Header and footer of RTF template not getting carried over to Excel output

We have Header and Footer in RTF template defined. The output of the report will be in Excel. When we run the report, the header and footer on the report are not getting carried over to excel has header and footer, instead the header and footer are printed as first line on the excel. Also, the RTF template is set to landscape but when the output is generated in excel, it is set to Portrait

chk this presentation...
http://csc-studentweb.lrc.edu/swp/Berg/articles/NW2004s_what_is_new.ppt#352,3,Why NW 2004s?
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  • Resetting Header and Footer in RTF templates

    I developed an RTF template (template 1). This template contains start:body and end body for printing the header and footer in all pages. After printing this template then i have to call another template(template 2) from this. I called the template (template 2) using call statement. But the probelm is that the header and footer of template1 is printed in the output of template2 .
    I dont want to print this header and footer for template 2. Can anyone please suggest me in doing this. I placed start:body and end body in the second template with the assumption that 1st template's header and footer will be overwritten. But if i preview then am getting the error
    Font Dir: C:\Program Files\Oracle\XML Publisher Desktop\Template Builder for Word\fonts
    Run XDO Start
    RTFProcessor setLocale: en-us
    FOProcessor setData: C:\Documents and Settings\kpoda\Desktop\Invoice Printing Efficiencies\Sample XML Data\Sample Output4.xml
    FOProcessor setLocale: en-us
    Please sugget.

    Do you have two templates (template1 & template2) that you want to display in the same document where the pages for template1 has one set of header and footers; and template2 has another set of header and footer?
    If that is the case you can simply create a new section in your rtf template so you have section1 and section2.
    In the body of section1 you call template1 and template2 in the body of section2.
    You can then have different header and footers for the two templates in the same document.
    BR Kenneth

  • Problem in displaying header and footer in RTF template..

    Hi all,
    How to display first "n" number of pages with one set of header and footer and the next "m" number of pages with other set of header and footer?
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    we can try doing this,...
    but not based on page number ,
    page number will not be available during this time, it will generated during the rendering time, so the condition of Page number may not help,
    if we can find a way to identify the logic to display FOOTER A or B in the page based on something else, wee can do that..
    create a two named templateA and B , and call them according to the logic to b displayed.

  • Accrual Balance not getting carried over

    For one of my client's employees, the mid-year accrual balance is not getting carried over.
    08-JUL-2008 is the hire date of the employee. The client has end-dated the accrual plan element entry for this employee on 23-NOV-2009 and created a new one (for the same accrual plan) from 24-NOV-2009. The balance is getting carried over from 2008 to 23-NOV-2009, but NOT from 24-NOV-2009 to 31-DEC-2009.
    08-JUL-2008 TO 31-DEC-2008 - Accrual Balance is 19.828 days.
    01-JAN-2009 TO 23-NOV-2009 - Accrual Balance carried over from 2008 is 19.828 days.
    24-NOV-2009 TO 31-DEC-2009 - Zero Accrual Balance is getting carried over.
    Also, the client has run the PTO Carry Over process thru’ out for all the years. But no help there.
    I just noticed that the accrual plan 'Annual Leave Plan 41 Days' and the respective balances, elements, links etc., were created in the system on 19-DEC-2009. Could this be the reason why the net entitlement balance is not getting carried over to 2009?
    Would appreciate any pointers in this regard.

    Are you running the carryover process for both the plans. Can you share the accrual carry over for the new plan. As you have said the elements and links are created as on 19-DEC-2009, the balance should be carried over for the days between 19-DEC-2009 to 31-DEC-2009 if you are doing the partial accrual.

  • Problem in Consistent Header and Footer with Sub Templates in BI publisher

    Hi All,
    I have recently started working with OBI and used Sub templates for getting Consistent Header and Footer in all of our reports. I did this in the following way
    1. Created one template called HeaderFooter.rtf with Header and footer templates.
    2. placed the file in web server and called in the main Template with
    <?import: http://myserver.com:9704/xmlpserver/HeaderFooter.rtf?> I mean as static URL and it is working fine.
    3. Now as a part of generalizing the server i have added HTTPSERVER property in xdo.cfg file which is located in
    4. I have checked this property by placing <?xdoxslt:getXDOProperties($_XDOCTX)? in my rtf file and HTTPSERVER property is showing same as that of static.
    5. Now when i place <?import:http://{$HTTPSERVER}/HeaderFooter.rtf?> in my rtf it is ending with an error.
    so can anyone please help me out in this regard?

    Hi User XY,
    you might want to ask this in the [url http://forums.oracle.com/forums/forum.jspa?forumID=245]BI Publisher Forum
    Blog: http://www.oracle-and-apex.com
    ApexLib: http://apexlib.oracleapex.info
    BuilderPlugin: http://builderplugin.oracleapex.info
    Work: http://www.click-click.at

  • How to display 2 layouts with 2 different Header and Footer in a template.

