How does the value for "Escalated incidents" in the KPI report work?

I've been running the standard KPI report in SCSM for our support groups and noticed that the value of "Number of incidents" in some cases are lower than the value for "Escalated incidents". How could this happen? Isn't "Number of
incidents" the total and "Escalated incidents" just an indication of how many of the total that have been escalated? Do I need to add them together to get the total?
It could be noted that we tick the check-box in the incident form manually without any connection to SLO.
Am I missing something? Any suggestions would be appreciated. :)
Best regards,

>If you can't deactivate ahead of time, you can contact Adobe Customer Care to help you.  But like I said, you can install on up to 2 devices.  I think if you try to install on a 3rd device, your other 2 get deactivated automatically.  So even if you have to format C, you'll still be able to get up and running pretty quickly.
Great, thank you.
>Perpetual License means "yours to use for as long as your operating system can run it."   CS6 is almost 3 years old and no longer being updated.  It is what it is.  Presently, 4 versions back from the currently available Creative Cloud version.
Too bad they went to a dumb subscription based model that doesn't allow you to purchase a full license outright.  I don't want to pay $30 a month,  I'd rather pay a lump sum and be done with it.

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    Hi HLFrank,
    Welcome to Adobe Forum,
    You can opt for monthly payment in a yearly contract or pay at one go for an year.
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    This thread - with a quote from an LR4 Beta thread - says that all 6 central Basic controls in PV2012 (Exposure thru Blacks) are now image-adaptive, as were Recovery, Fill Light, and Clarity in previous versions:
    Whether they are suitable for creating a Timelapse sequence without significant flicker is entirely subjective and up to you - and of course, dependant on your specific images & how they change over time.  Sorry, not much advice beyond try PV2012, and revert back to PV2010 if you get too much flicker.

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    Hi Gurus
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    AND t.imsi_min = flsp.imsi
    AND TRUNC (t.call_date) = TRUNC (flsp.call_date)
    AND t.call_type = flsp.call_type
    AND t.service_code = flsp.service_code
    GROUP BY sender_pmn,
    TRUNC (t.call_date),
    Edited by: user8731258 on Sep 27, 2010 2:54 AM

    user8731258 wrote:
    the global session table is going to hold data for one sessions where as the table flsp is going to hold data for the entire day.During a session there could be say 10 thousand records.Sounds like a bad idea.
    user8731258 wrote:
    ANd there are goign to aroung 100 such sessions.Continues to sound bad.
    user8731258 wrote:
    I have to update the flsp continually.Just got worse.
    user8731258 wrote:
    How do i make this fetch fast??This still makes no sense to me.
    Why are you moving all this data around and utilizing temporary tables instead of directly querying the underlying data on an 'as needed' basis?
    I think you have undertaken entirely the wrong technical approach to whatever business problem you are attempting to solve (though it's hard to say for sure as we still know little of what you've got going on).
    So back to step number one like i asked before.
    Can you explain (from the very beginning) WHY you are attempting this type of set up?

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        Hi Karen922!
    I can happily alleviate the confusion! If you visit a store and the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus is available you'll receive the trade in value during the transaction. If the device is purchased online,via the phone or if the store is out of stock, you'll receive the gift card in mail.
    Follow us on Twitter @VZWSupport

  • How does the return method work?

    how does the return method work?

    What do you mean by "return method"? Methods return a value (or void, but that's still a "value" of sorts).
    Returning a Value from a Method

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    "Will the Apple TV now read directly from the Time Capsule?" ATV does not 'read' from the TC. It connects to the Mac and itunes library associated with the Mac. Of course the itunes program can 'point' to a library on the TC. You'll still need to have itunes open and the Mac powered on and not sleeping with the TC mounted to the Desktop to use ATV properly. So bottom line the use of TC just adds one more step to view files on the ATV.

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    My suggestion would be that you download the pdf version of the organizer help file:
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    Please come back with your questions afterward .

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    Java's Thread Tutorial
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    Try the following to fix the iTunes Can't Connect issue that you are having:
    Open Settings.
    Open General.
    Open Date & Time.
    Switch the Set Automatically setting to Off.
    Open Set Date & Time.
    Set the date to a year ahead.
    Go back to the Home screen and open Passbook.
    Tap the App Store button. The App Store should load.
    Go back to Date & Time and turn on Set Automatically.
    Thanks to:

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    I tought I was going to find some type of loop. However I found nothing like that! so how does the accept method work.
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    At a guess, the accept call that Java makes, relies on the OS system call through JNI. accept would then block until a new connection is present if you are using blocking.

Maybe you are looking for

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