Migration from autonomous access point mode to lightweight mode on 1530

1500 series is not mentioned on:
Can it actually be upgraded just by changing IOS from APto CAP?

The 1530 should have the image k9w8 alreadyin flash:
Autonomous Mode Configuration
The 1530 Series allows the Unified  (controller-based) and Autonomous mode software to be loaded at the  factory on the same hardware part number. This eliminates the need for  separate part numbers for controller-based units and autonomous mode  units.
At boot-up, the default mode is controller-based.  The 1530 will power up and begin searching for a controller. Once it  joins the controller, it will download the active Unified image from the  controller. This is the same operation as other Cisco controller-based  APs.
For Autonomous mode, the user should take the following steps:
Step 1 Power the AP and connect to the console.
Step 2 From the Command Line, enter:
     AP # capwap ap autonomous (# means privileged EXEC mode)
Step 3 The system will respond with "Convert to Autonomous image. Proceed? (yes/[No]):"
Step 4 Type "yes" to confirm.
Step 5 The AP will then re-boot and load the Autonomous image. The unified image is erased.
Step 6 Once the 1530 has booted in autonomous mode, configuration of the AP can done by following the procedure outlined here:
You can probably issue a dir or show flash: and then if the image is there, you can boot to it.
config t
boot system flash:/ap3g2-k9w8-mx.v152_4_jb/ap3g2-k9w8-mx.v152_4_jb
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    Will the cisco 1230 access point work in lighweight mode if it is using a radio?

    The 1230 can be upgraded to LWAPP with the A Radio model listed below;
    Solution Requirements
    Migration from autonomous access point mode to lightweight mode is possible on these Cisco Aironet access point platforms:
    All 1130AG access points
    All 1240 AG access points
    For all IOS-based 1200 series modular access point (1200/1220 Cisco IOS Software Upgrade, 1210 and **1230 AP**) platforms, it depends on the radio:
    if 802.11G, MP21G and MP31G are supported
    if 802.11A, RM21A and RM22A are supported
    The 1200 series access points can be upgraded with any combination of supported radios: G only, A only, or both G and A.
    All 1310 AG access points
    From this good doc;
    Hope this helps!

  • Convertion from Lightweight to Autonomous access points

    Is it possible to convert AIR-LAP1121G-E-K9 Lightweight access point to autonomous access point.

    Hi tm,
    You can convert AIR-LAP1121G-K-E9 to autonamus access point,pls do follow the procedur
    Follow these steps to revert from LWAPP mode to autonomous mode by loading a Cisco IOS release using a TFTP server:
    Step 1 The static IP address of the PC on which your TFTP server software runs should be between and
    Step 2 Make sure that the PC contains the access point image file (such as c1200-k9w7-tar.122-15.JA.tar for a 1200 series access point) in the TFTP server folder and that the TFTP server is activated.
    Step 3 Rename the access point image file in the TFTP server folder to c1200-k9w7-tar.default for a 1200 series access point, c1130-k9w7-tar.default for an 1130 series access point, and c1240-k9w7-tar.default for a 1240 series access point.
    Step 4
    Connect the PC to the access point using a Category 5 (CAT5) Ethernet cable.
    Step 5
    Disconnect power from the access point.
    Step 6
    Press and hold MODE while you reconnect power to the access point.
    Step 7
    Hold the MODE button until the status LED turns red (approximately 20 to 30 seconds) and then release.
    Step 8
    Wait until the access point reboots, as indicated by all LEDs turning green followed by the Status LED blinking green.
    Step 9
    After the access point reboots, reconfigure it using the GUI or the CLI.
    Saji k.s

  • Types of Autonomous Access Point in the Cisco Market.

    Hi All,
    I am quite new to the wireless technologies. I need some help in understanding the basic models of Cisco wireless Hardware available in the market (Enterprise Level).
    From my initial studies in past 24 hours what i understand is that Autonomous AP are the wireless AP which does not require Controllers. they needs to be configured on their on. So far i could find Cisco Aironet C1130 AG models which can be used as Autonomous Access Point.
    Can anyone suggest any other Cisco AP which can be used as Autonomous Access Point?
    Can 800 Series wireless routers be used as Autonomous Access Point?
    Do we have any ISR Modules which can be inserted on a router to have a Autonomous Access Point?

