Owl Orphanage: Photoshop.exe - Entry Point Not Found

Using Photoshop CS5 64 bit on Windows 7.  New problem recently started.  Whenever I try and open PSCS5 I get the following error.  I then click OK and PS opens without further problem.
OWL Orphange: Photoshop.exe - Entry Point Nont Found.  The procedure entry point ONPreviewLayerRelease could not be located in the dynamic link library ONImaging.dll.  Any suggestions?
Matthew Kraus

Did you use their installer to install your copy of the plug-in?
This is the list of files put in place by OnOne Software's Perfect Resize on a Windows 7 x64 system for 64 bit Photoshop:
C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS5 (64 Bit)
05/17/2011  09:40 AM           112,640 ONPSEmulator2.dll
05/17/2011  09:40 AM           869,888 onOneCoreFoundation.dll
05/17/2011  09:40 AM           505,856 ONImaging.dll
05/17/2011  09:40 AM           101,888 ONDocument2.dll
05/17/2011  09:40 AM           411,648 onOneWelcomeDialog.dll
05/17/2011  09:40 AM           250,368 OnOneWidgets.dll
05/17/2011  09:40 AM           345,088 onOneToolbox2.dll
05/17/2011  09:40 AM         1,198,080 icuuc42.dll
05/17/2011  09:40 AM         1,409,536 icuin42.dll
05/17/2011  09:40 AM             3,072 icudt42.dll
05/17/2011  09:40 AM           237,568 glut32.dll
05/17/2011  09:40 AM           147,968 ONCore2.dll
05/17/2011  09:40 AM           272,896 glut64.dll
05/17/2011  09:40 AM           350,720 onOnePR7ProEdCheck.dll
C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS5 (64 Bit)\Plug-ins\Panels\onOne
05/17/2011  09:40 AM               233 onOne Palette Config.txt
05/17/2011  09:40 AM             4,681 onOne.jsx
05/17/2011  09:40 AM           610,989 onOne.swf
C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS5 (64 Bit)\Plug-ins\Perfect Resize 7.0 Professional Edition.plugin
05/17/2011  09:40 AM         1,145,344 GFAutomation.8li
05/17/2011  09:40 AM         3,138,560 GFFilter.8li
05/17/2011  09:40 AM         1,470,464 GFFormat.8li
05/17/2011  09:40 AM           317,440 onOneActivationToolbox.dll
05/17/2011  09:40 AM           411,648 onOneWelcomeDialog.dll

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    Hey guys, new to the board here and pretty much at the end of my rope.
    Starting maybe 2 days ago I began getting quite a strange message when I tried to open Photoshop CS3.
    I'd send a jpeg of the window but with photoshop down i'll settle for just typing this crap out:
    Photoshop.exe - Entry Point Not Found
    The Procedure entry point [email protected][email protected][email protected]@[email protected]@V?$a [email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@Z could not be located in the dynamic link library MSVCP80.dll
    Now, that's a mouthful! Fortunately i'm at least computer literate enough to dig around on google.
    After doing that, I came up with nothing. I found a replacement for the DLL that it's having trouble with, but that did nothing.
    I then tried out a program called Registrybooster, which found quite a few problems with my registry but failed to correct whatever is causing this problem.
    So I tried to backtrack a little bit and see if anything I had done since the last time the program worked (wednesday the prior week) had broken it. I had shut off some startup programs so i figured maybe that had something to do with it. Unfortunately undoing those changes had absolutely no effect at all.
    I then tried out doing a repair install, which did nothing. After this, I did an uninstall and reinstall and... nothing.
    Some extra info: I run windows xp home edition on this PC and have it updated to SP3.
    I've had photoshop on it for about a year with no problems.
    Hopefully someone can help me here. Almost every thread I located with similar problems via google either went unanswered or the answers given didn't actually help me out.
    Someone save me!

    Hi Chris, thanks for chiming in on my problem.
    I'm doubtful of it being TWAIN/WIA caused, but will look into it. I have a wacom tablet and a canon scanner so who knows. What would you suggest I do to see if those two are causing anything in particular? (Not sure why they would as I haven't made any changes to the programs or hardware involved recently.)

