Keyboard and Magic Mouse Bluetooth not working

I have an imac 21.5 late 2012, the problem is that every time you turn on the computer, keyboard and mouse do not respond, to make it work I have to turn it off and unplug all cables and let it without energy about 10 seconds, then i turned it on, and works great.
Anyone have any similar problem? The imac has only one month of purchasing it and this is driving me crazy, it´s not suppose to act this way.
I'll be very grateful if someone helps me

Hey csaady,
Thanks for the question. I understand you are having issues with your wireless peripherals when starting your computer. The following article may be of assistance to resolve this issue:
Troubleshooting wireless mouse and keyboard issues
If you continue to have issue, you can also reset the PRAM for your computer:
OS X Mountain Lion: Reset your computer’s PRAM
Note: Resetting PRAM may change some system settings and preferences. Use System Preferences to restore your settings.
Matt M.

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  • Wireless Keyboard and Magic Mouse (Bluetooth) Problems

    Hi folks,
    I recently got a new Mac Mini, wireless keyboard (Apple) and Magic Mouse. During high LAN activity, the keyboard and Magic Mouse will often lose connection and will have trouble re-connecting even when LAN activity goes back to basal levels. If they do not lose connection, the performance becomes terrible and both lag significantly during use.
    This behavior does not happen on my MacBook Pro.

    Other things to check-
    Do you have anything on top of your mini, or is the top of the mini under a desk or other obstruction? The bluetooth antenna is (as you are looking from the top down at the mini) to the top right of the Apple logo on the plastic case top. Try clearing any clutter (if there is any), or establish a clear line of sight with your keyboard and mouse to the unexposed top of the mini and see if the dropouts occur.
    Also, microwaves wreck havoc with bluetooth. Any machinery in the same room as your mini and keyboard/mouse?

  • Wireless keyboard and mighty mouse do not work with windows Vista

    I have a new iMac core 2 duo 20" used by my granddaughter.
    The drive has been partitioned using 50-50 with Boot Camp Assistant to form 2 250 GB partitions and windows Vista has been installed on one of them. The installation process runs smoothly as does the process when the OSX disc is installed for the relevant drivers for keyboard, mouse, isight camera etc. At the end of this process it is necessary to click a :"finish" button but at this point the mouse and keyboard have frozen and there is no other way of inputting information. Restarting in windows takes me to the log in page but there is no way to input the user name and proceed further.
    Apple support has suggested hat I use a wired keyboard and mouse or call Microsoft support. Microsoft support have told me that they do not support Vista on a Mac.
    Any suggestions would be helpful.

    I had the same problem on the mac mini from my dad with windows XP.
    I could install everything smoothly but when i wanted to connect the mighty mouse and a wireles apple keyboard i had the same problem.
    I fixed this by using a mouse with cable and then add the keyboard and mouse via bluetooth in the configurationscreen. i had to do do this 6 times (the same thing) before it worked so maybe its the same in vista

  • Brand new iMac cannot pair bluetooth keyboard and magic mouse

    Hi there!
    Just received brand new iMac 21" yesterday. Unboxed it, turned it on and none of both bluetooth devices (keyboard and magic mouse) managed to get paired.
    I was able to connect a USB mouse to log into the Mac. Did all turn off/on Bluetooth, turn off/on iMac several times with no luck. Weird thing is that when I lift keyboard on a 30 degree angle above my desk it seems to actually pair with the iMac but then when back to original position it disconnects.
    I've tried the magic mouse with my 2008 Macbook and works flawlessly. After several attempts never managed to pair magic mouse with iMac and as said earlier keyboard is not working on a standard position on my desk. It is frustrating to have paid close to 2,000$ for something that does not even work out of the box... Any ideas or suggestions?
    I'm planning to take it today to nearest Apple Stores but have a bad feeling about "genius" folks being able to help me out. Would be worth changing iMac for new one?
    Thanks a lot in advanced!

    Thanks Barry! If SCM reset means the following:
    Shut down the computer.
    Unplug the computer's power cord and ALL peripherals.
    Wait 15 seconds.
    Attach the computers power cable.
    Wait another 5 seconds and press the power button to turn on the computer.
    I've done that several times yesterday with no success. "SMC Reset" sounds quite fancy but then you google it and find that is a "simple" shut down and restart protocol... I tried "shutting down" by both selecting option via OS and also physically on the button behind screen.
    I appreciate the help but unless I've done that "simple" protocol wrong it is not working.
    Sorry for the frustration from my side. It just seems too much of a vague story when you hear Apple friends talking things about "the best OS", "best desktop",...and then you pay about $2,000 and find this yourself.
    If anyone else interested I commit to keep this up to date with the feedback I'll get from "genius" folks today. Hopefully they'll prove themselves to live up to their position naming.