    I have short listed the routers in 800 series: 891W, 892W, 892F-W, C887VA-V-W, 861WDoes the command you have mentioned make these routers as Autonomous?
    Of the 800 series (I have no knowledge about the 1900W), there are only five sub-models that have built-in wireless.
    850W & 870W both have autonomous-only AP.  These two models are already end-of-sale.  So we scratch those two out of your list.
    860W, 880W and 890W both have builti-in AP.  The APs can operate EITHER in autonomous or controller-based.  You can easily convert the AP from either controller-based to autonomous (and vice versa) by using the router command I've posted in my previous response.
    A simple guide when dealing with the 800-series router.  Notice that we end our models with a "0"?  This basically is the sub-model.  The one's that you've listed ends with different digit, like a 1, 2, 7.  This is the "flavours".  7, for example. are xDSL WAN interface.  If it ends in a 1, the WAN interface is Fast/GigabitEthernet.  If I remembered correctly, the 2 has a fibre optic port as a WAN interface.  The 887VA means it's a xDSL with Annex "M", I think, and it's geared up for voice.
    It would be great if you could point out some models or PID of AP which will work in ISR G2 2900 3900 routers.
    Go here.  I'd recommend the 2600 access point.  There are two sub-models:  one with internal antenna (ends with an "I") and one with an external antenna (ends wth an "E").   If you want the "E", be aware that you need to purchase the appropriate antennas separately.  If the APs are to be used indoors, use the "I".
    Go through this other document:  Wireless LAN Compliance Status
    Make sure you get the appropriate AP with the correct regulatory domain of the country where the AP is going to be installed.  For example, if the AP will be installed in USA, then get the one with the regulatory domain of "SAP2602I-A-K9" where "-A" is the regulatory domain of the USA.

  • Idle Users on Autonomous Access Points

    Is there a way to set an idle timeout value on Autonomous Access Points? I have been researching and I see it is possible to do this on a WLC using Lightweights but the only timeouts I can find regarding Autonomous are Session/Holdoff and Re-authentication timeouts.
    I would like to set an idle timeout so that only inactive clients will be disassociated however if I set a Re-authentication timeout for say 15 minutes, then someone who is genuinely using the wireless network for that period of time or longer would have to re-authentication also - which is something I would like to avoid.

    timeout settings in Autonomous AP

  • Error while migrating from ms access 2003 db to oracle 10g in sqldeveloper

    i am working on migration project from MS access 2003 to Oracle 10g on windows XP sp2 plateform using SQL developer.
    it went quit smoothly till the "capture microsoft access" .so in this step the sql developer opens the access db in background... but while opening the file in background it gives error
    Object library not registered i tried many workaround but of no use..
    anybody's help in this regard would be well appreciated.

    Did you follow all the steps in the SQL*Developer documentation about preparing the Access database for migration -
    Oracle® SQL Developer User’s Guide Release 3.0 - Before Migrating From Microsoft Access
    and -
    Oracle® SQL Developer Supplementary Information for Microsoft Access Migrations Release 3.0
    2.4 Preparing the Microsoft Access Database for Capture
    The error also indicates there may be a problem with your Access installation so could you check that everything is okay with that ? I have found references that indicate a re-install of Office/Access will prevent the error.

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    When I make a Migration from MS Access 97 to Oracle 8.1.5, I have Problem with the germans characters (umlauts). The Oracle is using the rigth character Set for german characters. What can I do? Is it e problem from the MS Access ODBC Driver or the Oracle ODBC Driver?

    Is your character set for Oracle set up to UTF8??

  • Packet drop when clients moving from one Access point to another

    HI  All ,
    I am new to wireless . I am using  WS-SVC-WISM-1-K9  wism module and using 5 Access points . When my clients are moving from one access point to another we are getting packet drops .
    Kindly anyone suggest me what all configuration i need to verify on the controller  for Proper client roaming so that i can resolve my issues..
    Please let me know in case of any explanations requiered .
    Thanks  in Advance !!!

