Problem with Fullscreen mode

Hello. I have problem with Fullscreen mode in Pages 09. Let me explain it. I launch Pages 09 on space nr 4, than i activate fullscreen mode and now when fullscreen is active i switch for example to space nr 2. And what happens? Pages also moves to space nr 2, but i don't want to move my pages to space nr 2. I guess it is a bug in Pages 09. Thank you for your advice.

Hi There
By the sounds of this behaviour you haven't set any space options for Pages within System Preferences (Expose and Spaces Pane). After experimenting with different options this is what I experience:
1. Pages not listed in application assignment in spaces Preferences - Enter full screen in pages, switch from one space to another pages window will follow and exit fullscreen (this sounds like what you are experiencing).
2. Pages set to every space in app assignment - Enter full screen in pages, switch from one space to another and pages will follow but wont exit full screen.
3. Pages set to a single space in app assignment - Enter full screen in pages, switch from one space to another using control and arrow keys pages will pull me back into the space it is set to and will exit fullscreen. Using the control and number keys pages will stay in its set space but upon returning to that space pages had exited fullscreen.
I suggest you add pages to the the spaces application assignment in System Preferences by clicking the plus arrow under the list of apps and select a specific space for pages to open in, once open Pages will only move from this space if you move it manually.
You can send your feedback to Apple via if you wish
Hope this helps

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  • Problem with Append mode in File Receiver

    I am facing some problem with Append Mode in File Receiver.
    In channel config, i have given :
    Construction Mode : Append
    File Type : Text
    Message Protocol : File Content Conversion
    The size of the file which i am trying to send is about 9.5MB.
    I got this error,
    "Recovering from loss of connection to database; message
    loaded into queue by recover job: System Job (Failover Recovery)".
    So, it would seem that there was a loss of connnection to the database    
    while the file was being written.
    Note -  XI successfully recovered from the connection loss and   
    successfully wrote the file, however since the communication channel  
    was set to append, it appended to the partial file that was written   
    before the database connection loss. This is not correct. The file    
    should have been overwritten after the recovery even though the communication
    channel was configured to append.                                     
    Can anyone help me on this regard.

    Hi Venkat,
    I would suggest u to split the file in to chunks if u face any problem in processing at a time in append mode and also
    Memory Requirements are must 4 processing huge files:
    Q: Which memory requirements does the File Adapter have? Is there a restriction on the maximum file size it can process?
    A: The maximum file size that can be processed by the File Adapter depends on a number of factors:
    o The most important one is the size of the Java heap, which is shared among all messages processed at a certain point in time. In order to be able to process larger messages without an out of memory error (OOM), it is recommended to increase the size of the available Java heap and/or to reduce the concurrency in the system so that fewer messages are processed in parallel.
    o Another factor negatively influencing the maximum message size in releases up to and including XI 3.0 SP 13 is an enabled charcter set (encoding) conversion if the message type is set to "Text".
    o Using the transport protocol "File Transfer Protocol (FTP)" also uses more memory for processing than the transport protocol "File System (NFS)" (up to and including XI 3.0 SP 13).
    o If the Message Protocol "File Content Conversion" is used in a File Sender channel, consider that not only the size of the input file affects the File Adapter's memory usage, but even more the size of the XML resulting from the conversion, which is usually a few factors larger than the original plain text file.
    To reduce the memory consumption in this scenario, consider configuring the setting "Maximum Recordsets per Message" for the sender channel. This will cause the input file to be split into multiple smaller mesages.
    Plz do refer the following links:
    U may plan the availability of ur communication channel using "Planning Availability Times" feature
    hi check the below links for reference

  • Problem with passive mode FTP server and NAT

    I have a problem with Passive mode FTP and NAT.
    I am trying to run both an FTP server and sharing the Internet connection via NAT. I have by the way specified the passive ports to use in ftpaccess (65000-65534). Everything works fine until someone tries to connect via Passive mode. I have tracked the problem down to the firewall and the rule that handles NAT.
    Firewall rule config without NAT:
    00001 allow udp from any 626 to any dst-port 626
    01000 allow ip from any to any via lo0
    12300 allow ip from any to any
    65535 allow ip from any to any
    Firewall rule config with NAT
    00001 allow udp from any 626 to any dst-port 626
    00010 divert 8668 ip from any to any via en1
    01000 allow ip from any to any via lo0
    12300 allow ip from any to any
    65535 allow ip from any to any
    So, passive ports do not work when NAT is on. If I turn it off, Passive ftp works like a charm.
    But how do I solve my problem? I have in my quest for the answer stumbled upon "-punch_fw" but do not know how to use it or if it even helps me at all?
    Best regards,
    B&W G3 Mac OS X (10.4.5)

    I can't find the file on your server.
    They may also need to edit the .htaccess file to allow the .3gp file extension be used. Call them.