  • HELP....Error Message...Photoshop.exe-Entry Point not found

    I bought the Adobe Photoshop cc and it has been working great untill this morning when i tried to open it, i got this error message:
    Photoshop.exe-Entry point not found
    The procedure entry point
    [email protected]
    Could not be located in the dynamic link library Patchmatch.DLL.
    I have tried to redown load but keeps saying that it is downloaded
    Help please

    Please follow the below mentioned steps let me know if they work:
    1. Uninstall current Ps CC app, If there are any issues with CC uninstall then run the Cleaner tool to remove Ps CC :http://www.adobe.com/support/contact/cscleanertool.html .
    2. Restart your system
    2. Install Ps CC app from Creative Cloud
    3. Do not launch Ps
    4. Update to 14.1.2 via the Creative Cloud desktop application
    5. Once the updates are successfully applied, Launch Ps CC to verify.

  • Error : Photoshop.exe - Entry Point Not found

    I have downloaded Photoshop cs6 trial and when i click the Photoshop icon to open the software i get a window:
    Photoshop.exe - Entry Point Not found
    The procedure entry point GetLogicalProcessorInformation could not be located in the dynamic link library KERENEL.32.dll."

    Install SP3. It's required in order to run Photoshop on Windows XP.

  • Problem opening PSCS5 32 bit - Photoshop.exe Entry Point Not Found

    I am having a problem opening 32 bit version of Photoshop CS5 in Windows 7.  The 64 bit version opens fine, but when I try and open the 32 bit version, the following window opens: “Photoshop.exe – Entry Point Not Found”  X The procedure entry point_CFCreateApplicationRepositoryPath could not be located in the dynamic link library CoreFoundation.dll.  My only option in this window is an OK button.  If I click this button several times, the program eventually opens. Below is screen shot of the error window.
    Matthew Kraus

    Thanks Zeno and others.  Uninstalling Quicktime and then reinstalling it was the fix.
    Thanks again,
    Matthew Kraus

  • Photoshop.exe entry point not found

    any ideas please?

    Nobody can tell you anything without proper system information and other technical details like the crash logs. Entry point errors usually point to incompatible drivers or missing system libraries.
    Working with your Operating System’s Tools | Mylenium's Error Code Database

  • Photoshop.exe - Entry Point Not Found error

    I updated Photoshop and Bridge CC last night. Afterwards, I was unable to open up Photoshop CC getting this error message. The box has a lot of jibberish but ends with "could not be found in the dynamic link library PatchMatch.dll
    I can however open up Lightroom and ask it to Edit in Photoshop and it opens up doing it that way. I have Windows 7 64 bit and had never had a problem until last night.

    So you're suggestion going thru Windows Control Panel to uninstall it. Then I can re-install it thru the Adobe Creative Cloud? Thanks for you reply. It did occur to me that it might be an installation problem but just wanted to get an additional opinion.

  • Adobe premiere elements.exe entry point not found

    adobe premiere elements.exe entry point not found
    how do I fix this error message and run the program?

    steinbeck wrote:
    Premiere elements 12
    On Microsoft windows Xp
    Photoshop Elements 12 requires Windows XP SP3
    Try installing Service Pack 3 on Windows XP.
    While you're at it, make sure your XP is fully up to date before installing PSE12.

  • Error message when clicking on links from thunderbird: Firefox.exe – Entry Point Not found

    When I click on any link in a Thunderbird email message I get the error message:
    Firefox.exe – Entry Point Not found
    The procedure entry point [email protected]@YAXXZ could not be located in the dynamic link library T:\PQligP sFuvy (X86)\pJPpSox HneiCFv\GwCMqTQ.Oqt.
    I tried uninstalling Firefox 27 completely and reinstalling it, and the error is still there. When I uninstall V27 and install the older V26 the error disappears. Id there an issue with V27 trying to work with links from Thunderbird?
    I am on a laptop running Windows 8.1 with all current downloads.

    Thanks for the reply - as best as I can tell it seems to be some kind of incompatibility between Thunderbird V24.3.0 and Firefox V27. If I install Firefox V26 then everything works as it should. I haven't tried installing a previous version of Thunderbird to see if that makes a difference.

