Local SLD config with PI7

Thanks for your help on my successful installation of PI. After running template installer, Do i need to configure anything more.
For SLD, Do i need to do any extra. I installed PI7 (2004s SR1) on Windows with maxDB. and ofcourse local SLD.
I have seen Start SLD server in postconfig SLD guide, what it means.
I want to add an host which is running a Web application. And i want to capture webservice in PI. Can i go ahead and add as technical system and do the necessary config.
Please advise,

lin k the ABAP and Java Stacks to the SLD which will regsiter the components of XI.  Register the ABAP Stack inidiviually as WEB AS.
Check oss note 764176 incase of problems, as sometimes you have to make some manual associations.
as always, refer to the guide:  https://www.sdn.sap.com/irj/servlet/prt/portal/prtroot/docs/library/uuid/9e76e511-0d01-0010-5c9d-9f768d644808
SAP provides a good media library relating to the SLD here:

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  • How to create a local SLD on a newly installed PI 7.3 system.

    I wander how to create a local SLD on a newly installed PI 7.3 system.
    When installing I choosed "register in existing central SLD"(other option was "no SLD destination")
    On next screen I have choosen SLD HTTP host as the host I was currently installing PI7.3
    For SLD HTTP  port I have used 50000 as the instance was (the default) "00"
    For SLD Data Supplier User I have choosen "SLDDSUSER"
    I was warned then that "The SLD Server is not reachable. Choose "Cancell" to modify managing  configuration or "OK" to continue. If you choose to continue you will have to execute the smdsetup script later on."
    I opted "OK".
    if I understand I have to execute smdsetup script in order to create a local SLD
    Has anyone experience with it
    thank you in advace

    Hi Jan,
    You first need to run the wizard to setup the SLD locally.
    To do this, go to the NetWeaver Administrator -> Configuration -> Scenarios -> Configuration Wizard -> Funtional Wizard Configuration UI
    There tick System Landscape Directory and select "Enable Automatically".
    After executing this, your SLD will be ready for use.
    The SMD has nothing to do with the SLD, it's just the next step in the installation process.
    Kind regards,

  • IE7 problem with PI7

    I would like to thanks all SDN members to complete my PI installtion . Though i am new to this installation, with guides and you, i could able to manage.
    Below are the steps i followed:
    1. Installtion done with SAPinst ( PI70, 2004s SR1)
    2. followed NW70 SR1 abap+java guide with MaxDB on windows guide.
    3. Done local SLD configuration step 5.19 as per as guide <b>before running template installter.</b> to assign PIAPPLUSER ro sld* assing role in visual admin.
    I believe this step for the PI instance to communicate with SLD.
    Now i tried to login to --> host:port/nwa with IE7
    here i got problem, it is giving error.
    Is PI7 is not compatible with IE7. or do i have to do any security settings for this.
    But i can able to access with IE6 from other XP machine and manage to run template installer.
    Thanks in advance for ur help,

    Not just Template Installer but all WebDynpro based applications, up to NW 7.0 SP9, had this problem. From SP10, it has been corrected. Just so you know, SR1 is based on SP6 .
    My sugestion is: finish your installation with IE6 from another machine and, once you're finished, patch your system up to SP12 or SP13.

  • Can I use local SLD for each system?

    Our company is a big SAP outsourcing with hundreds of SAP systems.
    We plan to use the local SLD for each new system (>640).
    Is this a possible and good solution?
    Point guaranteed.

    Please have a look at the below doc on how to place SLD in your landscape, its worth reading and you can decide your dimensions of placing the SLD.
    Best regards,

  • PI 7.1: Central vs. local SLD

    We are in the process of setting up a PI 7.1. Our landscape has a central SLD (standalone on 7.00 without any other applications on it).
    The PI installation guides recommends to use the local SLD that is synchronized with the central SLD instead of using the central SLD directly.
    I remember from some time ago - where we tried to get a synchronization running - that is was not that "easy" and difficult to troubleshoot.
    I'm not yet convinced to set up a separate SLD (or more than one for DEV, QA and PRD) instead of having one SLD in the landscape.
    Are there any known implications (aside from the inability to use the CTC during setup) when we use an SLD of 7.00 together with a PI 7.1?

    Holà Henrique,
    We don't use a "classical" cluster scenario but virtualized using Solaris zones (as failover cluster only, not with two nodes).
    My question was more regarding functionality with scenarios - are the implications or any known no-go's for running a PI 7.1 against an SLD 7.00? If the SLD is "just" the storage for Technical and business systems and JCos for WD-Java, then it should work

  • How to setup local SLD in CE 7.1

    Hi, all.
    i installed CE 7.1 but how can i setup(install) local SLD on
    this CE?
    i tried to setup as i did with NW04s but /sld/admin does not
    show administration screen for installation.
    Let me summarize my questions.
    1. Is it possible to setup local SLD in CE 7.1?
    2. If possible, could someone tell me how?
    3. If impossible, when CE supports its own SLD?
    Best Regards.