  • HT2020 if you have internet sharing on imac with Mountain Lion its stil problem with sleep mode ! why ???

    if you have internet sharing on imac with Mountain Lion its stil problem with sleep mode ! why ???

    Log a bug with Apple, with whatever details you can provide.  In the interrim, consider acquiring a router; either a repurposed x86 box running open-source networking or gateway software, or a commercial device.

  • Big problem with fullscreen

    Since I updated my iMac with Lion fullscreen does not function. Not only the new fullscreen-mode for Safari,Mail etc. is not available even in Quicktime Player or Preview I can not set fullscreen :-( Everytime I try there is only a error sound. Please help me..

    Unfortunately that is the current workaround
    It means that it is not quite a solution.
    It sounds like your problem does not relate to a hardware issue.
    Here are my suggestions
    1. Test your internet connection. Google has many option for this. If you have a router try to figure out if it keeps logs of who has accessed it. Most linksys and d-link routers do this. The information can be found on their website.
    2. turn off hardware acceleration. You can do that by right-clicking on the video and selecting settings. it is in the first menu.
    3. Try another browser such as firefox or seamonkey.
    4. Downgrade flash.
    here is a link for downgrading … g_Packages
    Edit: I just saw that xorgx3 also suggested to turn off hardware acceleration
    Last edited by mich04 (2012-04-05 11:58:25)

  • Problems with FullScreen using OSMF 1.5

    Hello. Sorry for my English first of all. =)
    I have interesting and specific problem with osmf. I'm using osmf to play playlist. Here is source code:
    public class VideoPlayer extends SpriteVisualElement
    private var mediaPlayerSprite:MediaPlayerSprite;
    public function VideoPlayer()
    mediaPlayerSprite = new MediaPlayerSprite();
    mediaPlayerSprite.width = width;
    mediaPlayerSprite.height = height;
    mediaPlayerSprite.scaleMode = ScaleMode.LETTERBOX;
    mediaPlayerSprite.mediaPlayer.autoPlay = true;
    mediaPlayerSprite.mediaPlayer.addEventListener(TimeEvent.COMPLETE, onMediaComplete);
    mediaPlayerSprite.mediaPlayer.addEventListener(MediaErrorEvent.MEDIA_ERROR, onMediaError);
    mediaPlayerSprite.mediaPlayer.addEventListener(MediaPlayerStateChangeEvent.MEDIA_PLAYER_ST ATE_CHANGE, onMediaPlayerStateChange);
    public function set playlist(playlist:Vector.<String>):void
    var serialElement:SerialElement = new SerialElement();
    var videoElement:LightweightVideoElement;
    for each(var url:String in playlist)
    videoElement = new LightweightVideoElement();
    videoElement.smoothing = true;
    videoElement.resource = new URLResource(url);
    serialElement.addChild(videoElement); = serialElement;
    When flash player is in fullscreen mode and first video file is finished next video starts to play, but there is no picture. If I close fullscreen mode and then go fullscreen again, everything is all right. I've met this problem only in such installation: LG 37LE5300 connected to Acer Veriton N282G with Nvidia NG ION video card via original HDMI 1.3 cable. Windows 7 32 bit, Nvidia display drivers 257,29. In another combination everything works fine.
    So what can be a problem?

    Interesting bug indeed. Can you please log a bug with the details you provided on our bug system, so we can better track this issue? It will be also useful if you will give us also the code used for switching to full screen.

  • Problem with fullscreen and TextArea

    I'm actually working to put a program in fullscreen mode. My interface is ok in fullscreen, I just got a problem with my TextArea. I don't arrive to get focus on them when it is in fullscreen...
    My cursor change, but I can't select the text inside.
    if someone got an idea?

