Multiple Display Adapters - Why??

Hi guys,
Got me a new W520.  See something odd I don't understand...  In Device Manager, I have two Display Adapters:
Intel HD Graphics Family
NVIDIA Quadro 2000M
I am by no means a hardcore graphics user and I am not a gamer, but I added the 2000M when ordering because, well...  Why not?  Anyway, the first thing I did to this thing was rebuild it with a fresh copy of Windows 7 Pro x64.  At some point, I realized the Intel graphics were not installed and as a result, I had NO video.  So...
Why are there two graphics cards?
Why do the Intel drivers need to be operational with the NVIDIA there?
How can I even tell what is actually driving my displays??!!
Which brings me to...
This laptop is docked 80% of the time.  Connected are three 24" LCDs.  LCDs 1 & 2 are connected directly to DVI ports on the dock.  LCD 3 is connected using a Lenovo USB2DVI Adapter.
All run at 1920x1200 resolution and overall work fine, although I do sometimes detect flickering and "waviness".
I just wanna get the most out this system; graphically and otherwise.  It's running the SSD HDD and 8GB RAM, so combined with the NVIDIA, this thing should be a beast.  The NVIDIA Control Panel doesn't seem to actually have any settings I could adjust even if I should or wanted to.  And in the programs list under NVIDIA, all I have are the options to enable or disable "3D Vision".  Don't even know what that is.
So, what should I be doing here?  Anything?  Nothing?  Thanks!

I'm not joking.
In BIOS (press F1 key when you see turn on the computer and see the Thinkpad screen) you can select the different graphics mode of the machine.  As you are keenly aware, the machine does have 2 graphics processors.
Under Display:
Selecting the Integrated option in BIOS shuts off the nVIDIA graphics card and uses the lower power Intel graphics 3000 on the CPU.  This limits graphics performance, but allows for longer battery operation and full CPU speed on battery. 
Selecting the Discrete option in BIOS forces the system to use the nVIDIA card.  This improves graphics performance, allows you to use multiple monitors, but decreases CPU performance while using battery and reduces battery life.
Selcting Optimus allows software or the user to determine which graphics processor to use "on the fly" so that power budget and GPU performance are balanced for the workload.

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  • G550 Multiple Display Adapters - Why??

    Hey guys    
    I am running a G550 64bit Windows7. When I restart the computer it boots fine till "starting windows" screen the screen then goes blank. Not dead just without video.
    I run in safe mode and it boots as should. Now from her ei started to get pretty determined so I did a bunch of research and after long found myself here..
    In the device manager there are two display adapters listed. Both the same "mobile Intel 4 series express chipset family"
    I deleted one and rebooted no issues. Still got screen resizes and flashes periodically. And now each reboot 2nd adapter reinstalls and I am left with the same problem mentioned above
    what I am asking
    is this a virus? How to remove
    (I cleaned the registry stopped unwanted startup autoruns malwarebytes run antivirus run Microsoft security essentials)
    Thank you for your help.
    Moderator Note; subject edited; post moved to here from a ThinkPad board

    Hi mynameisjd,
    Thanks for posting and welcome to the Lenovo Community,
    Am sorry to hear about the issue that you’re facing and I’d like to ask you if you faced this problem from a recent time?
    And as I understand from your explanation that when you uninstalled the graphic driver it worked fine so I’d like to ask you to try to perform a recovery for the system to get the machine back as a brand new machine,
    If you’d like to take backup from your data as all files on C: will be erased as this process will return the machine back to the initial state  if your machine came with preinstalled operating system and there is changes on the operating system nor the partitions of the HDD sizes,
    And please connect the charger and the battery and then please press on the one key recovery button while the machine completely off and then see if you can windows loading files and then you will get the options for the recovery and kindly check the below link for the recovery steps:
    Hope the information helps. Let us know.
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  • K7D Master-L graphics problem: multiple display adapters/no winxp star

