How do i zoom out of the video?

Everytime i import a video clip into Adobe Premiere Pro Cs6 it automatically zooms into the video. How can i zoom out of the video, this is really bugging me. Sorry i just started using this yesturday. Thanks in advance.

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What are the pixel x pixel dimensions of the Video Clips?
What are the pixel x pixel dimensions of the Frame Size in your Sequence's Settings?
Those do not match, where they should, unless you have a very good reason for them to be different. One can Scale UP the Video to match, but that is usually going to degrade the Video quality.
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    Thank You!

    Unfortunately, it seems I am not going to be able to do what I want to do (as you mentioned, Demo) - like in Word, it's the "one page" view which allows you to, "zoom the document so that an entire page fits in the window" (see pictured).
    I guess I'll just have to adjust
    Thank you both!

  • How do I find out what the video card on my MacBook Pro is?

    I am not sure where to look for this information and am trying to sell my computer. Any help would be appreciated.

    Apple menu -> About This Mac -> More Info.
    It is in your System Profiler typically under PCI, AGP, Graphics, or Display depending on Mac model.

  • TS3293 How do I zoom out when videoing

    How do I zoom out when using the video

    There is no zoom option with video.
    The zoom option is available for photo taking only.

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    I have a video file and am wandering how do I find out what the resolution of the video is?

    sometimes right click on the file, and getting info may show the resolution.

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    When i log on to safari, the font gets bigger like the text zooms in, how do i zoom out of text?

    Does your entire screen look like it zoomed in?
    If so, then hold control and scroll down. This will zoom the screen out to normal.
    If not, you can either press Command and comma or go up to the safari tab and click preferences. After this, go to appearance and make sure your text sizes are a reasonable number, i like between 12-18. And if this doesn't work, the last thing i can think of would be to click advanced tab, and make sure you don't have a minimum size requirement that is set ridiculously high.
    hope this helped

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    Also check, System Preferences > Accessibility > Zoom > uncheck enable access...

  • How do i find out who the carrier is and can i get it unlocked to use in australia?

    Hi there,
    I got a iphone4 from my friend ewho brought it from someone from ebay in the states
    I am unable to use the phone and was told that the phone had been updated to a baseband that can not be unlocked
    and that I need to contact the carrier.
    How do I find out who the carrier is and is there anyway I can get it unlocked to be used in Australia?
    It has a grevey sim in it and well at this point in time its just being used as an ipod.
    Yes I know I should of got one from Australia but i thought it wouldnt be this hard to get it fixed to be able to use here.
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    The discussion of Jailbroken Devices is against the Terms of Use of this Forum.

  • I am trying to add my sons email address to our family apple id but it says that it already associated with another apple id. How can i find out what the apple id is and take his email address off that one?

    I am trying to add my sons email address to our family apple id but it says that it already associated with another apple id. How can i find out what the apple id is and take his email address off that one?

    You may be able to find your Apple ID at Look up your old and forgotten Apple ID

  • How do I get out of the Connect to Itunes screen on my iPod Touch?

    How do I get out of the screen with the Itunes logo and the usb port to connect it to my computer? Earlier today I planned on updating my iPod Touch 5g to
    ios 8 and I had just enough space left to update it. After the update was verifying, it put me on the screen to connect my ipod to iTunes, and every time i try to reset the ipod, it wont let me out of the screen. I don't want to update to ios 8 anymore, because everytime I try to restore the iPod, an error occurs. I am basically being forced at this point to update it, is there any way back to normal ios 7? Please help

    Hi angelaa5508,
    If you have issues with performing the update to iOS 8 you may want to use the steps in the following article to troubleshoot -
    Resolve iOS update and restore errors in iTunes
    Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.
    Brett L 

  • How do i find out if the server admin daemon is running

    Hi All,
    I've got an OS X server that for some reason ( probably due to me pratting around) has decided not to have a working server admin prog. I can fire up the client program and point it at any of the IP addresses that the server is looking at and then you get an error message basically saying that the server admin daemon is not contactable.
    So ...
    1). How can i find out if the back end daemon is running
    2). what port(s) does it listen on
    3). How can I turn on some logging to see what's happening when I run serve admin
    4). Any other tips as to how to find out why its not working

    You should post this in one of the forums in the Mac OS X Server v10.5 Leopard category. You'll get better response there.

  • How do I find out who the BB provider is at my pro...

    brief history.
    Bought my existing property in july2012 .
    Ordered BT combined phone and BB package 2 with 40Gb and free calls August 8th 2012
    took BT 5 xweeks to connect my phone line although there was an existing line working at the house .?
    Also 5xweeks to connect the BTHub3 broadband.
    Today i learn that BT cancelled my BT broadband service over a month ago because there was a previous broadband provider still active at the property .
    I am now told that my BT router has been connected to an unknown ISP for the past 6x weeks ????
    How can I find out who the ISP is so I can cancel it as I cannot contact the previous property owner.
    BT have not advised me of any of this by the way. If I hadn't phoned today to query why I have no caller ID or answerphone service or email address and my number isn't ex dir as requested then I'd never have known

    If you go to it will display which ISP you're with in the bottom corner. There are a few other websites which tell you too but the URLs escape me at the minute
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  • I have a new 16g nano and I have only added about 600 songs and I only have less than a gig left of space.  It says I have used over 9G of other.  I have no movies, pictures, tv shows or anything else on it.  How do I find out what the "other" is?

    I have a new 16g nano.  I have only added about 600 songs so far.  It is telling me that I 4.47G of songs and 9.92G of other and only 3.297MB of space left.  I have no tvshows, no movies, no pictures on the Ipod.  How do I find out what the "other" is and get rid of it? 

    You most likely have some corrupted files in other. Restore it and resync.

  • How do I find out what the charges on my credit card are for? Where is the iTunes account to log into and check?

    How do I find out what the charges are on my credit card are for. Where is the iTunes account to sign in and check?

    Launch iTunes then select iTunes Store from the source list left side of the window.
    Click Sign In on the right side of the window just above Quick Links.
    Now click your account name.
    In the next window click See All to the right of Purchase History.

  • HT4623 I appear to have lost the £15 redeemed voucher credit from my iphone.How do i find out where the money has gone to,Thanks

    I was bought a voucher for Xmas.I redeemed it and the balance showed as £15.A few weeks later the balance is at 0.03p and i have not bought anything.How do i find out where the money has gone to.

    Login to iTunes on your computer: Store>View My Apple ID>Purchase History.

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