Problems with standby mode in Windows XP

Every time I try to put my computer in standby mode while in Windows the entire computer shuts down. I can't even manually turn on the computer in Mac until I press the power button mulitple times. Anyone have any suggestions?

Tony, some posters have reported that the XP drivers for the Vostro 1500 will work for the M1330.
Vostro 1500 XP downloads
However before installing any Sigmatel driver after an OS installation you should follow this order of driver installation:
a. Install Dell Notebook System Software R154270 (click the + sign next to System Utilities). Restart.
b. Next install the Intel Mobile Chipset driver 153997 (click the + sign next to Chipset). Restart.
c. Finally re-install the Sigmatel audio driver R158235 (click the + sign next to Audio).
Some v1500 users have reported that they had to "uninstall an unknown PCI device in Device manager first , then install the driver normally".
Rarely there will still be a problem with the installation at this point (in XP). In those cases follow this tip from forum member rpilT2005: check in the Device Manager for a "PCI Device" with a yellow question mark next to it, under the "System Devices" grouping. Hit 'update driver' on that one, and it should find the driver.
A previous poster was able to get his audio working by following the above instructions more or less He said that after installing the Chipset driver he next uninstalled the unknown PCI device. He let Windows look for a new driver but he said he had to point it to the folder with the driver. Then he wrote, "Xp still said that an error occurred and the device may not work properly, but it did work fine and I also don't have a yellow question mark..." I know this is confusing.

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  • Restore Log with Standby Mode on VHDX disk problem - hotfix for SQL 2014 needed

    Restore Log with Standby Mode on Virtual VHDX disk cause a 9004 error in SQL Server 2014 ( test performed on Web edition and Standard version )
    Similar Bug for SQL 2008R2 is already registered with number hotfix
    Restore operations always fail in Hyper-V R2 Server in situations ( text copied from
    KB2987585 page )
    The primary database has its transaction log file (.ldf) stored on a disk that has "Bytes per Physical Sector" set as 512 bytes.
    You take the transaction log backups of this database, and then you try to restore it by using the standby option on the secondary database.
    The secondary database transaction log file (.ldf) is located on a VHDX disk that has "Bytes per Physical Sector" set as 4,096 bytes.
    In this scenario, the restore operation fails and returns the following error message:
    Error: 9004, Severity: 16, State: 6.
    An error occurred while processing the log for database '<databasename>'. If possible, restore from backup. If a backup is not available, it might be necessary to rebuild the log.
    After this error occurs, the secondary database goes into a suspect state.
    So restore from Generation1 to Generation2 machine ( where only VHDX disk is possible ) always fails and database is not accessible.
    Please create hotfix for SQL 2014 version

    Please create hotfix for SQL 2014 version
    This is a community forum, no one of use can create a hotfix for SQL Server.
    Raise a case at Microsoft Support or create an entry at MS Connect:
    Olaf Helper
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  • Problem with national characters on windows client

    Hello there,
    I'am having problem with national characters on windows client.
    All national data stored in NVARCHAR2 colums, applications (.net) works fine,
    but in sqlplus:
    select city from test_table;
    - everything ok, sqlplus shows national characters
    select dump(N'<national symbols>') from dual
    - returns
    Typ=96 Len=12: 0,191,0,191,0,191,0,191,0,191,0,191
    select * from test_table where city = N'<national symbols> '
    - always returns nothing
    As i understand the problem in
    sql query text (and national literals) convertion
    to servers "WE8ISO8859P1" encoding, Is it possible
    to solve the issue?
    Thanks in advance
    Console in right mode (chcp=1251)
    sqlplus shows russian messages well
    Server (oracle 9 on solaris):
    select * from nls_database_parameters
    Client (windows server 2003, oracle client 10):

    N'<national symbols>', being part of an SQL statement, will be converted to the database character set (WE8ISO8859P1) before being parsed. Only if the client and the database are both 10.2 or higher, the client can encode the literal appropriately so that it survives this conversion.
    In earlier versions, you can do the encoding yourself. Instead of the N'<national symbols>' literal use the UNISTR function: UNISTR('\xxxx\yyyy\zzzz'), where U+xxxx, U+yyyy, U+zzzz are Unicode code points of your national characters.
    -- Sergiusz