    I just recently bought a new K7D Master-L and I've had a few problems with it. Other than these issues the board has been great, but this is getting pretty annoying and I can't seem to fix it, so I'm posting here for advice/help/solutions.
    System Specs: I have two AthlonMP 1900+ and 786MB Corsair RAM (registered PC2100, 512MB in slot 1, 256MB in slot 2). I have a WD400JB (40GB ATA100 drive with 8MB buffer) and a generic IDE CD/DVD-ROM. I have an ATI Radeon 9700 Pro AGP card running at 4x.
    When I first installed the motherboard I tried to load Windoze XP on it (actually I first used Linux but had ...driver problems). Anyway XP seemed to install fine, but upon reboot, the system would get to the "progress bar"/"OS loading" screen (the small blue bar that goes back and forth) and the bar would get stuck exactly 2 "bars" from where it started--every time. I could boot into safe mode, but nothing seemed screwy. Doign the command-line boot (I think) where it shows the drivers it is loading, it got to the "agpgart" file then stopped, maybe this was the problem. I gave up after a dozen reboots or so, trying various things, and installed Windows 2000+SP3.
    Win2K installed fine, and after installing the drivers on MSI's site for northbridge, southbridge, audio, and lan, and installing ATI's latest Catalyst 3.4 drivers (I also tried 3.2), device manager had no more problems, save one.
    The problem is that there are two display adapters listed: "RADEON 9700" and "RADEON 9700 (Secondary)". There were two adapters listed before I installed the drivers, called something like "Display Adapter" and "Display Adapter (VGA compatible)". In Properties it says "PCI Slot 4 (PCI bus 1, device 5, function 0)", is this normal for AGP cards? Here is a screenshot (I disabled one to see if that helped my settings-loss problem, but it doesn't):
    Whats worse is that the display settings don't seem to stick around across reboots--it always reverts to the default settings of 640x480x16--which is extremely annoying. These problems exist regardless of whether I have a Service Pack installed (currently I'm running on a fresh Win2K install with no updates and having the same issues). I've tried multiple drivers for the card and no change, I've tried with/without the updated chipset drivers, and I've had this same setup work on my previous motherboard (Tyan Tiger MP) without seeing multiple display adapters.
    Any ideas? Or is there something that might fix my WinXP startup freeze? If so I could reinstall WinXP and see if that has the same multiple adapter problem...
    Thanks for any advice.

    Well my system just booted into 640x480x16, so it appears those registry changes didn't fix the issue. The registry settings were simply changed back to 640x480x16 for some reason. I haven't reinstalled the motherboard drivers, but I gathered them all up and I'll try this later today. Here are the latest drivers I found, all from MSI's site:
    Onboard AC97 Codec Driver
    Support model:   K7D Master (MS-6501)
    Description:   AMD AC97 Codec Driver version 10B
    Date:      2002-8-20>
    Intel 10/100 LAN device driver for Win2000
    Support model:   MS-6508...MS-6501...MS-9202
    Description:   A formal release from Intel.
          For integrated Intel 10/100 Lan.
    Date:      2003-2-25>
    AMD 762 Driver
    Support model:   K7D Master (MS-6501)
    Description:   - WHQL Certified Driver
          - Added support for Windows XP
          - Changed settings to only use auto-compensation for the AMD-762 (MP) Northbridge(2000/XP).
    Date:      2002-8-20>
    AMD 768 Driver
    Support model:    K7D Master (MS-6501)
    Description:   - WHQL Certified Driver
    Date:       2002-8-20>
    AMD EIDE Driver
    Support model:    K7D Master (MS-6501)
    Description:   - WHQL-Certified for Windows 2000/XP ONLY. Version 1.43s
    Date:      2002-8-20>
    Microsoft Windows® 2000 Patch for AGP Applications on AMD platforms
    Support model:   K7D Master (MS-6501)
    Description:   This is a registry file for Windows 2000
    Date:      2002-8-20>
    Award® BIOS I have 1.6 (?)
    File Size:   234KB
    Version:   1.82
    Update date:   2003-5-12
    Update Description:   Support AMD MP 2800+ in correspondance with AMD web site recommendation>
    Onboard NIC Driver
    Support model    K7D Master (MS-6501)
    -Intel GD82559ER LAN chipset driver
    Date    2002-8-20>
    We shall see if this fixes the multiple adapter problem. As far as the display settings problem, I don't know that the deal is. It works fine on other motherboards with the same hardware and drivers, so it must be something with the K7D, Windows, and ATI interaction.
    P.S.: There is a bug with this forum software and apostrohpies. Every time you preview your post it inserts escape characters ("\") before apostrphies, and also inserts escape characters for these escape characters, so quickly you have something like  "\\\\\\\'" where you want "'".

