HT1386 Change of order in playlists. Problems after sync

I have my ipod classic for many years, but recently encountered problems after sync. Itunes changes the order of tracks in my playlists. I want them be ordered by album, but itunes ordered it by "ticked". I tried to change it before sync. First this seem to be work, but now the order is again wrong. I find this really annoying, because "ticked" seemed to mean to be similar to "by name" of tracks. This does not make any sense for my music.
Any ideas, what I can do?

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  • I cannot change song order on playlist with highlight and drag. I have turned off shuffle and highlighted the far left column( up/down arrow) of playlist. My mac pro is running 10.5.8  and am using itunes 10.4.

    I cannot change song order on playlists (old or new) with highlight and drag. I have turned off shuffle and highlighted the far left column (up/down arrow) of playlist. My mac pro is running 10.5.8  and am using itunes 10.4. I can't drag and drop "music" to "playlist" but can right click and get the option to "add to playlist." No such option for moving song within playlist, only the up and down arrow which moves song from top to bottom list, so if it is #4 from top it will move to #4 from bottom. Stupid I know. I spent over an hour with Apple support, reinstalled itunes, restarted and rebooted computer. Networked with my laptop which is running 10.6.8 and itunes 10.4 and it can drag and drop. The final Apple support solution was to reinstall my operating system. I would prefer not to. Any other ideas?

    After looking at other people's posts, I think it's official: there is a bug. Itunes support said I should not have lost the drag/drop tool and I haven't on the laptop that is running itunes 10.4 and operating system 10.6.8. I chatted with someboby who lost both his drag/drop and side scroll and what we have in common is a wacom tablet for a mouse. My laptop is a wireless mouse. I reinstalled whatever updated driver that wacom has out there, shut the system down for night, hoping for magic, but alas none to be had. So if I want to change song order, I network the laptop and desktop, share the screen on the laptop, drag and drop to my heart's content and curse Apple for making me work this hard to find the tool that was once at my fingertips. Apple also let me know that if I want to share songs in household that the hundreds on songs that were purchased for .99 need to be repurchased for another .30. Maybe Apple is holding my drag/drop tool captive til I pay up the money or Maybe the next update will fix the problem, I for one give up for now.

  • Changing song order in playlists - changes no longer show on ipod until sync

    I organize my playlists according to how I rate songs; songs with higher ratings go at the top. When the last operating system came out there was a glitch where on the iPod (but not in iTunes) songs were ordered inversely, ie. songs with higher ratings were stuck at the bottom. This was annoying, but one bonus was that when rating songs on the iPod, the position of the song would change automatically. For example, if Song A had two stars but I changed the rating to 3 stars on my iPod, Song A would immediately move and join the other 3-star songs. The changes would then be tranferred to iTunes upon syncing my device.
    Now, after having updated iTunes, the playlists are in the correct hierarchical order, but I can't seem to immediately change the order of songs in playlists according to their ratings. Instead, I have to rate the song and sync my device for it to change in iTunes, and then sync my iPod again to have the playlist updated on the iPod itself. This isn't a big deal, but I enjoyed the ability to instantaneously alter my playlists based on the song ratings. Am I missing something? Any advice?

    What did you do when you " i recently added iCLOUD service "?
    - Reset the iOS device. Nothing will be lost
    Reset iOS device: Hold down the On/Off button and the Home button at the same time for at
    least ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears.
    - Unsync all music and resync
    - Reset all settings      
    Go to Settings > General > Reset and tap Reset All Settings.
    All your preferences and settings are reset. Information (such as contacts and calendars) and media (such as songs and videos) aren’t affected.
    - Restore from backup. See:                                 
    iOS: How to back up                                                                
      - Restore to factory settings/new iOS device.

  • Changing track order in playlists??

    Hello. I will probably sound really silly asking this but it has been a problem for me since i started using iTunes (which was ages ago - ha!). I'm trying to burn a CD from a playlist but would like to change the order of the songs. Is this possible and how?? I remember reading a reply to a query similar to this and it was simply to click the numbered, blank title column and then click and drag. I tried this but it still doesnt work. Im sure its just me missing out on something really obvious but please help because as i said its been an issue for a while. Thanks guys

    Normally u should just be able to drag n drop to the place that you want it to be? take the song u want n click n hold, then drag 2 where u want it n there should be a little black arrow/line thingy showing where its going to be put?

  • Changing song order in playlist

    There's one playlist where I tried to drag the songs to change the order but it won't let me. All the other playlists it lets me. any ideas?

    If you are making changes in the to the songs directly in the folders then iTunes may no longer recognise them (in fact in all probability no longer knows what the file is anymore). If you want to change details (titles, albums, etc.) you should do that within iTunes itself by right clicking on a song and choosing Get Info. Also moving files directly in a folder will cause iTunes to lose track of the location, I suspect the root of your problems is the changes you've made.

  • Can't change song order in playlists

    Several weeks ago iTunes stopped letting me change the order of songs in playlists. When I try to drag and drop them to change up the order the track just snaps back into place.
    I've gone over my settings several times trying to see if there's anything that got changed that might be causing this but nothing seems out of the ordinary.
    Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this?

    Make sure neither Shuffle or Repeat are switched on in the playlist, that can prevent you reordering tracks. You'll find the commands for these in the Controls menu or the two central buttons below the Source list. Also of course make sure you click on the number column (extreme left) of your play list to highlight it.

  • Cannot change track order in playlist

    Created playlist.  Went to change order of tracks in list.  Cannot move track to change location within the playlist or figure any othe way to accomplish this.

