Hide Acrobat/Reader interface

Is it possible to hide Acrobat or Reader interface, in order on the screen to have only
the pdf file without menus and so on...
Thank you

The Escape key.
Or you can script different views like to show single page: event.target.viewState = {pageViewLayoutMode:1};
Radzmar has a document that shows all the options but Adobe has messed around with acrobat.com and old links aren't working any more. Ah but I found it in my acrobat.com workspace!
Radzmar's blog post:

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    We have a web application that prints pdfs.  Here's the line of code that prints the pdfs:  
    win32api.ShellExecute(0, "print", filename, None, ".", 0)
    When the pdf prints from our web application, Adobe Acrobat opens and we don't need it to open.  Is there a way to get the pdf to print without Acrobat interupting the user?

    Use standard VB/Windows features to minimize the app.

  • Full screen auto-hide feature does not work with Adobe Acrobat Reader add-on in Firefox 17.01.

    "Full screen" menu item and its keyboard short cut F11 stop working with Acrobat Reader. The Firefox top edge border does not hide once you have moved around in the Acrobat document. Therefore it is not possible to display PDF documents in a true full screen mode within Firefox. The auto-hide full screen mode works nicely with other Firefox windows, so apparently the Acrobat Reader add-on breaks the feature. Windows 7 64-bit.

    From the JS API Reference of the print method:
    Non-interactive printing can only be executed during batch, console, and menu
    Outside of batch, console, and menu events, the values of bUI and of interactive are ignored
    and a print dialog box will always be presented.

  • Hide Tools pane in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC?

    How can I permanently hide the options that appear on the right side of my screen when I use Adobe Acrobat Reader DC to open a document or image I've saved on my desktop screen?

    Solution by tmmcentyre.  It works for me.
    Go to the install directory, i.e." C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Acrobat Reader DC\Reader\AcroApp\ENU". Create a new subfolder (I used "Disabled"). Move 3 files from the "ENU" folder into the new "Disabled" folder: AppCenter_R.aapp & Home.aapp & Viewer.aapp. Open a PDF and no more Tool Pane!  I originally moved just the "Viewer" file but if you clicked on "Home" or "Tools" on the toolbar you couldn't go back to the "Document." Moving all 3 files takes care of that issue. Like a lot of people I don't and won't ever use any of the tools. I just want a reader. Let me know if this works for you.

  • How do I Reveal/Hide Hidden Layers for viewing with Acrobat Reader (iPad)?

    I've created a document in Quark Xpress with multiple layers which I then exported to a PDF. Using Acrobat Pro I created hotspots which revealed/hid these layers on rollover. It works perfectly on the desktop version of Acrobat Reader but not on Acrobat Reader for iPad (where the hidden layers are automatically switched on and touching the hotspots does not hide them). Does anybody know a good work around to this?

    There are many features which are possible in the desktop version of Adobe Reader which won't work in Reader for tablets. I think this is one of them. Probably no workaround possible until the feature is updated.

  • Hide every toolbars in Acrobat Reader

    Hi everybody !!!!
    I'm currently working on a C# application in using Acrobat Reader to display PDF.
    I would like to display the only document and hide every tools (including the scollbar) to add my own tools.
    I found setShowScrollbars() and setShowToolbar() but there is always a menu on the left side I would like to hide (in red on the picture).
    Any idea to do that ?
    Thanks a lot.
    Quentin, french student

    Thank you for the response
    Unfortunately the documents I have been sent by the users don't reproduce the problem so I don't have a document that would be helpful. I currently have a call out to the users to supply more information and documents

  • Hide the Acrobat Reader Menu Bar

    For my Livecycle Designer ES document, I only want the Acrobat Reader end users to use my buttons (SAVE, PRINT, EXIT) rather than the Acrobat Reader Menu Bar to access the same functions. My buttons contain various java scripts that are necessary for form completion. If they bypass these buttons using the Acrobat Reader Menu Bar (example: File, Print), then the form will not capture the data properly.
    Is there a way to hide the Acrobat Reader Menu bar for my specific form through a built in function in Livecycle ES or is there a java script that can be used to hide the Reader Menu Bar?

    Hi Eric,
    I am fairly sure that you cannot access the presence of the Menu Bar. I have tried here but can't get it to work.
    An alternative would be to open the form full screen. When you do this the cursor changes into a click advance (to next page), but you can also turn this off.
    An example is here: https://acrobat.com/#d=JK2I24ZgmsvMr6BtCQNMOg
    I appreciate that the user can elect not to go into full screen or can escape out of it, but it is a rough workaround.
    The following in the docReady event should work:
    app.fs.clickAdvances = false;
    Good luck,

  • Disable online services/features in Acrobat Reader DC?

