Possible to configure several communication channels for the same receiver?

is it possible to configure several communication channels for one (the same) receiver?
The problem is as follows: I would like to switch between the RFC-channel and the XI-channel, if the RFC-Adapter doesn't work for some reason.
The situation: Our XI3.0 posts messages to several receivers and the switch should be done by changing one table entry which is selected and analysed in an ABAP-Proxy and which could enrich the XML-message. By now, the only chance I see is to change the respective entries in the Integration Directory for each receiver separately.
Thanks for your help, Peter.

>>>>But to be honest: Is it elegant to double the receivers?
of course not:)
but this is the only way I believe
(cause you cannot assign conditions to receiver agreements)
you could also create two messages (practically two flows)
but would it be more elegant?
in my opinion you should try restarting RFC channel
and not create two - just in case...
if RFC doesn't always work why don't you use another one only?
this would just simplify your scenario (maintanance of just a number of communication channels and not 2 x number of communication channels)
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    As you know we can only assign one number range for External and one number range group for internal in the sales document type.
    If you want different number ranges based on the regions, then as Jignesh suggested, you need to go for an enhancement.
    Use the exit USEREXIT_NUMBER_RANGE in program MVA45AFZZ, include a Z table with region as a critera and number range group for different numbers based on the regions. Talk to the business and get more details, get the help of ABAP team for technical details.

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    That is normal. The WLC is determining the best channel and being in different channels is the best. When you add more, the WLC will decide by the use if RRM what channels and power levels to allocate to each AP.
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    I ran into a situation where there were different queries that I was interested in doing that might have benefitted from having several indexes, sorted differently, but for the same ValueExtractor() instance.
    Is this good practice, is it recommended, and is there a clean way to do it? It seemed like the only way I could logically "trick" the system into it would be passing some sort of "query type" constant into the ValueExtractor when it was created, and then making the equals and hashCode() methods on the ValueExtractor delegate to the constant for equality, but this seemed like a massive hack.

    Hi Kris,
    First, try without each value extractor and see how the different queries compare in performance. You may find that you need only one. If you find otherwise, please let us know because it may indicate a good area for additional optimizations.
    Second, you are correct that the value extractor is the key of the index, and thus to have two indexes on the same value, you will need two different value extractors (i.e. the hashcode/equals comment you made.)
    Cameron Purdy
    Tangosol, Inc.
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    I tried  quota arrangements as a solution for above mentioned problem. What i require is to devide the PIR for a particular day in to two equal parts in two different production versions so that two plan orders will raise in equal quantities for the same day in two different production versions.
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    Day 4 = 1000  - prd ver2
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    Day 1 = 500 -prd ver2
    Day 2 = 750 -prd ver1
    Day 2 = 750 -prd ver2
    Day 3 =  250 -prd ver1
    Day 3 =  250 -prd ver2
    Day 4 = 500 -prd ver1
    Day 4 = 500 -prd ver2
    Hope its clear to you all.
    Please advise me how to configure the system according to this reqirement.
    Best regards,

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    I have generated some code from 2 schemas using JAXB. One of them (the main) defines some elements and the other one defines values for those elements. Then, when runring my code, I get an XML document with elements from the main schema an elements from the other one. However, elements from the second schema are qualified with different names. That is:
    <ns3:uid xmlns:ns3="http:/schema1.com/schema1">CN=User1 - RSA/RSA,OU=IAIK,O=TU Graz,C=AT</ns3:uid>
    <ns4:role xmlns:ns4="http:/schema1.com/schema1">client</ns4:role>
    As you can see, I get two different prefixes for the same namespace.
    Could you be so kind as to tell me if there is a way of getting only one prefix for each namespace, please? Do I have to modify JAXB compiler's properties???
    Thanks a lot in advance.

    No, I don't know how to do that. I also don't think it should matter. Are these multiple prefixes causing you any problems other than offending against Occam's Razor?

