Quality score & quality level

Hi Experts,
Can anybody please help.New comer in QM.Please help.
How system calculate Quality score & quality level.What setting required for it. And where it is use. Please do not suggest sap library or F1 help.Please help.

Evaluation of Quality Levels  
You can use this function to can select quality levels, display the selected quality levels in a list, reset or tighten selected quality levels, display the data and dynamic modification rules for selected quality level records, and display the dynamic modification history for quality levels as a graphic or in a list.
Quality levels that have been deleted can no longer be evaluated (that is, you can no longer obtain a dynamic modification history of the inspection lots that were included in these quality levels).
If the system finds more than one quality level record for the selection conditions, it switches to a dynamic selection list that contains all quality levels that meet the selection conditions.
If only one quality level exists for the selection criteria, the system switches directly to the dynamic modification history list for the corresponding quality level. The dynamic selection list appears by choosing Goto ® Back. You can make changes in this list. There are the following functions in the dynamic selection list:
In the transaction Edit list (menu path: Logistics --> Quality management --> Quality inspection -->Quality level -->Edit list)
Creating a Quality Level Manually  
In most cases, you will not need to create a quality level manually. However, if you are implementing the Quality Management (QM) application component for the first time, you may want to enter data for the quality levels recorded in your previous system.
You can only create a quality level manually for lot-based dynamic modification.
Choose Logistics -->Quality management --> Quality inspection --> Quality level --> Create.
Enter the necessary data on the initial screen for creating a quality level and choose Quality level.
You define the dynamic modification criteria (material, vendor, manufacturer, or customer) and the inspection plan for which the quality level will be maintained on the initial screen.
Enter the following data on the screen for creating quality levels:
Next inspection stage
Number of inspections or inspection lots that (based on the dynamic modification valuation) have been completed since the last inspection stage change or were accepted without an inspection (skip)
Number of inspections or inspection lots (based on the dynamic modification valuation) that were rejected since the last inspection stage change
Reset date on which the quality level again uses the initial inspection stage (specified in the dynamic modification rule) as the current inspection stage
Earliest possible deletion date for the quality level
The system makes entries in all other fields if:
An  inspection lot is created.
A  usage decision is made.
Save your data.
The initial screen for creating a quality level appears and the system informs you that the quality level was created.

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    I had to reinstall CS4 after a hard drive failure. In the new setup,  Photoshop CS4 has quit asking for quality level when 'Saving As'? Help appreciated, IM

    ImageMan II wrote:
    Windows Vista 64bit  /  CS4 v11
    I had to reinstall CS4 after a hard drive failure. In the new setup,  Photoshop CS4 has quit asking for quality level when 'Saving As'? Help appreciated, IM
    It depends on the original format and the destination format of the file.
    PS: You should upgrade to version 11.0.1

  • Quality level

    We are migrating QM related master data from 4.6C to ECC6. We have loaded inspection plan. Please let me know the importatnt fields that we have to check in inspection plan.
    When we try to load quality level, it gives an error stating inspection plan for inspection lot does not exist. At material master level, inspection type has dyn modification rule.
    The quality level created when GR is done. Please tell me quality level belong to master data . If so how we can load the quality level.

    Quality level is master data.
    Usage                        Maintained
    Status                        Maintained
    DMR                       Not maintained
    Inspection point                                 Not maintained
    Sampling drawing procedure                                        Not maintained
    Work center                                      Not maintained
    control key                                      Maintained
    Preset indicator                                Not maintained          
    MIC                     Maintained
    Inspec Method                Maintained
    DMR                     Not maintained  ?  why
    sampling procedure                                Maintained
    PRT                     Maintained
    Till date  the quality level is being created without DMR, inspection point and sampling drawing procedure.
    From your reply i have understood the following. if my assumption wrong, please tell me.
    1. As per your suggetion, copying the quality level from one system to another is not possible
    2. If loaded, then DMR to be load in inspection plan creation and create quality level with initial stages. Then change the go to QDL2 and change the skip status.
    If skip status is updated in QDL2, then what will happen to usage decision, lot created and other sctivities table entry in old system.  or once updated, system will automatically create the necessary entries.
    Please clarify.