  • Problem with Fullscreen mode

    Hello. I have problem with Fullscreen mode in Pages 09. Let me explain it. I launch Pages 09 on space nr 4, than i activate fullscreen mode and now when fullscreen is active i switch for example to space nr 2. And what happens? Pages also moves to space nr 2, but i don't want to move my pages to space nr 2. I guess it is a bug in Pages 09. Thank you for your advice.

    Hi There
    By the sounds of this behaviour you haven't set any space options for Pages within System Preferences (Expose and Spaces Pane). After experimenting with different options this is what I experience:
    1. Pages not listed in application assignment in spaces Preferences - Enter full screen in pages, switch from one space to another pages window will follow and exit fullscreen (this sounds like what you are experiencing).
    2. Pages set to every space in app assignment - Enter full screen in pages, switch from one space to another and pages will follow but wont exit full screen.
    3. Pages set to a single space in app assignment - Enter full screen in pages, switch from one space to another using control and arrow keys pages will pull me back into the space it is set to and will exit fullscreen. Using the control and number keys pages will stay in its set space but upon returning to that space pages had exited fullscreen.
    I suggest you add pages to the the spaces application assignment in System Preferences by clicking the plus arrow under the list of apps and select a specific space for pages to open in, once open Pages will only move from this space if you move it manually.
    You can send your feedback to Apple via if you wish
    Hope this helps

  • Problems with shutdown, expose and window switching

    Hi there,
    Recently I've been having a few issues with OS X. First of all it wasn't shutting down properly -- the menu bar would disappear and it would look like it was going to shutdown, but it never did. I could move down to the dock (on auto-hide) and it would re-appear, at which point I can bring up a terminal window and use 'shutdown' to do the job. On startup I'd reset the PRAM, and then do a disk-check, but the problem keeps coming back.
    Subsequently, I've also been having problems with expose and switching windows (i.e. command-tab). Namely, neither of them work. Expose won't fire from either hot corners or the keyboard, and if I re-launch the app from the Apps folder (without trying to kill it first, I should say), it does nothing. Cmd-tab gets interpreted as just tab, and the keyboard shortcut for dashboard also fails (although I can start the dashboard from the dock).
    I read in another post about an invalid jpeg in the downloads folder being able to cause the Expose problem (seems like a most unlikely bug?). Anyway, I cleared all pictures from my downloads folder and functionality came back, but now it's gone again. It's really very frustrating as it makes moving between windows a lot more hassle.
    Any thoughts would be gratefully received.

    This sounds interesting.
    Can you post a copy for the rest of us to see?
    As for actually helping you, and not just satisfying our curiousity, if you start cutting pieces of the code you will probably end up finding the source of the problem (and we won't have too big a program to handle). Since DSC is a likely suspect, you may want to start there.
    Also, are you creating an installer and using that to install? If not, you may wish to try that.
    Try to take over the world!

  • Problem With Captivate 4 and Windows 8

    I've a problem with Captivate 4 on Windows 8 projects :
    The mouse is not tracked.
    I've applied the last patch for this version (11/15/2011).
    Is there another patch for this ?
    Thanks a lot.

    Hi there
    I know this will come off as sounding snarky, but please know it's honestly not intended that way,
    Windows 8?
    I never was able to make Captivate 4 run successfully on Windows 7. So I'm not the least bit surprised to hear it has issues with Windows 8!
    Personally, I'm thinking you are due for an upgrade to Captivate if you want it to work on Windows 8. But then again, I'm not even certain if Captivate 6 is Windows 8 compatible.
    Cheers... Rick
    Helpful and Handy Links
    Captivate Wish Form/Bug Reporting Form
    Adobe Certified Captivate Training
    SorcerStone Blog
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  • Problem with photshop cc on windows 8.1 and 4k monitor at 3840x2160 resolution

    can anyone help
    i have a problem with photshop cc on windows 8.1 and 4k monitor at 3840x2160 resolution when i lauch photoshop cc everything is very small and i dont know how to get the program at the right size

    Search the forum for similar topics dealing with high-DPI displays. 4k is insane, though. I don't think even CC 2014 is up to it.