    It doesn't work. My textArea is selectable, but I begin to define my problem.
    When I'm in fullscreen, I don't arrive to get focus on the TextArea.
    myFocusListener = new FocusListener() {
                   public void focusGained(FocusEvent e) {
                        myProxy.sendFromComponentInt("selected", 1);
                   public void focusLost(FocusEvent e) {
                        myProxy.sendFromComponentInt("selected", 0);
    it never pass in focusGained when I'm in fullscreen mode, whereas it work fine in a classic Frame.
    I go in fullscreen mode like this :
    public void setFullscreen (){
         GraphicsEnvironment ge = GraphicsEnvironment.getLocalGraphicsEnvironment();
         GraphicsDevice gd = ge.getDefaultScreenDevice ();
         GraphicsConfiguration gc = gd.getDefaultConfiguration ();
         Rectangle windowBounds = gc.getBounds();
    // resize my interface to the size of screen
         sendFromWindowIntInt ("resized", windowBounds.width, windowBounds.height);
         //System.out.println("largeur : "+ windowBounds.width +" hauteur : "+ windowBounds.height);
         JWindow win = new JWindow () ;
         gd.setFullScreenWindow (win) ;
    Got an Idea?
    thanks a lot.

  • Problem with "find" mode in adf/swing application

    Hi all,
    I'm working on ADF Swing application which uses MS SQL Server 2005 (JDeveloper 10g 10.1.3)
    I think that my issue might be well-known…sorry if it has been already discussed somewhere else…
    I have a problem with the “find” mode for a detail panel in a master-detail form…(To make it clear the “find” mode is switched on when clicking on the special button on a navigation panel).
    So this mode works well in a master panel, but it demonstrates strange behavior on a detail panel, i.e. it takes me two attempts to find the necessary child object and it doesn’t switch back in a simple way from this mode to the normal mode….say if we are in the department 10 (Dept is a master form) we can’t simply find KING employee (Emp is a detail form)…is there any workaround for this?
    Thanks in advance. Alex.

    Hi Frank, please look this issue

  • Problem with sleep mode in Win 7

    Hello Friends,
    I have a great problem after Windows 7 updated itself. I have a laptop Toshiba Satellite L505D. When I close the lid, it should automatically go to the sleep mode. Unfortunately, only the screen is black and the laptop is still running, I have to shut it down then switch on again. Is it a problem with the 'battery driver'?Please, help me :)

    Before you continue to wait for solution and waste your time back-up all your important data and reinstall OS again using HDD recovery installation -
    After doing this you will have clean preinstalled and well working OS again.
    The first thing you should do after OS installation is to disable automatic Windows update. Do it manually and install important updates only.

  • Problems with landscape mode

    I've a problem with my iPhone 3G. In apps like notes, sms or even ipod, it doesn't rotate in landscape mode. But in "not apple apps" the accelerometer is working. I've tested it with Labyrinth LE.
    After restoring the device it doesn't rotate too.

    I have the same problem.
    Apple apps (Mail, Safari, Calculator) don't rotate at all (portrait only). They were rotating correctly before.
    3rd party apps (Labyrinth, BubbleLevel, Accelerometer Graph) can rotate to portrait and landscape correctly, so this shouldn't be a hardware problem.
    Maybe caused by OS update?