    With the new update being released from Reader to Acrobat Reader DC, I have concerns with the use of cloud storage and storing sensitive data.
    I have looked around and the only information I have found for disabling these new features are in reference to groups who use the Acrobat Customization Wizard DC, which means they would be running an Enterprise version.
    I have installed and tested the new Acrobat Reader DC on both Windows and OS X, there are no obvious options for disabling the services that I am referring to.
    Services I am referencing:
    Adobe cloud storage service
    Sending and tracking documents
    Syncing across multiple devices (by use of cloud storage)
    Is there a way to disable the use of these services on an individual (non Enterprise) install of Acrobat Reader DC?
    Thanks in advanced!

    You can use the Adobe Customization Wizard DC on both Reader DC (Classic or Perpetual) versions.
    Adobe Customization Wizard
    You can also use the Windows Registry to turn these services OFF.
    Services integration
    Workflows (Services integration)
    These preferences enable integration with Document Cloud services.
    This preference category contains the following subfeature(s):
    Mobile Link
    Services (Acrobat.com: 11.x and earlier)
    Services (EchoSign: 11.x and earlier)
    Services (SharePoint-Office365)
    Services integration (11.x and earlier)
    Services integration (DC)
    Services integration (DC)
    These settings for DC products replace those used by 11.x and earlier. By default, Adobe online services are tightly integrated with the user interface so that users can leverage them in enterprise workflows. Adobe's services are rapidly evolving and allow your organization to increase its efficiency with zero infrastructure and management costs.
    Summary table
    Toggles the Adobe Send and Track plugin for Outlook
    Disables all service access except those features controlled by the other preferences.
    Disables Adobe Send for Signature (formerly EchoSign).
    Disables preferences synchronization.
    Disables 3rd party connectors.
    Disables both updates to the product's web-plugin components as well as all services.
    Top > Workflows > Services integration (DC) > bUpdater
    Data type
    boolean: DWORD value > REG_DWORD
    Version #
    HKLM Path
    HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Adobe\(product name)\(version)\FeatureLockdown\cServices
    Disables both updates to the product's web-plugin components as well as all services.
    This new preference replaces the now deprecated HKCU services master switch bEnableAcrobatHS. It disables both updates to the product's web-plugin components as well as all services without exception, including any sign-in screen. The setting is not the same as bUpdaterwhich resides directly under FeatureLockdown and disables product updates. Possible values include:
    0: Disable services and service component updates.
    1: Enable services.
    Top > Workflows > Services integration (DC) > bToggleAdobeDocumentServices
    Data type
    boolean: DWORD value > REG_DWORD
    Version #
    HKLM Path
    HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Adobe\(product name)\(version)\FeatureLockdown\cServices
    Disables all service access except those features controlled by the other preferences.
    This setting does not affect Adobe Send for Signature, preference synchronization, or third party connectors. Possible values include:
    0: Enable Document Cloud services.
    1: Disable Document Cloud services.
    Top > Workflows > Services integration (DC) > bToggleAdobeSign
    Data type
    boolean: DWORD value > REG_DWORD
    Version #
    HKLM Path
    HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Adobe\(product name)\(version)\FeatureLockdown\cServices
    Disables Adobe Send for Signature (formerly EchoSign).
    Possible values include:
    0: Enable Adobe Send for Signature.
    1: Disable Adobe Send for Signature.
    Top > Workflows > Services integration (DC) > bTogglePrefSync
    Data type
    boolean: DWORD value > REG_DWORD
    Version #
    HKLM Path
    HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Adobe\(product name)\(version)\FeatureLockdown\cServices
    Disables preferences synchronization.
    This preference disables and locks a new feature which synchronizes desktop preferences across devices on which the user is signed in with an Adobe ID (including phones). Possible values include:
    0: Ensable preferences synchronization.
    1: Disable preferences synchronization.
    Top > Workflows > Services integration (DC) > bToggleWebConnectors
    Data type
    boolean: DWORD value > REG_DWORD
    Version #
    HKLM Path
    HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Adobe\(product name)\(version)\FeatureLockdown\cServices
    Disables 3rd party connectors.
    Allows configuring in-product access to third party servicesfor file storage. Possible values include:
    0: Enable 3rd party connectors.
    1: Disable 3rd party connectors.
    Top > Workflows > Services integration (DC) > bAdobeSendPluginToggle
    Data type
    boolean: DWORD value > REG_DWORD
    Version #
    HKCU Path
    HKLM Path
    HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Adobe\(product name)\(version)\FeatureLockdown\cCloud
    Toggles the Adobe Send and Track plugin for Outlook
    When enabled, an Adobe Send and Trackbutton appears in Outlook when composing an email. It enables sending large files as public links through Outlook. The attached files are uploaded to Adobe Document Cloud and public links to the files are inserted in the email body. Recipients can click the link to preview the file in a browser window and can download the file if needed. Possible values include:
    0: Disable Adobe Send and Track.
    1: Enable Adobe Send and Track.