  • Mac Mini 2014 with Apple bluetooth keyboard and Magic Mouse

    Hi all,
    I'm currently in the process of moving from my old MacBook to a Mac Mini 2014 and I have a couple of questions regarding functionality of the Apple bluetooth keyboard and Magic Mouse with the Mac Mini.
    As these are the only keyboard and mouse I have available to me as I currently only have the one computer in the house, I'm wondering how I will pair them with my new Mac Mini (arriving next week for Christmas) without a wired user input device (keyboard or mouse). When I paired them with my MacBook, I of course had its trackpad and keyboard to navigate through the various steps, but as the Mac Mini does not have these, how does the pairing process work? Will I have to get my hands on a wired mouse/keyboard? I'm asking in advance because I need to get my new system up and running to start work on 27th December and so I need to know if I should pick up a cheap wired mouse/keyboard in advance.
    My second question relates to the Mac Mini, Apple bluetooth keyboard and Boot Camp. Usually, when I want to boot into Windows on my MacBook, I hold down the Option/Alt key on my MacBook's built-in keyboard to be given the choice of operating systems. Sometimes when I do this using the bluetooth keyboard, it hasn't paired in time and it boots straight into OS X, so I have to wait until that has booted, shut down and then try again. Clearly, this might be a problem on a Mac Mini if I have urgent work I need to complete in Windows, so rebooting over and over until my keyboard finally pairs in time isn't desirable. Any tips here would be greatly appreciated!
    Thanks in advance for your help!

    If you unpair your BT KB and mouse from the old computer they should pair during the initial setup of the Mini. However, sometimes they donot a wired KB and mouse is required. You can use any USB PC KB and mouse.
    Once you get the BT KB to work you can use the Option key on the BT KB while booting to get your choice of OS to boot into.

  • I have Mac Pro 2007, which have no bluetooth hardware. What should I do to use Apple wireless keyboard and magic mouse??? Can 'third party's internal bluetooth card' be used for this purpose? Help please...

    I have Mac Pro 2007, which have no bluetooth hardware. What should I do to use Apple wireless keyboard and magic mouse??? Can 'third party's internal bluetooth card' be used for this purpose? Help me please...

    You can find the Apple Bluetooth card on eBay for as little ten dollars (says its for the 2008 model Mac Pro, not sure about the 2007). 49278570
    Here is a link to a full explanation of the card and how to install it. Part numbers may differ a bit as that is an old article and newer models have come out. cPro_install.html
    Just make sure that the part will work in your model Mac Pro. To that end, you may be better off avoiding eBay and going to a parts reseller. There are even third party cards that use the internal Apple bluetooth slot.
    In theory, using a USB or PCI card will work at login so long as it is recognized by Apples drivers. You say you need to launch an application to use your current USB Bluetooth dongle? If it is not controlled by the Bluetooth icon in the menu bar then it must be using a third party driver of some sort. Unfortunately, I don't know off hand which USB and PCI cards are supported.

  • Will the Wireless Keyboard and Magic Mouse work with my iMac G5?

    My Dad just sent me his old iMac G5 17". and I was wondering if the Wireless Keyboard and Magic Mouse will work with it!? I don't really have a place to put the computer.. so I was hoping to get the wireless mouse and keyboard so I don't have to be connected to the computer.

    I have the most recent (2 AA batteries, not 3) wireless keyboard and magic mouse running on a PowerMac G5. Your iMac G5 has the same class of processor, which isn't Intel. My Mac has built-in bluetooth support, which is what these products use. I'm unsure if your iMac has bluetooth built-in or not, but if it doesn't, you can purchase the Belkin bluetooth USB dongle. That has been widely reported to work just fine within OSX.
    Anyway, yes, your iMac G5 can run the wireless keyboard and mouse. You just might have to work a little for it.
    Good luck!

  • TS3048 Even after installing new batteries and switching it on my magic mouse does not work. Sometimes it works but switches off (indicator light goes off) on its own after a few minutes.

    Even after installing new batteries and switching it on my magic mouse does not work. Sometimes it works but switches off (indicator light goes off) on its own after a few minutes.

    Try resetting the PRAM and SMC.  Try making the device a favorite .

  • My magic mouse does not work with OS X Mountain Lion?

