FPS drop when using movie clips.

Hello, first of all excuse my English it's not my main
I'm working with a portfolio in Flash CS4 (actionscript 2.0
if that would matter). The portfolio has buttons, each button is
connected to a movie clip, so when you press the button a movie
clip starts playing (It's in the background all the time though
alpha is at 0%). The movie clip contains another two movie clips,
both of those goes from 0% alpha, to 100% alpha and then back to 0%
alpha. There is also a button on top of the two movie clips. So all
and all it's a movie clip containing two other movie clips and one
Anyway, when I have about 3 buttons and movie clips there is
no problem, but when I add 4-5 or more the FPS get's very low when
the movie clip plays.
I have tried to change the FPS from 25 to 40 etc. but there
is no change. I have also tried Flash Player 9 and 10.
I don't think the problem is my computer, since I've exported
it as a movie and tried on friends computers.
Thanks in advance.

It depends what is in your movie clips, and how much is
happening during the alpha transitions. The playback speed depends
on how much work the processor has to do. If you have a lot of
large elements - for example, photos that you resized in Flash -
moving around, changing alpha, all at the same time, it will slow
down performance.
Try to simplify your graphics. So, if you are using bitmap
images, resize them before importing them to Flash. Then try
removing some of your graphics and see if it speeds up performance.
This will help you to locate the problem.

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    Audio on the timeline, especially stream, tends to play very reliably. Is this project under any NDA or can you provide a FLA to examine? Let me know if you want to private message it and I'll shoot you a message.
    What version of Flash Player are you targeting and is this AS2 or AS3?

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    To drag within a limited area you use the startDrag() method, defining a rectangle to limit how far the object can be moved in any direction.  The startDrag is normally executed when a MOUSE_DOWN event occurs for the object that is to be dragged.  A MOUSE_UP event is what is used to trigger a call to the stopDRag() method, whereby the listener for that is usually assigned to the stage.
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    So, what's up with this slowdown when the screen is touched in Adobe Air mobile apps? Been like this since the very first Adobe Air/SDK version I used, and right now I'm using the latest one (3.7). And it happens both with GPU and CPU. If I don't tap the screen furiously, the stuff runs great and good framerate. In some cases it also slowsdown if I just hold the finger down on the screen and moving it around. But then it usually have to be on something, not just blank space.
    I surely can't be the only one.

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    annadex wrote:
    I have tuns of .mp4 clips, converted them to .mov clips... .
    easy way:
    • double-click mp4 to open it in QuicktimePlayer.app
    (does it play the video?)
    • File/Export/choose 720p (if optional, if not 480p)
    • import THAT into iMovie using iMovies import routine, proceed …

  • Use movie clip event handler function, but not via an event

    Let's say I have the following code:
    var initObj = new Object();
    initObj.mood = "happy";
    mc = attachMovie("mcBox","instBox",100,initObj);
    mc.onPress = boxPress;
    function boxPress() {
    trace("Box mood: " + this.mood);
    Now, let's say there are times that I want to call boxPress()
    other than when the onPress event happens. In other words, I want
    to call boxPress() for a movie clip via my AS code, but not when an
    onPress event has occurred for that movie clip. Is this possible?
    Or is it possible to simulate or force an onPress event for a movie
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    When I use this
    > example
    > on a button it works fine:
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    > buttonListener.click = function(eventObj:Object) {
    > trace("click");
    > };
    > mybutton.addEventListener("click", buttonListener);

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    on (release){
    onClipEvent (load){
        mySong = new Sound();
    onClipEvent (unload) {
    - I went to the properties of the MastersThisHall.mp3 file in my library,
    - Selected the "ActionScript", tab,
    - Checked the box that says "Export for ActionScript",
    - Unchecked the "Export in frame 1" check box, and
    - Added MastersThisHall in the "Identifier" field.
    The sound is NOT playing when I when the "Slideshow" button is pressed.

    Thank you for all of this; it is very helpful.
    I have series of 6 buttons I created, each of them load a different movie clip. I need to have the music from the slideshow NOT continue to play when a new movie clip is selected.
    I have the following code.
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    Frame 120 (attached to the Slideshow movie clip object):
    onClipEvent (load) {
    The "Mute" Button:
    on (release) {
    The "Resume Sound" Button:
    on (release) {
    And the "Pause" Button:
    on (release)
      if (SlideshowMusic.position < SlideshowMusic.duration)
        SlideshowMusic.start(SlideshowMusic.position / 1000);
    It is loading and working perfectly. However, I have two more questions:
    1. How do I make the the sound automatically stop when a new movie clip is played?
    2. How do I change the "pause" symbol to the "play" symbol when the "Pause" button is pressed?

  • Urgent Flash help needed; Using Movie Clip Objects

    I am currently trying to design a small flash movie.
    I have a "Movie Clip" object (a short animation) that i wish to act like a static object until a certain frame on the main Timeline.
    Then i want it to play out, at it's own pace, just like normal, until it finishes (no looping)...
    What do i need to put into, and where do i put it?
    So in short, frame 30 of the main animation triggers the clip, whilst the main animation still runs...
    I know very, very minimal AS3... so please, can someone help me?
    A lot of solutions suggest a button, but I don't want to use a button, as it's not interactive - just a movie.
    i just want the damn movie clip to play in the damn movie when it reaches frame 30! it shouldn't be that hard..

    There is most likely no need for any code. And most likely no need for a movieclip even.
    It sounds like you would need a graphic symbol. (You can convert it in the library or you can just change the instance you have placed on stage.)
    First select the symbol on its first keyframe and on the properties panel select the looping options and tell it single frame, first 1.
    Then move along your timeline to where you want the animation to start playing. Add a keyframe. Now select Once, first 1.
    Now it will start playing, you will be able to see it play as you scrub the timeline.
    If you use movieclips and code for this, you won't be able to see them play together as you scrub the timeline.

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    I dont ever use buttons because movie clips appear to do all
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    finger like its a button?
    NOTE: the "korath" article has the same type of code as the
    thumbnails (except for the different target object)
    oh and should i be using "relative" or "absolute" for the
    target object???
    there is the example at
    i couldnt upload the full fla cuz its 15 MB!

    uhmmm well this is all getting a little confusing.
    i havent used this kind of code before and it hasent worked
    in the few places iv tried (I replaced the "movieclipname" text)
    the best way is too look at the fla....heres a link
    i know that the movie clips can be confusing, im still
    learning on how to set everything up.
    -double click on the "video" box on the left side
    -move the timeline to 20
    -"click the "video" box once
    that is where i have been putting most of the code.
    you can go further into the "video" box where there is more
    movie clips.
    than where the thumbnails are.
    hope you can take a look at it.

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