Hotsync problem with Windows 7 and Outlook 2007

 I try to make contact between my Palm Tungsten E2 and outlook 2007 on my laptop with Windows 7 for synchronizing.Before this, I worked on this laptop with Windows Vista and also Outlook 2007.I installed the standard software and after that the update for outlook 2007 ( (7.2MB)).In Vista this was working well, but not in Windows 7.I can see in the soft ware part that palmoutlook2007conduits is installed, but the in the log book I still have the same errors :
- Not Synchronized
Outlook Contacts synchronization failed
When I go to the settings, also there is the same error : “This version of Outlook is not supported by the Outlook Conduit application. Supported outlook versions are Outlook 98, 200, XP(2002) and 2003.”. It looks like the upgrade with palmoutlook2007conduits have no effect in Windows 7. 
I hope someone have a solutions for this problem.
Post relates to: Tungsten E2
Post relates to: Tungsten E2

My new computer came with Windows 7 64-bit, and I need to HotSync my Tungsten E2 with Outlook 2007.  Did anyone find a way to do this?

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    When Apple solve problems with new iTunes calendar sync with windows and outlook?

    Anything Downloaded with a Particular Apple ID is tied to that Apple ID and Cannot be Merged or Transferred to a Different Apple ID
    More Info here...
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    Contact iTunes Customer Service and request assistance
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  • Best version of Desktop Manager to use with Vista and Outlook 2007

    What is the best version of Desktop Manager to use on a new computer with Windows Vista and Outlook 2007?
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    Hi there!
    The most recent...v5.0. You can DL it here:
    Occam's Razor nearly always applies when troubleshooting technology issues!
    If anyone has been helpful to you, please show your appreciation by clicking the button inside of their post. Please click here and read, along with the threads to which it links, for helpful information to guide you as you proceed. I always recommend that you treat your BlackBerry like any other computing device, including using a regular backup here for an article with instructions.
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  • Problem with windows and my monitor in after effects

    HI . before any thing excuse me for speeking english.
    i have a problem with windows in after effect in my monitor
    my monitor is 15.6 and resolution is 1366*768
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    Your system doesn't meet the requirements and that is that. AE has required 900 pixel height ever since CS4. Other than changing your screen res or shuffling around windows there is nothing you can do.

  • Answers to Problems With Icloud and Office 2007 Outlook?

    My computer has a Windows 7, 64 bit operating system and Microsoft 2007 Office, which includes Outlook 2007 where I do most of my mail and keep my daily calendar and all my contacts. I wanted to sync my iphone 5 calendar with Microsoft's Office 2007 Outlook Calendar. I followed the instructions but it has never worked and Icloud put my original Outlook Calendar and Contacts in the deleted folder for Outlook and substituted folders called Contacts1 and Calendar1. Unfortunately, the sync with my iphone does not work properly. It did the very first time after installing icloud and itunes but thereafter all it does is upload stuff to icloud and additions made in my Office 2007 Outlook calendar since the first sync do not get transferred to my iphone calendar. After numerous attempts to make this work I decided to just forget about trying to sync with icloud so I deleted it from my system along with itunes and now i am left with the icloud calendar1 and contacts1 in Outlook 2007. I am unable to transfer my icloud calendar entries back to the original Outlook 2007 calendar the same for contacts. Can anyone tell me how to do this so I can delete the icloud folders contacts1 and calendar1 from Outlook 2007?  Thanks.

    Try to export them as .pst files from within Outlook (  Then disable iCloud syncing and import the .pst backups back to Outlook.

  • Problem with Java and Outlook

    I am having a problem with the Java plug-in and Microsoft Outlook 2003. When I have Outlook running, going to certain websites (like will crash my browser (IE). I get a message like this:
    An unexpected exception has been detected in native code outside the VM.
    Unexpected Signal : unknown exception code (0xe06d7363) occurred at PC=0x77E73887
    There is much more to the error message which appears as a text file on my desktop. If I close Outlook and try to go to that same CBS site, it works just fine. Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a solution?

    In Window, the dlls are not private to one
    application. They are logically shared. Not true in the sense that would affect this. DLL Text (code, read-only data in some cases) is shared. DLL Writable data is NOT shared between apps - each app gets its own copy of the data pages.
    However, it's possible that when Outlook runs, it interacts with IE (which has deep tentacles into the system) in such a way that when Java calls into native IE code, it is affected as an innocent bystander.
    Make sure you also install all the Office patches. If that doesn't help, try upgrading your Java VM to the latest version (you are using the Sun VM, right?).

  • PSE9 - problems with tags and Outlook.  Was working fine Friday!

