Is it possible to change the resolution of indivdual channels in measurement and automation explorer using a VI

I'm acquiring data on 8 analog input channels using a PCI-6052 E card. The data on channels 5 thru 8 is going to be between +1V and -1V. So for greater resolution I'm manually changing the range of these channels to +1V to -1V in the measurement and automation explorer. Is there a way by which I can make these changes directly using a VI ?

Yes you can, but only if you use the "AI Config" VI. AI config allows different gains for different channels. The "channels" and "input limits" inputs of the VI accepts arrays. The first element of the input limits array corresponds to the first element of the channel array. Check the "cont acq&chart (buffered).vi" in the LV examples. There you see what I mean!

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    Rob Cole wrote:
    I'd be inclined to set it to zero so it obviously doesn't mean anything
    You can set it to whatever you like, and it makes no difference. Most of the time (depending on how you saved it), it will still open as "72".
    When you save an image for web, the resolution is usually stripped from the file. It's simply not there anymore. That's probably what happens in the Lr facebook module, and that's why there's no entry for it.
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    And when people see that, they think "hey, web images are 72 ppi". But they're not - that figure is just inserted there by the opening application.

  • HT1386 my iphone does not sync with itunes on my second authorized computer, please help. i changed the first authorized computer in May 2012 and have been using the second authorized computer since then but it cannot sync - please help!!

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    You can e-mail photo library pics to yourself, but they will not be of the original quality.
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  • How do I increase the field of view in Measurement and Automation Explorer (MAX) Version

    I am using Measurement and Automation Explorer Version to view pictures on a pc that are being sent from a video camera looking through a microscope.  The image I see in the viewfinder of the microscope is MUCH smaller than the image that is displayed on the pc screen.  Looking through the viewfinder of the microscope, I can see ~20 mm across the object, but the display from the camera in NI-MAX shows ~4.5 mm across the object.  How can I change how much of an object is displayed on the screen in NI-MAX?
    The camera is attached to the microscope with a camera adapter on the top of the microscope.  The lenses the camera "looks" through and the lenses used when one looks through the viewfinder are the same, so theoretically, there should be no difference in what is displayed on the pc and what is seen through the viewfinder.  We have ruled out the microscope and camera as the cause of the problem, which narrows it down to the NI-MAX software itself.
    I saw in the forums that you can zoom out on an image; however, this does not change the distance across an image that is seen, just makes the picture of the same ~4.5 mm across the object smaller in size.
    Any ideas or suggestions?

    I have attached a picture of the object's image being displayed on the pc monitor.  Where the field of view (FOV) in the microscope is almost 30 mm, the FOV displayed onscreen is about 7 mm.  After contacting companies various times I discovered there was a reducing lens that goes in the C-mount adaptor, but it is over $300. 
    I thought maybe that the FOV could be changed in in NI Measurement and Automation Exploer (NI-MAX).  Any ideas? 
    field of view.png ‏2437 KB

  • Measurement and Automation explorer or the Instrument I/O Assistant is not installed correctly.

    I am having difficulties getting Labview to work with my NI card.  I have a PCI_6225 card running on a Win 7 64-bit install.  I had to download all of the drivers and installers from the NI site and during the Labview install, I recieve a prompt asking for my hardware drivers.  Since I only have the compressed hardware installer, Labview doesn't like what it sees and continues the installation of LABVIEW.  I then attempt to open an analog input channel through the Instrument I/O Assistant which displays the error seen in the image attached.  
    I know the hardware works because in the Measurement and Automation client, I am able to observe the analog input I hope to collect in LABVIEW.  
    Is there a fix to get LABVIEW working?  I have tried multple installs of LABVIEW and am on a administered computer through my University's IT people.  I have 'full admin' rights.  Thanks.
    error.jpg ‏254 KB

    Hello jbaxter,
    When you download the Drivers from NI's website, make sure you unzip them (extract them) to a folder on your computer before you install them. If you use the NI Downloader it should prompt you to unzip and run the files after the download is complete. You need to either repair, or reinstall DAQmx and NI VISA. Make sure you download the latest versions of these first:,ssnav:sup/1//en/...
    Then go to Control Panel»Programs and Features»National Instruments Software and click Uninstall/Change then go to DAQmx and NI-VISA and click Repair. You can then point to folder that you downloaded from NI's website (make sure this is not a zip folder, but the folder that has been extracted). Or you could choose Remove, and then reinstall them both again. Also if you are using GPIB, reinstall or repair the NI-488.2 driver.
    Here are some relevant links:
    Software Developer
    National Instruments

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    Hello Community
        Using Sharepoint 2010 Server and the UI I built and application and would like
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    then create a new Team Site page which would be essentially creating a new application and
    then adding all of the subsites contained in the renamed application that has the first page
    as a Blank page.
        And if is possible to add, copy or move the subsites from existing sites to a new Team Site
    page, how do you add, copy or move the subsites from one application to a diffent application?
        Thank you

    Hi Shabeaut,
    According to your description, my understanding is that you want to change the template of the root site without creating the susites in another web application.
    I recommend to export all the existing subsites and import them to new web application.
    More references:
    Best regards.
    Victoria Xia
    TechNet Community Support

  • Is it possible to change the genre of a song on an iPhone 5s  (with no laptop/desktop)?

    is it possible to change the genre of a song on an iPhone 5s  (without using iTunes on a laptop/desktop)?

