Premiere Elements 12 Windows project to Mac

I started my project on Windows 7 with Premiere Elements 12. Now I want to work with the project on Mac with Premiere Elements 12 (the same version). Unfortunately I got the error "The project is not compatible with current version of Premiere Elements". I used Project Archiver which created a new folder with all files on an external disc. Mac opened it and Premiere started to load it but then threw the error.
Would it be possible to open a project done on Windows with Mac? I really need this because I've done quite a lot work with the project but my Windows license is over and converted to Mac.

The project file (project.prel) created in Premiere Elements Windows cannot be opened in Premiere Elements Mac. The reverse is also true.
One possibility might be to export your Premiere Elements Windows Timeline to the appropriate .mov or .mp4 and then import that file
into Premiere Elements Mac new project. But, from what you wrote about your present circumstances, this does not seem to be possible.
This is the situation with Premiere Elements (any version).
Be aware that there are several Windows Only features in Premiere Elements.
Please do not hesitate to ask if any questions or need further clarification on anything written here.
Thank you.

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  • Opening Premiere Elements (9) projects make under Windows on Mac

    I've switched from PC to Mac. I copy my projects of Premiere Elements (9) on my new Mac. After re-installing Adobe Premiere Elements 9, I can't open my projects. I recieve this message "The projetct is not compatible with the current version of Premier Elements" (in french "Le projet n'est pas compatible avec la version actuelle de Premiere Elements"). Why? There is a way to open my projects made in my old PC to my new Mac?

    Classically you cannot open a project (project.prel file) created in Premiere Elements Windows in Premiere Elements installed on a Mac computer. And, the reverse is also true.
    You can export your Premiere Elements Windows Timeline content to a .mov and .mp4 file, and then be expected to transfer that file to Premiere Elements Mac. Does that work for you? I have never heard of anyone finding an alternative.

  • Transferring Premiere Elements 12 files from Mac to Windows

    I am adminstrating an oral history project.  We have several people who will be editing using Premiere Elements 12. 
    The computers will be Macs and Windows. 
    We need to be able to transfer project files and completed movies between both types of computers.
    Fats32  is limited because files can only be 4G and the raw files are about an hour and the finished file will be able 13-15GB
    NTFS can only be read by MACs and written by Windows
    HFS+ only written and read by MACs
    Any suggestions for what media can be used to transfer and this is another big questions will a ac file be readable by windows and visa-versa
    Thank you for your suggestions

    I am strictly an Elements Windows person but, taking that out of the equation, I would go Windows.
    Premiere Elements Windows and Mac are essentially the same in video editing principles, but there are differences between the two. And, these differences often end up with Premiere Elements Mac on the short side...many Windows Only features.
    A while back I wrote a blog post on Mac Information Round Up to try to focus in on the Premiere Elements Mac situation. That blog post link is
    Included in the blog post is a long list of WIndows Only Effects. The most annoying Windows Only for the Mac people appears to be related to the Green Screening Key, Blue Screen Key, Chroma Key. I propose the use of the Difference Matte for Premiere Elements Mac users as mentioned in the blog post.
    And, the Elements Organizer in Premiere Elements Windows does come with a slideshow feature.
    If you are going to go Windows, best have Premiere Elements 12 on Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 64 bit computer so that it is a 64 bit application which can take advantage of the 64 bit resources. Check me on this, but I am almost certain that Premiere Elements Mac needs to be on 64 bit, but also with 64 bit processor in order for it to be a 64 bit application.
    If there are to be "flaws" in the program, they are more likely to be troubleshooted to resolution in Premiere Elements Windows than Premiere Elements Mac. Versions of Premiere Elements Mac purchased from the Mac App Store have been highly problematic, and the cause(s) often left unresolved.
    That is my take on the matter.

  • Premiere Elements 12 Project settings

    Does Premiere Elements 12 support 1080p video and 5.1 sound in the same project? From what I can see in the project settings I can have 1080p with stereo or 1080i with 5.1.