  • There is a problem With Adobe Acrobat/Reader.

    I have XP professional, IE 8, and Adobe Reader 9.3.  When I try to open any pdf files from a web page I see the following error: "These is a problem With Adobe Acrobat/Reader. Please exit Adobe Acrobat/Reader and try again. "
    Although, the web pdf rendering returns an error, I'm able to open pdf files locally.
    Any assistance would be appreciated.

    I had similar problems with Windows XP SP3 and Adobe Reader 9.3 and I uninstalled AR 9.3 and went to:
    http://get.adobe.com/reader/otherversions/  and installed Adobe Reader 8.3.  No problems after that. However,
    ʇɐb ɹəuəllıʍ  posted this reply to one of my earlier posts. So, I don't know what to think...
    3. Feb 15, 2010 7:45 PM in response to: cbuzz1
    Re: Can you help me access PDF files via Adobe Reader?
    cbuzz1 wrote:
    I just discovered that Internet Explorer 8 is not supported by Adobe Reader 9.3 or that they just don't interface properly.
    Reader 9.3 works perfectly fine in IE8.

  • Form designing for compatibility between Acrobat Reader 7 and Acrobat Professional

    I have designed a Form using LiveCycle Designer 7.0. It contains a few subforms and lot of javascripting. One of the javascript logic I am using is to display a subform when a user clicks a radio button and hide it when the user clicks another radio button. The subform contains Text field, Numeric field, Rectangle, Line, Button. This worked well with Acrobat Reader 7.
    After I installed Acrobat Professional 7, my form breaks. I did a quick test to see where it breaks and came out with the following conclusion.
    1. If the subForm contains an Image, Line, Rectangle or Circle control, the subForm rendering throws error (Adobe Acrobat 7.0 has encountered a problem and needs to close) when I click on the radio button to display the subform.
    2. If the subForm contains Text control, it is displayed even if subform is invisible.
    3. If the subForm contains Checkbox, Radio, Dropdown list, List Box, Button, Submit By Email, Submit, Print Form, Reset Form; these controls are never displayed even if subform is visible.
    Has anyone encountered a similar issue?

    Hi Dave,
    Thanks for the response.
    I need some clarification. When you say 7.0.5 version, are you expecting 7.0.5 version of Reader or Professional?
    Here's the steps I followed:
    I originally had Adobe Designer version 7, 0, 041126, 0 and Acrobat Reader 7.0.5 and everything worked great.
    Now I have uninstalled Designer and Reader and installed
    Acrobat Professional Tryout. This installs Acrobat Professional version 7.0.0 and Adobe Designer version 7, 0, 041126, 0 (which is the same as above). Now the same forms which were working earlier are not working as expected.
    Please note that I have NOT installed Acrobat Reader 7.0.5. How do I find out what version of Reader does Designer user for PDF preview?
    If I separately download Acrobat Reader 7.0.5, how do I tell Designer to use that version for PDF preview?

  • Integration of SAP with MS Office & Adobe Acrobat Reader using OLE

    Hi Friends,
    I have to integrate MS Office 2003 and ADOBE Acrobat reader with SAP very much like that demonstrated in SAPRDEMODOCUMENTCONTAINER program given in the control examples by SAP. But the problem is, the code I am developing and even in the one given by SAP has some problems in them. They are:
    (1) When a MS Word or any application is opened, many of its attributes are
    disabled like CTRL+ N for opening new document and CTRL+ O for opening
    an existing file and many others.
    (2) When I try to open an existing file using the recently used list, it is opening in
    a new window but my requirement is to open it in the same window in which
    the application frame is displayed over SAP screen.
    (3) I am following the same procedure that is used in the above said example and
    unable to understand the way methods of the inner most interface are implem-
    ented like method CONTAINER_CONTROL->CREATE_DOCUMENT that is
    called from within I_OI_DOCUMENT_PROXY~CREATE_DOCUMENT method. I
    am clueless how it is working.
    Please guide me how to solve the problem along with some good reference material that you can suggest me to study.
    Thanks & Regards
    Aditya P. Srivastava

    Hi Adiya,
    You need to pass the parameter 'open in place' to word file in same window.
                        EXPORTING OPEN_INPLACE = 'X'

  • How to view bookmark in navigation pane in Acrobat Reader XI?