    My magic mouse does not work the direction of vertical displacement with the update OS X Mountain Lion?

    You are correct that you cannot install version 5.x of the AirPort Utility on OS X Mountain Lion. However, once installed it will run just fine. One workaround is to extract the utility directly from the disk image (.dmg) file.
    Here are the basic steps to install version 5.6 under Mountain Lion using CharlesSoft's Pacifist:
    If you haven't already download the AirPort Utility disk image file directly from Apple Support Download
    Place the resultant AirPortUtility56.dmg file onto your Mac's Desktop.
    Run Pacifist.
    Click on the Open Package option. Find the disk image file that you just placed on your desktop, and then, click on Open.
    The utility is located as follows: Contents of AirPortUtility56.dmg > Contents of AirPortUtility56.pkg > Contents of AirPortUtility56Lion.pkg > Applications > Utilities > AirPort Utility
    Drag AirPort Utility to your Mac's /Applications/Utilities folder.
    You can now run the AirPort Utility from the Utilities folder.

  • My Hp Pavllion dv7 keyboard and touch pad will not work

    Hi. My Hp Pavllion dv7 keyboard and touch pad will not work. Been going on for a few months now. Read in the support forum that replacing the battery might help however it hasnt. Ran updates for Windows Vista and Microsoft Security Ess. Boots up just fine however unable to place in my password to get to my user profile and always have to work from guest......unless I have a USB keyboard handly at the time. I use a USB wireless mouse as well.
    Please help and thank you

    The keyboard and mouse (touchpad) are separate devices which could go bad at the same time but that would be a huge coincidence. I would try reseating the ribbon cables to the motherboard for both. Here is the Service Manual:

  • Unable to connect Bluetooth Keyboard and magic mouse

    I am unable to connect to either my keyboard or mouse. I have a bluetooth keyboard and magic pad in my office that was paired to my Macbook pro but I am not bringing it anymore sense getting my iPad. The iPad seems to see the keyboard but not the pad. But neither will connect. I'm baffled.
    Any suggestions will be much appreciated.

    What do you mean the iPad sees the keyboard but will not connect? Have you un-paired it from the other computer? Should do that first, then do the pairing with the iPad...if it is a supported keyboard. Posters have noted they are unable to pair the old A1016 Bluetooth keyboard, ca 2005, with the iPad.

  • Pairing Apple Bluetooth Keyboard and Magic Mouse Windows 7 64-bit

    Evening Apple Forum!
    I'm camping with a problem regarding the pairing of my two bluetooth devices: the bluetooth keyboard by Apple and the Magic Mouse in Windows.
    I'm running Windows 7 64-bit through Boot Camp 3.1.
    I have tried pairing them as I normally would, turn on the device and then let the MacBook search for bluetooth devices. This, however, didn't work out for both the keyboard and the mouse.
    After some searching in several forums, I wondered if I had to update the driver operating Bluetooth in general. I came to the conclusion this wasn't needed after checking the 'Device Manager' in Windows. The Device Manager displayed under 'Bluetooth Radios' two drivers:
    - Apple Broadcom Built-in Bluetooth
    - Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator
    This seemed fine.
    After this, I read through a .pdf file regarding Boot Camp directly from Apple, which pointed me towards another method of pairing the bluetooth devices: the devices had to be turned off before or while the MacBook was searching and turned on again after that. Sadly this didn't do anything either.
    I'm clueless, I have no idea whatsoever how to get this to work. This support forum is always a last resort for me because usually I can deal with a problem myself by basic knowledge or reading some forums. This isn't the case this time.
    If anyone has an idea of how to pair these devices to my MacBook, feel free to reply.

    I've found the solution here on the forum:
    All I did was unpair my mouse on Mac and then pair the mouse on Windows 7 and finally re-pair the mouse on Mac. It worked perfectly. It seems that Windows 7 likes exclusivity.