  • Why is my itunes not installing properly? I installed it and it was fine, then it started to show Errors. iTunes exe - Entry Point not Found. And the Error 7 (Windows error 127).Itsays to reinstall iTunes. I did that and same error. new pc, same on old

    Why is my itunes not installing properly?
    I installed itunes day before yesterday,  I spent hours last night linking all my music photograph and movie files, its a new windows 8 laptop.
    I plugged in my 64GB ipad 3 rebooted it and reloaded all the information I wanted on it, took hours... finally completed this this morning. After this I restarted the laptop to configure my icloud link for the laptop (which I installed last night while I was loading files, I chose to restart later)
    on completion I turned my laptop off for a few hours, when I turned it back on I went to itunes to connect my iphone to do the same and I got this message:
    iTunes exe - Entry Point Not Found
    The procedure entry point
    AVCFPlayerAppliesMediaSelectionCriteriaAutomaticallyKey could not
    be located in dynamiclink library F:\Programmes\iTunes.dll
    then after pressing 'OK' the following message:
    iTunes was not installed correctly. Please reinstall iTunes
    Error 7 (Windows error 127)
    I went back to apple website to reinstall iTunes, first reinstalled it same again, then unsinstalled it and the reinstalled it, same again.
    The same thing happened with my old lap top and I replaced it with this new one at the start of the week.
    Has anyone any idea what is going on and how to rectify this problem, I am now going on 3 weeks without iTunes.

    I started up and plugged in my iPad  and then the following message came up:
    ❗️This iPad cannot be used because the required software is not
        Installed. Run the iTunes installer to remove iTunes, then install
        the 64-bit version of iTunes.
    I then proceeded to the "iTunes64Setup" expanded folder to load "AppleMobileDeviceSupport64"
    Started the install and then received this message:
          Apple Mobile Device Support
    ❗️Service 'AppleMobile Device' (Apple Mobile Device)
        failed to start. Verify that you have sufficient
        Privileges to start system services.
       Abort.               Retry.                Ignore
    I tried all tree options, last being ignore.
    I continued to download the other 2 you suggested with out any drama.
    I did a system restart and then opened iTunes.
    Connected my iPad
    Then message appears:
          iTunes .exe - System Error
    ❌ The program can't start because CoreAdioToolbox.dll is missing from
          Your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix the problem.
    Press OK and then the next message:
    ❌ iTunes was not installed correctly. Please reinstall iTunes.
          Error 7 (Windows error 126)
    Any suggestions?

  • Crystal Reports 2008-Vista-ERROR-crw32.exe Entry Point Not Found in dll

    Hi Experts,
    I just installed the Crystal Reports 2008 (with SP0) on my Vista (Home) machine.  When I try to start the CR 2008, I am getting the below error message:
    Error Title: crw32.exe - Entry Point Not Found
    Error Message: The procedure entry point [email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected] could not be located in the dynamic link library cslibu-3-0.dll
    Here are the things I tried to resolve the above problem:
    1) Uninstall and Reinstall the CR 2008.  -  No change.
    2) I configured the DEP to accept Crystal Reports (Performance - Advanced - DEP allow). 
    None of these seem fix the problem. 
    Can you please help me kick start the Crystal Reports 2008? 

    Please try with this:
    Run a command prompt as administrator. From the start menu, select "All Programs", then "Accessories" and right-click on the "Command Prompt" shortcut and choose "Run As Administrator". From here you can use the following command to disable Data Execution Prevention (DEP) with the following command:
    bcdedit.exe /set nx AlwaysOff
    Keeping your command prompt open, run your setup or other process being stopped by DEP. Then, to turn it back on again, do the same and run the following:
    bcdedit.exe /set nx AlwaysOn

  • When I connect my new ipod nano to my laptop (using windows)I get an error message saying "itunes.exe - entry point not found" I cannot access my itunes , or download a new version. Any ideas what to do or what is causing this?

    I have been given a new ipod nano to replace my much loved but old ipod. When I plug it into my laptop to sync it I get an error message stating "itunes.exe - entry point not found. The procedure entry point AVCFAAssetCreateWithByteStreanAndOptions could not be located in the dynamic link library
    AVFoundationCF.dll" I cannot acces my itunes or download a new versiona as this keeps flashing up. Any ideas? Please help, my life is meaningless without my music!!

    Also I now can`t access any of my itunes library and am concerned that if I remove it from my computer I will lose everything as I have no option of accessing and therefore backing anything up. Any ideas?

