How can i keep my imac downloading when it goes to sleep ?

how can i keep my imac downloading when it goes to sleep ?

Its possible to keep downloding files when the imac turn off the display ?

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  • How can I keep my iMac on the wireless network when it goes to sleep?

    I have a new iMac (from Santa) and when it goes to sleep, so does its wifi connection.  I use it for work and need to keep my instant messaging app open and running at all times, even when it's asleep. I also like to have all of my email waiting in the inbox when I come back to the desk.
    Is there any setting (or workaround) I can do to keep it connected even when it goes to sleep? I have a MacBook Pro that keeps its connection when it goes to sleep so can't figure out what's happening. Thanks in advance!

    going to sleep means disabling the network connection to save power
    so what you're asking is not really possible
    unless you can change what going to sleep mean on your computer
    in the power saving settings you may be able to set going to sleep to just turn off your monitor
    because thats pretty much the only thing that can go to sleep if you still wish to use it over wifi

  • How can I keep my old PDF when I transfer another PDFs documents

    ASAP.        How can I keep my old PDF when I transfer another PDFs documents

    Make sure they have different filenames and you should see them both in iTunes when you have imported them

  • Hi I've just download os x mavericks 10.9 on my macbook pro the trouble is when i am on the internet my screen goes of it keeps saying put in your password how can i stop this every time the screen goes to sleep

    hi I've just download os x mavericks 10.9 on my macbook pro  the trouble is when i am on the internet my screen goes of it keeps saying put in your password how can i stop this everytime the screen goes to sleep

    I don't know how you received an upgrade for iTunes.  You make it sound like it was sent to you.  At most your computer will tell you of a new version and you tell it to download it and install it.  However, a computer will not do this for a version which is incompatible.  iTunes 10.7 came out a few weeks ago but your computer would not notify you and even if it did, 10.7 would refuse to install on your computer.  So this part isn't making a lot of sense.
    Two ways to get the 'newer version' message.  One is to open your library on a computer running a newer version, and then try to open it with an older version.  Usually happens when the library is on an external and used with multiple computers.  The second way is if you have multiple versions of itunes installed on your computer.
    The newest (and likely the last) iTunes for OSX 10.5.8 is iTunes 10.6.3 which has been out for quite a while. 
    iTunes -

  • How can I keep 16:9-format when making a DVD

    I am trying to make a DVD based on 16:9-films made in iMovie. I want to keep full quality in both pictures and sound. But the dv-file comes out in 4:3, not in 16:9. How do I keep the 16:9-format all the way from iMovie to iDVD (I can not go directly from iMovie to iDVD, because I am going too put more than one film on the DVD)? Do I need Quick Time Pro? I am thankful for a clarifying answer...
      Mac OS X (10.4.5)  

    Besides starting with a 16:9 iMovie Project you must choose the "Expert Settings" when exporting to QuickTime.
    Choose DV Stream. Double check those settings by clicking the "Options" button. This is where you'll find the aspect ratio for your DV file.

  • How do I keep my iPhone or ipad from going to sleep while using airplay to my Apple TV ?, How do I keep my iPhone or ipad from going to sleep while using airplay to my Apple TV ?

    With airplay on, how to keep ipad from going to sleep? Same with my iPhone, with airplay steaming to my Apple TV, the phone or ipad will go to sleep. Settings?
    Advice welcome.
    Thank you for your time, Eric

    Yes, that is happening because of the app. Not all apps behave this way. For example, if you use the youTube app with AirPlay the screen will turn off but AirPlay continues. If you use the Netflix app the screen will not turn off and, of course, AirPlay continues.
    The best course with the NCAA app would appear to be to supply power to the iPad and set Autolock to never. Turn the iPad screen intensity down.

  • Imac freezing when it goes to sleep

    ever since i upgraded to mountan lion when my mac goes to sleep it freezes when i hit option command
    itunes mail iphoto all say not responding i have to hold power button and restart

    Hi John,
    What all USB or Firewire devices do you have attached?
    What 3rd Party Apps could you have installed that aren't compatible with 10.8?
    Also, open console in Applications>Utilities, check the system log for the date/time of the last problem for clues.

  • How can you keep the file name when using "Download Linked File As..."?

    I'm a longtime PC user finally making the transition to Mac.  Some of the tasks that seemed so simple in Windows have really stumped me!  One of the tasks I do frequently is download files into specific folders.  After much looking, I finally found the "Download Linked File As..." option if I right-click on the download link.  The problem is, when I choose this option, I lose the file name.  I get a window in which I can choose the desired folder, but the filename is always "0".  If I want to keep the filename (and I usually do), I have to type it in manually.  Is there anyway around this?

    You can post a screen shot by clicking on the liitle Camera icon above your reply.  :)
    Just checked on 10.7.4+, still the same, something is borked about your install, to see if we need to re-install...
    To find out if it's system wide or user specific, try this...
    Open System Preferences>Accounts, unlock the lock, click on the little plus icon, make a new admin account, log out & into the new account.
    Does it work in the new account?

  • How can I keep logo background transparent when flattening for web?

    Hi, I have a logo designed in Illustrator which I'm bringing into Photoshop to save it for the web. It comes into Photoshop with a transparent background, but when I save it for the web or flatten it, it gets a white background. Can you tell me how to keep the background transparent?

    File > save for web (& devices). That will give you the best and smallest web-ready graphics. With save as you're embedding all kinds of info that doesn't need to be in the image. File size can bloat ten-fold quickly. Use save for web.

  • How can I keep my ipod files when connecting to new pc?