    Unfortunately I have no access to a Mac computer and have never worked with one.
    But, there are several basic ingredients to this
    a. Premiere Elements' New Project Dialog's List of Available Project Presets
    b. The .sqpreset file of an existing project preset
    If the Adobe .sqpreset files are the same independent of computer operating systems Windows vs Mac and their location is the only difference, this approach should be applicable for the Mac user.
    To put this thought to the test, can you find the following files on your Mac computer, named as
    PAL AVCHD 1080p50.sqpreset file
    NTSC AVCHD 1080p60.sqpreset file
    Can you find the lines in each's Notepad document that needs to be edited according to the blog post with its Premiere Elements Windows base?
    If so, then the hoped for outcome would be to edit them as per the blog post instructions and then put the edited ones into the location where the unedited ones are found.
    To much to hope for, but worth a try. One of my goals for 2014 is to get a Mac computer.
    We will be watching for further developments.

  • Premiere Elements 9 Project Media View List & Icon Icons Gone

    Today at another forum that I frequent, a Premiere Elements 9 user was distressed because he could not find the List (Ctrl + Page Up) & Icon (Ctrl _ Page Down) icons that were found in the prior version of the Project Media View. The Icon view was particularly useful for sorting media before dragging to the Timeline or for the Create Slideshow feature. Now in Premiere Elements 9, all you have are your media in a list format with no option to sort.
    This person simultaneously posted his question at another forum for which he received a reply and a workaround  which included going into the Elements Organizer/Create/SlideShow Editor and create a slideshow that could be outputted (Edit in Premiere Elements) back into Premiere Elements 9. I would take issue with that suggested approach since I believe that there is an easier and quicker workaround to overcome the inconvenient loss of those features in Premiere Elements 9 Project Media View.
    First, the questions and then my workaround for this situation
    Does anyone know if Adobe is aware of this situation and intends to correct this oversight or intentional change in features?
    Has anyone come up with his/her favorite workaround for this matter?
    Bottom Line for my workaround: From Premiere Elements 9 workspace, go to Elements Organizer workspace and create a sorted album of the media brought into Premiere Elements 9 Get Media/Files & Folders. Then exist Elements Organizer, opening to Premiere Elements workspace where one uses Filter by: Select Album and does just that.
    I will post a step by step on my suggested workaround if requested.

    I was trying to be discreet and have us still remain friends, so I did not mention the responder at the other forum by name or place. You let the cat out of the bag. OK, no offense taken please, but I thought that your workaround "Elements Organizer/Create/Slideshow/Edit With Premiere Elements" was "not so good" a choice. I will owe up to that.
    None of the workarounds are as good as the Adobe Icon View of prior version, but....
    Workaround 1. If your interest is getting sorted photos for using the Create Slideshow Feature in Project Media View. The secret is to put the photos in a Folder and then move the photos around in the Folder. I can go into the choreography on that if need be. Then highlight all the photos in the Folder, select Create Slideshow. Even if you do not go the Create Slideshow route, this is one way to get sorted photos for the Timeline.
    Workaround 2. If the Create Slideshow feature is not involved. Going the create Album route in Elements Organizer.
    Premiere Elements 9 Get Media/Files and Folders
    Add Media Dialog
    Select photos, Click Open
    Select Organizer in the row above the line of Organize/Edit/Disc Menus/Share to open the Elements Organizer.
    In the Elements Organizer, go to the Albums category and expand that category, then click on the green cross, and select New Album. On that right side of the Elements Organizer you will see a window with two tabs, Content and Sharing. Select Content and drag your media from the major window on the left to the Content window on the right. Name the album and click Done.
    You will then see your Album name listed in the Album’s category. Click the green icon to the left of the Album name. When you do, you will see thumbnails for your photos numbered sequentially in the major window on the left side of the Elements Organizer. Sort the photos there as you want them arranged on the Timeline.Then exit Elements Organizer via File Menu/Exit.
    The Premiere Elements Organize workspace will open. Go to the Filter by: Select Album and do just that, selecting the sorted album that you just created. Highlight the photos  and drag them to the Timeline.
    That is what I have come up with so far. I have been doing a lot of retesting of the principle to make sure that it would work more than just the first time.
    What do you think? Contribution or first class dud??
    Just another possible variation on the thought with regard to Create might merit thinking about numerically or alphabetically ordering your photos in a Folder beforehand and then bringing the Folder into Premiere Elements so that you have the Folder in Project Media View...Select All...Right Click Highlight....Create Slideshow?????