    How to view bookmark in navigation pane in Acrobat Reader XI?

    F4, or click the Bookmark icon at the upper-left, or select: View > Show/Hide > Navigation Panes > Bookmarks (Alt+V+S+N+B),

  • What I need to write plug-in for Acrobat Reader ?

    Hi There,
    I want to write plugin for Acrobat Reader, that's mean I need visual studio or is enough just to have some c compiler ?
    One more things. I find out I can use a javascript code do hide toolbar menu and menu item and I founded some inforation that is not possible use that way to disable context menu on right click mouse button. Is that correct ?
    Best regards,

    Look at the documentation:
    http://livedocs.adobe.com/acrobat_sdk/9.1/Acrobat9_1_HTMLHelp/wwhelp/wwhimpl/js/html/wwhel p.htm?&accessible=true
    Look at 'Developing for Adobe Reader' in 'Introduction to SDK'.

  • Indesign CS4 button flashes after exported to PDF and viewed in Acrobat Reader/Professional X

    Hey everyone,
    I've encountered this odd problem when preparing my portfolio.
    I've created some 40 buttons in InDesign CS4 (all according to the official tutorial) to Show/Hide Fields (specificly images), and navigate through the pages.
    The buttons all have their own Normal and Rollover states, but no Click states.
    After exporting the file to PDF, I tested the buttons in Acrobat Reader 9 and Acrobat Pro 9, and both the actions and the states worked fine.
    BUT that's not the case with Acrobat Reader X or Acrobat Pro X.
    The actions are still there, showing the images and navigating, but the states are not!
    The buttons' rollover states just flashes when the mouse hover above them, and even in Normal state, they kept *blinking* randomly.
    Frustrated for a week.
    PS. I suspected and used a Indesign file with only one simple button to rule out the following:
    1. Overlapping buttons
    2. Slow processing due to large image size
    3. Mishandling of transparency
    At this moment I'm pretty sure it's an Acrobat thing...Help!

    Thanks Dave! I was in the middle of writing this when your post came in:
    Not sure if this will help anyone, but I changed the button fill color to white and it seemed to fix the flicker. I exported each state from indesign as a PDF and recreated the button from scratch. This still had the flicker. I'm guessing something strange is happening with the transparancy of the states.
    Glad to hear it's fixed!

  • Acrobat Reader DC - Bug with Dialog Boxes Containing Images?

    Hi all -
    Been testing Reader DC.  Only took a couple of minutes to adjust to the new interface; pretty slick and intuitive.
    Noticed a potential issue that I wanted to warn/share/prob solve with the community.
    I was putting Reader DC through it's paces with a XFA PDF that has some dialog boxes, some of which even had images in them.  (Thanks again to BR001.)
    The dialog boxes with images look great on Acrobat & Reader 9/10/11 (WIN & MAC) - images are clear; no pixelation.
    Reader DC on MAC appears to be fine - resolution looks the same.
    But Reader DC on WIN - the images are now pixelated. Especially around the edges, characters/numbers, etc.  You can tell something is "off" with the image.
    A few simple side-by-side tests can be seen at links below.  Reader DC is on left; Acrobat 9 (9.5.5) is on right.
    Green smiley face: Dropbox - icon differences.PNG (83 x 83)
    Lightroom image: Dropbox - Lightroom Image - Comparison Test.PNG (225 x 132)
    Reader DC banner image: Dropbox - Reader DC Banner--- Comparison test.PNG  *MOST VISIBLE ON THIS EXAMPLE (ironically) (422 x 45)
    Simple banner with words image: Dropbox - Simple Banner - comparison test.PNG (342 x 100)
    PDF containing the 4 buttons that triggered these dialog boxes: Dropbox - Dialog Boxes with Images - PDF - LC community.pdf
    Bug in Reader DC for Windows? Not sure what else the cause could be...
    Anyone having their dialog boxes with images open in Reader DC for Windows WITHOUT the pixelation?
    FYI/thoughts/ideas/suggestions/confirmations?  Hmmm.....

    Little easier; picture's worth a thousand; etc.
    Shortcuts to zoom in/out further for most web browsers: ("ctrl" & "+") or ("ctrl" & "-");

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