OSD: prestaged image does not distribute to remote distribution point

We have an SCCM 2012 with 2 distribution points: a virtual (the sccm server) and a physical (a pure distribution point). Once and a while we have issues with deploying packages to the physical dp but clearing it and redistirbuting solves the issue.
Now we have a big OS image (15 GB) which does not want to deploy to the physical distribution point at all.
The status stays "in progress" since this morning 11 AM (+/- 8 hours ago). Other packages distribute also slowly but fine.
Distmgr.log shows only logs from end of March this year and then stopped logging anything so I don't have a clue what is going wrong.
Please advise.
Jan Hoedt

Please go to the properties of the OS image, make sure "Manually copy this content to the distribution point" on the "Distribution Settings" tab is checked.
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  • Once an OS image has been distributed to the distribution point, do I keep the source wim as well?

    Just curious what do all you SCCM masters do?,
    I really don't know if I explain can this right, but here goes.
    If I capture a pre-installed/pre-configured imaged to my sccm server to a folder called OSIMAGES, lets call the image myosimage.wim, once I have distributed content of myosimage.wim to the distribution point, do I really need to keep the source copy of myosimage.wim
    in the folder OSIMAGES?

    Well how does the ConfigMgr know if the content is correct and intact, if it cannot compare it to the one in the source? Do not remove the sources.

  • "file does not exist on remote server" when uploading image

    As the title says, when uploading an image im getting the
    message "file does not exist on remote server"......yet dreamwever
    has uploaded the file, its there. All other pages on my website
    work fine when uploading images. Any ideas?

    What image type is it? Is it in an images folder or the root
    directory? It would be helpful to post a link.

  • When I try to upload a file it goes through the correct proceedure, but does not change the remote file i.e.Index.htm

    I have an uploading problem to the server. The problem is when I try to upload a file it goes through the correct proceedure,
    but does not change the remote file i.e.Index.htm, or three stages1.htm.
    My Localroot folder is C:\Gods Plan Web\
    The site map layout is C:\Gods Plan Web\Index.htm
    The folder for the remote site is /public_html/
    Should the local root folder mirror the remote site, i.e./public_html/
    if this is so, what should I put into the
    (a) Local Root Folder box?
    (b) site map layout box?
    The FTP is performing well other than changing the intended file.

    You should be uploading only the contents of your local root to the public_html folder (remote root).
    The index.html you use as your site's home page needs to be in your site root. If you look at your Files window in DW, you should have something like the following...
    Site - Whatever you named your site
    If you have any folder between Site - and the index.html page, like...
    Site - Whatever you named your site
    It will upload to the public_html while still in that folder, so to find your page online, you would need to type something like...
    public_html should NOT appear within your local files and if it existed there, would cause a redundancy if uploaded. You would need to type www.yourdomain.com/public_html to see the uploaded pages.
    If you could post a screen shot of your expanded Files window while connected to the server (just connect and click the Expand button in Files, don't drill down into any of the directories), we may be able to see the issue.

  • File does not exist on remote site, yet it does

    I have been trying to understand how Dreamweaver handles remote files in CS5.
    My server is setup as a remote server and a test server.
    I open the remote file, it offers to get dependencies, so I click yes.
    I click on Live view, then it tries to show me the following url
    It should not put public_html in the path, and I did not specify this in my site setup. My root setting is /.
    Anyway, If I change the url manually, then it shows correctly. Then it offers to discover dunamically linked files, which I agree to.
    Now it tells me that 'Dynamically-related files could not be resolved because the site definition is not correct for this server'
    If I try to open one of the files that it has discovered, I am told that it is not on the disk, so would I like to 'get it', so I agree.
    Finally, I am told that 'Get operation failed since linked-file.php does not exist on remote site'
    I suspect that this is all to do with my site definition, but I fiddled with the settings and can't resolve this. I think that the whole problem goes back to Dreamweaver's insistance on putting public_html in the path, but I can't stop it doing so.
    Any suggestions?

    Well, yes I did manage to fix the dynamically linked resources issue. As mentioned above, I did need to mention public_html in my Root Directory setting in server setup (silly of me).
    I had tried this at first, but it didn't work, as I had the server set as a test server and not a remote server, anyway, i now have it set as both and all is well.
    Except that, the first issue that mentioned is still with me: namely, dreamweaver mentions the public_html in the url path when on live view, which is not correct and I don't know where it is inferring this from. I can change it manually, but this doesn't seem right to me. Am I still missing a setting?
    In anwer to the questions:
    1) My setting (now) in the Root Directory setting in DW is: /public_html/
    2) My actual path on the server (that i mention in php scripts) is: /home/login_name/public_html//path/to/my/file/file.php
    [In the advanced settings of DW site setup on the Local Info page I have set Links relative to Document option, although it does not seem to make a difference when I change it to Site Root.]
    Any suggestions appreciated.