  • I see a AppleSyncNotifier.exe - Entry Point Not Found error when my PC starts.

    when booting up my computer, even before I try to bring up itunes, I get the following error message:
    AppleSyncNotifier.exe - Entry Point Not Found
    the procedure entry point ___cfconstantstringclassreference could not be located in the dynamic link library core foundation.dll
    But once I click off the message, everything seems to work fine.
    how can I correct this problem?
    2 IPod 5.1.1
    1 IPad 2 wifi
    Windows Vista 32

    Try here >  http://www.pchelpforum.com/xf/threads/applesyncnotifier-exe-entry-point-not-foun d.124298/

  • OutlookSyncClient.exe - Entry Point Not Found

    I'm at wit's end with this. I've spent most of last night, and this morning trying to track this down. It all started with the iTunes 7.7 update, but it didn't happen until I started syncing Outlook with MobileMe. I get two error messages, about every 15-20 minutes. MobileMe is set to sync "automatically." At one point, I was getting and error message stating that MobileMe couldn't sync and to check my settings. The settings were right, and apparently in my troubleshooting steps I've made that error go away.
    OutlookSyncClient.exe - Entry Point Not Found
    The procedure entry point MAPIInitialize could not be located in dynamic link library MAPI32.DLL
    It has nothing but an OK box, I hit that, and directly after I get another one with the exact same message.
    The best part is, the syncing is working fine with MobileMe. These error messages are driving me nuts.
    I uninstalled my Nokia's syncing software BEFORE I attempted to even setup with MobileMe (the Nokia was my pre-iPhone-phone). I've uninstalled/reinstalled iTunes. I've uninstalled/reinstalled Office 2003 and its service pack. I've completed all critical updates to Office. I'm running XP Pro SP3 with all critical updates completed. I've also manually deleted the MAPI32.DLL file and ran FIXMAPI to replace it with a good copy.
    UPDATE: When I previously stated that I got rid of the MobileMe Sync error message, I apparently have not. It pops up randomly and says:
    The sync failed because MobileMe is not property configured on your computer.
    Make sure your settings are correct under the Sync tab in the MobileMe preferences on this computer.
    They are correct. If I hit the Sync Now button, everything goes smoothly.
    Any ideas before I just set fire to this thing?
    Thanks in advance for any assistance.
    Message was edited by: supradave

    UPDATE - (Made a second post so it'd be clearer)
    I uninstalled Office 2003, then iTunes, then all of the associated software (Mobile Device Support, Apple Update, Quicktime, EVERYTHING)
    Reinstalled Office 2003, then Office 2003's Service Pack 3, then all Microsoft Updates for Office 2003. Then I configured a blank Outlook profile, no data other than the IMAP info for my .Mac/Me account. Then I downloaded (didn't used my existing copy) of iTunes 7.7 and reinstalled. Sync'd phone. Changed MobileMe settings. Told it to sync contacts and calendar with Outlook. It warned me because it was the first sync. Told it to take ALL of the MobileMe data and replace the data on the computer (which was blank.) NOTHING showed up in Outlook. When I tell it to sync Contacts with the Windows Address Book, it works fine.
    In Conclusion, it still won't sync with Outlook, when it's set to Sync with Outlook I still get the annoying MAPI errors. So I switched to to Sync the Contacts with the Windows Address Book, and I'm backing up my WAB file now with my nightly backups.
    I suppose we'll see if it gets fixed when I format/reinstall on Vista Ultimate in the next month or two. If anyone has any suggestions, I'm open and willing to try them.
    On a completely unproductive note: Despite my love for Exchange, I hate MAPI.

  • Safari.exe - Entry Point Not Found

    I just recently installed Skype because Yahoo! instant messanger has been giving me problems.  Safari was running just fine last night, and when I turned my computer on this morning, I received this message:
    Safari.exe - Entry Point Not found
    The procedure entry point sqlite3_wal_checkpoint could not be located in the dynamic link library SQLite3.dll.
    When I click "OK," I receive this message:
    Safari can't open.
    Your copy of Safari is missing important software resources.  Please reinstall Safari.
    I have reinstalled Safari several times, but I still receive the same messages.  I had found a thread from 2010, and attempted to try what was suggested on there, and it suggested to uninstall the AAS as well as safari, and now I cannot open iTunes.  This is very bothersome because I use Safari as my primary browser.
    Some aditional information, I am using a PCLaptop and running Windows 7.  I have a lot of things saved in my bookmarks on Safari, and really would not like to use them.  Also, I am a bit computer illiterate and need everything spelled out for me.
    Help please!

    Safari for Windows is long dead. I suggest you remove it and let it rest in peace.

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