  • Will Premiere Elements 10 projects work in Premiere Elements 11?

    I'm asking because i have just made 3 video projects of my baby's first 3 years in Premiere Elements 10 on Windows 7. I want to buy a new Windows 8 PC soon. Can i just buy the new Premiere Elements 11 and install that on my new Windows 8 PC and use it to open my projects, or would there be compatibility problems and therfore should i just try and install my normal Premiere Elements 10 on the new Windows 8 PC?
    Thanks for your help.

    Hi erocks
    I'm Paul and i started this thread.
    I thought this information would be helpful for you.
    I have bought a brand new Windows 8 PC. It's 64 bit. My previous computer was Windows 7 x32 bit. I have successfully installed Premiere Elements 10 on my new Windows 8 computer (but needed to install the 64 bit version of the program (same serial works)).
    All my Premiere Elements 10 projects that were made on the Windows 7 pc open up just fine on the new Windows 8 pc, with no issues what so ever.
    I would advise you to install Quicktime too as Premiere Elements needs that to be installed too. Also, i would strongly advise you to install a codec pack too, for the video codecs, or your new computer (& therefore Premiere Elements) could well have problems reading, opening and using certain video file types. If your Windows 8 pc is 64 bit then make sure you install 64 bit video codecs as well as the 32 bit versions. This is because Premiere Elements on a 64 bit system will need to use 64 bit video codecs.
    Here's a link for some codec packs. Make sure you install the 32 bit version, and if you are using a 64 bit system then install the 64 bit video codec pack as well (find it at the bottom of the codec web page).
    P.s if you installed the extra Premiere Elements content on your old installation then don’t forget to install that too on your new pc. You can download that by logging onto your online adobe account, finding your order, and downloading from there.
    Please let me know if that helped, as im quite interested to know the outcome.

  • Premiere Elements 8 Project Won't Open. Please Help.

    I was working on a Premiere Elements 8 project for my video class last night (HDV, 1080i 30p) and the program stopped responding as I was importing a clip. I was prompted to wait for response or close the program. I closed the program and when I tried to re-open my project, the loading dialog box reaches 100% and then does nothing.  I let it sit for over 30 minutes and nothing changed.  When I clicked cancel after 30 minutes, I was prompted with the same "program is not responding" box.  Other projects open fine, but this one simply will not.  After reading through the forums, I disabled McAfee and updated Quicktime, but I am still having the same problem. I have 6 GB of free RAM and I am using footage shot on my DSLR. Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated as the project is due this week.

    OK, there is possibly a problem with one (or more) Assets.
    This next step might be easy, or not, depending on how you have your Assets arranged on your computer.
    The easiest is if one has the Assets, or Copies of them, in sub-folders below the Project's hierarchy. See this article for an example:
    I would Move the Assets from their location, so that PrE cannot initially find them, and attempt to load their links. Then, launch PrE, and Open that Project (since the AutoSaves do not work better, just go with the original Project here). You should get the dialog, "Where is file ____ ?" See this article for more details and tips:
    If one has many types of Assets, such as Still Images, AVI's, MOV's, etc., it would be easier if one Moved each Asset type to a new, and separate sub-folder, for this next step.
    At "Where is file ____ ?" navigate to where you Moved that requested file. See if it loads. Per the above article, you will see that PrE will then survey that folder, the one that you just navigated to, and try to load each missing Asset IN that folder, and re-link to them. If all goes well, then you should get that same dialog messege for the next Asset type. Repeat. Do this until you get the hang on an Asset. At that point, DO NOT Save the Project. Instead, Save_As and increment the name. That is IMPORTANT.
    Then, Move that faulting Asset elsewhere, and test Opening the Save_As Project. If all works fine, then you know that there is a problem with THAT Asset. You should study it carefully, to see what the problem is. If it plays fine elsewhere, and is not different, than other good Assets, then try Importing it again, into that Save_As Project.
    Good luck,

  • How do I get a Premiere Elements 11 project to Revel

    In Premiere Elements 11, what format do I save a project to so I can get the video into Revel?