  • Quality level maintenance

    We had initially three plants .For all those plants quality level is maintained for quality managed materials.
    But these quality levels having no task list type, task list group and group counter.
    I analyzed and found these are created automatically by system when inspection lot is created provided these (quality managed materials) materials should have dynamic rule defined for the inspection type.
    Our problem is system is creating these quality levels not in the first instance i.e. it is creating the quality level while creating inspection lot for the second attempt.
    I have following queries.
    1) what is the use of quality level in inspection lot creation .
    2) How the standard settings, if the quality level is created manually to trigger the quality level at first attempt?
    3) As I have explained earlier we are creating new plant, if we need to upload cutover data for quality level?
    If we do not what will happen? If we need to, then how?

    Quality Level: Def: The quality level is a data record that the system automatically updates at the time of dynamic modification (at lot creation or when the usage decision is made), by checking the conditions for an inspection stage change and, if necessary, storing a new inspection stage for the next inspection.
    The information in the quality level determines which inspection stage will be used for the sample determination of the next inspection lot. So, Quality Level works in conjunction with DMR.
    1) what is the use of quality level in inspection lot creation .
    Quality Level is only for changing Inspection Severity: Reduced-Notma-Tightened Inspections. Because DMR deals with skip lots/char, it keeps changing the Quality level, based on the settings you made in DMR. AQL depends on your industry requirements and is only useful for accepting/rejecting a lot.
    2) How the standard settings, if the quality level is created manually to trigger the quality level at first attempt?
    In Standard Settings, Quality Level initially is generally set to Normal Inspn. Based on DMR,  it changes immediately upon UD. Quality Level can be created using the t-code QDL1, as above. You can change  the next inspection severity manually in QDL2. 
    +3) As I have explained earlier we are creating new plant, if we need to upload cutover data for quality level?
    If we do not what will happen? If we need to, then how?+
    To start with, you don't have to define any Quality level. However, for DMR, you need to set-up the stages (severities) of inspection. That will ensure that Quality Levels are automatically updaed.  Regards, KrishnaM

  • Changing quality level on cancellation of a GR

    Hello,I need help.
    I have a dynamic modification rule on lot creation and at characteristic level.
    At level one of the dynamic modification rule I have inspection for the characteristic and if the result is correct I donu2019t want to inspect it another time until 6 months later.So, the level two is an skip level.
    But  I have a problem. When I make the first GR and the first lot is created with quality level register . If for some reason I have to cancel this GR and this cause at the same time the inspection lot cancellation, the level quality remains on level 2  which is on skip and not return to level one till 6 months later.
    Do you know if there is something I'm not doing well?. Is just the system that works in this way?
    Thanks in advance,

    Problem is solved. For future reference, I use
    Say, start_id is the root or they node you want to start,
    Select level
    FROM table
    START WITH PRIOR node_id = start_id
    CONNECT BY node_id = parent_node_id
    This will show all the children under start_id.

  • Quality level not updated

    Hi QM Gurus,
    I am facing problem in quality level updation through Dynamic Modification rule.
    Plant level setting - Inspection lot completion - Skip lot and automatic UD time as
    1 minute.
    Material master - skips allowed and automatic ud masked for inspection type 01-Goods Receipt
    Dynamic modification rule created as 1st inspection stage - one lot needs to be inspected. 2nd inspection stage = two lots to be skipped. then again stage go to 1st stage.(Rule is at usage decision level)
    I have assigned the same Dynamic modification rule in inspection plan for respective material.
    While doing goods receipt (MIGO), first lot comes to inspection stock and 2nd and 3rd lot is skip lot. after 4th lot should come to inspection stock,but it is still skip the inspection.
    When i check Quality level for material "Inspection since change" field is not updating based on the DMR. Suppose 1 inspection completed in Skip stage, but the insp. since change is showing 0 only in the display quality level transaction QDL3.
    Please suggest some solution for this.
    thanks and regards

    Please refer these threads,
    Dynamic Modification Rule In Quality Module
    Re: Dynamic modification rule

  • Reset Date in Quality Level / DMR.

