Import swf files in CP3, but export without any voice?

Did anyone have the same problem with me?
I imported swf file in slide and published. But I can't hear any voice in the slide....
At the same time, I tried to import as flv file and published, then it works. Voice in slide can be heard with no problem.
How can I fix the problem? thanks!!

Just a quick check. Go to menu item " Edit > Preferences" and select category "Publish Settings".
Confirm that option "Include Audio" is checked.

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  • Can Adobe Interactive PDFs play sound from imported .swf files

    I'm really really stuck, can anyone help? I'm on 10.8.3 using In Design CS6
    I am trying to get an interactive PDF with imported .sfw files with sound to play ....the sound. Preview is fine in the working file - but as per the previous query on this - The interactive PDF loses the sound. I tried installing ezPDF - but it's an app and I don't know how to install it to work (I think it's meant for  iPADs). So...does anyone know if I can have an imported .swf file play when exported to an Interactive PDF and also work on an end users PC?...should I be able to install ezPDF reader on my MAC and get everything working?
    Any help would be good as this is day 3 having called Adobe on Day 1 which was fruitless.

    Really hard to say without seeing the whole project, but my guess is that you have moved your exported SWF somewhere from it´s original location (where you exported it to) without moving Resources folder to same target location too... when you place video, audio or SWF to your layout, indesign does not embedd it to resulting SWF. Those files will be stored into a resources folder which always has to be at same root with exported SWF. Media files will be loaded dynamically from that folder at runtime.
    So you can guess what happens if that folder does not exist....

  • Problem with import SWF file

    I am trying to import a SWF file that i have exported from indesign CS5, as i want to create a pdf that has interactive page curl and page turn.
    But whenever i reimport the file it is really low resolution.

    I agree with Steve, you really should think is it absolutely necessery to try to place your SWF into PDF... you probably will face some problems if you do that.
    If you really must, you have to understand some basic rules about working with palced SWF (and videos too) in InDesign.
    The pixelated image you see above is not actual SWF. It´s an element called poster. When you place a SWF or video to your layout in InDesign, you may choose a poster for it. It´s kind of placeholder for actual SWF or video and will be shown when actual content is not playing. InDesign uses poster also as an appearance for your SWF/video file while you are working with your layout. InDesign can´t show actual SWF/video content in working area.
    You have few options how to define your poster. The most popular one is to grab it from SWF or video file. You can choose any frame to be used as a poster. Except that poster is not that frame itself, it´s a "screenshot" of that frame. Which means of course a risk that it may be pixelated at some point. Resolution you will define in Export SWF window´s Advanced tab effects to posters too. So be careful with lower resolutions if you want to avoid pixelation.
    Another, and IMO more professional method is to use good quality image as a poster. You can prepare your poster image in any regular image editing software.

  • How to keep a flash swf file flipped in InDesign export to interactive pdf...???

    When I export a file to interactive pdf or another swf file it does not show the flipped version of the flash file imported in it.It shows the original unflipped version!!!.. what should i do???

    from the Premiere Pro Help section about importing SWF files:
    " Interactive content and scripted animation are not retained. Animation defined by keyframes in the main, top-level movie is retained."

  • Actions not working to imported swf files in Flash Catalyst

    I have a problem with manipulating my imported swf files (created in Flash professional) in Flash Catalyst CS5. Whenever I add any of the swf control actions to a swf file in the timeline such as 'stop', the animation ignores it and keeps replaying. I tried to add action sequence when a certain button is pressed, and also tried to create 'On application Start' and added 'stop' so that the animation stops immediately when the application opens. No matter what I do, the animation refuses to perform the actions and simply replays. The animation is a simple shape tween between 2 states with no action script attached to it. I published the animation as an swf and exported it to Flash Catalyst. Is there any suggestions whatsoever on why this is happening? Is it something to do with setting up my flash file prior to import? The only way I figured out to stop the animation from playing is adding action script to the flash file in Flash Professional however this is not what I want because I would like the animation to be controlled by components in my flash Catalyst document.

