HRMD_A idocs sent and processed, but Org chart doesn't reflect it sometimes

From our HR box, we send HRMD_A idocs to our FI box - We have an intermittent issue where we have a position change & the idoc gets created & sent over.
On the inbound side, the idoc gets posted successfully with Status 53. However, this EE does not appear in the org chart as it does on the HR side.
We have these IDocs set up to process immediately, so it passes to the FI port and is processed all within a few seconds.
We come across this issue once about every 3-4 weeks and I can't seem to get anywhere trying to resolve it.
any ideas?

There are two main annoying problems with Flash Builder and swc's:
1.  Flash Builder doesn't reflect changes made to swc files
Solution : First of all - keep your swc files inside your project folder, you can also disable global swc cache: change as3api.cpp code,refresh swc in flashBuilder bug!
2. Flash Builder breakes content inside swc files (and also popular problem "TypeError: Error #1034: Type Coercion failed: cannot convert flash.display::MovieClip@1f21adc1 to...")
Solution : locate the project .actionScriptProperties file and set useFlashSDK=”false” :  Flash Builder 4.7 – useFlashSDK | In Flagrante Delicto!
In this case you can also download latest Apache Flex SDK to target new Flash player versions:
Hope this helps!

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  • HRMD_A Idocs sent to XI has status 39

    Our HRMD_A idocs used to have status 03, but after we started using XI , most of them have status 39 and they are being processed correctly. But some other programs are checking for status 03.
    How does this Idoc status gets changed or effected after using XI?
    Any ideas on that?
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Anjana
    We are trying to integrate HR master data with a legacy system and we are using chnage pointers for that. Did your scenario use change pointers to trigger HRMD Idocs ? if so I would appriciate ur help. I did all steps for setting up change pointers , but can't  get the change points trigered when some thing is changed.

  • System status for IDOC creation and processing for production orders

    I am creating IDOCs for production orders to send requirements to an external WM system for kitting execution.
    I need to know whether there are any system statuses to notify me when an IDOC has been created,failed and processed. If not, how do I go about creating user defined statuses for these statuses.
    Second question, which idocs should I use to confirm, teco and cancel the production orders from an external system?

    HI Evan
    u can use the standard program - RBDMOIND scheduled in back ground to update the Idoc staus ,
    this helps to update the IDoc Status from
    '03     Data passed to port OK  '  to
    '12     Dispatch OK'
    status 03 indicates the IDoc is successfully transmitted to Communication Layer and the Status 12 helps to confirm the data dispatch to the receiving port.

  • Message type, Idoc type and process code in ALE/Idoc

    Each Idoc version(creams01 or cremas03) will have seperate process codes in Inbound process?
    Whether Message type triggers the process code or the Idoctype/idoc  triggers the process code in Inbound process?
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    Hi Henry,
    About your question as how should you assign seperate process code for the same message type ( with different IDoc Type )-
    In We42, the message type can be assigned to the processing code. But here you will find that along with message type there are two more fields - Message Code & Message Function.
    You can use any one these to serve your purpose.
    e.g. you can assign
    -process code P1 to message type M with Message code 1
    -process code P2 to message type M with Message code 2
    Further these process types can be configured to call separate FMs.
    Now depending on IDOC types your external system should populate the message type as well as Message code so that accordingly process code will be determined at the time of inbound processing.
    I hope it's clear & correct

  • System status or user status for IDOC creation and processing for prod ord

    I am creating IDOCs for production orders to send requirements to an external WM system for kitting execution.
    I need to know whether there are any system statuses to notify me when an IDOC has been created,failed and processed. If not, how do I go about creating user defined statuses for these statuses.
    Second question, which idocs should I use  to confirm, teco and cancel the production orders from an external system?

    For the first part of your query refer to the technical forums.
    For the second part - refer to Idoc - LOIPRO01, it has a segment for Order status, that should be of interest.
    Attn Moderators
    I think it would be better to move this thread to a technical forum, so the requester can get the most relevant information.

  • IDOC creation and Processing

    plz explain me how to create an IDOC for customer master and how to send to logical system

