IPod Touch 4th generation cannot start up...

I have a almost 4-month-old 4th generation iPod Touch which i have not used for about 3 weeks.
Unfortunately, the iPod Touch would not START UP. The screen is blank even after i pressed the Home button and Sleep/Wake button for about 5 minutes.
I've tried to charge it through my computer for about 2 hours-no change. The computer (it was reformated recently) doesn't register the device when I plugged it in either...
So, what should i do next?

After being connected to a charger for half an hour, see if placing the iPod in recovery mode will allow iTunes to see the iPod. For recovery mode see:
iPhone and iPod touch: Unable to update or restore
I recovery mode get a response  (Connect to iTunes message) for the iPod but iTunes does not see the iPod try here:
iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch: Device not recognized in iTunes for Windows

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  • NEW IPOD Touch 4th Generation - Cannot connect  Wi-Fi to Secured Network

    I'm having issues with connecting my IPOD Touch to my Linksys Secured WPA2 network.
    My IPOD touch is 4th Generation.
    OS = 4.2.1
    It sees my Network and asks me to type in the password. The password is very long and after I type it in it states "Unable to join the network"
    Can anyone help? Is there an App I can download to help?

    You do not need to input the MAC address into your router unless you have the router set to MAC address filtering (which I suggest you leave off).
    Second, an overly long password just creates a host of problems and provides little, if any, extra protection. WPA2 has never been cracked and anything over 8-12 characters is going to take more computer horsepower than is available in the world today. So, shorten the password and log your touch onto your network.

  • My iPod touch 4th generation suddenly started restarted over and over for no apparent reason...

    So, last night while I was asleep, my iPod Touch started to restart over and over. It loads with the Apple symbol, but with a little settings cog at the bottom of it, and when it get's to the password screen, it stays there for about one second, and the process starts over again. It wont respond to being turned off or on, and the password numbers are unresponsive.
    I tried pressing and holding the off button and the home button, and it turns off briefly before starting up again. It turns on without the little settings cog, but as usual, it stays at the password screen for a second, then the loop continues.
    I've tried plugging it into my computer, but all that does is make it do it's little 'I'M CONNECTED TO THE COMPUTER' beep every time it turns on! I don't fancy taking it to Apple to repair, as I use it every day and I don't really fancy spending the money and having to wait. If any one has had any success with this issue, I would be extremely grateful.
    Any suggestions would be completely welcome - even if they're not things that have proved to work. I'm pretty desperate.

    Use RecBoot to kick it into recovery mode and restore it.
    Basic troubleshooting steps  
    17" 2.2GHz i7 Quad-Core MacBook Pro  8G RAM  750G HD + OCZ Vertex 3 SSD Boot HD 
    Got problems with your Apple iDevice-like iPhone, iPad or iPod touch? Try Troubleshooting 101

  • Ipod touch 4th generation; cannot get the #1 to enter on keypad.  help!

    any advice on how to get the number one on my keypad to work?  i didn't know if there was a way to get the keypad to display in a different format, so i wouldn't have to touch the far left side of the screen?  every time i touch the one it enters 2.  i'm familiar with my iphone and have never had this issue, but on this touch it just doesn't want to enter the number 1 when it's touched.  please advise if there is a different way to display the #'s keypad, thanks!  or any other alternative...

    No other way.
    - Reset the iOS device. Nothing will be lost
    Reset iOS device: Hold down the On/Off button and the Home button at the same time for at
    least ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears.
    - Restore from backup. See:                                 
    iOS: How to back up                                                                
    - Restore to factory settings/new iOS device.      
    If still problem, make an appointment at the Genius Bar of an Apple store since it appears you have a hardware problem.You may have a bad digitizer
    Apple Retail Store - Genius Bar                       

  • The front camera on my iPod touch 4th generation is frozen. I cannot use it. Updating software does not help. This started right after I bought it, new from BestBuy. What can I do?

    The front camera on my iPod touch 4th generation is frozen. I cannot use it. Updating software does not help. This started right after I bought it, new from BestBuy. What can I do? When i go to the camera, it is stuck on a black screen. the only way to use my camera is through other camera apps, but if I try to switch it to the front camera, it freezes again.

    If you still have the problem after retoring the iPOd to factory defaults/new iPod then The iPod is likely defective and replacement is required.  You can make an appoinment at the Genius Bar of an APple store or take it back to BestBuy if within warranty

  • Every time I try and use iTunes or the App Store on my iPad Mini, I keep getting the message "Cannot connect to iTunes Store". However, on my iPod Touch 4th Generation - signed into the same account - it works with no problems. Can anyone help? Thanks!