    Business Requirement = Vendor Annual Certification. All batches received by the vendor during the year goes through minimal inspection and on the 365th day (reset period (days) in DMR) it changes to the initial stage of the DMR.
    However, the reset date field in the Quality level screen resets itself on the basis of the "date of last Inspection" field in the same screen. This field changes every time a UD or MIGO is executed. Therefore, the true 365th day is never reached and so the quality level never resets to the original stage.
    I'd like to change the functionality of the reset date in the Quality Level screen to reset after the yearly requalification sample (to conform to the reset period in the DMR), as opposed to after every inspection UD/MIGO. The reset date should "reset" after the initial inspection stage (in the DMR) is completed.
    Is there a way to do this through config or a user exit, or something else? Thanks in advance,

    To fulfill this requirement created DMR as following:
    Stage -1: InspeServ-4,  Skip - Blank, Ist - Select check box, Stc - select, No of insp - 1, Next stage -2, reject -1, Nect -Stage 2.
    Stage 2: InspServ - blank, Skip - select check box, Ist - skip, Max. skip duration - 365, next - stage 1, reject - 1, next - stage 1.
    Hope this would help you.

  • Modification Dynamic Rule - SAP Migration - Quality Level

    Hi Experts!!
    Could you tell me if I can have the same quality level for one material when I do a SAP Migration? For example, currently we are working in the release 4.7 and my quality level for a specific material is in the step n. 6 and our total cycle are 10 steps. My doubt is when I will be working in the new version (5.0) I can start my quality leve from step n. 6? Or is it mandatory to start from step n. 1 again?
    I don´t know if my doubt is clear but I would like to thank you for help me in this issue.

    No when you transfer data from one client to other or in SAP Migration,Quality level will never be as that of the old.It will reset no doubt.
    What you can do is
    1.Create all master data like DMR with  Task list   etc
    2.Get the database of old system with current quality level with combination of Vendor-Material.
    3. Run the QDL2 with some LSMW for combination of the Vendor & material.
    4.Reset the level to desired level.
    I hope this will add some value

  • Change quality level in mass ?

    I would like to change quality level for all materials of a vendor.
    I found transaction QDL2 but it is only for one material.
    Is it possible to do it with a mass transaction ?
    Thank you for your answer.

    Thanks, but I still have to change quality level one by one material... Is it possible to change a list of materials of a vendor ? For example, add 5 stages to all the quality levels of a vendor's materials.

  • Quality level modification

    The quality level changes using the dynamic modification rule , sap records the number of lot accepted or rejected since the last change. According to others norms, the change should be done after n successive acception or rejection, does someone has encounter the same problem ?

    If R is for rejected  inspection lot and A for accepted inspect lot and 2 rejections reinforce the quality level .
    SAP works as following R A A A A A R (the quality level is reinforced) .
    The norms indicates to work as following R A A A A A R  A A A A R R (the quality level is reinforced) only when successives rejection are taken. So it's hard to degrade the quality level.
    As SAP behaviour seems not to follow the norms , I wonder how this point is implemented in others companies.
    Others points, when the quality level is bad, the norms indicates a full control which generate an heavy inspection load when dealing with retail company. Same question, how it works in other companies ?

  • Cineform Quality Levels - Do they mean something?

    I'm very excited that those of us on Windows now have a decent intermediate codec in Cineform. I'd previously used CF through QT but it was pretty clunky so I'm glad it's fully integrated now. However, in the encoding presets there's a "quality" parameter with no explanation in the help files or online that I can find. It defaults to 4 but goes from 1-5. What does this mean? Cineform itself has quality levels of low,medium, high, film scan 1, film scan 2, and I think one other. So what are these? I've tested a bit and they definitely control bitrate but there is no good way to tell which ones are still considered visually lossless, which is what I'm going for. Ideas?

    The quality values link as such:
    1 - Low
    2 - Medium
    3 - High
    4 - Film Scan 1
    5 - Film Scan 2
    Sorry for the confusion. I'll contact the documentation team and see about getting something put in there to explain this better.

  • Quality level update

    We want to set the deletion date for the Quality level . How to update it mass , Any help will be highly appreciated

    Use QDL2 tcode
    Enter material plant & vendor.for mass processing use LSMW

  • Can we start a relatively elementary thread about the quality level of a saved .jpg file and its relation to camera resolution settings, if any?