  • New iMac wireless keyboard and magic mouse dropping connections

    Hi looks like I am just another one who's got problems with Apple's wireless keyboard (KB) and magic mouse (MM).
    I bought my iMac 21.5 at the beginning of last Dec. For the first few days, I noticed that the connection between MM and iMac dropped perhaps once a day when I was editing some HD footage in iMove 09. I am rather new to Mac so initially I thought iMove was dominating CPU power hence the temporary drop.
    But in the next few days, I found my MM dropped connection a bit more frequently like 3-4 times a day, during word processing, browsing in Safari or even when I am doing nothing. Plus I also noticed that the KB began to have the same problem as well. Well, in all cases the communications resumed almost instantly or shortly after I clicked MM or a button on the KB. It's only the on-screen notices are very annoying....
    The situation got worse in the final week of 2010, the connection (both MM and KB) dropped more frequently and sometimes communication didn't resume instantly, instead the Bluetooth Setup Assistant pops up searching for available devices....and then finally connected. Annoyed by this I took the MM to the retailer and swapped for a brand new one (from a boxed iMac), came home and hey! problem solved! but just for a MERE few hours.
    On the last day of 2010, after a couple "rounds" of drop-and-reconnect I was hit by the "Bluetooth Not Available" problem after a connection failure. Left it for some moments and no sign of recovery at all! Luckily and ironically I plug in my wired USB Microsoft mouse so that I can still navigate, went to System Preference and found the Bluetooth icon disappeared as if no Bluetooth hardware was ever installed at all! OK, turned off the iMac from the menu, waited and restarted. No joy and scary enough, I can't even get into the system coz I got log-in enabled but without a working KB to enter my password. Without a choice I dug out my netbook PC, arrived in this forum and found I wasn't the only one. Followed instructions here, did a SMC reset, PRAM reset, etc then magically everything is back! Once back in, I deleted the plist, deleted devices, restarted, re-favourite MM and KB, etc. The next day, I use the installation disc to perform a hardware check, but no problem found!
    But always a but, the problem still persists, so a call to Apple technical support who suggested literally the same thing I've done above and asked me to monitor the problem in case it needs repair. Honestly, I am not keen to do that as the nearest Apple centre is far from me and always busy. Not sure if anyone here can shed some lights on my problem. I needa ensure all channels are exhausted before I bring the thing back to Apple for an inspection as a last resort...
    Many thanks guys

    Hi, I post this because this is very similar to what is happening with my new 27in Imac.
    Townsville March 05 2011 bought all singing and all dancing 27inch IMac with wireless KB and MM at new reseller grand opening. Straight forward out of the box. First night a kernal panic message and screen shut down and unable to start. Phonecall to apple care got it restarted with the apleoption+pr keys. Fine for a while, then repeated screen freezes watching eye TV.
    Persevered, with similar repeated screen freezes. Reset memory for eye TV. Seemed to fix that problem, but during this time also noticed MM and KB were disappearing and not responding, only to come back by frustratingly turning them on and off, waving them near the imac and even turning the imac off and on manually, to have them come back for a while and even dragging out a cable mouse to navigate. Cut a long story short, I hoped it would sort itself. 20 days later while watching eye tv I noticed the mm and kb drop off. Cable mouse found the BT issue you guys have discussed. System Preferences showed no BT at all. Rang apple care. Went through the same drill and identified a hardware problem with BT which should be replaced, and after discussion about the other issues, suggested a replacement would be within range but to talk to the store, cause it was so new, took it back to store where my story was confirmed in a confirmation of the customers story check.....for a while.....
    then all reappeared as if nothing was wrong, fortunately it was witnessed by the store, so off it went to Brisbane for the 4 day turnaround. Wednesday the tech rang BT MM and KB all working fine. Further explained all the above, so he has stress tested it and I am informed it is has displayed none of the bad behaviour and is working well and on its way home, hopefully by monday. So will keep you posted. No new mac offered, no replacement BT module offered.
    PS I have only ever owned macs, still love them, and scripting this on my mac book, which incidentally, has never missed a beat.

  • Apple keyboard and magic mouse can be used to Toshiba Laptop?

    Can we use apple keyboard 49 dollar and magic mouse to Toshiba Laptop 17 inch recent one (460 dollar)?

    Yes. Note that some gestures on your Magic Mouse as well as the special function keys on your keyboard may not work.

  • Cannot load the recovery media since my keyboard and touch pad do not work

    My labtop Toshiba C55D-A5392 may have a virus issue which cause the keyboard and touch pad do not function.  initially only a few keys don't work...after a couple days most keys don't work and now no keys are working and the touch pad failed too. I can't even load up windows now.   I bought a recovery media from toshiba and try to reset the laptop to factory settings.  I received the USB drive media from Toshiba, but I cannot load it since I cannot get the laptop into the bios (since my keyboard does not work).  Can anyone help me to resolve this issue?

    Try pressing the fn key and f2 to reach bios
    try a usb mouse from your desktop
    S70-ABT2N22 Windows 7 Pro & 8.1Pro, C55-A5180 Windows 8.1****Click on White “Kudos” STAR to say thanks!****

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