    Hi Sejoon,
    I think that in NetWeaver CE 7.1 trial version the SLD service is not installed. If in your system landscape exists a SLD 7.0 server you can connect your CE instance to it.

  • How to configure MQ-FTE and IBM Datapower along with PI7.1

    Hi Friends,
    Can somebody guide me with the steps to configure MQ-FTE and IBM Datapower with PI7.1 for B2B communication?

    1. What is the difference between JMS MQ and Native MQ? How to determine which one to use?Native MQ refers to a proprietary api provided by IBM in multiple languages including java so that applications running on these can communicate mq. IBM also provides JMS wrappers around this native api, so that a jms client can talk to mq using JMS API. This is called MQ JMS.
    2. If native MQ can be used here, what are the steps to configure Native MQ on WLS in my situation?SOA suite provides a MQ Resource Adaptor which can be used to connect to MQ. The developers of this resource adapter would have used the native api to enable the adaptor to talk to MQ, so that you dont have to worry about it. However you will need to configure the properties of your local MQ ( qmgr , q name etc). This is done in the outbound connection pool properties of the resource adaptor.
    please check this blog for how to do this : http://soa-bpel-esb.blogspot.com/2009/09/configuring-mq-in-11g-soa-suite.html.
    Since your MQ installation is in a remote machine you will have to configure the following properties specific to your environment - hostname, port, server connection channel, along with the queue manager name and queue name
    3. Do I need any foreign servers or message bridges to be configured?Not required for your case if you are using MQ Adaptor. Since MQ also provides a JMS transport , you would have required foreign servers if you have to use JMS Adaptor instead of MQ Adaptor. Native MQ is expected to be faster than MQ JMS as it doesn't have the extra JMS layer.

  • Solman 7.1 SR4 SLD config

    Dear Experts,
    My landscape is ECC6 with out Diagonostic agents installed in any sateites other than Solman 7.1 SR4.
    In all satelites SAPHOSTAGENT is installled and working properly.  Kernal Level is 700 in satelites and 720 in Solman.
    I ran solman_workcenter in solman where everything went fine except SLD config where conect all Diagnostics agent to SAP Solution Manager step only solman s showing other satelites are not showing i ran rz 70 in all satelites no errors reported in it.  I can view satelite system details in mange system  tab but not in the former one.
    My doubt is is there any way i can add satelites to solman sld without DAA installation in satelites ..?..... I am sure its possible....
    Kindly open the attachent. Helpful answers will be rewarded . Thank you

    Hi Manjesh,
    I believe your requirement is to register all sattelite systems to Solution Manager SLD without using DAA on the sattelite systems.
    For registration of sattelite systems in a central SLD, you need to follow the below steps -
    For ABAP stack of sattelite system -
    Maintain SLD host settings in transaction SLDAPICUST & test connection
    Maintain SLD host & gateway settings in transaction RZ70
    Execute settings in RZ70, this collects & sends data to SLD and also schedules a job to perform this task regularly
    For Java stack of sattelite system -
    Maintain SLD settings via RFC destinations - SLD_DataSupplier & SLD_Client
    Perform a manual collect & send data to test
    Login to SLD system and check the last updated date under Technical systems.
    This will help you to register all sattelite systems to Solution Manager SLD without use of DAA.
    For your reference - https://help.sap.com/saphelp_nwpi71/helpdata/en/11/0dfe55e0c8fc4e910706a47ca6859b/content.htm?frameset=/en/3c/8bceb06669…
    Best Regards,

  • Problem connecting CRM system with PI7.11

       Can anybody give solution to this problem. This is to do withe the connectivity between CRM 5.0 and PI7.11. We have been sucessful in connecting R/3 4.7 with PI7.11. But when try to check the SLD check from CRM server through the SLDCHECK command we get the following error:
    Retrieving data from the SLD server......
    No corresponding business system found
    => Check the SLD data content for the current system client.
    Summary: Some non-fatal execption has occured, but connection to SLD works technically
    => Check and maintain the SLD data content.
    Can anybody guide us to overcpme this problem as we are not able to connect the CRM system to PI7.11. All the RFC 's and HTTP destination are maintained properly and tested correctly.

    Hi suk,
         You need to create a business system in yuour CRM system w.r.t your R/3(BS<SID>) which shjould be same as the business system you created in PI system for R/3.
    After creating the business system you try executing SLDCHEK...it works fine.