  • Problem with fullscreen

    I am creating a JFrame with a JPanel. On clicking the Panel, I am invoking the fullscreen window. Now, I would like to know who is having the focus the JPanel, the JFrame or the JWindow.
    I am calling JPanel.requestFocus(), but the keyPressed or keyReleased of JPanel is not being called on pressing the key in the fullscreen window. Neither it comes in the keypressed or keyReleased event of JWindow.
    How to make the keyPressed or keyReleased event of JPanel or JWindow get called ?
    Also when i run this application in solaris, two windows are shown, one for the fullscreen window and one for the main window. But in Windows only one window is shown in fullscreen mode.
    import javax.swing.JFrame;
    import java.awt.BorderLayout;
    import javax.swing.JPanel;
    import java.awt.*;
    import java.awt.event.*;
    import javax.swing.JButton;
    import javax.swing.JWindow;
    class ExFrame
    extends JFrame implements KeyListener {
    JWindow window;
    BorderLayout borderLayout1 = new BorderLayout();
    JPanel jPanel1 = new JPanel();
    JButton jButton1 = new JButton();
    JPanel jPanel2 = new JPanel();
    public ExFrame() {
    jPanel2.addKeyListener(new KeyAdapter() {
    public void keyPressed(KeyEvent ke) {
    System.out.println("jPanel2 Pressed");
    public void keyReleased(KeyEvent ke) {
    jPanel2.addMouseListener(new MouseAdapter() {
    public void mouseClicked(MouseEvent e) {
    if (window == null || !window.isVisible()) {
    if (window == null) {
    window = new JWindow(ExFrame.this);
    Dimension size = Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit().
    window.addKeyListener(new KeyAdapter() {
    public void keyPressed(KeyEvent ke) {
    if (ke.getKeyCode() == KeyEvent.VK_ESCAPE) {
    public void keyReleased(KeyEvent ke) {
    this.getContentPane().add(jPanel2, java.awt.BorderLayout.CENTER);
    public void keyReleased(KeyEvent ke) {
    System.out.println("Frame Released");
    public void keyPressed(KeyEvent ke) {
    System.out.println("Frame Pressed");
    if (ke.getKeyCode() == KeyEvent.VK_ESCAPE) {
    public void keyTyped(KeyEvent ke) {
    System.out.println("Frame Typed");
    public static void main(String args[]) {
    ExFrame frame = new ExFrame();

    yeah, its part of a workaround for switching between windowed and fullscreen.
    It isn't necessary to return to the original displayMode, simply setFullscreenWindow(null) will return you to the original desktops resolution.
    I'll warn you now, don't even attempt switching fullscreen<->windowed mode multiple times, it will crash. It should be fixed in 1.5 though.

  • Problems with standby mode in Windows XP

    Every time I try to put my computer in standby mode while in Windows the entire computer shuts down. I can't even manually turn on the computer in Mac until I press the power button mulitple times. Anyone have any suggestions?

    Tony, some posters have reported that the XP drivers for the Vostro 1500 will work for the M1330.
    Vostro 1500 XP downloads
    However before installing any Sigmatel driver after an OS installation you should follow this order of driver installation:
    a. Install Dell Notebook System Software R154270 (click the + sign next to System Utilities). Restart.
    b. Next install the Intel Mobile Chipset driver 153997 (click the + sign next to Chipset). Restart.
    c. Finally re-install the Sigmatel audio driver R158235 (click the + sign next to Audio).
    Some v1500 users have reported that they had to "uninstall an unknown PCI device in Device manager first , then install the driver normally".
    Rarely there will still be a problem with the installation at this point (in XP). In those cases follow this tip from forum member rpilT2005: check in the Device Manager for a "PCI Device" with a yellow question mark next to it, under the "System Devices" grouping. Hit 'update driver' on that one, and it should find the driver.
    A previous poster was able to get his audio working by following the above instructions more or less He said that after installing the Chipset driver he next uninstalled the unknown PCI device. He let Windows look for a new driver but he said he had to point it to the folder with the driver. Then he wrote, "Xp still said that an error occurred and the device may not work properly, but it did work fine and I also don't have a yellow question mark..." I know this is confusing.

  • Problem with append mode in  WS_DOWNLOAD

    Hi everybody
    I have a problem with downloading two internal tables in one excel sheet.
    I am Using FM - WS_DOWNLOAD , MODE = 'A' .
    I want to append one IT after another .
    But I am getting only the second one ...
    MODE - A is for append , correct?
    Any clou?
    I allready sow all the posts on the forum