    Premiere Elements 11 does not have an export to Adobe Revel in its Publish+Share section as does Premiere Elements 12.
    So for Premiere Elements 11, I would be guided by the April 23, 2014 FAQ in the Adobe Revel Forum.
    FAQ: Which file formats does Revel support?
    You could try saving the Timeline to file via
    with one of the .mp4 presets
    Then you would upload the file to your account at Adobe Revel.
    For further information about export to file your Premiere Elements 11 Timeline, I would need more information on your Premiere Elements 11 project settings and the properties of your source media. Video uploads to Adobe Revel can be problematic, so you might want to post your Adobe Revel uploading type issues in the Adobe Revel Forum. We, here in the Adobe Premiere Elements Forum, can help you with your Premiere Elements 11 export to file settings for that project.
    We look forward to further details to assist you in your project.

  • I Just tried to open a premiere elements 10 project in premier pro cs6

    I Just tried to open a premiere elements 10 project in premier pro cs6 but gave me this message.
    Please help.

  • Compatibile MAC version to open premiere elements 8 projects?

    I have a problem finding a MAC version of premiere elements that is capable to open my old premiere elemets 8 projects (PC version). I have tried the latest version 13 and the result was "not compatible". After that I bought version 9 for mac on ebay. Version 9 starts to open the projects but gthen also states that it is not copmpatible.
    Has anyone an idea how to open my version 8 projects on my new Mac? Thank you!

    Because the video capture is from a computer monitor, the Frame Size is going to be a limitation in PrE (even up through PrE 11), since it offers only standard video Frame Sizes. PrPro offers a Custom Project Preset, where the Frame Size, and non-standard Frame Rates can be chosen to match the Source Files (no Scaling, etc.).
    Camtasia uses the TechSmith CODEC's, and when properly installed, can be used by PrPro (and I think PrE), but it is not freeware. Jeff Bellune, who provides a lot of info in that article on Camtasia/CamStudio, that I linked to, uses Camtasia and PrPro for all of his tutorials, seen on That workflow is also used by Adobe in the Video2Brain training series, and for some AdobeTV tutorials, so you can judge the quality from those tutorials.
    The limitations of PrE will mainly be the differences between the Frame Sizes, and possibly the Frame Rate, from a video capture program, and then possibly the CODEC's used. For some more reading on CODEC's, see this FAQ Entry:
    Good luck,

  • Premiere Elements 12, Project settings to burn a DVD

    I'm a little confused about the project settings. I try to burn a DVD of 3 mpg-files. Here is a screenshot of the file info's, also one of the project settings:
    According to the file information, I think the settings are correct, though the timeline shows an orange bar.
    All files have the same informations.
    When I go to finish the project to burn it on a DVD (output setting is PAL_Dolby DVD) it takes at least 14 hours, I don't think this is normal.
    My system is a Macbook Pro, OS 10.9.1, 2.5 GHz, 16 GB RAM.
    Any ideas what is wrong here?
    Thank you in advance.

