Opening projects in CS4 from earlier versions of Premiere

I have various projects in Premiere 2.0. They work fine.
I tried opening one in Premiere CS4. It mostly works, but I found a small hickup where a transition (cross disolve) is quite messed up. Otherwise, it seems the project is playing the same in CS4.
My question is: how accurate is it to open projects in CS4 from an earlier version? I don't really want to have to go through every second of every project to make sure it works properly, yet I would like to upgrade to CS4.
What's the normal protocol for this? I'm sure people deal with having to open projects from earlier version of Premiere all the time.

Thanks for your answer -- it's helpful. I will follow your advice.
What blows my mind is what the legions of editors out there do when they have to old up an old project? This must happen all the time!
Do editors have to maintain two machines -- one with the old version of Premiere to open up their old project, and another machine to work on new projects? Oh, I guess they need one machine for each version they've ever created a Premiere project in. That's like 5 machines.
Seriously, what to people do when they have to open up an old project for whatever reason? It's seems like if you open it up in the latest version of Premiere, you would have to go through every second of the project very carefully to make sure there are errors introduced -- way time consuming.

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    Adobe has been using confusing version names for at least five years.
    There are now two versions labeled CC, version 9 and version 10 (also known as CC 2014). Version 10 is the latest, and if you attempt to open a version 10 file in Version 9 that is not fully patched you will get an error message telling you that the file cannot be opened. The latest patch for version 9 should use a cloud-based service at Adobe to convert version 10 files to IDML and allow you to open that.
    I suspect you may be using an older operating system. Version 10 requires that your system runs at least OS X 10.7 or Windows 7 SP1 and if you are not it will not even be offered to you.

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    I am assuming you mean projects from 10.0.x
    You need to place them in the traditional location "Final Cut Projects" (at the root of an external drive or inside your Movies folder), and likewise your events inside a folder "Final Cut Events".
    Then use File->Update Projects and Events...

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    Pages v5 (including v5.5.2) lacks about 100+ features found in Pages '09 v4.3. When Pages v5 encounters unsupported content in Pages '09 (or very early Pages v5) templates, it communicates this to you as an application freeze. As Pages '09 v4.3 runs on Yosemite, and you may still have it in /Applications/iWork '09, you may want to use it instead. Recreating templates is not the best use of your time.

  • Opening Project First Time from Version Control.  RoboSource Node

    Four writers have upgraded successfully.  My fifth is having issues...
    She has Serena Dimensions SCC installed as well (another source control product - used by Applications, not the authors or Infra.
    Problem: When she is establishing the root path (and the Browse RoboSource Node window opens, but it does not populate, even after 20 minutes.  Reboot did not work, neither did manually removing Serena Dimensions SCC.  I have verified that she has a connection to the database (via RSC Explorer) and can see the project (as well as the RH7 version of the project).  We have
    These are the instructions... (screenshots not included).  She's hanging up on
    1.1    Using a New Project for the First Time
    The author must have local administrator rights on the machine.  If the user has a privileged account, they must set up full local control of their work folder (specified in
    1.1.1    Install RoboHelp and RoboSource Control
    1.    Download appropriate software packages, including all patches, from Adobe.
    2.    Launch RoboHelp Installer.  Select the following options for installation:
    o   RoboHelp for HTML
    o   RoboSource Control (Client)
    o   CS4 Script Extender
    Installation of each component is separate and may take up to 30 minutes.  You do not have to install RoboHelp for Word.
    Only select the Client Install for RoboSource Control.
    3.    Install all patches in the order specified by the vendor.  Check with the technical communicator on which version is currently in use for patching.
    1.1.2    Open the Project
    1.    Launch RoboSource Control.
    2.    Establish a database connection per section 3.3.1.
    3.    Close RoboSource Control.
    4.    Launch RoboHelp 8 for HTML.
    5.    Click Open under Recent Projects under the main frame (do not use title bars).
    6.    Click the Open Project from version control button (shown below).
    7.    Make sure that RoboSource Control 3.1 is highlighted as the Version Control Provider and the checkbox for “Make this my default selection” is checked.  Click OK.
    8.    Configure the Source Control system as follows:
    Connection:  PROD
    Root Path: Click the … button and navigate to the (project name) root in the database and click OK.  This may take several minutes.
    Connection Mode:  Online
    Get to Local Path:  Click the … button and navigate to your Data folder.  Select Make New Folder under Data and give the folder a unique name to help you identify the files as for the Support KB in RoboHelp. 
    9.    Click OK when you have configured source control.  A copy of the database is now being downloaded to the path you specified.  This may take up to 20 minutes. 
    You can verify that installation is proceeding either by watching your local path fill with files or keeping an eye on the CPU usage of the RSO3MiddleTierService and RoboHelpHTML files under Task Manager.
    10.  Once transfer is complete, highlight Tier1KB.xpj and click Open.  It may take several minutes to open the project the first time.  It is typical for the snippet file to check out the first time you open the project and the first time each day that you save all project files.
    11.  Once the project is open, set Version Control properties:
    a.         Select Tools > Options.
    b.         On the Version Control tab, select all options.  This will prompt the user on each version control action they take.
    12.  Test a check out/check in to validate correct installation and source control operation.