    My daughter has thousands of photos shot with a maximum resolution setting on her camera, each one occupying an approximately 4 MB file and apparently capable of generating a quality 32x48 print -- clearly a case of overkill.  I think she's doing it because she thinks it will maximize print quality.  I know it's exhausting our disk space.
    In PSE9, I've taken a sample .jpg file (4 MB) and saved it as three .jpg files: at maximum quality (5.2 MB), 50% quality (934 KB), and minimum quality (359 KB).  Note that the minimum quality file represents a 90% reduction in disk space! Then for each of these four sizes, I printed it on letter-size plain paper, and again on 4x6 photo paper.  They looked identical to me.  I asked her to compare them (she did not know which photos had which quality) and with her calibrated eyeballs she thought that the minimum quality was a bit more "pixellated".
    I successfully experimented with the editor's "Process Multiple Files" to resize the photos and I am pleased with its performance on my iMac -- less than seven minutes to convert 197 photos.  As a further test,  I ran 5 photos four times: low-quality and high quality, each at 300 dpi and 600 dpi.  Again I saw no apparent difference between 300 dpi low and high quality on letter-size plain paper, but I was taken aback to see the 600 dpi print as approx. 4x6 in the center of the letter-size paper.  I took another look at the four of them in the PSE workplace, and sure enough, the 300 dpi files showed up approximately letter-sized and the 600 dpi files showed up as approximately 4x6.
    Obviously I'm dealing with apples and oranges here, and this is why I'd like to see some elementary-level conversation on this subject.

    Thanks for the hints, Lundberg. Google led to ImageJ. Rather difficult to understand what it does, but fun to play around with. Further reading led me to this statement:
    Another sinusoidal transform (i.e. transform with sinusoidal base functions) related to the DFT is the Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT).
    And since jpeg is based on the DCT I thought: simply compressing an image at jpeg and looking at the file size will probably give info re the sharpness of the image. At maximum jpeg setting, there was a significant reduction in file size for a particular image when I applied a Gaussian Blur. So all I have to do is work out how to relate the jpeg file size to the minimum acceptable resolution.
    Anyway, thanks for the suggestion.

  • Refurbished iMac...anybody have experience with quality level?

    I am considering buying a new machine and buying a refurbished product to save a few bucks. Has anybody out there had experience with the level of quality on these machines? Thanks!

    Welcome to the discussions!
    While I do not have a refurbished iMac, my BlackBook is a refurb and has been performing very well since I bought it back at the end of June.
    It came in the plain brown box, but everything arrived in flaweless condition and it even smelled new.
    Since it comes with the same one year warranty that a new unit does and you still have the option to extend that to three years with AppleCare, they are a great deal.
    Bmer has a friend that received a bend MacBook Pro (or maybe it was a PowerBook) that Apple promptly arranged for a repalcement, but that is the exception rather than the rule. By and large you will receive a unit that is every bit as good as a new one, but save money.
    Another thing to mention is that some users report receiving upgrades at no additional charge. Apple advertises the base configuaration and then ships out that they have in stock. That may mean extra RAM or a larger hard drive, but do not count on it. For that reason, I sugest waiting to receive your MB before ordering any upgrades.

  • Multiple iPods, Can I sync differenct music quality levels?

    I have 3 iPods, one is small and two are 80gb. I like my music in the highest quality just shy of lossles - so I use VBR and 320kbs. It sounds great as I have really good Shure earbuds.
    But, for exercise and such, I only need some of the library, but would like to put as much as possible. Can you set up an iPod Shuffle to sync at a LOWER quality setting, but yet retain the large quality files on the computer for the large iPods to sync? Basically, can you specify somehow what size or quality of music files go to which iPod?

    Hello, Greg,
    The only way is to have them both in your library. What you can do is to select all the songs you want on the smaller iPod, out them in a playlist, select all and choose convert selection or similar.
    Be sure to adjust the import settings first in the preferences. A good compromise between size and quality would probably be around 128-160 kbps. Then sync this playlist only to your smaller iPod. (or set up a smart playlist to only include songs with 128 kbps and sync that).
    Hope this helps.

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  • Payment run Exception

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  • PSE 12 code doesn't work

    I Purchased PSE 12 over a month ago and have been using the trial because I can't get my code to work. I have contacted Amazon (which is where I purchased) they said to contact Adobe how do I get a working code?? Thanks  CArrie