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    Hi Gowri,
    You can think of using SOAP sender adapter which will pick the data from the WebService and send it to XI and from there using either IDoc,RFC or Proxy interface to upload the data into R/3.
    It is something like SOAP client sending the data..
    Also think of Client Java Proxy, which will download the data and send this into XI...'
    Following blog will give some idea about SOAP client-
    Hope this helps

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    Any ideas? Is this a bug again?
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    Wow, that's a shame. All mighty Application Server and two different apps on two different virtual hosts are considered ambiguous to have the same context root definition.... Fair play to Tomcat and 90% of the rest of servlet containers!
    In my case I have the same EAR we are planning to deploy to many (up to 30) virtual hosts. Faking different context roots for each deployment will bring unnecessary overheads...
    Should I file a bug or feature request?
    Thanks again for your answer, although you're basically saying it is not possible I will wait and look a while for a possible solution before bringing this topic to a conclusion.

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    I´ve got the latest Apple TV (ver 2) and I´m impressed of it´s Airplay function. Is it possible to install an Apple TV in several different rooms of your home, each connected to a separate sound- and/or TV system of that room for playing the same or different music- or picture source from for example an iPhone, iPad or MacBookPro at the same time wireless in each room? Does your home network and Airplay system identify each connected Apple TV as an unique entity?   

    Yes, multiple Apple TV's in the same home work well (assuming your home network has enough bandwidth), you will need to give each one it's own name for identification (we have 6 Apple TV's here-3 new ones and 3 older versions)

  • Can there be several Sieve rules for the same match?

    Following up with my other question, here's a more specific one: can I have several working Sieve rules matching the same attribute values? Or does processing stop on the first match?
    Also, is there supposed to be a toggle/flag that specifies whether a certain rule should be the "last" (if it matches, whether to abort processing or to do whatever action specified in this rule and go on to the next rule).
    I believe it is possible to write up complex Sieve scripts and save tehm to LDAP, but that's not so user-frienfly for just anybody to do ;)
    So the main usecase for this question concerns the Sieve rules defined by a user in his or her Options tab.

    JimKlimov wrote:
    And how exactly does fileinto work? Does it happen once or more?Multiple fileinto actions to different folders results in a "copy" of the email in each folder, e.g. if I use a filter which has fileinto "Inbox", fileinto "Sent", fileinto "Trash", I get the following logged:
    24-Jul-2008 09:49:42.67 ims-ms                    D 1  rfc822;[email protected] [email protected] mailsrv  ''
    24-Jul-2008 09:49:42.67 ims-ms                    D 1  rfc822;[email protected] [email protected] mailsrv  ''
    24-Jul-2008 09:49:42.67 ims-ms                    D 1  rfc822;[email protected] [email protected] mailsrv  ''I say "copy" because each email is actually a hard-link so the storage usage from the 3 copies is actually the email size + size of two hard-links. So for the email above, these were the messages on disk:
    Inbox:     613067 -rw-------   3 mailsrv  mail         591 Jul 24 09:49 124.msg
    Sent:      613067 -rw-------   3 mailsrv  mail         591 Jul 24 09:49 11.msg
    Trash:     613067 -rw-------   3 mailsrv  mail         591 Jul 24 09:49 122.msg613067 is the inode number which as you will note is identical across the messages on disk.
    From the RFC I infer that it should happen once for any one folder, but that probably doesn't mean one filing for the whole mailbox, right?Correct.
    If I have "rule1" which files some messages into a folder (without a "stop;"), "rule2" which forwards emails, and "rule3" which files all messages to the inbox, am I supposed to still get cloned messages (inbox and subfolder)?If all three actions are performed, yes.

  • Is it possible to have two SCCM instances for the same domain

    Hello - I'm the IT Project Manager for an organization that has a single domain-production.
    In here, we have an instance of SCCM 2012 setup. This instance is used to build packages, images, testing, validations, modifications etc. as well as for production roll outs. The primary issues we have with this is there is no separation between test and
    prod, also, there are several packages, task sequences etc causing confusion in determining which is a test package and which is prod.
    Setting up a test domain does not seem to be a viable option for us, at least for now.
    So, my question is, can we have another instance of SCCM in the same domain that we can restrict only for the sake of testing & validations and then use the original one to deploy the tested (gold) packets.
    Just a thought!! Does it make sense? Any challenges that we could face?
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    Yes you can no problem, you should avoid having Boundary / Boundary Groups used for Site Assignment that overlap and make sure that PXE request to the test/dev environment is restricted to one test subnet to avoid co-existance issues.
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