Opening REPORT Configuration Dialog Boxes with the new object-oriented script interface?

Hallo zusammen,
in der DIAdem-Hilfe wird die folgende Vorgehensweise zum öffnen von REPORT-Einstellungsdialogen aus einem Script beschrieben:
Call GraphObjOpen("New_2DAxis1") 'Opens the axis object
Call SUDDlgShow("Main", ResourceDrv & "D2Axis")
Call GraphObjClose("New_2DAxis1") 'Closes the axis object
Call PicUpdate() 'Updates the report
Wie macht man das mit der neuen objektorientierten Script-Schnittstelle, oder muss man hier immer noch das lästige "GraphObjOpen" und "GraphObjClose" benutzen?
In der Hilfe habe ich leider nichts gefunden.

Hallo Elmar,
Ab der DIAdem Version 2012 wird, wie von Riepld beschrieben, nicht mehr über GraphObjOpen und GraphObjClose die Objekte bearbeitet, sondern über Report. ... .
Diese beiden Vorgehensweisen werden ausschließlich über das Script Modul verwendet.
Sie könne jeden Dialog von DIAdem auch selber aufrufen. Allerdigs würde ich Ihnen empfehlen, die entsprechenden Eigenschaften über das Script direkt zu setzen und nicht den vorgefertigten Dialog aufrufen.
Dafür empfehlen sich besonders Anwenderdialoge, da Sie auch da zusätzliche Scripte hinterlegen können.
Nachdem Sie Eigenschaften einen neune Wert zugeweisen haben müssen Sie noch den Befehl Report.Refresh() aufrufen um die Anzeige zu aktualisiern.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Philipp K.
AE | NI Germany

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    To accomplish the first task use a control button, a case structure and a sub vi located inside the case structure. The control button determines the status of the case structure in response to user click. The sub vi writes your data into the file you specified in the file dialog. The entire process repeat itself each time the button is clicked. The set-up of the sub vi depends on organization and type of file you want. I think the second task is just a modification of the first.

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    Thanks Cor-El. I already have it set to "Use NewsFox." I'm stumped.

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    If anyone is reading this still looking for what caused the issue and how to fix it here is what I discovered.
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    Scan SSL in Privacy Control Settings. Turning it OFF solved the problem and all the PDF files that previously would not open now open just fine. This issue has been sent to Bitdefender for them to review. If you use a different antivirus program and are having this issue try locating the Scan SSL setting and see if turning it off solves the problem.

  • New Folder link in Ribbon menu, load home page instead of open Folder Name dialog box

    In SharePoint 2013,
    I have created new site collection under "\sites" managed path. Then I have created Sub-Site called "\sites\abc\Mobile" under it.
    Site collection - http://sharepointweb/sites/abc and
    Sub-Site - http://sharepointweb/sites/abc/Mobile
    Site Template: Team Site / Publishing Site
    After creation of the above, go to sub-site -> click on "Document" library -> Click on "New Folder" under "File" tab.
    when click on New Folder link, it shows home page in dialog box instead of new folder name popup.
    This is only happening for "Mobile" named sub-site under "/sites" managed path. Please try from your side and let me know.
    May I know what the issue is? Please clarify.

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    If I help you with any inquire, thank you for click kudos in my post.
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    Hi team,
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    please suggest me how to create download dialog box with field as file path where i can edit the defaulted file path.
    please let me know,how can i go ahead and satisfy the reuirement or share me piece of code if you have.
    Thanks And Regards,

    After the user Command you can use
    * Display save dialog window
          CALL METHOD cl_gui_frontend_services=>file_save_dialog
    *      window_title      = ' Filenema'
              default_extension = 'TXT'
              default_file_name = 'data'
              initial_directory = 'c:\temp\'
              filename          = ld_filename
              path              = ld_path
              fullpath          = ld_fullpath
              user_action       = ld_result.
          p_file  = ld_fullpath.

  • CS5 slow to get the 'open' and 'save' dialog box over networked computer.

    I have been having this problem since the suite was installed, but recently has gotten much slower. Any time I click open or save it takes 8-10 seconds just for the dialog box to come up.  CS1 was lightening fast - I know that was ages ago, but I can't help compare the two.  I have the same problem with InDesign and Illustrator. The suite is running on a Windows 7 machine through a home network, accessing files from an XP machine as well as a Buffalo Linkstation.  Once the dialog box comes up, and I double click, the file is pretty quick to appear.  I have researched online and I believe the problem to be somewhere in the network or the settings.  The network is quick, Windows Explorer has no delay in opening or finding files, nor do other programs outside of Creative Suite. I did an experiment to narrow down the problem - I closed Photoshop, unplugged the network cable, and reopened the program.  AMAZING - it was SO FAST to open the dialog box for both opening and saving files!  I then closed Photoshop again, plugged the network cable back in, and opened Photoshop.  It was back to the slow opening of the dialog box.  Everything else in the programs runs fine - no delay when performing operations in any of the Creative Suite - it has to do with the network and how CS is looking for the files.  Can anyone help me, I am so frustrated - this is adding unnecessary time to everything I do and I dread opening and saving any files!!

    Once again - thank you!
    We used to have a network storage device attached to our home network, but it crashed and we replaced it with another model.  A while back I had added it as an item to display in the places bar.  When we removed it from the network, the link on the left side disapeared, so I forgot all about it.  When I read your posting it jogged my memory.  I searched the subject to remember how I had made the change and found this posting from Adobe Community: (its in #6).  I found the original storage device in the places bar, removed it and replaced it with the new device.  I opened Photoshop and Acrobat and both open and save dialog boxes appear as they should - the problem has been resolved!  THANK YOU!

  • I would like Adobe to utilize the non-legacy save/open Windows 7 dialog box

    So I downloaded the trial for CS5.5 Master Suite and found that the open/save dialog box is the same thing from CS5.  This is a huge disappointment.
    Reason being is explained right here: -windows/
    Common File Dialog is being used still by CS5 and CS5.5 which is outdated and legacy.
    [Starting with Windows Vista, the Open and Save As common dialog boxes have been superseded by the Common Item Dialog. We recommended that you use the Common Item Dialog API instead of these dialog boxes from the Common Dialog Box Library.]
    The Open dialog box lets the user specify the drive,  directory, and the name of a file or set of files to open. You create  and display an Open dialog box by initializing an OPENFILENAME structure and passing the structure to the GetOpenFileName function.
    The Save As dialog box lets the user specify the drive, directory, and name of a file to save. You create and display a Save As dialog box by initializing an OPENFILENAME structure and passing the structure to the GetSaveFileName function.
    Explorer-style Open and Save As dialog boxes provide user-interface features that are similar to the  Windows Explorer. However, the system continues to support old-style Open and Save As dialog boxes for applications that must be consistent with the old-style user interface.
    In addition to the difference in appearance, the Explorer-style and  old-style dialog boxes differ in their use of custom templates and hook  procedures for customizing the dialog boxes. However, the Explorer-style  and old-style dialog boxes have the same behavior for most basic  operations, such as specifying a file name filter, validating the user's  input, and getting the file name specified by the user. For more  information about the Explorer-style and old-style dialog boxes, see Open and Save As Dialog Box Customization.
    The following illustration shows a typical Explorer-style Open dialog box.
    It appears it would be a simple retooling of the code in order for this to work.  I truly hope that Windows 8 will force all software developers to utilize the new Common Item Dialog API.

    We've been trying to - but we still have to support XP and Vista.
    It appears it would be a simple retooling of the code in order for this to work.
    Um, no, not that simple.

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