    You can make you swf a custom component with 2 states.
    The first state will be empty and rename it "OFF" the second state will have your swf file and name it ON.
    Then go back to your artboard/project, add your 2 buttons ON & OFF.
    For the ON button add interaction "play transition to custom component ON"
    For the OFF button add interaction "play transition to custom component OFF"
    Here is an example swf_control

  • Error while importing swf file in to Crystal Xcelsius Designer 4.5

    help me...., Error while importing swf file in to Crystal Xcelsius Designer 4.5

    I read in the book called "CRYSTAL XCELSIUS for DUMMIES" on page 243 under topic called Nesting a Dashboard within another Dashboard.
    sorry i used the wrong word embed, here i am importing the swf using image component.
    My requirement is somethis like this parent child dependency menu.
    eg: i have to two tabs 1)alphabets 2) Numerics  First levet menu
    if you click alphabets tab then the following menu A/B/C/D/..... Z i have diff charts.. under each alphabet.
    If you click numberic tab then the follwing menu should one/two/three/.......ten  here also i have diff charts under number
    in over to avoid complexity in dynamic visibility i divided the into 3 dashboards.  1- alphabets 2- number and 3 -importing both swfs.. everything works fine except first tab and last tab under alphabets and numerics.
    If some one help me with some alernative ... would be great.

  • I am a Windows Vista User. I updated my iTunes Version 10.3. Then, when I re-opened my iTunes, all files were gone! Good thing I consolidated the files and just imported the files again. But, this happens every time I close and open my iTunes. Help?

    I am a Windows Vista User. I updated my iTunes Version 10.3. Then, when I re-opened my iTunes, all files were gone! Good thing I consolidated the files and just imported the files again. But, this happens every time I close and open my iTunes. Help?

    In iTunes 11 uncheck the preferences setting in in the iTunes Preferences panel "Advanced > Copy Files to iTunes Media folder when adding to Library"

  • After effects cs6 will not import swf files...

    after effects cs6 will not import swf files...keeps saying it's unsupported. why would this be? what do i need to change?

    What SWF file? What source? How was it generated? SWF generated by Flex/ Flash Server may contain constructs that are incompatible and SWFs that render all their elements dynamically using Flash drawing primitives and use lots of ActionScript may also not work...

  • I want to save and load the swf-file to a local disk of any user. Possible?

    Hi, It's good to see you.
    I am a developer in Web Flash Game.( I use AS3.0 )
    I want to save and load the swf-file to a local disk of any user,
    Because I want to decrease the time for loading a flash movie from site.
    Is it possible?
    If it is possible, I hope the swf-file has only one loading from site and
    it will be loaded from a local disk of any user after that.
    (I know a concept of Internet temporary file.
    I want to know the other techniques of only using AS3.0.)

    I have similar problem. We are producing a 70 meg browser based game and would like the user to be able to cache the game to avoid reloading the game the next time. Can this be done if the user authorise the save? If, so how? We don't care where the game is cached .
    Can we prompt the user to download the file by providing a link from within the SWF application?

  • Sometimes, when we open the multiple pdf files, menu bar is disappearing without any reason.

    Sometimes, when we open the multiple pdf files, menu bar is disappearing without any reason.

    Hi pramodg23752205,
    Okay, so are you facing this issue with all the machines or with a particular machine?
    Does 'F9' key resolves the issue?

  • After restoring from backup on a new phone (same model, just replacement) all my apps are showing as waiting....I have sync'd but still without any joy - this has been going on for hours

    After restoring from backup on a new phone (same model, just replacement) all my apps are showing as waiting....I have sync'd but still without any joy - this has been going on for hours

    It just means some spammer is using your email address as the sender address for their spam. This is very easy to do - anyone can do it simply by changing the From email address in their email program. It does not mean your account was hacked or you have a virus (there are no current Mac viruses on the loose anyway, nor has there been for years).
    There's nothing you can do about it. It can happen to anyone and the spammers will move on to using someone else's email address before long.

  • Probs with imported swf file

    I have imported a swf file which is displayed correctly
    within the import dialog. After clicking OK only the placeholder of
    the imported animation is seen. When running the captivate movie
    the swf is not diplayed. When setting the swf to synchronize to
    movie all frames of the swf are displayed but don't stop where they
    are supposed to do. Unfortunately this swf file was exported from
    the authoring system opus xe so I don't have a chance to edit it in
    flash itself.
    Maybe someone knows a solution for this prob?