    Great news with your troubleshooting. Great job.
    Let us now look at what you wrote
    The only thing that's left now is why I'm not able to save a project when I added one of my self created menue template
    from the point of view of
    a. how you created the menu template
    b. where you placed it
    Creation of the menus...
    a. What did you put in the theme folder...just the main menu .psd file and scene menu.psd file or more? What were the exact names that you gave the main menu .psd file and scene menu .psd file? What program did you use to create your menus? We will get to the Layer Set structure in the Layers Palette of the .psd file(s) next if necessary.
    b. I do not have a Mac computer so I cannot talk in terms of .psd file location in Mac. I will now talk in terms of Windows and hope that you can translate the following into the right Mac location for the theme files (assumed also .psd type).
    Local Disk C
    Program Files
    Adobe Premiere Elements 12
    DVD Templates
    and, in the Common Folder, create a new folder named My Specials. In the My Specials Folder create a new folder named My XXX Theme. Inside the XXX Theme Folder goes the XXX .psd files and other theme assets.
    In Windows, the menu theme (Slideshow/Pan and Zoom) that comes with the program is found in the above location. The menus that require Content download are in the Windows Program Data path that leads to the Online Folder. I do not want you to use that latter path counterpart in your Mac.
    But let me ask this basic questions...
    a. After you have placed the menu that you created in the computer, when you open Premiere Elements 12, do you see that menu in Movie Menu Display of menu choices
    b. If so, can you click on its choice, hit Continue, and have the theme appear in the Movie Menu customization area of the opened project
    c. If so, can you Preview the customized or uncustomized menu there and does it look good.
    d. When all is done, how many main menu pages and how many scene selection pages do you have?
    Let us start here, review the above, and then decide what next.
    Thank you.
    Add On...Additional focus may be computer resources, placement of Timeline markers, and spacing between Timeline markers, as well as fine details of Layer Sets in the Layers Palette of the .psd file, whatever else you may be placing in the Theme Folder of the menu that you made yourself.

  • Premiere Elements 10 - Project not compatible following OSX update

    I have recently been working on a project within Premiere Elements 10 on a mid-2010 iMac without issue.
    Over the last weekend I decided it was time to upgrade OSX to Yosemite (v10.10) from Snow Leopard (v10.6) however since then, when trying to open this project, I receive an error that "The project is not compatible with current version of Premiere Elements".
    Some of my other previous projects give the same error when trying to open, however some do not. I think it may have something to do with whether I have included a DVD menu - those that do work, do not have a menu added.
    I'd like to stress that I have only ever used Premiere Elements 10 for these projects.
    Has anyone had similar issues or found work arounds?

    I am strictly an Elements User and problems with the same symptoms can (often do) have different causes. But, you mention of
    "The project is not compatible with current version of Premiere Elements" coupled with "DVD menus" brought back a 2011 flash back
    of a Premiere Elements 9.0 Windows issue.
    As a just in case, please check it out and determine if any of it applies to your situation in spite of the fact that on the surface your issue
    is presenting a going from one Mac operating system to another.
    Getting a "project not compatible" error in Premiere Elements 9 - Elements Village
    In another more recent instance this type of error message pointed to disc menus...
    PE 13 - Project not compatible with current version of premier elements
    Have you checked the integrity of the related Premiere Elements 10 computer saved disc menu themes in the change from one Mac operating system to the other?
    We will be looking forward to your progress.

  • Moved Premiere Elements 10 project Error: "Project is not compatible with current version of Premiere Elements"

    After moving an entire client folder from an external hard drive to an internal one, the client's video, created in adobe premiere elements 10, will no longer open in adobe premiere elements 10. It appears to be loading the project, and instead of completing, the following error message is displayed: "The project is not compatible with current version of Premiere Elements."
    The same thing occurs when attempting to open the archive files.
    New projects, and unmoved projects behave properly.
    Moved projects receive this error.
    I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 on a solid state drive (SSD) (c:/), where premiere elements is installed
    My documents, including the project I need to work with are on my "storage" drive (HDD). it is (f:/)