    go through this and use accordingly.
    Often we face situations where we need to download internal table contents onto an Excel sheet. We are familiar with the function module WS_DOWNLOAD. Though this function module downloads the contents onto the Excel sheet, there cannot be any column headings or we cannot differentiate the primary keys just by seeing the Excel sheet.
    For this purpose, we can use the function module XXL_FULL_API. The Excel sheet which is generated by this function module contains the column headings and the key columns are highlighted with a different color. Other options that are available with this function module are we can swap two columns or supress a field from displaying on the Excel sheet. The simple code for the usage of this function module is given below.
    Program code :
    REPORT Excel.
    header data................................
    DATA :
      header1 LIKE gxxlt_p-text VALUE 'Suresh',
      header2 LIKE gxxlt_p-text VALUE 'Excel sheet'.
    Internal table for holding the SFLIGHT data
    DATA BEGIN OF t_sflight OCCURS 0.
            INCLUDE STRUCTURE sflight.
    DATA END   OF t_sflight.
    Internal table for holding the horizontal key.
    DATA BEGIN OF  t_hkey OCCURS 0.
            INCLUDE STRUCTURE gxxlt_h.
    DATA END   OF t_hkey .
    Internal table for holding the vertical key.
    DATA BEGIN OF t_vkey OCCURS 0.
            INCLUDE STRUCTURE gxxlt_v.
    DATA END   OF t_vkey .
    Internal table for holding the online text....
    DATA BEGIN OF t_online OCCURS 0.
            INCLUDE STRUCTURE gxxlt_o.
    DATA END   OF t_online.
    Internal table to hold print text.............
    DATA BEGIN OF t_print OCCURS 0.
            INCLUDE STRUCTURE gxxlt_p.
    DATA END   OF t_print.
    Internal table to hold SEMA data..............
    DATA BEGIN OF t_sema OCCURS 0.
            INCLUDE STRUCTURE gxxlt_s.
    DATA END   OF t_sema.
    Retreiving data from sflight.
    SELECT * FROM sflight
             INTO TABLE t_sflight.
    Text which will be displayed online is declared here....
    t_online-line_no    = '1'.
    t_online-info_name  = 'Created by'.
    t_online-info_value = 'SURESH KUMAR PARVATHANENI'.
    APPEND t_online.
    Text which will be printed out..........................
    t_print-hf     = 'H'.
    t_print-lcr    = 'L'.
    t_print-line_no = '1'.
    t_print-text   = 'This is the header'.
    APPEND t_print.
    t_print-hf     = 'F'.
    t_print-lcr    = 'C'.
    t_print-line_no = '1'.
    t_print-text   = 'This is the footer'.
    APPEND t_print.
    Defining the vertical key columns.......
    t_vkey-col_no   = '1'.
    t_vkey-col_name = 'MANDT'.
    APPEND t_vkey.
    t_vkey-col_no   = '2'.
    t_vkey-col_name = 'CARRID'.
    APPEND t_vkey.
    t_vkey-col_no   = '3'.
    t_vkey-col_name = 'CONNID'.
    APPEND t_vkey.
    t_vkey-col_no   = '4'.
    t_vkey-col_name = 'FLDATE'.
    APPEND t_vkey.
    Header text for the data columns................
    t_hkey-row_no = '1'.
    t_hkey-col_no = 1.
    t_hkey-col_name = 'PRICE'.
    APPEND t_hkey.
    t_hkey-col_no = 2.
    t_hkey-col_name = 'CURRENCY'.
    APPEND t_hkey.
    t_hkey-col_no = 3.
    t_hkey-col_name = 'PLANETYPE'.
    APPEND t_hkey.
    t_hkey-col_no = 4.
    t_hkey-col_name = 'SEATSMAX'.
    APPEND t_hkey.
    t_hkey-col_no = 5.
    t_hkey-col_name = 'SEATSOCC'.
    APPEND t_hkey.
    t_hkey-col_no = 6.
    t_hkey-col_name = 'PAYMENTSUM'.
    APPEND t_hkey.
    populating the SEMA data..........................
    t_sema-col_no  = 1.
    t_sema-col_typ = 'STR'.
    t_sema-col_ops = 'DFT'.
    APPEND t_sema.
    t_sema-col_no = 2.
    APPEND t_sema.
    t_sema-col_no = 3.
    APPEND t_sema.
    t_sema-col_no = 4.
    APPEND t_sema.
    t_sema-col_no = 5.
    APPEND t_sema.
    t_sema-col_no = 6.
    APPEND t_sema.
    t_sema-col_no = 7.
    APPEND t_sema.
    t_sema-col_no = 8.
    APPEND t_sema.
    t_sema-col_no = 9.
    APPEND t_sema.
    t_sema-col_no = 10.
    t_sema-col_typ = 'NUM'.
    t_sema-col_ops = 'ADD'.
    APPEND t_sema.
      DATA_ENDING_AT          = 54
      DATA_STARTING_AT        = 5
       filename                = 'TESTFILE'
       header_1                = header1
       header_2                = header2
       no_dialog               = 'X'
       no_start                = ' '
        n_att_cols              = 6
        n_hrz_keys              = 1
        n_vrt_keys              = 4
       sema_type               = 'X'
      SO_TITLE                = ' '
        data                    = t_sflight
        hkey                    = t_hkey
        online_text             = t_online
        print_text              = t_print
        sema                    = t_sema
        vkey                    = t_vkey
       cancelled_by_user       = 1
       data_too_big            = 2
       dim_mismatch_data       = 3
       dim_mismatch_sema       = 4
       dim_mismatch_vkey       = 5
       error_in_hkey           = 6
       error_in_sema           = 7
       file_open_error         = 8
       file_write_error        = 9
       inv_data_range          = 10
       inv_winsys              = 11
       inv_xxl                 = 12
       OTHERS                  = 13
    IF sy-subrc <> 0.
      MESSAGE ID sy-msgid TYPE sy-msgty NUMBER sy-msgno
              WITH sy-msgv1 sy-msgv2 sy-msgv3 sy-msgv4.