    I could not find any way to do that. There is no way access the song information like you do through iTunes.

  • It's possible to change the device address of a NI2503 board

    It would be nice to change the device address of a NI 2503 Switch board.
    I have several NI 2503 Switch Boards in my PXI 1006 Chassis. After installing the boards and performing a MAX Refresh the device addresses of the boards are listed in a random (?) order. So its troublesome to get the information which device is related to which slot.
    I have more than one 1006 Chassis with the same configuration of NI 2503 Boards and I may avoid to have different software versions with different device numbers for the chassis.

    The short answer is no you can't modify the device numbers for the switches.
    The long answer is that device numbers are set by the bios and you can't modify them. In your 1006 chasssis there are 3 buses and in each bus the devices start at some number like 15 or 20. As the slot number increases the device number decreases. The best way to view what device numbers are assigned to which slot you need to open the pxisys.ini file on your computer. The slot number and device numbers are total dependant upon your controller. The best place to verify that you have the correct ini file is to see the following webpage : PXI VXI/VME and PXI Controller Peripherals. The ini file is only an indicator of
    the settings in the bios. If you change any of the devices then you will lose functionality of that board.
    There is some hope though. One thing that you can do is use the IVI support for the switches. If you download the Class Drivers for switches, then you will be able to create an IVI devices and logical names in Measurement and Automation Explorer (MAX). The IVI devices will hold the address of the module (i.e. PXI0::14::INSTR). Then create a logical name that points to the IVI virtual device. This logical name can then be referenced in LabVIEW instead of the module address. Then when you need to modify the slot number/device number of a device you simply need to modify the IVI device. There is a tutorial that will step you through this process found in the Developer Zone at : Using Measurement & Automation Explorer to Configure Your IVI System
    Good Luck

  • How can I get all the options of Field Point Explorer 3.0.2 in Measuremen​t and Automation Explorer 3.1?

    I am a student using LabVIEW and Compact Field Point to implement a
    senior design project in Electrical and Computer Engineering.  We
    have LabVIEW 7.1 and a cFP-2020 and additional modules.  We are
    trying to use the CTR-500 module to output a pulse train to drive a
    stepper motor.  We have found instructions online of how to do
    this, but they all use Field Point Explorer.  The instructions
    make use of options in Field Point Explorer that are not included in
    Measurement and Automation Explorer (the software included with the
    I have downloaded Field Point Explorer 3.0.2 and followed the
    directions.  Now, in LabVIEW, when I using the newly created .iak
    file, I get a dialogue asking to find the SubVI: 'FP Read (Float Array
    -IO).vi'.  Included with LabVIEW are subvis for FP Read, but not
    with the float array part.  So I figure I cannot use Field Point
    Explorer created .iaks with LabVIEW 7.1.  So how cannot I access
    the same options in Measurement and Automation that I was able to find
    in Field Point Explorer?

    FieldPoint Explorer is no longer used to configure FieldPoint systems. However, I do not think that the configuring your system in FieldPoint Explorer is causing the error.
    FieldPoint systems are now setup in Measurement and Automation Explorer (MAX).  Information on setting up FieldPoint systems in MAX can be found in the MAX help under: Installed Products>> FieldPoint. Also, I recommend upgrading to the latest FieldPoint driver and version of MAX.  The FieldPoint VI's will be slightly different when you upgrade, so there is a good chance that this will eliminate the error.
    Hal L.

  • My apple tv is not working on my panasonic projector even when I changed the resolution

    My apple tv is not working on my Panasonic projector even when I have changed the resolution to all of the different settings

    What is the model #? Is it a direct HDMI connection? Have you tried a different cable and port? If possible try a different display.

  • How to change the resolution of a page in iWeb

    I'm making a website for a project, and I decided to do it in iWeb. The brief of mt project says the resolution has to be 1024*768, however, when I change the resolution to this, the page instantly looks horrible with a white border to the right of my content. Is there a way to change this, or centre my content in the white part?

    There is no formula for a web page and you have to consider the type of content and what device the viewer is using.
    A "standard" width for a conventional webpage could be considered to be 980px with a page height of no more than about 1200px to avoid too much scrolling. Any page that is much higher than this should, at least, have a "back to the top" button...
    The browser width on personal computers is user adjustable and not everybody wants to fill the whole screen width.
    The browser width on mobile devices is fixed and the user only has the option of portrait or landscape orientation.
    US letter size is 8.5 inches wide by 11 high (816 x 1056 px) and the European A4 is 8.27 × 11.69 (794 x 1123 px). Either would be a good starting point for an e-zine.
    The iPad is 768 px wide in portrait mode but remember that its not the only tablet available. I think Kindle is 600px wide and others are smaller.
    Text on wide pages is difficult to read - hence the use of columns in magazines and newspapers.
    Designing web pages for mobile devices in general is not possible with iWeb since it can only use a fixed page width. An example of a folding column magazine style layout can be found on this page...