  • T510 - Device Manager showing multiple Display Adapters

    I recently started experiencing a problem with a Java application locking up when moving windows from the laptop screen to an external monitor.  One of the things we discovered during troubleshooting is that I am showing 2 Display Adapters:
    Intel(R) HD Graphics - running the Laptop Screen
    NVIDIA NVS 3100M - running the external Screen
    Is this correct?  I now also know why when using the NVIDIA Control Center it only shows the one monitor.

    I'm not joking.
    In BIOS (press F1 key when you see turn on the computer and see the Thinkpad screen) you can select the different graphics mode of the machine.  As you are keenly aware, the machine does have 2 graphics processors.
    Under Display:
    Selecting the Integrated option in BIOS shuts off the nVIDIA graphics card and uses the lower power Intel graphics 3000 on the CPU.  This limits graphics performance, but allows for longer battery operation and full CPU speed on battery. 
    Selecting the Discrete option in BIOS forces the system to use the nVIDIA card.  This improves graphics performance, allows you to use multiple monitors, but decreases CPU performance while using battery and reduces battery life.
    Selcting Optimus allows software or the user to determine which graphics processor to use "on the fly" so that power budget and GPU performance are balanced for the workload.

  • Why doesn't Screen Sharing work across multiple displays anymore in Mavericks?

    Hey Guys,
    I'm having a problem with Screen Sharing in Mavericks. It wasn't a problem in Mountain Lion, so I'm wondering if you could help me.
    I use a Mac Pro with multiple displays to connect to another Mac Pro with multiple displays. Here's how it looks at first:
    Two remote desktops shown in one window on one display locally. (Note: there are two different displays connected to this Mac Pro.)
    In Mountain Lion, I used to be able to scale this up across displays. When I do that now, the remote desktop scales down to the lower-left corner. Observe:
    When I mouse over it, there's some screen tearing (artifacts):
    Any ideas?
    Yes, I've Google'd it.
    I don't have Mavericks' multi-display support enabled. I disabled it to spread out Avid Media Composer and Adobe After Effects usage.
    Thank you,
    Isaac T.


  • Is there a way to set up multiple displays to show different DeskTops and/or multiple Full-Screen apps independently?

    Hello Apple users/ develpers.....
    I have been thinking about this long and hard and it seems like there should be some way to display separate Full-Screen Apps and/or mulitple Desktops.
    This would be a key feature that would make Lion surprisingly more efficient than any of its predicessors.  However, I have gone into System Preferences>Displays and could find no way to page through and get different desktops to display.  I always could extend the desktop, but why do that when I can simply use multiple Desktops and assign them to specific displays.
    (For example While on the MacBook Pro I could be doing a project in FinalCut while External Display 1 could be displaying iTunes and Display number 2 could be displaying MS Word.  And between each I can switch between each app without changing the monitor display.)
    I could also seeing this being extremely helpful in DJ and/or PowerPoint presentations.  In a PowerPoint presentation I could use the projector/display to show the individual Slides, while on the computer/laptop I could control other materials.
    Or in a DJ situation, I could be controlling iTunes from the computer, displaying a set of animations that I created in Flash/ToonBoom or another animation program, while still being able to work off of an independent display to do my homework or major project.
    The whole purpose of multiple displays would be to have multiple access to each of those.  And so if there's another APP I need to control them, or if there is a setup command I don't know about, I'd like to know right away.
    Also, if Apple hasn't really implimented this (and their OS is designed to have these features) then I guess this'd be my first recomendation to them as something that they need to fix.  This alone could be the key to crippling PC.  Don't let Windows 8 have a back door!

    Not available, why not suggest it here.