  • Problem with Append mode in File Receiver

    I am facing some problem with Append Mode in File Receiver.
    In channel config, i have given :
    Construction Mode : Append
    File Type : Text
    Message Protocol : File Content Conversion
    The size of the file which i am trying to send is about 9.5MB.
    I got this error,
    "Recovering from loss of connection to database; message
    loaded into queue by recover job: System Job (Failover Recovery)".
    So, it would seem that there was a loss of connnection to the database    
    while the file was being written.
    Note -  XI successfully recovered from the connection loss and   
    successfully wrote the file, however since the communication channel  
    was set to append, it appended to the partial file that was written   
    before the database connection loss. This is not correct. The file    
    should have been overwritten after the recovery even though the communication
    channel was configured to append.                                     
    Can anyone help me on this regard.

    Hi Venkat,
    I would suggest u to split the file in to chunks if u face any problem in processing at a time in append mode and also
    Memory Requirements are must 4 processing huge files:
    Q: Which memory requirements does the File Adapter have? Is there a restriction on the maximum file size it can process?
    A: The maximum file size that can be processed by the File Adapter depends on a number of factors:
    o The most important one is the size of the Java heap, which is shared among all messages processed at a certain point in time. In order to be able to process larger messages without an out of memory error (OOM), it is recommended to increase the size of the available Java heap and/or to reduce the concurrency in the system so that fewer messages are processed in parallel.
    o Another factor negatively influencing the maximum message size in releases up to and including XI 3.0 SP 13 is an enabled charcter set (encoding) conversion if the message type is set to "Text".
    o Using the transport protocol "File Transfer Protocol (FTP)" also uses more memory for processing than the transport protocol "File System (NFS)" (up to and including XI 3.0 SP 13).
    o If the Message Protocol "File Content Conversion" is used in a File Sender channel, consider that not only the size of the input file affects the File Adapter's memory usage, but even more the size of the XML resulting from the conversion, which is usually a few factors larger than the original plain text file.
    To reduce the memory consumption in this scenario, consider configuring the setting "Maximum Recordsets per Message" for the sender channel. This will cause the input file to be split into multiple smaller mesages.
    Plz do refer the following links:
    U may plan the availability of ur communication channel using "Planning Availability Times" feature
    hi check the below links for reference

  • I have bought Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 last August 2013 and having problems with installing it on Windows 8.1?

    I have bought Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 last August 2013 and having problems with installing it on Windows 8.1.  Why am I having this problem?

    You can check you Adobe account online to see if the serial number is registered under your account.  If not then your only option will likely be to contact Adobe Support directly thru chat to see if they can provide you with a/the serial number. For them to do so will require you being able to prove ownership.
    Serial number and activation chat support (non-CC) ( )

  • Problem with the audio editor window into logic pro X

    hello everybody, I have a problem with the audio editor window ! the "onglet" (sorry I don't know the word in english) "file and track" doesn't appear in the top of the audio editor window ! I can just make no destructive data, I have no access to Normalize and others audio fonctions ! could you help me ? in advance I thank you

    'onglet' - great, my favorite when visiting restaurants in France!
    Anyway, I think you have to activate Advanced tools first:
    Have a nice day!