    When connecting ipod to this new pc, (other one died), it says it wants to sync my files and that it will delete what is on the ipod.
    This is the only files I have left since the others were on the old pc.
    Is there a way to save this music before it gets 'resync'd'?
    Thanks for your help

    Connect your iPod to your computer. When you get the message that it is linked to a different library and asking if you want to link to this one and replace all your songs etc, press "Cancel". Pressing "Erase and Sync" will irretrievably remove all the songs from your iPod. When your iPod appears in the iTunes source list change the update setting to manual, that will let you use our iPod without the risk of accidentally erasing it. Check the "manually manage music and videos" box in Summary then press the Apply button. Also when using most of the utilities listed below your iPod needs to be enabled for disc use, changing to manual update will do this by default: Managing content manually on iPod and iPhone
    Once you are safely connected there are a few things you can do to restore your iTunes from the iPod. There are a number of third party utilities that you can use to retrieve the music files and playlists from your iPod. You'll find that they have varying degrees of functionality and some will transfer movies, videos, photos, podcasts and games as well. Have a look at the web pages and documentation, this is just a small selection of what's available, they are generally quite straightforward. You can read reviews and comparisons of some of them here:
    Wired News - Rescue Your Stranded Tunes
    Comparison of iPod managers
    TuneJack Windows Only (iPhone and iPod Touch compatible)
    SharePod Windows Only (iPhone and iPod Touch compatible)
    iPod2PC Windows Only
    iDump Windows Only
    iPodRip Mac & Windows
    YamiPod Mac and Windows
    Music Rescue Mac & Windows
    iPod Music Liberator Mac & Windows
    Floola Mac & Windows
    iGadget Mac & Windows (iPhone and iPod Touch compatible)
    iRepo Mac & Windows (iPhone and iPod Touch compatible)
    iPod Access Mac & Windows (iPhone and iPod Touch compatible)
    TouchCopy Mac & Windows (iPhone and iPod Touch compatible)
    If you have any iTunes Music Store purchases the transfer of purchased content only from the iPod to authorised computers was introduced with iTunes 7. You'll find details in this article: Copying iTunes Store purchases from your iPod or iPhone to a computer
    There's also a manual method of copying songs from your iPod to a Mac or PC. The procedure is a bit involved and won't recover playlists but if you're interested it's available on page 2 at this link: Copying Content from your iPod to your Computer - The Definitive Guide
    Whichever of these retrieval methods you choose, keep your iPod in manual mode until you have reloaded your iTunes and you are happy with your playlists etc then it will be safe to return it auto-sync. I would also advise that you get yourself an external hard drive and back your stuff up, relying on an iPod as your sole backup is not a good idea and external drives are comparatively inexpensive these days, you can get loads of storage for a reasonable outlay:
    Back up your iTunes library by copying to an external hard drive

  • How can I keep pages from scrolling when using keyboard page-down

    The bottom of the pages window has a gear. You can select "Page" in the drop down menu and click the arrow, to perform a page down. The new page is positioned exactly like the previous page. But when I type fn+down-arrow or cmd+down arrow the new page view is either higher or lower than the previous page. Resizing the window makes it almost possible to get a consistent page display but not quite. It's awkward trying to read a document when each new page jumps to a new position. The arrow next to the gear is the only solution I've found.
    Does anyone know a way to achieve this page down view using just the keyboard. I'm using the iMac wireless keyboard?

    It is an annoyance, due to the 2 meaning two different things.
    The page down key means the whole window view which is not the physical page that you see in Pages.
    Apple could have clarified it by labelling the key +window down/up.+

  • How can I keep 16:9-format when exporting to the camera

    Yesterday happened something, what never happened before:
    A movie recorded in 16:9, edited on IM HD6 in 16:9 can only be exported back to my Sony HD-Camery in 4:3. Camera is preset for 16:9. That means, the globe in my movie is becoming an oval! When I imported this "Oval"-Tape back to an new iMovie-Folder, it is again 16:9.
    Can everybody unravel that mystery?
    Thank you for help.
    iMac, iLife   Mac OS X (10.4.3)   Intel-iMac, Sony HD-Camcorder

    Besides starting with a 16:9 iMovie Project you must choose the "Expert Settings" when exporting to QuickTime.
    Choose DV Stream. Double check those settings by clicking the "Options" button. This is where you'll find the aspect ratio for your DV file.

  • When I use hotmail to reply an email, the content of the mail I am answering not included.How can I keep the emails content when I forward or reply the mail?

    How to keep the content of email (hotmail) in firefox when to forward or reply the mail. This is not the case when I use Internet Explorer.

    See this:

  • How can I keep iTunes from opening when I insert a CD?

    I have gone through the preferences again and again, and I can't find a way to keep iTunes from opening whenever I insert a CD. iTunes is not my preferred player/encoder, and I don't want it to open unless I tell it to.
    Case in point, I'm converting many CDs to mp3, using an application that gives me the filename format I want (iTunes isn't that flexible enough to do that). It is annoying for iTunes to keep butting in, every time I insert a CD!
    Thanks for any advice.

    When you first insert a CD your Mac comes up with a box saying
    "You have inserted a CD" (duuh, Apple...)
    Then you choose from a pop-up menu that offers "Open in Finder", "Open in iTunes", etc
    At some point you (or someone) has chosen "Open in iTunes" then checked the little box that says "Make this the default from now on".
    If you go into System Prefs (as already mentioned) you have a choice to reset what you want to do with a blank CD.

  • How can I stop my iMac crashing when I try to play a project full screen?

    When I click on the icon to play a project full screen, I get the dreaded rotating circle thing, then it kicks me out (saying "imovie quit unexpectedly"), and asking if I want to "ignore, report or relaunch". For the first dozen times, I reported the problem but I've now stopped trying to use the function. Any suggestions for how to fix the problem will be gratefully received. NB I've also posted another question about pip and wonder if the 2 problems are connected.

    If you don't get an answer here, you may want to post in the iMovie discussion here.

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