  • Spaces with Multiple Displays

    I have been using Spaces with my MacBook with an external display, without mirroring to extend my desktop. Overall, it works really well and has certainly made things less hectic when I have 1-8 windows open per application and up to 5 applications.
    One thing I figured out by playing is that you can have windows from the same application in different spaces. For example, I have FireFox open with three windows, and can position one FF window in each of three spaces. The only way to do this that I have found is to drag the individual windows from the Spaces view (F8), but it's really useful for me to have web-pages organized by Space (personal, work, Google, etc.). By the way, if I shut down FF or restart the machine, the windows do not "remember" which Space they were in, which is not surprising to me. I assume that is a limitation of FF, not OS X.
    Now here is the issue/problem I have experienced several times: Every so often, I will completely "lose" one or more windows. For example, I have two FF windows open in Space 4, then upon switching to another space and going back to Space 4, the windows are gone. They still show up in the list of FF windows (from the "Windows" menu in FF itself), so I think they are still open, but it's like they were assigned to Space 0 or something. There is no way to get to them or bring them back that I have found. There is also no good explanation for why this is occurring or any reproducible set of circumstances.
    I can accept that I am pushing the envelope on Spaces using both multiple displays and splitting windows from one application across Spaces, so I am not expecting this to work flawlessly (yet). However, it sure would be useful to be able to recover from this when it occurs.
    By the way, as a tip I have mapped my mouse button 3 (external mouse with a scroll wheel that has a button) to show Spaces, which has been very handy for me.
    One last thing: Does anyone else think it would be cool to have Spaces act more like true individual Desktops? In other words, be able to set background image per Space and maybe even have different files on each Space/Desktop? Files would be more involved since Spaces are less permanent than a real Desktop, but background images seems like an easy thing to be able to code for.

    Just to be clear, you CAN run an application and split its windows across different Spaces by dragging those windows in the Spaces view. So open Firefox in Space 1, open a second FF window in Space 1, then F8 and drag the second window into Space 2 and voila. It's somewhat random what happens when you click on the application icon in the dock when you do this, but it does work.
    Good point about the background being very resource-intensive. Never mind.

  • Multiple Displays with AGP and ON-Board

       Is it possible to do multiple displays with an AGP and OnBoard videocards? 
    If yes, please inform me how to activate it eg. jumper setting or bios settings.
    If no explain exactly why not. 
      My apologies.  The board is a KM4M-V

    Glen i just wanted to test try something new.
    I want to know if there are anything i should know about my board?
    Do you think the KM4M-V is a good board to have? 

  • Display Adapters included?

    I just sold my early 2008 macbook air and can't wait to get the new macbook air! They're awesome computers and I'd reccommend them to anyone who puts a premium on portability and great customer service on Apple's part. But aside from that, I'm a little confused. there's NO display adapters included with the new Macbook Air?? Why would they not include them this time? I mean, just why? Especially when they've just introduced their new Mini DisplayPort which no other device a user would need to hook-up to has, except their new cinema displays..? Have I been misinformed or does the computer really not come with any display adapters....? I mean i'm not asking for full cables or anything, but at the very least, an adapter (which has always been included with their new notebooks) would be nice and expected... just really confused about this one....

    It's the way of Apple lately -- things that "always used to be included" are no longer included -- there are no adapters with the MBA. There is no dock included with the iPhone 3G, which used to be included with the first gen. Their iPods always used to come with a Dock...those were dropped too eventually.
    The reality is, 90 percent of the users don't use those things. While it's nice to have them included, Apple makes more money from the 10 percent of users who DO need them, charging them extra for them. Available at the Apple Retail Stores, or online.

  • Help! Multiple Displays not Working. (Mac Pro late 2013).

    Late 2013 Mac Pro
    Processor: 3.7 GHz Quad Core Intel Xeon E5
    Memory: 12 GB 1867 MHz DDR ECC
    Graphics: AMD FirePro D300 2048 M8
    Software: OS X 10.9.2 (13C64)
    4 LG Electronics S-Class 25UM64-S 25-Inch Screen LED-Lit Monitor's
    Display Connection:
    6 Moshi Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter (4K)
    First of all, thank you in advance for taking the time to help!
    I just picked up this Mac Pro (as stated above) and I am having quite the time trying to get the monitors to display properly (or at all!)!
    Everything is hooked up properly (i'd like to think so), i've run through most of the trouble shooting methods I can think of and have found online... and still, 2 of the 4 displays do not show! The Mac Pro is not recognizing two of them.
    I was told that the MacPro could recognize up to 6 Mini DisplayPort to HDMI monitors, however, only 2 are working properly. Is it because of the Moshi Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapters? Should I be running MDP to DP cables instead? The monitors support DisplayPort input's, however, they also allow for PIP hence the use of 6 MDP adapters to HDMI. (2 of the monitors are using the built in picture in picture split screen. So 2 HDMI inputs each).
    Really pulling my hair on this one.. I figured it would be plug and play.. at least, that's how apple USED to be.
    Any ideas?! Am I simply needing to use the MDP to DP cables instead of MDP to HDMI? Please help!
    Thank you!