  • Image does not appear in applet.

    I am reading the book, Teach Yourself Java in 21 Days.
    There is an example in Ch.11 that shows how to load an image into the applet.
    I have tried to use the code provided as is along with an image as defined in the code. I have also uploaded the html, class and image to a folder on the web. Unfortunately, the image does not appear in the applet. The image does have an image that I created using ms paint.
    Here is the code I am currently using from the book:
    import java.awt.Graphics;
    import java.awt.Image;
    public class LadyBug2 extends java.applet.Applet {
         Image bugimg;
         public void init() {
             bugimg = getImage(getCodeBase(),
         public void paint(Graphics g) {
             int iwidth = bugimg.getWidth(this);
             int iheight = bugimg.getHeight(this);
             int xpos = 10;
             // 25 %
            g.drawImage(bugimg, xpos, 10,
                iwidth / 4, iheight / 4, this);
             // 50 %
             xpos += (iwidth / 4) + 10;
             g.drawImage(bugimg, xpos , 10,
                  iwidth / 2, iheight / 2, this);
             // 100%
             xpos += (iwidth / 2) + 10;
             g.drawImage(bugimg, xpos, 10, this);
             // 150% x, 25% y
             g.drawImage(bugimg, 10, iheight + 30,
                 (int)(iwidth * 1.5), iheight / 4, this);
    }I tried placing the image in an images folder and I also tried changing the code to getImage(getDocumentBase(), "ladybug.gif")
    as well as tried getImage(getCodeBase(), "ladybug.gif") in order to try and grab the image from the same directory as the class file and the html file.
    The image file's name is: ladybug.gif
    The code in the html file:
    <TITLE>Lady Bug</TITLE>
    <APPLET CODE="LadyBug2.class" WIDTH=1024 HEIGHT=500>
    I have gotten previous applet examples from the book to work. One of them did have an error in the author's code which I fortunately was able to overcome. This time, I am afraid, the error eludes me.
    Thanks in advance.
    I do see that there is no start/stop/run in this version, but I believe this should still work because of the init. I am guessing that maybe the problem lies somewhere in there.
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    According to the javadoc:
    public Image getImage(URL url,
    String name)Returns an Image object that can then be painted on the screen. The url argument must specify an absolute URL. The name argument is a specifier that is relative to the url argument.
    This method always returns immediately, whether or not the image exists. When this applet attempts to draw the image on the screen, the data will be loaded. The graphics primitives that draw the image will incrementally paint on the screen.
    url - an absolute URL giving the base location of the image.
    name - the location of the image, relative to the url argument.
    the image at the specified URL.
    I am confused as to how to use the name after the url.
    Should it read something like:
    bugimg = getImage("http://g.jtrusty.com/JavaApplet/", "LadyBug.gif");
    EDIT: I still get the same error, cannot find symbol at getImage.
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  • Image does not load in application

    I read about the following in a loading image tutorial:
    "The getImage methods return immediately, without checking whether the image data exists. The actual loading of image data normally doesn't start until the first time the program tries to paint the image. "
    Basically, I am using the
    Image img = Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit().getImage(path);I've also overwritten the paintComponent()method
    public void paintComponent(Graphics g)
       g.drawImage(image, 0,0, myWidth, myHeight, this);
    }Then, I included the above code in a JPanel, which is further included in a JInternalFrame. But somehow, the image just doesn't load, the tutorial says, the image does not load until the FIRST TIME PROGRAM PAINTS THE IMAGE. How do I make the program paint the image??
    Thanx a lot

    Check out ImageObserver, Component.prepareImage() and MediaTracker.

  • Control mouseover image does not display when contained in an array of clusters.

    I have been using system booleans (with some customization) for the ability to impement mouseover animations.  For example (default system booleans):
    The mouseover feedback works well with my UI, and for the most part everything is going great.
    However, the mouseover image does not load if the the boolean is contained within an array of clusters (a single cluster with the boolean inside or an array of booleans works as expected):
    The mouseover animation does work for a single array element in the above case (the one which was most recently clicked), but this behavior isn't desirable and it seems buggy if I were to leave this on my UI as it is.
    So I guess I'm just wondering if anybody has encountered this or has any suggested workarounds?  The few that I've thought of so far (maintain a separate array for any set of system boolean controls, check coordinates myself on mouse move event and try to update the proper element in the array, avoid using mouseover animations entirely for this set of controls) aren't all that desirable.  Even though this issue could be considered cosmetic, the UI is very important to me as this code is something shipped to customers.
    This is LV 2011 by the way, so if by some chance the behavior in 2012 is correct please let me know (this alone might be reason enough to convert the project up).  If there is a CAR ID for this behavior and an NI employee wishes to share it I would also appreciate that.
    Best Regards,  
    John Passiak
    Go to Solution.