    View > View Options.  When the View Options box comes up, set "Sort by" to "Manual Order."
    Once this is done, you will be able to move songs up or down by drag-n-drop.

  • Smart Playlist problems after iTunes upgrade

    Hi, I updated my version of iTunes to and since then my smart playlists are not syncing to my iPhone properly. The selection of songs is scrambled, and so I have a variety of my top rated, audiobooks and other random songs. I have tried removing and resyncing the smart playlists to my iphone, but this has the same outcome. Also, the sync doesn't complete all stages so I end up with roughly half of my music from my smart playlist on my iPhone.
    Not sure if this is an iTunes problem or iPhone problem, but it definitely only started after I upgraded iTunes.
    Any others out there with the same issue or any suggestions?

    Yepper.. got the same issue.. it is not sync'ing my Itunes play lists to my I pod touch.

  • Playbook date problems after sync

    Hello forum,
    after syncing all calendar and contact datas with ActiveSync against Horde I was very surprised:
    every birthday date is one day behind.
    To verify that my groupware sends the correct information I started from my Bold9900 and Thunderbird/Ligthning an sync task. Everyting is ok. But not on my Playbook.
    How to solve this awful problem?
    Playbook firmware:
    Groupware: Horde 5.1.4
    Thanks in advance
    Go to Solution.

    Hello again,
    has really anybody an idea?
    Do the technicians who are reading or adminstrating the board have realy no idea?
    Meanwhile I found out that "whole day" appointments are affected.
    Again, how to solve this awful bug?

  • HT1386 how to delete photos from iphone after syncing with itunes

    is there anyway to automatically setup itunes or my iphone to delete my photos from iphone after syncing with itunes?

    Thank you! Syncing has always scared me...basically I am just afraid to lose any photos. But it worked. Again thank you

  • Any way to change sort order of playlists in iTunes?

    When you select Music (top left of screen) and Playlists (top middle of screen) in iTunes 11, a list of playlists appears in a pane on the left.  The playlists are sorted first by smart playlists, then by normal playlists (with individual playlists sorted alphabetically within each of the two groupings).
    I want all the playlists sorted alphabetically, regardless of whether each one is a smart playlist or a normal playist.  Any way to do this?  Thx

    The answer is no, the order cannot be changed.

  • Smart Playlist-problem after  maintenance

    I ran a maintenance utility on my PB , after that; one of my smart playlists on my itunes would not open causing itunes to shut down.
    I deleted the Splaylist and created a new one.
    While creating the rule :[ MY RATING IS GREATER THAN] [* ] the star field would not accept 3 stars. Would click Only 1,2,4,or 5 stars . !!!! Isnt that strange.?
    How do I fix it.?

    This problem is discussed a couple of times and there's also an article with a workaround (problem will probably be fixed in a future update).
    iTunes 6.0.2: Wrong number of rating stars when configuring Smart Playlist rule
    Hope this helps.
    17' iMac fp 800 MHz 768 MB RAM   Mac OS X (10.3.9)   Several ext. HD (backup and data)

  • Can I change the order of playlists in the sidebar?

    Is there not a way to do this? I kind of wanted to move some playlists up further, but it appears it's sorted alphabetically. Am I just going to have to put A) *playlist name*, B) *playlist name*?

    As you have found the order is fixed alphabetical, however things are also grouped first into "special playlists", purchased, genius etc, then playlist folders, then smart playlists, then regular playlists. You may find adding some playlist folders helps you to organize the structure of your playlists. The only place I've found I needed to add an ordering letter/number was for my collections of audiobook playlists by author so that each series is presented in the correct order.

  • Playlist problem after updating to

    Hi everybody!
    I updated my Zen Micro to 2.20.05 (Plays for sure) and it works well, but I've also got some problems:
    ) I can't create any playlists anymore on my computer. I'm using Creative Mediasource Organiser and I've updated it so its compatible to PFS devices. Transferring music works well. (The program just puts the music in the My music folder)
    When I try to transfer a playlist, it starts making folders in the my music folder (they are named with the artists name) and putting the music in that folders. The problem is that it takes double space on my disk.
    2) My player is starting up very slow. Before installing the new firmware the player started up immediately with the zen micro splash screen (that kind of raindrop falling in the water) and starts playing. Since the update the player almost everytime starts up with te creative logo and takes ~20 seconds to start playing. Before the update I only had that screen if I hadn't used my player for ~2 days.
    Does someone know a solution to my problem?
    Thanx in advance
    (BTW: I hope you understand my english.. I'm not very good at it )

    The scanning part is something that all programs which I have used does. It will read your entire player and scan each song for all its information, song title, artist, album etc... It will read this data into the program. I've seen this taken place in an MTP Monitor program which you can download from Microsoft's website. Its just how the programs do this. Windows Media Player and Windows Explorer are the fastest to read the player as it reads it differently than how Real Player or Musicmatch does. But still all programs read the entire player first then displays your songs. This process is done 'fairly' quickly however as you said it does take awhile on the larger 60gb players.....
    I suppose this can be something which will be improved as time goes.

  • Playlist problem after latest update.

    I have audio books in a playlist.  When it gets to the end of a part, instead of going to the next chapter it starts back where it left off.  How do I get the playlists to work correctly again?

    I have recently updated my N97 as well, and right after I couldnt turn the phone on!
    had to remove the battery twice.
    then when I did turn it on, it said memory full need to delete stuff! That was rubbish because it wasnt full,
    but I deleted stuff anyway cos it wouldnt let me use any apps or simply see my background.
    But now I have a background, but not 100% of it.
    N97 is disappointing me!

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