    For radius authenticated SSIDs, you need WPA2-aes or wpa1-tkip-CCKM. It depends on what the client supports.
    For pre-shared key, any WPA should be decent enough for roaming speed.
    If you're on WEP ... no comment.
    If you covered the above point, check if it's not a coverage problem. If the 2 APs coverage zone are not overlapping there will be a hole where you don't have signal and logically will have packet drops.

  • Logging devices connected to autonomous access points

    Is there a way to log the devices that connect to a particular SSID of an autonomous access point?  If yes, will you please show me a configuration example that will allow me to send that data to a logging server? If possible I will need to do this on 1250, 1240 and 1140 series access points.

    I suppose this all depends on "what" excatly you are wanting to log.  I haven't tried this, but you should be able to send SNMP traps to a remote SNMP receiver (client associations or failures, interfaces status, etc).  Take a look at the AP IOS Configuration Guide, see what you think, and whether or not the SNMP traps you can send are of value to you.  I have anchored this to the Configuring System Message Logging section: http://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/wireless/access_point/12.4.25d.JA/Configuration/guide/scg12.4.25d.JA-chap21-msg-logging.html#wp1002608
    If you are wanting to capture more granular information, such as session lengths, data traffic, internet usage, etc; for monitoring or reporting, that would probably require an appliance of a higher level.

  • Dose access point 1200 aironet lightweight work stand alone

    i have question about access point 1200 aironet lightweight
    my question is
    dose access point 1200 aironet lightweight work stand alone or must connect to controler if its work stand alone how i can disable controller and how i can setup it

    You will need a controller to configured an AP running the LWAPP image. If you need it to run standalone you can convert it to IOS with the process in this document.

  • Chromecast with Autonomous Access Points

    I have a client that has a Chromecast, with a 1010 and a 1130 Autonomous access points. I can not get the Chromecast to work. Can someone tell me how to enable mDNS, or Multicast on these access points? 

    Hi Abhishek,
    On which software code of Autonomous AP, you can run above command ?
    We prefer you to check these commands & make sure they works in the products mentioned in this thread before responding.
    Otherwise your/Cisco credibility lost based on the responses you make, if they are not related to the question asked.
    As per below, this command is applicable for IOS based controllers & not applicable to Autonomous AP.

  • Cisco autonomous access points and WCS

    Hi, I'm trying to add my autonomous access points to WCS which I have done but I'm not getting any performance data or errors etc.
    Does anyone know if WCS support autonomous access points or do I have to use WLSE to get this info

    Greetings the WLSE will be needed to manage autonomous access points. The WCS application is geared towards LWAPP and Controller based implementations.
    For a comparison please see the following document.

  • Can a single Access Point support both bridge mode and Access Point mode at the same time

    Hi Guys
    Does anyone know which access point can work in both bridge mode and AP mode ?

    Well what are you trying to cover. If its really a large outdoor area, then look at the mesh AP. Those require a WLC. Autonomous or stand alone ap can perform bridging on one radio and client access on another. You can also look at AP that support indoor mesh that also controlled by a wlc. If your putting APs outdoors, then look at the outdoor mesh.
    Scott Fella
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  • Access Points Going Into Disabled Mode

    We have two internal 5508 controllers.  One in our North American data center, and one in our European data center.  The North American controller controls all access points in NA, Canada, South America.  The European controller takes care of all European, Middle East, and AsiaPac location AP's.  At random, certain AP's just go into disabled mode.  It's all sorts of AP's, from 3700, 3600, 1242's, 1131's.  This ONLY happens on our European controller.  I can't find any common factor other than these AP's CAPWAP to our European controller.  Would anyone be able to give me some direction on where to start troubleshooting?  Thanks!

    Hello deldotgov22
    Actually there are many factors involved in this kind of LAP behaviour.
    Please follow these steps and you are able to rectify and resolve the problem.
    Normally Disconnection will happen if interferance occurs from near by objects or with the same channels causing overlap. 
    1- Make sure  Dynamic channel and power assingment is Enabled in the WLC, if enabled then disable and re-enable it.
    2- Re-register the LAP by first removing it from WLC.
    4-use Debug using CLI for specific LAP
    3-If still problem persist then upgrade the firmware.
    Following is the Link containing required detail for LAP including dynamic Channel and power assingment.
    Hope this will help.