    Hey Jason,
    A reproducing VI would be any VI that contains an array of clusters with a system control boolean inside.  Here's an example:
    Single Boolean, Single Cluster, and Array of Booleans all show the proper mouseover image.
    Array of Clusters always shows the mouseover effect on the last element which was clicked, but does not show the mouseover effect on other array elements (actually, it seems to be inconsistent--every now and then it does show the mouseover effect on other array elements but it is not at all reliable).
    Best Regards,
    John Passiak
    MouseoverTester.vi ‏9 KB

  • SVG image does not appear in mobile version but does in desktop version

    I am new to using Muse and have created only one site before in Muse. I have taken screenshots to show the problem I am having.
    I have used Illustrator to create the following logo image that I save out as an SVG file:
    As you've probably guessed, I have used clipping mask to insert the marbly purple image into the shapes and text (this may be relevant to the problem, I don't know).
    I then save it out as an SVG with the following details as advised by Adobe:
    Then moving into Muse, I File > Place the SVG file. 'Unable to generate thumbnail' comes up in both desktop and phone versions:
    Regardless, I uploaded to FTP post to my website. While the SVG appears perfectly on my desktop browser, it does not show at all on my phone browser:
    This is not only happening on my phone, I have visited the same website on multiple phone devices and still the SVG image does not appear. Any ideas why this is happening?
    Have I totally missed something about file formats for mobile browser versions in Muse?
    Also- in illustrator, I saved the SVG logo for the mobile version as a SMALLER SVG than the one I saved for the desktop version.

    Use a PNG file. I see nothing in your logo that would warrant using anything else. You're not scaling it, there is no interaction and all you are doing is masking out some data that is pixels already. Pardon me, but using an SVG makes no sense at all. Beyond that one would need to see the file, but my guess would be that the "responsive" setting once again embeds some garbage data. Wouldn't be the first time...

  • Image does not display on MacBook Pro (does on PowerBook G4!)

    I created a slide in Keynote on my PowerBook G4 with an image dropped in (a pdf, I can't remember whether it was originally cut and past or dragged and dropped in). When transferring the Keynote presentation to a new macBook Pro (copying via a USB thumb drive), the presentation opens but the image does not display (everything else is OK).
    The weird thing is that the image does show up in the thumbnail in Navigator View. It disappears in Light Table View, and then is gone when I return back to Navigator View. However, when I close and reopen the file, it appears again in the thumbnail.
    When I click on the area where the image should be, the open squares show up around something. If I try to copy this object and past into another application (like Photoshop), I only get a blank image.
    I have managed to get around this by laboriously copying the affected images on my PowerBook into separate pdf files, then transferring those files to my MacBook Pro and dropping them into place. However, I know I will find a missing image at some later date, when I no longer have access to my old PowerBook.
    How to solve this problem?
    P.S. Both machines are running Keynote 4.0.2 and Mac OS 10.5.2.

    Thanks for taking a look!
    The original image was created using Photoshop to cut out an image from a pdf file. Then it was either cut and pasted or dragged into Keynote.
    Here are screenshots of what I get when I open the "droppedimage-17.pict" file (shown in the Show Package Contents window) using QuickTime on both machines. For the PowerBook:
    For the MacBook Pro:
    Strangely, the Powerbook version looks like a correct grey-scale image, while the MacBook Pro looks like a B&W image.

  • When I open Photoshop CS6, the image does not show in Photoshop. The image IS open, i.e. the filename is shown on a tab and the image layers show in the layer panel. What is going on?

    Both Photoshop and Bridge open as usual. But when I open an image, the image does not show in the image area. The image filename does show in a tab and the layers show in the layer panel. What is going on and how do I fix this.

    I resolved the problem. It was somehow related to my using Microsoft
    theme pictures. I set Windows to use the basic theme and the problem
    went away. Thank you for the suggestions.

  • Photo/Edit-In CS6. psd image does not show in LR after save/close.

    Whenever I edit (a copy) of an image in Photoshop CS6 from Lightroom 4.3 (Photo/Edit-In), after I save and close the image in CS6 the new psd image does not show in Lightroom. In order to see the image in Lightroom, I need to close Lightroom and then reopen Lightroom. It is almost like Lightroom needs to "refresh". Does anyone have a solution that does not require me to close Lightroom? I have tried to use View/Sort by extension, filename, edit time, etc. with no effect.