    As I've already mentioned, I can't connect to iTunes or the App Store, the same message appears every time: "Cannot connect to the iTunes Store". I downloaded a few apps before I connected my iPad Mini to my Computer. I started doing an update that was about 9 or 10 hours long, somewhere around that time, and I unplugged it about halfway through the update and since then I've not been able to get onto iTunes or the App Store. I checked to see if I could continue the update but when I looked on iTunes again, no updates appeared. On my iPod Touch 4th Generation, everything works absolutely fine and it is logged into the same Apple ID. I've tried resetting my Network Settings, logging into someone else's Apple ID, connecting to a different Wifi, changing the DNS settings to, rebooting my Computer and iPad and changing the HTTP Proxy to Auto. Is there anything else I could try or am I just overlooking something? I would really appreciate it if someone could help me out here, thanks!

    Can you connect to a wifi source on the device? Enable wifi in settings on the device itself. If you don't have wifi at home, there may be a local hotspot you can use for this.
    The reason this happens is carriers don't want people downloading huge files that would slow their network as well as eat up your data plan.

  • I cannot download Adobe Reader app using my IPod Touch 4th Generation due to iOS upgrade.

    I have an IPod Touch 4th Generation (the older model) and the highest operating system stops at iOS 6.1.6. Unfortunately, when I tried to download Adobe Reader app, it only works for the newer IPod Touch 5th Generation with an operating system of iOS 7.0 or higher. My question is that since I cannot download Adobe Reader app, is there a way for me to open PDF files on my IPod Touch by using Safari? There is no way I can find an Adobe Reader app that works for my operating system or an operating system that works for iOS 6.0 or lower. Is there another program similar to Adobe Reader where I can open PDF files that works for iOS 6.0 or lower?

    Please note that my instructions are intended for Adobe Reader for iOS, not for all iOS apps in general.
    Adobe Reader for iOS does offer earlier compatible versions for iOS 5 and 6 via the App Store.  Because the supported iOS version for Adobe Reader for iOS is 5 or later.
    Tech specs | Adobe Reader mobile app
    However, I cannot speak for other apps, such as Costco app and NFL app that you have mentioned.  It is up to each individual app developer/company to decide whether to take advantage of Apple's App Store's features to offer earlier versions.
    Install the latest compatible version of an app on an earlier version of iOS or OS X - Apple Support
    If a compatible version isn't available, you can try contacting the app developer. Look for contact information on the app's product page in the App Store or Mac App Store.

  • I have recently bought an iPod touch 4th generation. The first day I could connect to the app store from my iPod and download what I wanted then today every time I try downloading something a message pops up saying " cannot connect to the iTunes store" y

    I just bought An iPod touch 4th generation yesterday, it was working fine I could
    Download appl from the store from my iPod without a problem . Today however every time I try downloading something from my iPod touch
    it. Doesn't download a message pops up saying " cannot connect to iTunes store" why? I am connected to the Internet and I can easily go on safari and google with. NO problem but everytime I go on the app store it gives me that message can you please help? My iPod isup to date and so is iTunes I so tried bar restarting my iPod and it worked for about 2 minutes the the message kept popping up Again please help me . Thank you

    If you restored to factory settings/new iPod and still have the problem that indicates a hardware problem.
    Make an appointment at the Genius Bar of an Apple store..
    If your iPod is defective and not abused Apple will exchange it at no cost.
    Apple Retail Store - Genius Bar

  • Cannot purchase any app for my new iPod touch 4th generation

    I just bought an iPod touch 4th generation and I cannot buy any app, everytime i try, the sistem keep asking me security questions I cannot answer, pelase help. This never happened with my old iPod 3rd generation.
    Thank you in advance for your help

    Manage your account.
    Follow instructions to reset your password.  Ask for an email message.  The message will include a link that gets you in the back door.

  • I cannot open my apps on my iPod touch 4th generation. Every time I open an app it sends me back to the main page

    I cannot open my apps on my iPod touch 4th generation. Every time I try to open an app it sends me back to the app selection thing.

    Try a hard reset first. Press and hold both the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons together long enough for the Apple logo to appear. 
    If still no luck, try downloading and installing a new app from the App Store.  Doing so has cleared the issue up for several users.

  • I cannot get imessage to work for me on my ipod touch 4th generation when i sign in with apple ID then it says confirm email and it keeps on going and going and going and never stops

    i cannot get imessage to work for me on my ipod touch 4th generation when i sign in with apple ID then it says confirm email and it keeps on going and going and going and never stops

    iOS: Troubleshooting FaceTime and iMessage activation

  • I have and ipod touch 4th generation and i cannot connect to any wifi, can someone help me with this?

    so this christmas that just assed i got a new ipod touch 4th generation! recently it has fallen and cracked and at the top left corner pieces came off, but after 2 days ago i couldnt get wifi at my house! i do not have a router but i always could get it perfectly in my room from my neighbor! but recently its been agravating me because i cant do anything about it, and at school id et wifi everywhere but now i only et it in one class!
    and also i have the pinger textfree app and it wont let me get on it, it will sit there with the logo for 5 minutes and bring me back to my home on my ipod even without wifi, can someone explain to me why my ipod is acting all weird? i also resetted it 2 times and nothing happened i resetted my networks and nothing, someone please help me wiht my problem! ):

    Does the Ipod see the network?
    It sure sound like the drop cause some other internal damage like breaking/loosening the connection to the  antenna. See:

  • How do I fix the connection issues on my iPod Touch 4th generation to connect to iMessage?