    It's the settings in miscproperties in the XPJ and it works in TFS just fine. I'ts as follows:
      <value>Team Foundation Server MSSCCI Provider</value>
      <value>http://ap-gda113-tfs-a:8080/tfs/centric|NB-WWEELDEN|ITS\Wweelden</value> <- Add the TFS URL, your workspace name and your domain name.
      <value>$/BV - MVV/Main/Tools/Documentatie/mvv-beheerders</value> <- The location of the project in TFS.

  • Why can't iMovie 09 open a project created in an earlier version of iMovie?

    I recently bought a new (intel) iMac with iMovie 09 to replace our old (PowerPC) iMac G5. I had created several movie projects in iMovie on the old iMac, but these are apparently unreadable on the new one. I presume this may have something to do with the switch to intel - but is there any way I can import the files?
    The files contain slideshows of still photos with music and some video mixed in - and I'd like to update them with newer material, so importing the entire file as a quicktime movie or something like that would not really help...

    Tomasso36 wrote:
    I recently bought a new (intel) iMac with iMovie 09 to replace our old (PowerPC) iMac G5. I had created several movie projects in iMovie on the old iMac, but these are apparently unreadable on the new one. I presume this may have something to do with the switch to intel - but is there any way I can import the files?
    The files contain slideshows of still photos with music and some video mixed in - and I'd like to update them with newer material, so importing the entire file as a quicktime movie or something like that would not really help...
    YOU SAY - AppleMan1958: iMovie will import video from old projects, but not photos.
    Perhaps - but how? I cannot open project from 08, have read many forum posts from others with the same goal ...that have been unable to import/open previous projects. Please share some tips (or secrets!) that can help.

  • Problem opening a converted project from previous version of Premiere CC, in Premiere CC 2014.

    Hello. This is the problem. When I try to open with premiere pro CC 2014 a converted and actualized CC 2014 version of a project created previously in a previous version of premiere, the software crash.
    Said in other words if it doesn't clear:
    - I created a project in Premiere CC
    - I actualized the project to Premiere CC 2014
    - I worked in the project with the new Premiere CC 2014 for few days and suddenly, I cannot open the project and the software crash.
    I hope you understand my problem. Sorry about my english. I'm not native english speaker.
    Thanks for your help and support.

    Rather than opening directly, try importing the project via the Media Browser Window.
    Much more efficient as you'll have more options.

  • Unable to open sequence diagram created by earlier version of JDeveloper

    About 2 years back, we were using the JDeveloper to create sequence diagrams using the latest version of JDeveloper at that time. The diagrams were created and saved by Jdeveloper in ".oxd_seq" files.
    We are now trying to open these diagrams using the JDeveloper version of Studio Edition Version It is not working for ".oxd_seq" file. Is there any way we can recover those diagrams in JDeveloper

    Hi Drew
    Normally it's pretty simple.
    1. Copy the .CP file(s) from source computer to intermediate media. (Network server, USB drive, CD, Etc.)
    2. Copy .CP file(s) from intermediate media to destination PC.
    3. Open Captivate and open file(s) in new location on destination PC.
    At no point should you ever consider leaving the .CP file on a network drive and opening Captivate and browsing to the file to make edits while it is in the network location. You always want to work locally.
    Another thing to consider is that Captivate seems touchy with CP files. You will want to ensure that all PCs are using the same version of Captivate. This includes patches. I wouldn't want to save a .CP file from a patched version 4 and expect to open it without issues on an unpatched version 4.
    Cheers... Rick
    Helpful and Handy Links
    Captivate Wish Form/Bug Reporting Form
    Adobe Certified Captivate Training
    SorcerStone Blog
    Captivate eBooks

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    My website was created using Dreamweaver MX in 2004 by someone who is no longer with our company. I am attempting to revise the site. I have loaded DW CS4 and am operating on Windows XP. I have created new pages using a template from MX version. The pages show up in my design view and in the local file list. They appear on the remote file list but the size says 0 KB (they say 10 KB on the local list). When I sync them, it says it works. When I "put" them for the upload, they will not. Is there a problem with using the template from the older version? Note: changes I made to existing pages (also created by this same template) upload fine and appear on the website.

    When it asked if you want to put dependent files, it is asking if you want to upload any linked/imported css files,
    any graphic files that might be used on the page, etc.
    I you insert an image into a page, you will have to upload that to the webserver (ftp). If you select yes to put dependent files, then that is done for you by DW, otherwise, you will have to do it manually (select the file in the "files" menu and "put".
    If your pages are on the web server, then it sounds like DW is doing what it is supposed to.