    Archiving Aspects of this.....
    First let clear the matter of the "archiving" as a life saver.... We do not appear to be on the same wave length.
    a. I am talking about File Menu/Project Archiver with its Archive project and Copy project options. This feature is a safety net to save you when you
    inadvertently disconnect source media from the project file. With the Archive option (Trimmed Folder result), you get saved to the computer hard drive (safe keeping) a copy of the project file plus copies of the media that were taken to the Timeline. With the Copy option (Copied Folder result), you get copy of the project files plus copies of much more.
    b. Instead, you appear to be talking about "archiving" in the context of AutoSaves. AutoSaves are saved snapshots of the project at various phases of the edit. They suffer from the same shortcomings of the original project that has been disconnected from its source media.
    When you import media into a project, all you get are copies of the originals in the project. But, those copies need to trace back to originals at the locations where they were when first imported into the project. Moving, renaming, deleting files/folders that went into the project after the project save close leads to some very time consuming messy situations.
    What to do....
    If you can, put everything back the way it was. If not.....
    Let me emphasis some factors..
    You wrote
    After moving an entire client folder from an external hard drive to an internal one, the client's video, created in adobe premiere elements 10, will no longer open in adobe premiere elements 10. It appears to be loading the project, and instead of completing, the following error message is displayed: "The project is not compatible with current version of Premiere Elements."
    Here you mention specifically "client's video". Later you detail with .mod files converted to .avi. What kind of .avi? If you have converted to AVCHD.avi or H.264.avi, they have been found not to be compatible with Premiere Elements. You should not be able to import them into any new or old project.
    From what you described, I am envisioning
    "Video" Folder
    which contains 2 folders named
    "Timestamped Folder" with .avi files
    "DVD" Folder with the project file (project.prel)
    The project file has many files generated automatically in the course of it workflow. Where do you have them going?
    (See Premiere Elements  10 Edit Menu/Preferences/Scratch Discs). If you have the Scratch Discs directed
    "Same As Project", then we would expect all those files to be going to the DVD Folder in the above scenario.
    If we could open the project and get greeted with some "Where is the file.....?" messages, that might give us some hope.
    But that is not the case.
    Consequently from what you have said, I am suggesting that the path of least resistance is try to recreate the "before".
    Please review and consider.
    Add On...Not sure if it will assist in the matter, but the following is the link to Adobe's document related to troubleshooting
    damaged projects.
    Troubleshoot a damaged project file | Adobe Premiere Elements

  • Install downloaded Premiere Elements 13 (Win) on Mac

    I have de-activated the prog on the PC; how do I download a Mac version?
    I had downloaded and installed windows versions of Prem. El. and PhS. El. on my windows laptop; now that I've got a Macbook I want to install the programme on that instead. How do I proceed?

    Are you dealing with downloads that you have purchased or just talking about tryouts?
    If you have downloaded purchased Premiere Elements 13 Windows installation files with a serial number, you cannot use those installation files on a Mac computer.
    If you want a downloaded purchased Premiere Elements 13 Mac, you need to purchase Premiere Elements 13 Mac with its own serial number for your Macbook.
    If your original purchase gave you a box packaging of the product, you found that you had 2 installation disc - one for Windows and one for Mac. In that
    case, you could install Premiere Elements 13 Mac on Mac from the Mac installation disc.
    Please clarify the details.
    Thank you.

  • Help with Adobe Premiere Elements window appearing!

    I've owned Adobe Premiere Elements 4.0 for about 5 or 6 years now. I still have the original disc and serial number. I installed it on my laptop (Sony Vaio bought in 2009. Runs on Vista), and when I open the program up and click on "files and folders" and double click on a video, I keep getting a pop-up saying "Adobe Premiere Elements is not working." And then the program closes. It frustrates me. I can't afford a new update. Anyway this can be fixed? It never did this to me on my old laptop which I do not have anymore. Thank you for your time.

    Before you focus on the Premiere Elements 4 itself, let us look at the computer environment and the properties of the video that you are importing into the project.
    1. Given you have Premiere Elements 4. Is it installed on Windows Vista 32 or 64 bit?
    2. What are the properties of this video that you are importing into the new project and what have you set as the project preset to match the properties of that source media?...I am looking for video and audio compression, frame size, frame rate, interlaced or progressive, file extension, pixel aspect ratio, duration. If you were to import a few jpg photos into a new project would that shut down the project/program as well?
    3. Do you have the latest verision of QuickTime installed on your computer with Premiere Elements 4? Do you have the program set for Run As Administrator and set to run from a User Account with Administrative Privileges?
    4. Is your video card driver version up to date according to the web site of the manufacturer of the video card?
    5. Is your computer optimized with a program such as ccleaner (regular cleaner and registry cleaner)?
    6. Please describe your computer resources?
    Let us start here and then we can decide what next based on your details.

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