    I am using XML Publisher 5.5. I have created one template which is having two layouts. I am using <?Start: Body?> and <?end body?> for displaying Headers and footers. Now my problem is, I need to display first layout with it's associated Header and footer and then second layout with other header and footer. But the two layouts should come in single template file. How is it possible?. Is there any work around? Please help me as this is the urgent requirement to my client.

    No problem. Select Insert -> Break from the menu bar. Then select a "Section Break" - Next page.
    Header 1
    Page 1
    <?end: body?>
    Footer 1
    ==================Section Break (Next Page)=================
    Header 2
    Page 2
    <?end: body?>
    Footer 2
    Worked like a charm.

  • Header and footer in Web Template output

    I have created a web template consisting of several web items like - information field, text fields, chart & analysis. With the help of VC we are exporting this web page into PDF. What my customer want is that to show some particular informatio in the footer like page number's company name and all.
    Is there any option that i can do all these things from my end that is from BW end not from VC..
    Any help will be appreciated.
    Thanks & Regards

    chk this presentation...
    http://csc-studentweb.lrc.edu/swp/Berg/articles/NW2004s_what_is_new.ppt#352,3,Why NW 2004s?
    hope this helps...

  • Header / footer with RTF template

    Hi all,
    My problems are below:
    - I want to create RTF template for a BI Publisher report. On that template, I would like to have a group of data that is printed only on the last page of the report (as a summary document end). For example, if, when I print my report, the used datamodel in my template selects datas to be printed on 5 pages, I want that some datas appear only on the fifth page and if the datamodel selects datas to be printed on 10 pages, I want that some datas appears only on the tenth page etc...
    How to do that ?
    -Also, how to use header and footer otherwise that hard code tags in header and footer ? Also, finally do you have some tutorials or samples to use complex header and footer with RTF template ?
    Thank you.

    i have a problem with header and footer too can you please help me out..
    group ROW by saw0_
    <?template: Header?>
    Account ID: saw0_
    <?end template?>
    Total saw17_
    page breakend ROW by saw0_
    i have a column saw_0 which i want to show as header in each page. and for each new saw_o i want to show it in next page.
    but currently in the header it shows the last row fetched by saw_o.
    while saw_0 has more than 1 value.

  • Where can i find XMLP 5.6.2 Patch #5352734 for Header and Footer

    Hi All,
    I have seen people talking about the XMLP 5.6.2 Patch #5352734 for proper working of Header and Footer in RTF, But i have not find the place from where i can actually download this patch.
    I would be glad if someone can help me out.

    Hi Bala,
    The Patch is - Patch# 5027437 for XML Desktop Version 5.6.2
    (Templates in XML Publisher Desktop 5.6.2 Lose Header and Footer Information )
    I think you are searching for the wrong one..
    You can find the Patch at metalink - with note "Note:388494.1" and Ofcourse search with "Patch# 5027437 for XML Desktop Version 5.6.2" in the Metalink..

  • How to remove header and footer from a "blank" page in Pages?

    In the top and the bottom there seems to be a header and footer, it noticeable when i do "mouse over". But when i right click i don't get the option to delete it. I cannot move it. I cannot move any other text or colums above it.
    ??? Help

    +Inspector > Document (1st tab) > Document > Uncheck Header and Footer+
    The Pages09_UserGuide.pdf is available for download under the Help menu and is a good read.

  • Disappearing header and footer

    I have a problem that has only recently started to happen. We
    are running x5 and have two projects that are virtually identical.
    In fact one started off as a copy of the other. Now when a topic is
    imported from one project into the other the header and footer
    disappear. This did not happen previsouly.
    Does anyone know what may be causing this?

    That's correct. When an author makes a major revison to the
    technical content they change the date in the header.
    We have a number of authors and the project provides help to
    users both in GB and Northern Ireland so there is a good quantity
    of tagged content. We had loads of issues with authors not tagging
    content correctly and web helps being produced with part completed
    topics. So we have a development project where all the work is done
    and a live project that the tech support import completed topics
    into and use for generation of the four outputs. Complicated I know
    but it designs out some user error issues.
    We had some source control issues and had to create a new DB
    for the live project. It is not certain but it appears either at
    that time or arouond then the header issue appeared. (we are hoping
    to move to RH7 ASAP as DB errors are too comon at present). One of
    my team created the new database and I had assumed this could not
    be the issue as it is such a simple task. I can't understand why if
    HTML code is stripped from a topic it is only the header and
    footer. It's not just the content it's the whole thing.
    I'm sure some numpty has changed a setting somewhere but I
    can't see it!

  • I have just updated to Pages 5.1 and now the templares which I have saved do not displat the header and footer which they were saved with in the previous version.  How can I have the header and footer included when I open a template?

    I have just updated to Pages 5.1 and now the templares which I have saved do not displat the header and footer which they were saved with in the previous version.  How can I have the header and footer included when I open a template?