    Mac Pro (Late 2013): Using multiple displays - Apple Support
    Can I connect more than 2 DVI or HDMI displays?
    Mac Pro supports a total of two DVI or HDMI displays when connected via the built-in HDMI port or using the Apple Mini DisplayPort to DVI adapter. To connect additional DVI displays, use an active DVI adaptersuch as the Apple Mini DisplayPort to Dual-Link DVI adapter. You can connect up to six active adapter DVI displays. This requires a powered USB hub since Mac Pro offers four USB ports and you will need six to connect them all.
    Thus, use a display port to mini display port cable

  • Analysis Authorization based on Hier node with multiple display hierarchies

    Hi guys - I've got a problem where s.o. might have an idea of how to switch on the light at the end of the tunnel, I am currently standing in:
    Cost Center Authorization should be given through RSECADMIN, reporting should be possible for any hierarchy that exists for the authorization relevant info object.
    Preferred solution:
    The Cost Center Analysis Authorization should be given through RSECADMIN - Hierarchy node assignment.
    u2022     A dedicated Authorization Cost Center Hierarchy will be maintained in ECC6 as an alternative cost center hierarchy and extracted into BW.
    u2022     The RSECADMIN Hierarchy node assignment should be based on a particular node (Type 2).
    u2022     The display level will be specified as required (here: Level 7)
    u2022     The Authorization granted should be independent of hierarchy name and version (validity 3).
    Reporting Scenario and technical impact:
    As mentioned above, when designing and running a query the user should be able to freely select other (i.e. than the authorization) display hierarchies for the authorization relevant reporting object 'Cost Center' as well. The technical names of the semantically relevant hierarchy nodes could therefore vary. E.g. cost centers 1, 2 and 3, being assigned under hierarchy node u2018Au2019 of the RSECADMIN relevant authorization hierarchy, could be subsumed by hierarchy node u2018Bu2019 in another display hierarchy, which the user may want to display in accordance to his reporting needs. Ideally, the alternative display hierarchy should therefore display node u2018Bu2019.
    My findings so far (based on prototyping) turn out that this is not possible as long u2018Bu2019 (and its hierarchy) is not authorized in RSECADMIN. Can these findings be confirmed? And if not, would anyone have an idea of how to facilitate the reporting scenario?
    Would there be any other way to grant access, possibly based on RSECADMIN single values, and also enable the user to flexibly display hierarchies with only those hierarchy nodes whose single cost center values the user has been given access to?
    Thanks everyone for your input...
    Edited by: Claus64 on Jul 13, 2009 4:10 AM

    HI CLause,
    On Jul 14 2009, you wrote in SDN and said:
    FYI: Found a solution...
    The hierarchy analysis authorization will be based on a navigational attribute of cost center.
    With analysis authorizations it is possible to declare the Auth object (e.g. 0COSTCENTER__RACCAUT0) as authorization relevant and leave the superior object 0COSTCENTER auth irrelevant.
    The auth will be given for 0COSTCENTER__RACCAUT0. This object will be placed as a filter of the query, being restricted by an Authorization variable for hierarchy nodes.
    Due to the concept of Analysis Authorizations, this variable will automatically pick up the nodes granted as part of RSECADMIN Hierarchy based Authorization.
    As mentioned above, 0COSTCENTER as the regular reporting characteristic remains auth irrelevant and can therefore take any hierarchy thatu2019s available. Reporting on single values will be possible, too. Only those nodes show up that hold the authorized cost centers in accordance to the authorization.
    If the auth relevant 0COSTCENTER__RACCAUT0 is not used in the query definition by either not taking it in as a filter or skipping the Auth variable, the query will launch the message that the authorization is missing. No data show up at all.
    See this thread:
    Analysis Authorization based on Hier node with multiple display hierarchies
    I am also in the same situation as you and need to understadn your solution. I understand that you created a Nav Attr on 0COSTCENTER and made this auth relevant whilst ensuring that 0COSTCENTER is NOT auth relevant. This is all fine. The issue was you have multiple hierachies for 0COSTCENTER, how did the new Nav Attr help you solve your issue. When loading 0COSTCENTER what values did you load ino the new Nav Attribute and how did that link to the hierachies? Also, in RSECADMIN you created hiearchy nodes based on the Nav Attribute but I am confused as to what values you have in the Nav Attr.
    I appreciate if you can share your solution from the past in more details.
    many thanks

  • Cannot turn on computer from Cinema Display.  Why not?