    This should not be so. I'm assuming that you do a <save> in CS6 - as opposed to <save as>. Only with <save> the image file will automatically be imported in Lr while <save as> creates a new file that Lr "knows" nothing about until you import it (for instance via "Synchronize folder").
    If the behavior you describe follows a <save> in CS6 it is not normal.
    This could be due to a corrupt Preference File. This file can go "funny" and is then responsible for all kinds of strange behavior of Lr. The remedy is replacing the Preference File.
    BTW: Re-installing Lr does not replace the Pref. File since it is designed to "survive" upgrades.
    See here for where to find the Preference file for your OS: http://helpx.adobe.com/lightroom/kb/preference-file-locations-lightroo m-4.html
    See here for how to go about Replacing the Preference File: http://lightroomers.com/replacing-the-lightroom-preference-file/745/

  • About Help image does not appear

    RoboHelp X5.2 Webhelp output
    A logo created as a jpg to be used as an About Help button
    will only appear when compiled on my hard drive.
    I got rid of the powered by Robohelp button and created a
    company image in jpg format for the About Help button.
    In my project I double-clicked on the skin, and then the
    About Button, selected the jpg for the About Button image, selected
    a gif to use in the About Help dialog box, added company
    information, company name, etc.
    Part of skin code ----------------
    <toolbaritem mode="Logo Mode" type="built-in-logo"
    I compiled to my local drive. Everything works. The jpg logo
    appears on the top right-hand side, and when you click on it, the
    About Help dialog box opens with the gif image and other
    However, the development team compiled the help along with
    the application to one of their test boxes. The jpg image does not
    appear. Instead, a small white box with a red x and the words About
    Help appears. When you click on this the About Help dialog box
    opens with all the correct information including the gif image.
    Both images reside in the skin folder on my hard drive. When
    I compile the project they reside in the main folder with all the
    htm files and js files.
    Not sure how to resolve this.

    I am also having this problem. I've just converted a project
    from RH X5 to RH v7. In X5 the .gif file attached to the About
    button worked fine. In RH 7 nothing appears. I've tried adding the
    .gif to the Baggage files but it's still broken. Any other

  • LR 4 - image does not appear in Preview and will not print`

    The selected image appears on the main/center panel but not in the preview screen.  Printing results in a white sheet of paper with no image at all.  The image has been updated to LR 4 - but made no difference.  I've served help and the forums (where i saw mention of similar problems, but no comments or guidance on the problem).  What am I doing wrong?

    The problem began with the installation of LR4. I print directly from LR4 to my HPZ3100. I routinely select "print preview" in the print dialogue box. Now the first print I see the preview and then it prints. If I select a second print job and use the "print preview" the print preview screen comes up blank and never loads. If I try to delete the print job, it just never responds (resolves) so I have to turn off the computer and the printer and restart to clear the print job. if I don't use the print preview, it prints just fine (except that I'm not able to check what's about to be printed). Thanks for any thoughts you have on this.
    Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2012 16:01:47 -0600
    From: [email protected]
    To: [email protected]
    Subject: LR 4 - image does not appear in Preview and will not print`
        Re: LR 4 - image does not appear in Preview and will not print`
        created by Brett N in Photoshop Lightroom - View the full discussion
    Bill, if this is only happening some of the time, then we are probably looking at a resource issue. Any pattern in when things won't print? e.g. Certain file type won't but others will? Or is it more of a timing/order thing? e.g. First file prints fine, second does not? VStromee, do no files print for you? Or is it like Bill and sometimes the print and other times they do not? Did you install any new software recently or have any updates to the OS or any application that has printing capabilities?
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  • Image does not display have editing

    I'm wondering if anyone is have this issue. On some of pictures after I make an edit (i.e. crop, spot/patch, etc). the image does not display. If I switch to full screen the updated image displays. When I switch back to the browser and viewer mode the image does not display in the viewer.
    This problem certainly makes editing pictures quite difficult.
    Any help would be great!!!
    Here's my system configuration:
    Aperture 2.1
    Mac Pro Dual Core 2.66Ghz
    5GB RAM
    2 x Nvidia GeForce 7300 Graphics Cards
    4 x 24" monitors.

    Karsten, thank you for your response, but the problem still seems to exist. I rebuilt my entire Aperture library then started to generate new previews. The rebuilt library and new previews work fine, however, again if I make an edit to the image and the apply the change the updated image does not display. If I resize the image in the viewer the image appears.
    This seems to be a very weird problem.

Maybe you are looking for