My login page just freeze and won't go to my desktop

When I started up my computer, after the login window appear and I input password, the background stays as the usual galaxy wallpaper and doesn't bring the screen anywhere (I am using Leopard). It just froze there, although I could still move my mouse around.
Sometimes Adobe Acrobat Reader window popped up asking me to Ignore, send report, or Relaunch. I've tried all of these three options, and nothing happened again.
This problem happened since a week ago. If I recall correctly, prior to this problem, my Google Chrome couldn't launch at all, crashing every time.
I have not done any upgrades of software on the computer.
I've tried holding Shift key when rebooting, holding Command Shift P and R keys (I read it at some Mac site elsewhere), and inserting a disc when rebooting. So far, nothing works.
Appreciate it if you could help on this!

when I restart my Mac, I'm good for a while. This happens once or twice a day. All this just started happening. After more research I just discovered; ue-to-Sophos-Anti-Virus/m-p/9714#M4678
What do you think?

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