Process Computer Migration (more than 1 ADMT)

Hi all,
We're going to do computer migrations from one to another domain. We're thinking to do migration per department (OU). Since the computer locations are vary, i am wondering if it is ok to setup more than one PC for ADMT.
Let say we set up 3 or more ADMT, and we migrate a bunch of PCs from 3 different departments at the same time, in order to accelerate PC migration process. Is it ok/recommended to do that? I mean, will there be any conflicts or object sync issue in the migration

Sorry for the late update,
I've tried parallel computer migrations on my environment, on more than 1 ADMT.
The thing was, i migrated all the users and group in one of ADMT tool.
If that the case, i can not use translate option while migrating computers with user's profiles that were not migrated with the same tool. The tool will saying that there is no previous migrated object. But somehow, in my case, the user profiles in those
computer were still change to NEWDOMAIN\user.
Hope the information is useful.

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    Please revert with your valuable concern.

    Hi Gurus,
    Please revert with your responses. If you need any input from my side. please let me know.
    Its an issue of high priority.

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    try is deleting your bluetooth preference files - there could be a problem with the new 'blued' daemon using your old 10.4 preferences if you just upgraded (or archived and installed) to 10.5.
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    Welcome to the forum.
    You should be able to use the Shift, or Ctrl modifier keys, to select multiple files, and Import them.
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    Accounts just don't seem to sync.

    Sign out of your account... Uninstall... run the Cleaner...
    - (and uninstall)
    -using the cleaner after uninstalling and before reinstalling is needed
    -Restart your computer... Sign in to your account... Reinstall

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    [[Options window - Privacy panel]]

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    Hello John,
    What you can do it combine the result set from these two variables into one single element based on a new custom xsd which is the combination of these two elements. Aftet doing this you can achieve the req with one transformation. Below is the sample combined xsd based on the two result sets, in this case the two result sets are from two db adapters(data from 2 tables).
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="windows-1252" ?>
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    " schemaLocation="dbadapter1_table.xsd"/>
    <xs:import namespace=""
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    <xs:element name="CompTableElement">
              <xs:element ref="db1:root_element_from_db_adapter_1"/>
    <xs:element name="FormulaDetail">
    <xs:element ref="db2:root_element_from_db_adapter_2"/>
    After you create this xsd, create an element of this type and use this as a source in your transformation.
    Hope this helps

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