Is it possible to add a single Entry Point menu item to a LabVIEW OI menu?

Using the "TestStand - Insert Commands in Menu (Application Manager).vi" library VI, I can add all Configure menu items to a menu with the "CommandKind_ConfigurationEntryPoints_Set" option for the "Commands" input.  But the VI is missing an "Index" input to specify a single item from the collection.  (UnlikeThe "AplicationMgr.ConnectCommand()" function, which allows you to specify a single item with an index.)
The issue is the same for Execution Entry Points and Tools as it is for Configuration Entry Point--I can create a menu containing the entire collection, but not a single item.  I tried to delve into the VI to change it to allow specification of individual commands using an index using the Commands.Insert() function instead of the Commands.InsertKind() function, but without success.
As an aside, even when I add all Tools to a menu (using CommandKind_Tools_Set), TestStand exits with a warning that 12 "RunTimeMenuItem" objects were not released.  I'm wondering if I should be using the Engine.GetRunTimeToolMenuItems interface instead.  But if that's the case, I think I have to build the menu myself and can't use the TestStand library VIs to automatically run commands when their corresponding menu items are selected.  Maybe this is just a bug in the TestStand VIs?
I am using TestStand 2010 SP1 with LabVIEW 2014.
Any advice would be appreciated.  Thanks.

I am closing the TestStand Engine, VI Refnum, Quit Application event, and Event Callback, just like in the example.  I get the TestStand unreleased reference error only if I call that VI to include the Tools menu.  The fact that the unreleased objects are "RunTimeMenuItem" objects also implies to me that the problem is specific to the Tools menu items.  Since Tools menus seem to have their own API (which involves RunTimeMenuItems), it seems to me that the VI (or the TestStand Engine?) is doing something with RunTimeMenuItems that I can't see, and is somehow losing track of them (because that VI gives me no visibility to any RunTimeMenuItem objects).  Is it possible that one should explicitly use RunTimeMenuItem objects instead of the menu VI when dealing with Tools menus?  (Maybe the error is due to my using TestStand 2010 SP1 on Windows 8.1, for which TestStand 2010 SP1 is not officially supported?)

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    You need to follow steps below:
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    So is there any possibility to avoid running this entry point more than one time?

    Thank you so much for the help.  You recommendations worked perfectly.  Both of us implemented more or less the same behavior in our operator interfaces, although we used slightly different methods.  Here is what I did:
    I established a count variable in my operator interface that is initially set to 0.  Each time the Test UUTs or Single Pass button is pressed, I increment the count by 1.  I determine that the Test UUTs or Single Pass button is pressed by registering for and handling the Application Manager PreCommandExecute event.  In my callback for this event, I examine the returned Command and look at its EntryPointIndex property to see if the index is 0 (Test UUTs) or 1 (Single Pass).  If it is, I increment the count variable count by 1.  If the index is not 0 or 1, I do nothing.  Once execution has stopped, I reset the count variable back to 0.  I do this by registering for and handling the ExecutionView Manager RunStateChanged event (as you recommended).  In my callback for this event, I examine the returned newRunState to see if it stopped (numerical value of 3).  If it is, I set the value of the count variable back to 0.  If it isn't stopped, I do nothing.
    This method is basically the same as the one you propose.  This method allows you to use the built in TestStand buttons instead of having to use those found in your development environment.  The only drawback is that they don't disable and gray out during execution; they just do nothing when an execution is in progress and the operator presses them.

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    Is it possible to call a configuration entry point from a C# code module?
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    One of the entry points, calls a C# method in a code module to display a Startup screen for the operator.
    In an Editor User Interface, I have added a toolbar, now I want to execute the previous entry point initiated from my C# code to get the Startup screen again when a button is clicked on the toolbar.
    Best regards

    Hi James,
    Thanks for your suggestion, but unfortunely the code hangs after executing the entrypoint, if have tried it in two ways, but both have the same result. Do you have any idea how to fix this.
    Trial 1:
      Engine engine = new Engine(); ApplicationMgr applicationMgr = (ApplicationMgr)engine.GetInternalOption(InternalOptions.InternalOption_ApplicationManager);EntryPoints entryPoints = applicationMgr.ConfigurationEntryPoints; int intIndex = 0;foreach (EntryPoint entryPoint in entryPoints) {    switch (entryPoint.Name.ToUpper())    {        case "TOGGLE ONLINE <-> OFFLINE":            object objEditArgs = System.Type.Missing;           entryPoint.Run(objEditArgs); // Application hangs after executing this command, the entrypoint does not execute!             break;        default:            break;     }
    Trial 2:
      Engine engine = new Engine(); ApplicationMgr applicationMgr = (ApplicationMgr)engine.GetInternalOption(InternalOptions.InternalOption_ApplicationManager);EntryPoints entryPoints = applicationMgr.ConfigurationEntryPoints; int intIndex = 0;foreach (EntryPoint entryPoint in entryPoints) {    switch (entryPoint.Name.ToUpper())    {
            case "TOGGLE ONLINE <-> OFFLINE":           // Application hangs after executing next command, the entrypoint does not execute!           applicationMgr.GetCommand(CommandKinds.CommandKind_ConfigurationEntryPoints_Set, intIndex).Execute(true);              break;        default:            break;     }
    Best regards