    I had PSE8.  Would no longer print or use Outook on Windows 7.  Kept having to revert to a restore point.  Purchased PSE9 and installed 2 days ago.  Worked perfectly.  Used my original keyword tags, printed and sent email via Outlook without a problem.  Turned on the computer this moring and tried to send email and the program crashed and crashed and crashed.  Also, now I have a bunch of boring keyword icons instead of the one I have chosen on all my photos.  They are organized correctly but the icons are not the ones I chose which are listed in the organizer pane.  There was some kind of Adobe update and this morning I had to go to a restore point in order to be able to email again.  I have been having this issue for over a month now since I started using Windows 7.  The only program I have had any problem with is PSE!!!!!  After installing PSE9, I deleted PSE8 and things were still working fine 2 days ago.  Am not happy and am sick of spending my precious time dealing with PSE on a daily basis.

    I did assure that Outlook is set as my default email program before I posted this. 

  • Problem with one way Outlook (2007) Calendar desktop synch to blackberry

    I normally do wireless synch of e-mails and PIM for my 8330 Curve (Verizon) through Enterprise server (on work computer) - and that's been fine.  
    Problem is that I would like to load older Outlook Calendar entries from my home laptop onto the blackberry.  I've tried to do this through desktop manager synch after disabling wireless connection.   I'm unable to do this, and get the error message: "Desktop manager has stopped working.  A problem has caused the program to stop working correctly." 
    Suggestions?   Should I be trying a two-way synch?   

    Yes you can.
    In order to sync via the wire, you need to turn off wireless synchronization.  You do that the(basicallY same in all applications that you sync with.  In the address book of the BlackBerry, hit the button to the left of the trackball and select options.  Set wireless synchronization to no.  Same deal with with memos and tasks.  Same goes with calendar, but  depending on your OS you may need to do options, then select the calendar you are working with - ie desktop for your work calendar.
    ** you will need to set wireless synchronization back to yes when your sync is complete.
    My advice still stands to delete the intellisync folder.  This folder will be regenerated when you re-open desktop manager and contains only configuration files and none of your data.
    Message Edited by Bolder on 07-01-2008 06:01 PM

  • HP 15-n086sl problems with windows and drivers amd

    Hello to all,
    I have a problem with my HP 15 - n086sl .
    With native Windows 8 did not.
    the problem is the following :
    moving from windows 8 to 8.1 I lose the switch graphics cards.
    I mean : if I click with the mouse on "configure switchable graphics cards " I get out of a window that says " Unable to start Catalyst Control Center. currently there are no other settings to configure with CCC"
    I tried to update the drivers with the ones on the HP site for windows 8.1 , but nothing changes .
    From " Device Manager " I noticed that the drivers you have installed AUTOMATIC moving from windows 8 to 8.1 are the same version as on the hp website .
    If I install the drivers from the AMD website I have the following problems :
    the switch returns to work but hibernation no longer works and if the screen of the PC goes into standby by moving the mouse or pressing both buttons it never recovers . I have to turn off the computer by holding down the button.
    I've done several searches for the web, even within the forum but have not found the solution.
    Will you help me ?
    Sorry for my English.

    Sorry for the delay!
    I am Italian and hp does not offer more support than this forum.
    How should I do?

  • Problem with syn MS-Outlook 2007 - iPhone 3G via iTunes (Version

    I'm new and have a question yet.
    I've a problem with symcronisation between my MS Outlook calendar and my iPhone 3G via iTunes. I've installed the latest version of OS for iPhone and also for iTunes. If I syn my calendar-entries from outlook some dates are entered on my iPhone a day before (as date on outlook). I assumed it happens regarding the change of sommer-/winter time in Germany (outlook settings: change sommer-/winter time automatically, iPhone time-zone support activ (it doesn't work also with setting in-activ).
    A short example: in outlook calendar easter sonday (04.04.2010)/easter monday (05.04.2010) is correct, on iPhone calendar easter sonday --> on saturday (03.04.2010), easter monday on sonday (04.04.2010).
    Please could somebody support me ?? Many thanks in advanced.
    Best regards

    Same problem from France since install iTunes 9;1.0.79 with PC under Vista
    Other forum about this problem

  • Please help... Problems with windows and bluetooth

    My computer has been working without a hitch for the past 3 months but just recently i bought a bluetooth mouse to use with mac and windows. But then I noticed that there are some major issues now.
    I have a Bluetooth devices icon in my control panel (actually two of them, i dont know how that happened) but in the device manager, there is no apple bluetooth kicker. No bluetooth hub at all. So I dont know if the driver actually installed or not.
    Then, I try booting back up the macintosh drivers for windows cd to use the uninstall, but it can't uninstall. It only installs. I tried uninstalling through add or remove programs and it still just installs over again.
    Please, somebody help me. I'm about to rip my MBP a new one.

    Installed new boot camp drivers. Works perfectly now.