    That is becuase Pages 5.1 has numerous unnounced surprises for the unwary user.  Among the surprises:
    - it strips out images from headers and footers without warning
    - it strips out bookmarks without wanring (yes, all those bookamrks you laboriously put into a document: poof! Gone.)
    - it strips out alternating left/right margins, without warning.
    There are many more suprises, as you'll see from glancing through these discussions. They fall into two main categories: things that are present in version 4.3 but that are missing in 5.1, things like
    -mail merge
    -meaningful Applescript/Services support
    -non-contiguous text selection
    -ability to set defaul zoom
    -ability to see comments while editing
    -ability to print comments
    -ability to read RTF files
    -ability to drag in hyperlinked ted from a browser
    These about about 90 other features are gone.
    Then there are the bugs.  Hyperlinks do not reliably export to a PDF file any longer. There have been multiple problems with printing report. Some fonts place stray characters in the headers.  Many reports of the program crashing, courrupting files, etc.
    Fortunately for you, the previous version of Pages is still on your system.  Export any documents you may have created or edited with Pages 5.1 (another great surprise: files created with version 5.1 cannot be read by any previous version of Pages: not just 4.3 but even 5.01!).  Then trash 5.1 and use 4.3 until (unless?) it is stable and has a reasonably robust feature set.

  • Header and Footer Not Displayed

    I have created an rtf template and have a header and footer sections, but they are defined within the body with tags, e.g., <?template:header?> and <?end template?>. In the header section, for example, I then call <?call:header?> to display the header. When I preview the data in PDF from BI bublisher, everything is just fine. But, when I then register the template in Oracle Applications and run it as a concurrent program, the header and footer are not displayed at all in PDF output. It's as if the header and footer are totally being ignored. I even tried just putting plain text in the header and footer in the rtf template, but it's still being ignored. What could be the issue? I also tried increasing the header and footer margin area thinking that perhaps there's too much to display and I'm not giving enough space, but this didn't seem to help either. I'm working in a different instance as I have switched job. I have worked on other rtf templates and have integrated into Oracle Applications, but never run into this issue before. I've always been able to display header and footer. Could I need a patch of some sort or am I missing some setups that I'm not aware of?

    Have you verified that the XML/BI publisher version that the server is running is the same version as what you are running on the desktop? Not sure if this will make a difference, but worth a check.
    If they are the same, can you post the tags you are using exactly as they appear in your template?

  • How can we get Dynamic columns and data with RTF Templates in BI Publisher

    How can we get Dynamic columns and data with RTf Templates.
    My requirement is :
    create table xxinv_item_pei_taginfo(item_id number,
    Organization_id number,
    item varchar2(4000),
    record_type varchar2(4000),
    record_value CLOB,
    State varchar2(4000));
    insert into xxinv_item_pei_taginfo values( 493991 ,224, '1265-D30', 'USES','fever','TX');
    insert into xxinv_item_pei_taginfo values( 493991 ,224, '1265-D30', 'HOW TO USE','one tablet daily','TX');
    insert into xxinv_item_pei_taginfo values( 493991 ,224, '1265-D30', 'SIDE EFFECTS','XYZ','TX');
    insert into xxinv_item_pei_taginfo values( 493991 ,224, '1265-D30', 'DRUG INTERACTION','ABC','TX');
    insert into xxinv_item_pei_taginfo values( 493991 ,224, '1265-D30', 'OVERDOSE','Go and see doctor','TX');
    insert into xxinv_item_pei_taginfo values( 493991 ,224, '1265-D30', 'NOTES','Take after meal','TX');
    select * from xxinv_item_pei_taginfo;
    Item id Org Id Item Record_type Record_value State
    493991     224     1265-D30     USES     fever     TX
    493991     224     1265-D30     HOW TO USE     one tablet daily     TX
    493991     224     1265-D30     SIDE EFFECTS     XYZ     TX
    493991     224     1265-D30     DRUG INTERACTION     ABC     TX
    493991     224     1265-D30     OVERDOSE      Go and see doctor     TX
    493991     224     1265-D30     NOTES     Take after meal     TX
    Above is my data
    I have to fetch the record_type from a lookup where I can have any of the record type, sometime USES, HOW TO USE, SIDE EFFECTS and sometimes some other set of record types
    In my report I have to get these record typpes as field name dynamically whichever is available in that lookup and record values against them.
    its a BI Publisher report.
    please suggest

    if you have data in db then you can create xml with needed structure
    and so you can create bip report
    do you have errors or .... ?

  • Show rtf file with header and footer  in Editor

    I want to open an rtf file which contains header and footer.The file i got is opened but the header and footer are not there.these all done with Editor.Please kindly go thru this and give me a solution.

    when you do yourEditorPane.getStyledDocument().dump(System.out), if you don't see and footer or header, you must write your own RTFEditorKit, but you must know how an RTF file is coded (but i don't know this coding...)

Maybe you are looking for