    It sounds like the swf file may not be 30 frames per second.
    I'm using v1.01 and I've had a lot of problems with swf files
    loading consistently. A few times when I positioned the swf file at
    the very beginning of the Captivate timeline it wouldn't load.
    Moving it a half second up on the timeline fixed the

  • Can't import swf file into QuarkXpress 8.12

    Hello everyone,
    I'm using QuarkXpress v 8.12 | Apple iMac Intel Core 2  Duo, 64 bit |  Flash Player
    When I tried to import a swf file into a picture box in Quark it freezes the program and then I have to force quit the application and restart. I've been onto Quark's forum already with this issue and the advice is to uninstall Flash 10.1 and go back to v10 that came with the Quark DVD.This is the advice given:
    This FLash player consists out of two files, flashplayer.xpt and  Flash Player.plugin. However it is much cleaner to uninstall by using  the Flash Uninstaller Adobe provides on their web page.
    However, it's not made clear where these xpt and plugin files reside. Are they inside the Library>Internet Plug-ins? Quark's forum then goes on to say that there is ANOTHER standalone Flash Player programe that previews Flash files out of QuarkXpress and I did manage to open up the swf flie without trouble and saw the interactiveness within it. (I didn't create the swf file and don't know its provenance, it came with a tutorial).
    Inside of Quark's Extensions, there's a folder called ForIneractive that contains a Flash Player, when I clicked on it to get info it says it's v10.0 r22. Is this the standalone programe that previews flash files out of QuarkXpress and has nothing to do with the problem of my swf files not importing? To add confusion, when I visited Adobe Flash's troubleshoot site, it detects the Flash Player I have on my system as So I'm totally puzzled as to what's what (version wise)! I've tried spotlight and it leads back only to the QuarkXpress ForInterActive folder and the Library for the plugin.
    The main question is, if I uninstall with the Adobe Flash Uninstaller, how do I know that I'm uninstalling the right components? Any other advice to fix this?
    Thanks a million

    Photoshop elements has never had File>Import>Video Frames to Layers.
    At one time, until a few versions back, there was File>Import>Frame from Video, but that was just able to do one frame at a time and the function has since been removed from photoshop elements.
    Photoshop and photoshop elements are two different applications, photoshop elements being an application based on photoshop, but with less advanced features.

  • Import Swf file corrupts in Flash CS3

    I have recorded my desktop activity in "My Screen Recorder
    Pro" and export the movie as swf file. While playing it on Flash
    player 9, I found NO problem at all but when I import it into Flash
    CS3 (or Flash 8) to embed with my project the file get corrupted
    and I could see black solids squares in between. How do I get clean
    swf file which is just fine when playing in Flash player?
    Raju Sachania

    Probably because you used _root within your scrollbar code.
    If that's the
    case you can fix by setting lockroot to true, within your
    scroll bar swf.
    Just place a this._lockroot = true; as the first line in
    frame 1's code.
    That being said, it's better to simply avoid using _root.
    Dave -
    Head Developer
    Adobe Community Expert

  • Import .par file into NWDS and Run without deployment ?

    Hello All,
          I'm new to the NWDS and the Portal.
    I've many Qns on my Requirement. Hope u guys can help me out in resolving my Issues.
    My Requirement is like this :-
    1. I need to create a Portal Application which calls an URL.
    2. But before developing this, my Client gave me one 2 options :
         a. He gave me a par file and asked me to make  changes in it.
         b. Create a new Portal Project which calls the URL ( Predefined ).
    3. I wanted to check the 1rst option i.e  " a ".
    4. I tried to Import the .par file into NWDS like this :
    * Windows --> Open Perspective --> Enterprise Portal .
    * File --> Import --> Par FIle.
    * I gave the name of the Project as PortalLogon.
    5. I searched in the forum on this scenario and I found that the libraries for this project are not automatically imported.
    <b>A .Can any one tell me how to import the libraries and which are all the libraries to be imported ?</b>
    <b>B. How to test my PortalLogon Project without deploying ?</b>
    Is it possible to test this Project without deploying ?
    If yes can anyone tell me hoe to do this ?

    hi Deepu,
    for simply displaying a URL, you can use the commonly available URL iView.
    your folder->new->create iView->iView from template->URL iView and then enter your URL
    for the other think.......
    you can create an iView from PAR file.
    your folder->new->create iView->Iview from PAR->then select your PAR and create an iView for that.
    and the last see the effect without deploying it on the portal......refer the link
    and the usual libraries to be associated are
    <b>htmlb.jar</b>  and

Maybe you are looking for

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