  • Palm TX HotSync Problems with Windows Vista (DeskTop V6.2.2 HotSync Manager V7.0.2)

    I have recently had to re-install DeskTop on my Windows Vista PC and at the same time updated to V6.2.2. but the HotSync manager gets to "Synchronising Date Book" and just hangs up until I close things with Task Manager. I've tried re-booting my PC reloading the software and soft resetting my TX but so far I haven't found a solution. Can anyone help please?
    Post relates to: Palm TX

    When a sync hangs on a component of Palm Destop, it usually means the data is corrupted in that component. The calendar is the culprit most of the time.
    Click on the following link for the program called DbFixiT. This program has a trial version that you can download and install on your Palm OS device. The trial version will scan for database corruption and then report the corruption. You can then find the records causing the problem and fix them yourself or you can purchase the program and have it automatically fix the records.
    To install the program, set all conduits to "do nothing" except quick install or install if using Palm desktop 6.2.
    After you install the program on the handheld, run the scan and also scan for Blobs in the calendar.
    After you clean-up the database on the handheld, set the conduits in hotsync to handheld overwrites desktop and perform a hotsync.
    If you need more info. regarding DBFixit, there is a PDF manual on their website.
    For reference purposes, click on the following link for the support page for your device on the webpage.
    There are links on the page to the user guide, troubleshooting, how to's, downloads, etc.

  • Problem with windows and variable in smartform

    hi guru,
    i create smartform for printing tax document and found problem.
    i create layout in form like this.
           {Main Window}
                     <<<< Data to print
           <<<< secondary Window
             <<<< secondary Window
    with many data in table, so this form will take 10 page up to print. i found and showed in every page.
    in my solution *i want to display and on last page after {Main Window} Only*. how to resolve this.
    2)  follow to 1st question, can i place position of each window in dynamic?  +like 's position is under {Main Window} 2 cm.+ instead of specific position left margin , upper margin *or should i create other page and place and .*
    3)  i create 2 variables  (sum1 type p , sum2  type p ) for keep sum of  tax in table that show in each page and write it at end of each page. i want to clear data in these 2 variables when system create new page and start to keep sum of value again. i create program line node under {Main Window} after but don't know which code or syntax to to code this?

    1) On the 'Conditions' tab of your WIndow3 & WIndow4 just click the check box
    'Only After End of Main Window'. It will always be printed at the last after your main window is finished.
    2) And if you don't want your window3 & window4 in a fixed place than instead of new windows do the same thing inside your main window creating a new template or anything as per your requirement and place it after your main table.
    3) For clearing the fields, do it like this, in the program lines write the code below:
    IF G_PAGE NE SFSY-PAGE.  " declare g_page with initial value '0'
        CLEAR field1.   
        CLEAR field2.
        G_PAGE = SFSY-PAGE.   
    With luck,

  • Problems with Windows and Random Crashes

    For the past two days I have been having tons of problems, since I finally got around to running the security update (2006-008). I've been having loads of random crashes, most commonly from Safari, Finder and iTunes. Safari crashes usually when I close a window or interact with certain flash things. It also fails to draw the window when I close the second-to-last tab (leaving one tab), giving me a big white square that I have to close. Otherwise, random window elements (such as bookmarks bar, address bar, etc.) will disappear at random, or will be horribly mis-sized.
    Finder just quits whenever it wants, I have yet to find a common thread between crashes.
    iTunes crashes usually when I play a video, but also sometimes when switching from the store to a playlist, or to the library. It also suffers occasional redraw problems similar to Safari, though not as bad. Garage Band does too.
    Here's the output from the last iTunes crash, if it provides any clues:
    EXCBADACCESS (0x0001)
    KERNINVALIDADDRESS (0x0001) at 0xffffffff
    Thread 0 Crashed:
    0 GetPatternIdentifier + 211
    1 SetPortPat + 103
    2 BackPixPat + 42
    3 DataEngine::ApplyBrush(TTheme*, short, unsigned char) + 76
    4 SetThemeBackground + 836
    5 SetThemeWindowBackground + 292
    6 NewFeaturesDialog + 202
    7 CreateDialog(Rect const*, unsigned char const*, unsigned char, short, OpaqueWindowPtr*, unsigned char, long, char**, ColorTable**, char**, char**, unsigned long, unsigned char, AutoPositionInfo) + 175
    8 GetNewDialog + 173
    9 0x1000 + 1686314
    All of my crashes have been EXCBADACCESS (0x0001) ones.
    Please help, as this is a nightmare to deal with.

    That error usually comes up as a result of faulty RAM. Did you buy any chance upgrade the RAM in your iMac? If so, verify that the chip is seated properly and that it is supported for your iMac.

  • Problems with Mail and Outlook after IMAP attempt.

    I tried to set up an IMAP on Mail on my MacBook Pro, so I could have my Outlook Web Access emails relayed through my mac.  I got it to where I could receive email on Mail from my OWA account, but could not send. (had something to do with not having the proper outgoing web server name.) So I just wanted to scrap the whole plan.  I deleted my OWA account from Mail and it currently shows nothing there.  However, now my OWA account isn't working properly.  It will send emails just fine, but will not receive them. I think those messages are still being routed to Mail somehow.
    Please Help, I need my OWA account for work.  Thank You

    I have followed the steps outlined to uninstall Office 2011, but when I try to reinstall the software I get an "installation failure" error. I'm still in limbo without access to necessary applications.
    I've been reading the Microsoft forum for Office 2011 for Mac but haven't found anything helpful yet.
    Thanks for any other suggestions you might have.

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