    1)     IMG > Application Link Enabling (ALE) > Sending and Receiving  >  logical systems > Define Logical System:  xxx
    2)     IMG > Application Link Enabling (ALE) > Sending and Receiving  >  Systems in Network > Asynchronous Processing > Assigning Ports > Define Port:
    The port need to be defined beneath FILE
    The IDOC record types for SAP Release 4.x need to be selected
    A physical directory is needed.  One must be able to map this directory with the Windows explorer to copy the file to the network or local drive.
    In order to prevent unprocessed files being overwritten, you use function modules which generate file or directory names dynamically, that is to say, at runtime.
    3)     IMG > Application Link Enabling (ALE) > Modelling and Implementing Business Processes > Cross-Application Settings > Global Organizational Units > Cross-System Company Codes
    a)     Cross-System Company Codes
    b) Assign Cross-System Company Code to Chart of Accounts
    c) Assign Company Code to Cross-System Company Code
    Cross-system company codes are used in the distribution in financial accounting. There is exactly one central system for each cross-system company code in the distributed environment. One company code has to be assigned to this cross-system company code on each system involved in the distribution.
    When sending an IDoc with company code-dependent data, the company code is replaced with the cross-system company code in all company code fields.
    4)     IMG > Application Link Enabling (ALE) > Modelling and Implementing Business Processes > Maintain Distribution Model and Distribute Views
    5)     IMG > Application Link Enabling (ALE) > Modelling and Implementing Business Processes > Predefined ALE Business Processes > Logistics > Master Data Distribution > Proposal for distribution model: Customer and vendor masters
    6)     IMG > Application Link Enabling (ALE) > Modelling and Implementing Business Processes > Partner Profiles and Time of Processing > Maintain Partner Profile Manually
    Partner profile type/Partner type: LS  logical system
    Partner profile/Partner number: xxx
    7)     BD12 Send Customers

  • IDOC Update and process

    Hello friends,
    I have done ALE configuration for Vendors between 2 SAP systems and have send Vendors using BD14.
    Everything has gone well from the source system
    I see all the IDOCS have reached the target system as well.
    Some of the IDOCS have been posted and and i see the status as 53 and also the data in the system.
    However the problem is some of the IDOCS have not been posted and show yello color with status as 64.
    The information message is
    No resources, immed. processing not possible: Quota for rdisp/rfc_max_own
    please suggest what needs to be done.
    DO i need to reprocess this IDOCS and if so whats the PROGRAM I can use to do this.

    You can use BD87 to process the ones that did not process. Also, instead of sending IDOCs immediately, see if you can send them using the batch program RSEOUT00.

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    Hi, [ this article] will help you to completely remove Firefox.
    You should ''only'' download Firefox from [ Mozilla.]
    If McAfee is still not allowing it, you may need to look at the settings within McAfee.
    Hope that helps.

  • Quicktime 10 player stutters and skips but quicktime pro doesn't

    I have a early 2011 17inch i7 mac book pro and just recently when I play 60fps footage from my 7D camera in quicktime 10, the clips stutter and skips, it does this intermittently and in different parts of the same clip. I can play the clip and it would stutter at one point and then when i play it back again it would play fine at that same part and then stutter at another part. But when i open the same footage in quicktime 7 (quicktime pro) it play with no issues every single time.
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    Thanks for the response.
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  • When I go on to iTunes with my iPhone it always used to sync all photos and music but now it doesn't sync

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    try to using iTunes via remotedesktop? try without.

  • EDI 821 and EDI 823 field mapping file and basic IDOC type and message type

    Hi All,
    We are facing some issues regarding EDI 821 and EDI 823 file mappings.
    We are mapping EDI 821 and EDI 823 transactions into SAP using IDOCs. Currently we are using the below entries
    EDI 823 - Lock Box
    Basic IDOC type - FINSTA01
    Message type - FINSTA
    Process Code  - FINS
    The problem is we are able to get the IDOC into SAP with status red and the various errors were due to not able to create the lockbox entry in SAP and once we got yellow status also but the lock box entry was not created and the errors are like No Conversions,no header etc.
    EDI 821 -
    Basic IDOC type - PEXR2002
    Message type - PAYEXT OR REMADV
    Process Code  - PEXC OR REMA
    We are facing the same problem here also and the internal payment order is not creating in SAP and IDOC was generated with yellow status and red status.
    We are trying different combinations but nothing is working so far.
    I need the following things to proceed furthur.
    1)Are the IDOC , Message and process codes are correct that I am using now for both EDI 821 and EDI 823
    2)If those are not correct, can you please let me know the correct entries
    3) Please provide me the field mapping if any one of you have worked earlier for both the above IDOC and message type or new ones and we have one field mapping now but if you can send it to me then  I can re check it.
    4) Do we have to create any configuraion or customizing in SAP to create the IDOC in green status and if so please let me know the customizing steps and procedures for both EDI 821 and EDI 823.
    thanks in advance for all your help.
    Please let me know if my question is not clear.

    Hi Ramesh,
    I believe you are using those interfaces with the business partner type as Bank, Whatever idoc type, message type and process code you have used are perfectly correct.
    First of all did you enable your bank for EDI, the house bank has to be EDI enabled first then only your idoc's can be processed, talk to your fi functional consultant and he might help you.
    Are you can give me the exact error and i can help you as well.

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