  • Local SLD not updating a central SLD

    In my company landscape, I have
    SolMan7.1 with Central SLD (Let's call this SLDA)
    Portal 7.02 with local SLD (Let's call this SLDB)
    Both the Portal and ECC systems are updating SLDB, so I can see both technical systems in SLDB.
    SolMan is updating SLDA, so I can see SolMan technical system in SLDA.
    I linked SLDB to SLDA via
    From SLDB> administration> data suppliers --> add SLDA
    For this setting, I use the user SLDDSUSER, which have a role LcrInstanceWriterAll.
    The problem now is SLDA does not get the data from SLDB. In SLDA, I see only the SolMan Technical System.
    How often does SLDB update SLDA? Can we manually trigger an update SLDB->SDLA?
    How can we troubleshoot the SLDB -> SLDA update?
    What else needs to be configured other than "From SLDB> administration> data suppliers --> add SLDA" ?
    Edited by: Nick Foo on Sep 27, 2011 3:53 AM

    Hi Sunny,
    yes I have done those steps. Very short and easy setup steps to link to another SLD.
    OK, just one thing to confirm here.
    After Add SLD, the SLD URL syntax should be           http://host:port   correct?
    I have tried all sorts of entires for the URL
    All not working
    Checked the user, user is ok, even tried giving the user Administrator role and still not working

  • Switching from central SLD to local SLD

    i have installed BI Java with central sld.
    Could I switch back from cetral sld to local sld?
    I didn't find any documentation or posts.

    Yes you can change the SLD configuration from  local to central  or a vice versa...
    Please check the following SAP Note for your reference
    Note 720717 - Reduce the number of System Landscape Directories (SLD)
    Hope this helps,
    CSM Reddy

  • Central SLD/Local SLD

    Hello All,
    Is there limitation with central SLD over Local SLD?.
    To deploy Webdynpro applications (Mobile) please let me know if there are any limitations

    SLD architecture is a long discussion
    There are different views on how to set up SLD's.
    In my oppinion, the limitations of SLD is that it's a central component to a growing number of netweaver component.
    Right now, the portal, webdynpro, xi, nwdi wouldn't work very well without the SLD.
    Considering this there is aspects on how to set up the SLD's. Usually critical systems have a local SLD, with supplyer briges to central SLD's.
    You would have a separate SLD landscape for Production servers, since they usually run on different SLA (service level agreements).
    If you're using NWDI, it's usually a good place to have you're central SLD.
    If you're running a smaller landscape, go for the local SLD only and don't complicate your landscape too much.
    Check this document (about last slide) with different SLD scenarios. https://www.sdn.sap.com/irj/sdn/go/portal/prtroot/docs/library/uuid/204994f3-0e44-2a10-17b3-808fbd8db4aa
    Regards, Mikael Löwgren

  • Local sld pull from central sld

    We are in the process of configuring a brand new sp19 solution manager server. We have a central sld on a dedicated server with several systems already registered on it  I created a local sld on the new solution manager server. I want to pull the systems from this central sld server into the solution manager server, but cant' seem to find any documentation on how to do it.
    I've read the SLD planning guide, the sld post-installation guide,, and the sld user guide. If there are any steps that document how to do this, I've missed them.
    Can anybody help?

    On your central SLD: Administration -> Data Suppliers -> Add SLD...
    Type in URL, valid user and pass and that should be it. It works this way on SLD based on NW70.

  • Regarding Central SLD and Local SLD

    Can we maintain Central SLD as well as Local SLD?
    We have maintain central sld during installation , now i want to maintain local sld also.
    How can we do this? what is the benifit and disadvantage for maintaing both?

    Hi V.Singh
    You can have as many SLD as you like - the service is available as part of a WAS JAVA install
    Bear in mind the more SLD = the more administration and if you wish to sync them there is also many considerations
    It is best you check the SLD planning guide at System Landscape Directory (SLD) to select the landscape that
    best suits the intend use
    The Central SLD concept is primarily to have an SLD containing all systems in your company i.e complete overview - this might not be specifically used for runtime of these systems - say PI useage etc - it might be used to populate Solution Manager with landscape data or just track all systems and changes in the organization
    The central SLD concept is also not essential however an SLD (a local or app specific one) is essential for certain applications like PI, ESS etc
    Best wishes

  • Protect Production Systems from Local SLD installations

    If we have several developers in our organization with Local Development Workstations (meaning they installed a local copy of WAS 6.40, MaxDb, Portal) how do we prevent those developers from setting up there local SLD to connect to Production Systems.  If they set up a production system in the local SLD they will be able to configure their "adaptive rfc webdynpros" to connect to the production system with the jco connections in the Webdynpro Content Administrator.  Is the only control point their id they would enter when configuring the jco connection?

    YOu need the authorization for login in SLD as admin
    Follow this link for compete details:
    Are there any impacts/differences between exporting/importing and creating the systems manually? For example if I cannot export the systems would it be ok if I created them again in the production SLD?
    No differeence...it's just increase the work you have to do in SLD...but the important thing here is when you move the tranports of the SLD BS from DEV to Production you have to maintin the same name as you have maintained in the trnsport targets in the DEV......your ID tranport to Production is dependedn on what is the BS name you are mentinog of production in the transports targets.

Maybe you are looking for

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