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    We have a requirement in which during night time some of the roles attached to the user should be shown. So I thought if if change the "Entry Point" of the roles to no then the contents of the roles will not be shown. Whether this approach will work or is there anyother way to do this.
    Please let me know.
    Thank & Regards,
    H.K.Hayath Basha.

    Check out the following blogs for assigning and unassigning roles dynamically:
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    "A connection cannot be established to server <>.  Check that the server is available, the Remote Access role is installed, and that you have permissions to access the server".
    The RA role is installed, and the domain user account is a local admin on the new DA server.  However, internal firewall restricts file share (SMB) access between the existing and new DA server.  We're changing this as I type, but are there any
    other firewall port requirements to add a new entry point?  This nor any other Technet page mentions inter-Entry Point firewall requirements.
    Many thanks,

    Hi There - I am not aware of any specific firewall requirements between the sites and i am not entirely convinced that SMB is the culprit. However, as an aside thought, have you ran the DA Wizard as Right Click Run As Administrator (sorry about that !) as
    I have seen issues where just clicking normally prevents a few configurations from running.
    Also I have seen several instances where firewalls were just not playing nicely for many reasons and I have used PowerShell Commands instead of the GUI which worked even when the GUI wouldn't. for deploying Multi-Site using PowerShell
    John Davies

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    Dear All,
    Is it possible to add entries in button choice as following?
    That is, add one line "Process Route Template" in the Button Choice "Additional Functions", then add three sub-items under this entry.
    Can anyone help on this? Thanks.
    Peter Peng

    Hi Peter,
    It is not possible to have sub-items inside the button choice action items.
    To achieve your requirement for MENU BAR ui element, in which you can add as many as sub-menu and menu action items.
    Hope this helps you.

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                                                    Thanks in advance

    Hi Monika,
    It is not really possible to add a row (I assume you mean of unrelated data) to the middle of a table in a report. You can add a new table with a single row between two tables. For instance you could add a new one row table, or even single cells which are positioned relatively between two tables. Possibly a block on top of another. But this gets tricky.
    Can you explain in more detail what you are trying to do?

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    Extract the WAR file and rearchive with theJAR file included.

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    Reward points if useful
    Amrish Purohit

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    You can Change the Required Input Value to Not-required
    Alter the Sequence of the Input Value to be displayed in the Element Entry Screen
    You can Change the Input Value Validation Rule minimum, Maximum, Lookup and Formula
    Change your specification of which input values create Database Items. Note, however, you cannot remove Database Items if they are used in any formulas or QuickPaint reports.
    You cannot remove existing input values or add new one if you have created any entries for the element
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    Thanks in advacne

    It certainly is possible to call Java from PL/SQL and so therefore from APEX.
    The process is fairly well documented online and there's a well cited example of calling Apache FOP within these forums.
    You may however need to do a little work to wrap your Java library using static methods in order to do this.

  • Can you add a single app subscription to Existing Cloud for Teams for new team member?

    Is it possible to add single app subscriptions to an existing CC Team Acct? I have a team member that needs an Adobe Acrobat IX Pro subscription and would like to manage it from my CC Teams management tools.

    The trouble I have is that I CANNOT allow this user to have the full suite. I am implementing software inside of a cGMP manufacturing facility (nutritional supplements). Part of our "label artwork" change control is the fact that not only are critical files locked, but also no-one in the company can edit the files even if they copied them to desktop.
    I can't allow a project manager, or executive, or admin assistant the same software capacity to edit critical files as the art dept, in the event that their changes might slip through to production.
    Now granted, I could create literal policies to compensate for this situation, but does an admin person really need Premier Pro and AfterEffects? Nope, not really. I could see an argument in favor of the document production tools, but the web and video tools are complete overkill.
    I had been hoping to implement a series of Acrobat Pro suites, to enable an easy form of document signing. I didn't want to implement any form of server based signature authentication, since our process is wholly internal and not subject to serious security concerns.  I've been forced to shelve the project for now while I investigate more options, which means adobe missed out on some sales.
    Hopefully, Creative Teams will be expanded to have more flexibility as Adobe matures their product offering.

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