  • Is it possible to Change the pooling interval time in XI3.0 or XI3.1

    For every 15 sec the CMS will check the scheduled jobs status and act accordingly ,by default the value will be 15 sec now We want to change the pooling interval time to 1 min.
    -- Where do i have to change the pooling interval time.
    -- Is it possible to change the value or not.
    Please help..

    Hi Collin,
    Could you le me know the resolution

  • IMPORTANT!!!!change the resolution in a form

    I want that when i do double click in the main form, the system change the resolution.
    This is, if I have the 800*600, when i Do double click in the main.fmx, then i want that the resolution change to 1024*800.
    Can you help me?
    Thank you

    Unless you have added third party software, your built-in camera's resolution is set by the software you use.  (If you have added third party software to your new Mac, check its settings or follower its develper's instructions for uninstalling it.)
    Restart your new Mac and test again.
    Use good (means very bright) light for best pictures.
    More info:
    (The new Macs have changed the name from iSight to FaceTime camera, but the same info and troubleshooting applies to each.)
    Finally, you can check whether there is a smudge or film on the camera's lens opening at the top of the display.  If necessary, gently wipe it clean with the cloth that came with your Mac.
    If your new iMac's images are still worse than those from your old Mac when using the same software in the same position with the same lighting, contact your retailer as soon as possible to have the camera checked out.

  • How to resize and change the resolution of a batch of photos using Automator

    I searched for a long time tonight looking for the answer to this (seemingly) simple question:
    How do I use Automator to scale and change the resolution of a batch of images?
    It was not so simple.
    Links to this question:
    These are just the links on this site - I found them all over the place at MacRumors, Apple Tips, Mac Help, etc.
    You can actually manage this in Automator.
    Here are the steps that worked for me:
    Create an Automator APPLICATION - not a workflow (this is due to the way that I'm batch converting images - workflows might be ok for some cases)
    Step 1 is Copy Finder Items
    My flow inserts an SD card, opens the DCIM folder that my Nikon creates, selecting the images that I click (command + click to multi-select) and once I have the photos highlighted, I drag them onto this Automator App we're creating.
    <==  You'll have this guy soon!
    As a result - I want to copy the originals to my computer as step 1.  I don't touch the originals on the SD card (and cards are cheap so I tend to leave them on the cards as well)
    Step 2 is the Scale Images action - you can search the library for this and find it quickly.  For my part, I found that scaling images to about 38.8 percent of their size on the SD card is good for uploading to a blog.  Change this value to whatever you wish.
    Step 3 is Run Shell Script - and here is where we marry the brilliance found at this link with our script.If you have a hard time reading the text in the image, it is as follows:
    for f in "$@"
         /usr/bin/sips -s dpiHeight 72.0 -s dpiWidth 72.0 $f
    Save this application (I named mine "Format Photos")
    Place the application inside the target folder where you want the images to end up.  I do this because when I have the SD card window open, I can also open my "Photos" window and see my App sitting there.  I select my images as I mentioned and drag them on top of this app.  The app copies the originals and the conversions into the folder.
    NOTES: When you open a converted pic in Preview, you will see Resolution = 300 dpi if you go to Tools --> Adjust Size...  This reading is explained by another brilliant discussion as sips only touches the JFIF properties inside the file's MetaData.  However, if you look at the bottom of the Adjust Size... window, you'll see the image size is probably around 500 kb (give or take depending on the original).  My goal was to get the images down from the 3.0 MB I shoot at to around 500 kb.  Therefore even though the MetaData still thinks that it is 300 DPI according to Preview, it has been changed to 72 (open it in some other applications mentioned at the links and you'll find different readings - it all depends on what the application reads from the Meta).
    This does not rename the files, so you'll get DSC_1000.jpg and DSC_1000 copy.jpg in all likelihood.  If that annoys you, add a step into the Automator Application that renames the file after the "Run Shell Script" action has run, and you can have each file renamed according to some convention that you like.
    This took a heck of a lot longer than I expected - so I decided to put in the effort to share this with the community and save others the hassle. 

    PPI is pixels per inch of the image.  It is difficult to increase resolution as you are trying to add data that is not there.
    But for printing purposes what you want is dpi or dots per inch.
    The image processor either accessed from Bridge (tools/photoshp) or PS is a good way to change a batch of images.

  • Is it possible to change the number of weeks to be displayed in the month view in calendar (mavericks)?

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    My isight just stopped working. tried everything but no luck. i have a imac g5, external isight. my isight works fine on my old g4. on the g5 it is not recognized in the system profiler, but the firewire port works, as i can see my ipod and ext. hard

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