.net::NetConnection/connect()
              at mx.messaging.channels::NetConnectionChannel/internalConnect()[E:\dev\4.5.1\frameworks\pro jects\rpc\src\mx\messaging\channels\NetConnectionChannel.as:240]
              at mx.messaging.channels::AMFChannel/internalConnect()[E:\dev\4.5.1\frameworks\projects\rpc\ src\mx\messaging\channels\AMFChannel.as:307]
              at mx.messaging::Channel/connect()[E:\dev\4.5.1\frameworks\projects\rpc\src\mx\messaging\Cha nnel.as:884]
              at mx.messaging::ChannelSet/connectChannel()[E:\dev\4.5.1\frameworks\projects\rpc\src\mx\mes saging\ChannelSet.as:1707]
              at mx.messaging::ChannelSet/reconnectChannel()[E:\dev\4.5.1\frameworks\projects\rpc\src\mx\m essaging\ChannelSet.as:1809]
              at flash.utils::Timer/_timerDispatch()
              at flash.utils::Timer/tick()
    When I change the root url back to localhost, the error persists, and the only way to recover is to start a new project.  Am I doing something stupid or what?  Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Looks like a debug build of your application was submitted.
    You have to "Export Release" a build of your application specifically for App store submission. Look at Step 4, sub-step 3 in "Package for distribution".
    Can you confirm if you picked "Final release package for app store" in "Export Release Build"?

  • Flash Builder 4 and facebook issue

    I've implemented the facebook files neccecary for the facebook & application integration correctly.
    Once I've done it with the tutorial's project it worked perfectly.
    However once I tried doing the same proccess for my latest project and after I've uploaded the project to my website
    all it gave me was a blank white page with nothing in it.
    important notes:
    * - The application IS registered with facebook.
    * - The project has the SAME files as the first project I did with the tutorial (except the main application ofcourse).
    * - Using Flash Builder 4 (flex 4).
    Link to the black white project:
    Any suggetions?
    Thanks in advance,

    again, anyone?

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