    I am getting very frustrated with this iPod Touch 4th generation. I have been using my 2nd generation iPod Touch to use iMessage to text people and use as a 'fake iPhone' because carrying around my cell phone and iPod is annoying.
    Basically, I have tried multiple times to change the DNS on every network to the google public server ( and this does not work.
    I attempt to sign in to my Apple ID on iMessage and it says "iMessage Activation: Could not sign in. Please check your network connection and try again." Even though it claims I cannot connect to the internet, I can connect and browse on Safari and other Apps, but iMessage (also Facetime) will never connect or let me sign in. I continually receive that error message that I need to check my network connection. I just don't understand why. iMessage will work on my iPad 3rd gen and my iPod Touch 2nd gen, but not my iPod Touch 4th gen.
    I am using my college's WiFi network and it is hit and miss in my building, but both my iPod touch 2nd gen and iPad 3rd gen can receive iMessages and everything fine. I am starting to think that the 4th gen ipod touch just has a crappy wifi receiver or something.
    PLEASE help me fix this. I don't know what else to do.
    I just updated to iOS 6.1.2 and that did not fix it either.

    I know this question is no related directly to your topic, but I wanted to know how did you get imessage in ipod touch 2g. I have one but it doesn't have imessage. I will appreciate your help. Thanks in advance.

  • How do I use my iPod Touch 4th Generation with air play with my Apple TV?

    Can someone please help me.  I need to find out if my iPod Touch 4th Generation can be used for Air Play with my Apple TV.  When I go to photos I can use Air Play to display them.  But I cannot use airplay for my apps like Facebook, and My games like The Sims.   I am using iOS 6.0.1.  Is that the issue if so, When you be updating the 4th Gen. Touch to be able to use it with the 6.0.2 version.  I beleive Apple can do better with this.  I just purchased my Apple TV yesterday, and I don't want to have to take it back already, because it doesn't work with my iPod 4th Gen.

    Do the games and apps show the AIrPlay option? No all do.
    The second article in my previous reply included:
    From the Videos, iPod, Photos, Music, and YouTube apps on iOS devices, stream videos, music, and photos to an Apple TV (2nd and 3rd generation), or stream music to an AirPort Express or compatible third-party device.
    With iOS 4.3 and later, you can also stream video and audio from a website or a third-party app installed on your iOS device if the developer for the app or website has added AirPlay functionality

  • I updated my iPod touch 4th generation from the latest iOS 4 update (i think maybe iOS 4.3.5 or something like that) to iOS 5.1.1 and my Photos, Videos, contacts, music, App data, etc. was deleted. How can I all the data back?

    I updated my iPod touch 4th generation from the latest iOS 4 update (i think maybe iOS 4.3.5 or something like that) to iOS 5.1.1. I updated to iOS 5.1.1 on a Windows XP Home Edition with the Service Pack 3 installed on the Windows XP (which I believe is the latest version). After updating, I unplugged my iPod from the computer. I saw that all my photos and videos were on my iPod, but there were no apps. A window popped up and told me to enter a passcode for my iPod. I entered a passcode. I then locked my iPod and entered what I thought to be the correct passcode, but my iPod remained unlocked. Desperate, I tried many passcodes with failure. After a while, my iPod became disabled for a long time. I decided to reset my iPod. After I reseted it, I chose to reset from my earlier back up. After reseting, my computer loaded on all my apps. But, when I started using my iPod, I realized all my photos, videos, music, app data (like game saves and high scores), etc. were gone! I have no idea what to do and I am very stressed about this! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME GET ALL MY STUFF BACK!!!!!!

    Go to iTunea>Preferences>Devices and see if there is a backupright at the time you did the update. Then try restoring from that backup. If the apps are in your iTunes library, any app data will be restored to the iPod.
    When restoring from an iOS 4 (or later) backup, if the device had a passcode set, iTunes will ask if you want to set a passcode (and remind you that you had protected your device with a passcode). iTunes will not ask you to set a passcode when restoring from iOS 3.x and prior backups.
    Therefore, remembe the passcode that you enter this time.
    It appears that if you restore from a backup, that backup is not subseqyently overwritten by the next backup.

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