  • Problem with passive mode FTP server and NAT

    I have a problem with Passive mode FTP and NAT.
    I am trying to run both an FTP server and sharing the Internet connection via NAT. I have by the way specified the passive ports to use in ftpaccess (65000-65534). Everything works fine until someone tries to connect via Passive mode. I have tracked the problem down to the firewall and the rule that handles NAT.
    Firewall rule config without NAT:
    00001 allow udp from any 626 to any dst-port 626
    01000 allow ip from any to any via lo0
    12300 allow ip from any to any
    65535 allow ip from any to any
    Firewall rule config with NAT
    00001 allow udp from any 626 to any dst-port 626
    00010 divert 8668 ip from any to any via en1
    01000 allow ip from any to any via lo0
    12300 allow ip from any to any
    65535 allow ip from any to any
    So, passive ports do not work when NAT is on. If I turn it off, Passive ftp works like a charm.
    But how do I solve my problem? I have in my quest for the answer stumbled upon "-punch_fw" but do not know how to use it or if it even helps me at all?
    Best regards,
    B&W G3 Mac OS X (10.4.5)

    I can't find the file on your server.
    They may also need to edit the .htaccess file to allow the .3gp file extension be used. Call them.

  • I have problem with data transfer between Windows Server 2012RT and Windows7 (no more than 14kbps) while between Windows Sever 2012RT and Windows8.1 speed is ok.

    I have problem with data transfer between Windows Server 2012RT and Windows7 (no more than 14kbps) while between Windows Sever 2012RT and Windows8.1 speed is ok.

    Regarding the issue here, please take a look at the below links to see if they could help:
    Slow data transfer speed in Windows 7 or in Windows Server 2008 R2
    And a blog here:
    Windows Server 2012 slow network/SMB/CIFS problem
    Hope this may help
    Best regards
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  • HT2020 if you have internet sharing on imac with Mountain Lion its stil problem with sleep mode ! why ???

    if you have internet sharing on imac with Mountain Lion its stil problem with sleep mode ! why ???

    Log a bug with Apple, with whatever details you can provide.  In the interrim, consider acquiring a router; either a repurposed x86 box running open-source networking or gateway software, or a commercial device.

  • Has anyone else had problems with their RAW editing window?

    I'm having real problems with my RAW editing window (the one that automaticaly pops up when you open a raw file). I've opened several images, but when I click on the different thumbnails on the left hand side the large preview image in the center doesn't change. Obviously I need to be able to see this to make the required changes.
    Any ideas/help you be greatly appreciated!!!

    Hi Kate,
    I haven't yet been able to replicate your problem. Will you please describe your workflow? Are you simply selecting multiple files from your computer and double clicking to automatically open in Camera RAW?
    Also curious, with all of your images open in the RAW editing window, what happens when you use the arrows near the bottom right? Does your image change?

  • Problem with xcompmgr and i3 window manager

    Hey guys,
    Had a hard time trying to search for this problem. and nothing came up for the exact problem I was having. Anyways this is my problem. with xcompmgr is that it doesn't seem to be refreshing or something. it leaves trails of previous windows for some reason. not sure why. Anyone have this problem or someone know how to fix it??!?
    Here is a link to show you what i mean.
    Thanks in advance for your kind and prompt attention.

    Wow psychadelic!
    I found xcompmgr to be rather buggy when I used to use it. Try xcompmgr-dana (dcompmgr I think)  or Compton. I used to use Compton and it worked pretty well.
    I stopped using real transparency in favor of pseudo-transparency because I sometimes use the tabbed mode on multiple terminals... tell me how awesome it is to read three terminals stacked on each other

Maybe you are looking for

  • How to process screen flow using PAPI and WAPI

    Dear all, I need to process the screen flow from PAPI or WAPI. I want to know which API(PAPI or WAPI) i should use and how to achieve that. as far as i know, there is two part in WAPI. (external to work portal, throungh the html process API, and inte

  • HT4528 Clicking sound when making a phone call

    Clicking sound when making phone call

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    Hi I need to send some of my photos to a photographer, but I DO NOT want him to view files info (how photo was taken, iso, aperture value, temperature...) I´d like to delete all information of the file (Camera Data, EXIF, and so on). How to do i

  • Installing OS X 10.3 on a Disk Image (OS X 10.4 on HDD)

    Hi, I somewhat recently upgraded my computer to Mac OS X 10.4. I've used 10.4 a ton while using my PowerBook G4, but I switched to a Power Mac computer, and I've been using 10.4 on it instead. My problem is that I have a game that exhibits problems u