  • Very difficult migration from MS Access to Oracle with SQL Developer

    Dear Developers
    I have tried to used for one Project Oracle Sql Developer Migration from Access to Oracle (Application Express). Was about an evaluation if Oracle Express (with Application Express) or Mysql (with PHP) as target database.
    I am working with Oracle for 14 years and i earn my money in projects related with Oracle. Of course i am sentimental and i push every time when an opportunity comes to have as an option Oracle.
    This time beside my sentimental approach the decision was different.
    I will tell you why and i hope that someone there will listen and make something for a better Product.
    I was trying yesterday the whole day to migrate an Microsoft Access database. A nightmare....
    1. Microsoft Access Exporter 2000 was too slow. For a 25 MB Access database, running time was 15 Minutes. And 15 minutes to obtain an undocumented error. I followed your instruction and eliminate all references etc... as you described in HELP. a lot of time necessary to read and do..... After that i obtained an Error #..16. Sorry that i don't provide you with an exact number error. i don't have it right know and personally i am not interested anymore. For this error i don't find nothing in forums about it.... Search again and again..... Every time after waiting 15 Minutes in which you don't know exactly what application does or if really does something. I decided to delete sequentially macros, modules, forms, querys from Access database and see where Exporter stops... Time and time lost for trying and searching.... Finally i obtained my XML file only by keeping my Access tables. The file was produced even if i obtained at the end Error #5:..... Because was an error i am not really sure if the file was completly consistent with my database.
    2. I followed the next steps and with some errors (enabling, disabling constraints, objects couldn't be created because of different reasons) i had my Model and Oracle Schema. I have tried to export the data from Access and import it in Oracle. data exported was in UTF8 and SQL Loader Control file doesn't have
    character set utf8
    So i tried to add the string "character set utf8" in my dozens of CTL files - with a freeware of course.....
    Maybe you can say that if i knew that from the beginning i would have set my character set in SQL Developer. I don't know and i will not ever try with this product!
    So finally after hours of working and trying and playing with my nerves, reading a lot of forums and documentation, i had an Oracle schema, maybe incomplete because of different errors at so much migration stages.
    And now i have tried for the first time in my life MySQL Migration Toolkit. I read that for migration to MYSQL this tool is what i needed.
    I recommend you to try the product and see something about the quality required for a piece of software. Is not enough if your product runs OK with Nortwind DEMO Access database. It should run OK with all ACCESS databases.
    With the tool i have done the job in 5 MINUTES. Simple, efficiently and without errors. At the end i had the SQL Scripts and the DATA imported in the database.
    Difficult to say something now. I am sentimental but i asked mysef if you can do something to improve the quality of the product.
    What arguments can we provide for a client in Migration from Access to Oracle ???? Can you honestly answer at that?
    Please try this MYSQL Migration Toolkit.....Maybe this give you some ideas about simple tasks and about what we really need...
    Best regards

    Dear Barry and Kgronau
    Thank you very much for your response. My Post was after a long day of trying to import an MDB file.
    Maybe you can understand why i was so angry...
    Yes i understand that your tool try to do more than other even if actually you don't really convert too much.
    From Modules to make some procedures where the whole code is commented! .....
    For other MDB which i tried to import in APEX the forms where really not usable. Queries are full of errors requires most of the time manual corrections.
    I am sorry that i can not provide you with this MDB which cause these problems.
    Data and software doesn't belong to me and the company which own it can not provide to you.
    What i hope from your product is, even when errors come, to show a better error explanation. At what object in Access error ocures ? This is very important because i can correct my MDB or just delete the module,form,query in cause if SQL Developer doesn't like it....
    Just showing an error Error #.... doesn't help me too much. And if an error occurs i don't know if program continues to work or is dead. No information about this. Maybe you can show that your application is alive and does something (working status etc...) ! Anyway we wait long minutes in front of dead screen....
    Again, thank you very much for your attention

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