  • Missing title from earlier version

    Hello Apple, iMovie community,
    I am strageling to find a very useful 'title' animation that was once used in iMovie software.In the new one and in Final Cut I could not find it anymore.
    If I import an old iMovie project which has this 'title' and would like to edit it, iMovie crashes.
    Here is a link to a clip containing the above 'title':
    Could you help finding a way to use this 'title' animation again?
    Any help appreciated.

    The one problem with sending files from my, or anyone's, copy of PrE is that all of that material is © by Adobe Systems. They are not mine, per se, to send.
    When I am sent such files, usually Menu Sets in PSD, from versions of PrE, or Encore that I do not own, to test for the Forum, I Delete those, as soon as my testing is complete, as I do not have the rights to use those files - only if I had the version of the Adobe program, from which they came.
    I do not recall if the Additional Functional Content is available as a second install from the physical media discs in PrE 8 (never had that version), or whether it will install if another, later version of PrE is installed on a system, but if you have either the physical, or the second of the two download files, you might try to install that Additional Functional Content. One consideration is whether this Generic1 Title is in the limited Functional Content, that is installed WITH PrE, or is in the CAB (or other file type), in the Additional Functional Content.
    Knowing that it IS in PrE 4.0 does not answer the above question. Heck, until ATR did his research, I never thought that it might be in my older version, but with the PNG (necessary to display the PRTL file in the Library Display) elsewhere. Thanks to ATR for that work, and info. Not sure if that points to a mistake on Adobe's part, of if it is "hidden" for some other reason? We will probably never know.
    Why it was removed from later versions is just the way it happens. Adobe will add Additional Functional Content, from time to time, and will remove some, that they deem to no longer be useful. Though smallish files, they DO take up HDD space, and as most Additional Functional Content is now on Adobe hosted servers, I feel that someone decided that that particular Title was no longer popular enough to include.
    Good luck,

  • Do the Premiere templates come with 2014 install or do I have to get them from an earlier version of Premiere?

    I teach at a high school and my IT person just installed CC 2014, but I do not see Premiere templates.  Do I have to install them off of an earlier version?

    There are no template files for Creative Cloud, so the "workaround" is to use the files from the CS6 version. You can manually copy the content across into the CC folders:
    COPY these three folders:
    C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Pro CS6\presets\Styles
    C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Pro CS6\presets\Templates
    C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Pro CS6\presets\Textures
    C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Pro CC\presets\
    There are instructions at to get the CS6 files if you have deleted them from your system.

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    All of my images are organized by keywords and I've just noticed that most of the keywords assigned in earlier versions of LR are not working. The keyword palette is there, it says there's x amount of photos with each keyword, a thumbnail displays in the navigator window but nothing shows up in the main Library view. I get the message "no photos match this filter".
    Any ideas? I really don't want to have to go through and re-keyword everything.
    I have tried optimizing the db, and also selected all photos and hit Ctrl-S to write metadata and still no go.

    Now I feel like an idiot. I had a filter on. Thanks Kenneth.

  • How do i import albums from earlier version

    how do i import albums from earlier version

    Import your bookmarks from IE. <br />
    PlainOld Favorites needs to be fixed for Firefox 22 by the developer of that extension, who had sufficient notice about the changes which were originally slated to be in Firefox 21 - six weeks ago, at least.

  • Convert file from previous version of premiere

    I've recently updated Premiere CC through the updater and now it won't convert a file the previous version 

    Hi fealy88,
    The new Premiere Pro 8.1 or 2014.1 will convert your Project files as soon as you open a Project created in Previous version of Premiere Pro including Premiere Pro 8.0.1 or 2014.0.1. So, if you have created a project in 8.0.1 and you open it in 8.1 it will give you a prompt to rename the file. Once you save it, you cannot open it in any Previous version of Premiere Pro including 8.0.1. This change is made in the 8.1 update, before this it was possible to open a Project created in the latter update into the former update and Vice Versa.

  • Powerpoint 2013 - Issues opening presentations from earlier versions

    When opening a presentation created in a previous version of powerpoint I get a message saying:
    "Powerpoint Found a problem with Content in <document> Powerpoint can attempt to repaire the presentation"
    If you click repair you then get a message saying the file couldn't be replaired.
    Now this is documented in other threads and the solution is just to open the file properties when it's on your local system and then click "Unblock" at the bottom of the properties box.
    This is very annoying especially if you receive multiple presentations daily. Is there any way you can set PP2013 to just open legacy documents? 

    I guess these pptx files are created by PowerPoint 2010. If so, try to install the following update in the machine with PowerPoint 2010 to avoid the issue happen again.
    Another solution is set component security settings back to the defaults:
    1. Open Control Panel.
    2. Open Administrative Tools.
    3. Open Component Services and expand the tree under Console Root to
    Computers --> My Computer.
    4. Right-click My Computer and select Properties.
    5. Select the Default Properties tab and set the following values:
    Default Authentication Level: Connect
    Default Impersonation Level: Identify
    Tony Chen
    TechNet Community Support

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