  • Satellite L505D - Problem with sleep mode in Win 7

    It's me again, in last thread :
    "Hello Friends,
    I have a great problem after Windows 7 updated itself. I have a laptop Toshiba Satellite L505D. When I close the lid, it should automatically go to the sleep mode. Unfortunately, only the screen is black and the laptop is still running, I have to shut it down then switch on again. Is it a problem with the 'battery driver'?Please, help me :)"
    The sleep mode worked perfeclty for couple of days and it is again gone.. What is more when I try to enter the sleep mode I can't do anything on the notebook , it is still running on blank screen and the processors' fan is working on high speed. During these last days, when the sleep mode worked, windows didn't update itself..
    I don't know what is happening.. :) Weird problem, isn't it?

    It is not easy to say why this happen. In your last posting you wrote about some windows updates. Who knows what is wrong there.
    If nothing helps, not even system restore and you want to use stand-by mode I recommend you to back-up all your data and install OS again using recovery mode.
    With factory settings everything will be OK again but then be careful with updates.

  • First time user..problem with compatibility mode

    Old problem with a twist. Like others have experienced, when I open itunes I get a message that reads itunes.exe is set to run in compatibility mode and I need to turn it off. The problem I have is that I DON'T FIND a compatibility option when I right-click on Properties. Any ideas???

    Refer to this article:
    iTunes for Windows: How to turn off Compatibility Mode

Maybe you are looking for

  • Export to Text limitation

    1. Create a Crystal Report. 2. Add a Text box. 3. Type a big sentence so that reaches near 20th inches. 4. User the following Page Setup options. a) Check the box "Dissociate Formatting" b) Select "User Defined" and Unit=Inches c) Horizontal=25 d) Ve

  • How to delete a database record by using EJB entity beans

    Hi, All, Does anyone know how to use entity bean to delete a database record? I have all the EJB entity beans created, including access beans to each. I can successfully create records, find and update records, however, I haven't find a way to delete

  • Constantly getting Stuck Midi Notes w/ LP & Digi 002R

    Running LP 7.1 & Tiger on a G5 DualCore 2.0 I'm constantly getting stuck notes (hanging) with using a Digi002R's midi ports going to a Roland XV5080, the other is going to a Motif ES. It's happening more than just once in a while. Any ideas on what i

  • Sharepoint 2013 - Site Settings shows $Resources:ReportServerResources,ReportServerSiteSettingsGroupTitle;

    I didn't notice this before, but I have 2 site collections, one shows this when I go to Site Settings: $Resources:ReportServerResources,ReportServerSiteSettingsGroupTitle; $Resources:ReportServerResources,ScheduleList; $Resources:ReportServerResource

  • SOAP Sender & Receiver Adapters

    Hi I want to use SOAP adapter on both sides of XI. Since its way different from other adapters, could someone tell me how to make use of it. Will I be able to trigger a process on the 3rd party application and receive a payload from it  using Sender