    I have a G4 and recently bought a new 20" Cinema Display. To hook up I needed an ADC to DVI Adapter. Everything works except:
    1) I cannot turn on the computer from the Display. I can only do it from the computer power button, whereas I could with my older Studio Display. Why is this?
    2) If I put the computer to sleep, I can't wake it up with the touch of a button on the keyboard. Nor will it wake up by touching the Display power button. Once again it will only wake up if I press the computer power button. Is this normal?
    3) If I put the computer to sleep by pressing the Display power button, nothing will wake up the computer. It stays asleep. What the heck is going on here?

    You have 14 days from the date of purchase to return your computer with no questions asked.
    Why are you wasting time on a message board w/a spanking new Mac?  You should be ON THE PHONE with Apple first thing!

  • How do you use multiple displays with a MacBook Pro and iMac

    I have an iMac and a MacbookPro laptop both upgraded to OS X 10.9 (Mavericks).  I'd like to use multiple displays with them.  Can I do this without an Apple TV?  They are both on the same network.  If I can, can someone please give some instructions on how this can be done?

    Both computers have ports for external monitors. Check your user manuals. Only one display can be added to the MBP, but newer iMacs have dual Thunderbolt ports.
    Do your own Google research to learn what to do, but reading your manuals should be all you really need. It' not rocket science yet.

  • How do I connect multiple displays to a Lenovo 405

    how do I connect multiple displays to a Lenovo 405 running windows 7?  I tried a video card but the built in amd video port would not function with the video card plugged in.
    Moderator Note; subject edit, post moved to here

    hi harry13,
    Welcome to the Lenovo Forums.
    If you're referring to the Lenovo® H405, this unit has an integrated VGA and HDMI out according to this pdf data sheet.
    If you'll be using a flat panel monitor (that usualy has a VGA connector and a single link DVI D digital interface), you will need to connect 1 monitor to the VGA out and use an HDMI to single link DVI-D converter on the other monitor. You might need to scan for hardware changes under the device manager to identify the monitor that's connected to the HDMI to DVI-D converter. Note that you need to change the video setup under BIOS to IGD or the onboard graphics.
    If you'll be using your discrete video adapter for the multi-monitor setup, you must change the video setup to PEG under the BIOS and the video card must have a vga or hdmi/dvi out.
    Also, see these guides as a reference:
    How to set up dual monitors in Windows 7
    Dual monitor setup: Two monitors are better than one
    Hope this helps.
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  • When I go into full screen mode in Safari 5.1 on LION it switches to a new Space, making my other displays useless. Anyone else annoyed that Apple has completely left out those with multiple displays?

    I had a fear that this was going to be the case, but you can't have two full screen apps open in two different displays. At least that's how Safari fullscreen works. When switching over to full screen mode in safari, it automatically creats a new space, turns on four finger gesture to swipe through full screen apps which I had turned off in place of App Switcher.
    I don't use spaces because of the lack of support for using spaces with multiple displays. I would use spaces and mission control if I had control of each display's mission control separately.
    The fix would be to unlink the displays so they can scroll through full screen apps by themselves. I want this feature so I can mix and match the full screen apps on my three different displays. I see this beneficial for more people with multiple displays. in the future when thunderbolt display links, people will want better support too.
    I know I would use spaces and mission control more if I could have this ability. I'd be interested to know people's opinion.

    No no, if you read what I said, it would be that each individual display would be customizable to the user. The way you have it, it sounds like your second display will be dedicated to scrolling through fullscreen apps not allowing you to do it on the home screen. This is silly because with my concept, you could do that, by dragging apps to fullscreen in your second display, but if you want you could tell another display to scroll through fullscreen apps (independently) if you wanted. Each display will have it's own mission control with it's own set of desktops. I also can see how some people would still want them linked together, so this could just be a little check box made in mission control prefs to "link" or "unlink" desktops with link checked by default.
    With your solution you're limited to your setup. but what if the person has three or four displays? Well then your solution would limit them to one dedicated display that scrolls through fullscreen apps where mine lets a person customize their desktops depending on their preference and setup.
    further example: if you have safari, address book and mail in one display, you could still have ichat, PS and Illustrator in your second, and a text editor, FTP Client and iTunes in your third. Then you would mix and match these apps but it would promote the use of mulitple displays as well as benefit people with three or more, which thunderbolt, Cinema Display and Pro computers support.

Maybe you are looking for